December 27, 2019

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Over the last week, cacerolazos (pots-and-pans banging protests) erupted in 12 Latin and South
American countries. This photo is from a 2012 cacerolazo in Argentina. (Wikimedia/ Leandro Kibisz)

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Instead of "going it alone,” movements can amplify their message, leverage collective power, and build strength by seeking solidarity from aligned organizations and groups.

There’s a secret to success for nonviolent movements for change: solidarity. Instead of “going it alone,” movements can amplify their message, leverage collective power, and build strength by seeking solidarity from aligned organizations and groups. Movements can also mobilize thousands of people into tangible, game-changing strategies by consciously designing solidarity actions to support their primary campaign.

Look at Oakland’s Solidarity Schools. During the 2019 Oakland Teachers Strike, a team of volunteers got involved in a much-needed solidarity action: delivering lunches to school children. In Oakland, California, 75 percent of the district’s 37,000 students relied on school lunch. Not wanting the kids to go hungry; the food bank, parents, teachers, and students worked together to organize and distribute lunches for the duration of the strike. This helped the teachers maintain their refusal to work without dividing the community over hunger issues. Solidarity efforts also included alternative schooling and child care. After several weeks, the teachers won their radical demands that ultimately benefited the entire community.

Solidarity strategies can increase the chance of success for your campaign by widening the impact of your actions. Recently in Nonviolence News, I reported on a story from Finland. Postal workers went on strike for two weeks, but their victory wasn’t won by the massive backlog of undelivered holiday packages. The clincher on their struggle occurred when the airline and transport industry workers held a solidarity (or sympathy) strike, grounding over three hundred planes and causing chaos in the capital. As the strike impacted businesses and people across the country, the head of the postal service came under fire for mishandling the postal workers’ strike. The workers won their demands, thanks to the solidarity of other transport workers.

🛸 ~ Huge UFO Soaring Over Las Vegas - Just Now! ~ | Blogger: O my gosh?😮 ... Look at that... (most) of the times, we can explain these (dim) white blinking lights in the skies as normal airplanes (like in this video on the upper left corner) and most of the times - especially near military facilities - these (unknowns) are "planes" (right side of the video going towards left side) using reverse-engineering roswell UFO technology with soundless zero-point energy or flux liner free energy or quantum mechanical system (whatever).. However, when you see (very bright) flashing blue, green, red and white lights in high speed mode over the sky with other mix of (unknowns) "planes" it's beginning to look weird and suspiciously like is could be some galactic friends, showing off?... ☝️ As always on this (SoTW) channel - use your own spiritual discernment and research... You are in charge of being in the presence of Source creator - you are the judge - you, alone, hold the light within.. |

💉 ~ Trump's Exec Order Re: Vaccines; Trump's EPA Wants Ruling Reversed Against Bayer Re: Gylphosate ~ | Blogger: [📋Hunt for Red October1990. Jeffrey Pelt: Listen, I'm a politician which means I'm a cheat and a liar, and when I'm not kissing babies I'm stealing their lollipops. But it also means I keep my options open📖] ... Many westerners still believe that Donald Trump is a savvy and successful businessman, but he's neither good or bad - but looking after his own national political and (economic) interest. Trump stay afloat in a wave of much stronger and aggressive powers, that is trying to (mentally) kill him by the politically and corporate lobbying strongholds... IN OTHER news: A recent whooping cough outbreak a a school in Houston, Texas has forced an early school closure. This outbreak is happening despite the fact that 100 percent of the children have been vaccinated.... |

