Nov 19, 2017 | 11 .Dec 2016 | Trygve Hegnar: - Vi blir rundlurt. Hva skal vi gjøre med politikere som ikke skjønner dette? | Blogger. I disse tider med grøn klimaindsats, vedvarende energier, EU’s bæredygtighedskriterier og såkaldt 'globalt opvarmning' og COP23, så er denne artikel - et HOT EMNE.. Meeeeeen, det er ikke kun i Danmark, at Staten og centraladministrationen agere som en flok vilde bavianer, uden hæmninger og manglende hjernekapacitet når tal, skal beregnes og lægges på bordet for Budget 2017 - 2020. Syntes i skal læse denne artikel igennem, som over 1 million nordmænd allerede har gjort - fuldstændigt galimatias - omhandler forskellige typer af biobrændstoffer (bla. biodiesel ud fra raps), hvor regeringen ønsker at tilsætte 20% i benzin og diesel. Noget, som rent praktisk, SLET ikke kan lade sig gøre.. Ganske underholdende læsning... |

Dette var Trygve Hegnars leder i Finansavisen lørdag 10. desember 2016.

Norske politikere er enten dumme, kunnskapsløse eller frekke. Mange av våre lesere har spurt om det virkelig er sant at det på Stortinget er flertall for å putte mat og skog på tanken. Svaret er ja. I budsjettet for 2017 står det at det innen 2020 skal innblandes 20 prosent biodrivstoff i bensin og diesel. Forslaget ble presset frem av Venstre, men altså godtatt av miljøvernminister Vidar Helgesen (H) og regjeringen. Det er angivelig et grønt klimatiltak.

Vedtaket er dessverre verre enn vi trodde. Skulle innblandingen skje, må det båndlegges mellom ni og ti millioner mål med raps-produksjon bare for å få frem de nødvendige biodrivstoffliterne. Dette er ingen spøk. Ni til ti millioner mål med dyrket mark tilsvarer omtrent all dyrket mark i Norge!

Legger vi til grunn at norske bønder ikke har tenkt å legge ned all virksomhet, må denne rapsproduksjonen, som altså gir biodrivstoff, leies i utlandet.

10 millioner mål.

Det er så fantastisk og urealistisk at vi må ta detaljene.

85 prosent av biodrivstoffet kommer i dag fra rapsproduksjon og gir, ifølge agronom Øystein Heggdal, 95 liter biodrivstoff pr. mål. Professor Anders Elverhøy og dr. ing. Stein B. Jensen hevder at det bare kommer ut 60 liter biodrivstoff pr. mål, men det ligger altså i dette området.

I Norge omsettes det i dag 170 millioner liter biodrivstoff, og ved et krav om 20 prosent innblanding vil det være behov for 850 millioner liter (noen hevder 600 millioner liter). Da gir størrelsen på rapsarealene seg selv. Ni til ti millioner mål. Enten i Norge eller i utlandet.

Divine Frequency | Nov 19, 2017 | NEWS: David Wilcock Update - Cabal Takedown, Saudi Arrests, Alliance Fights Back | .. Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency barrels through David Wilcock's incredibly exhaustive news intel update in 6 minutes. You're welcome .. |

---- Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency barrels through David Wilcock's
incredibly exhaustive news intel update in 6 minutes. You're welcome. Read the article here: Support Teresa on Patreon:

Stage2Omega | Nov 19, 2017 | IS JON STEWART MAKING THE AUTISM EPIDEMIC WORSE? | Blogger: VAXXED: The Documentary That Destroys The CDC’s Lies About Autism and Vaccines ... | | Nov 18, 2017 | 1962: “He Who Controls The Weather, Will Control The World” (LBJ) « Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon |

Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962)
Gordon Wilkison

On May 27, 1962, then Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson presented the graduation address at his alma mater, Southwest Texas State University (today known as Texas State University) in San Marcos. Vice President Johnson also was the recipient of the university’s first honorary doctorate degree. Johnson’s stirring speech touches upon his international travels and his experiences seeing the rest of the world with his emphasis being upon the example of freedom that the United States must set for the rest of the world. (Source: Texas Archive)

Of special interest is LBJ’s comment about controlling global cloud layers with a prediction that,
“He who controls the weather, will control the world”
Johnson’s vision to control the weather is not about the benefit to mankind, but about ultimate CONTROL of MANKIND

Jet Engine “Contrails” Create Clouds

Ken Caldeira Has His Head in the Clouds with Patent US 9526216 B2
EXCEPT: “It is desirable to control cloud formation and precipitation. Controlling cloud coverage by creating clouds or precipitating clouds provides some measure of control over warming, cooling, and climate benefits such as atmosphere albedo factors. Controlling precipitation has certain advantages, including helping farmlands to receive enough water to maximize crop output, aiding in the accumulation of natural snow on ski slopes, and helping to prevent precipitation when outdoor activities are scheduled.”
Geoengineer, Ken Caldeira et al have been forced to acknowledge the Geoegineering research of the last 50 years, which is significant in confirming investigators’ findings of chemical aircraft emissions. (PDF)

Space shuttle Discovery is seen behind Vice President Mike Pence as he delivers opening remarks during the National Space Council’s first meeting, Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017 at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Va. The National Space Council, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence heard testimony from representatives from civil space, commercial space, and national security space industry representatives. Photo Credit: (NASA/Joel Kowsky)


The Guardian | Nov 18, 2017 | Upsurge in big earthquakes predicted for 2018 as Earth rotation slows | .. Scientists say number of severe quakes is likely to rise strongly next year because of a periodic slowing of the Earth’s rotation .. | Blogger: Examples from last few days -- ""(Reuters) - An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 struck in the Pacific Ocean, 74 kilometres (46 miles) east of the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said on Sunday."" - ""Mediterranean hurricane: Monster storm to hit Europe TONIGHT - casualties expected"" -- I'm just spitballing here -- Some say Pole shift or NIBIRU/Planet X is coming! Some say Earth shaken it's last impurities off it's back (entering fifth dimension). Others, HAARP and chemtrailing and other manipulative devices has damaged Earth's atmosphere etc etc.. Earth’s Pole Reversal – Shift in Consciousness – as our Earth’s Heartbeat (hertz frequency / Schumann Resonance) increases via a synchronised, sustained and harmonic HeartBeat frequency of 13.13 hz, this critical tipping point will lead to a full Earth’s Magnetic Pole reversal.. That means, gravitational upset and electromagnetic field weakens and the polar north continues wandering easterly. The weakening of the field is being caused by a gradual and subtle realignment of the iron atoms within the liquid core. Some even talks about Nibiru presence could mean tilting the Earth's axis or affect the Earth's 'rotation'!... Anyways, a fact is, that a while ago, seem to recall a Indian scientists detect cracks in Earth's magnetic shield. According to Times of India, “scientists at the world's largest and most sensitive cosmic ray monitor, located in India, have recorded a burst of galactic cosmic rays that indicates a crack in the Earth's magnetic shield“. The burst occurred when a giant cloud of plasma ejected from the solar corona struck Earth at a very high speed causing massive compression of the Earth's magnetosphere and triggering a severe geomagnetic storm... In a nutshell: (from our friends The Pleiadians) -- Nibiru’s Effects – Mental/Physical, Pole/Axis shift, and Alien Devices in Antarctica -- ".. Brain acid chemistry in the earth human’s endocrine system and hormone secretion/balance is the main thing that will be affected