💔 ~ George Michael's sister Melanie Panayiotou dies suddenly at 59 on 3rd anniversary of his death ~ | Blogger: [🖐️Melanie Panayiotou dies EXACTLY three years since GM's death on Christmas Day 2016. X-royal Ari Behn, dies by suicide, day after the actor, Kevin Spacey, tweets "kill them with kindness"🤔] ... {The Twilight Zone? (All together now) Doo-do doo-do doo-do doo-do😵} ... Crying wolf over reputed threat; crying foul over alleged conspiracy? What happens to those caught up in the toxic lies of conspiracy theorists?... Who cares?... More importantly it is, there's no coincidences - not in our controlled freemasonry 3-D matrix of simulation or divinely agreements of soul contracts - we make with other souls before we are born... 🙉(listen) A CONSPIRACY is nothing less than a different angle from a story and narrative, claimed by The Lame Stream Media (LSM)... The word "conspiracy" is equal to any other (negative) words that your subconscious (servant mind), that works day and night to make your behavior fits a pattern consistent with your emotionalized thoughts, hopes, and desires. Instead of using your heart-center (mind) or self conscious (mind), that means abiding in soul consciousness... Just like when the doctor says the (magical) word; - you have "cancer" or any other (words) related to fear... Soooo, according to many claims, Queen Elizabeth II is a shape-shifting reptilian hybrid, head of the demonic Cabal and with the death of George Michael, lacking only one celebrity left to die before the end of 2016, as predicted by the Queen (you are now intrigued, but still shaking your head - right?) ... It is morbidly fitting (including Prince and David Bowie) that the man who gave us "Last Christmas", George Michael, passed away on Christmas Day in 2016, "peacefully at home" according to his publicist. George Michael's sister Melanie Panayiotou was found dead at her home on Christmas Day - three years exactly since her beloved brother's death in 2016.. That's (facts) my friends, not a CONSPIRACY... More troublesome it is that it is still unclear, what George Michael died from. According to British police, the autopsy of George Michael has not revealed what he died of. These celebrities (also) died under mysterious circumstances: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, David Bowie, Prince, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Anton Yelchin, Christina Grimmie and Heath Ledge (and many other unsolved cases)... |

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George Michael's sister Melanie Panayiotou was found dead at her home on Christmas Day - three years exactly since her beloved brother's death in 2016

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🌳🤐 ~ Secret Policing the Berlin Climate Wall : DK's New Historical Climate Plan 2030 Act target to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 70 percent by 2030 (compared to the 1990 level) ~ | Blogger: ["The euphoria could hardly find any limits when the parties behind Denmark's new climate law came on December 6 and presented the agreement" ~] ... {SoTW - "is it all but a political scam of the century - everyone knows - it's technically impossible to reach RGA climate plan of 70%. Is it a coverup to hide the real plan - UN Agenda 2030 5G Grid?"} ... According to the danish LSM news, key documents regarding the economy behind the green transition and (government consultation) that Denmark will undergo over the next 11 years are kept "SECRET" by the government... In Denmark you have the strange situation where a few months ago the majority of political actors dubbed the RGA’s greenhouse gas reduction target of 70% (compared to the 1990 baseline) as "utopian". Now, it would seem, practically everybody has become "utopian". What happened?. Now, nearly everyone agrees on the 70% but not everyone agrees about who is to pay. The position of the plan is that those who will pay are those who can afford to pay, with comprehensive compensation packages that will reduce social inequality. What about North Sea oil and gas, which supplies over 50% of Denmark’s energy needs?. Take the 20% reduction in agricultural land to be made available for reforestation - surely a lot of farmers are not going to be happy with that? The plan gives a sizeable role to electric cars, but electric cars are far from environmentally neutral..A problem I see is that even if the Danish Social Democratic government moves on the plan, the European Union looms immediately as a stumbling block.. Finally, let’s take the most difficult issue. There’s already a current of opinion within climate science that says that the Paris Accords cannot keep global warming to between 1.5 and 2 degrees because feedback effects like the methane-releasing melting of the Siberian tundra and the weakening of the albedo effect from diminishing Arctic ice are speeding up warming beyond the projections on which the Paris Accords are based. We are approaching catastrophic tipping points much more quickly than the Paris Accords envisage.. (from berlingske & |


😮 ~ To Understand Sabbatian Frankism, Is To Understand The World - David Icke Dot Connector Videocast ~ | Blogger: [👍Wauv! Wauv! Wauv! Talk about... Readers will be STUNNED of the Satanic Sabbatian Frankism Cultism - The ultra-extreme-explosion of dot-connectors in this videocast👊] ... {And of course a aggressive non-human force from Fallen Angels, Anunnaki / Nephilim is watching and are in fact, (the) controllers or rulers} ... ONCE again, Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu claims win in party leadership challenge - who is (the) operational leader of the Khazarian Mafia (KM), is a very "hands-on" Intel leader, and has a long history of closely handling all Mossad agents and key assets. And the KM has also gained control over the US Congress and the last several administrations and manipulated America into fighting Israeli wars in the Mideast, using all kinds of crafty covert operations including their nuclear attack on America on 9/11 etc. etc. etc... |

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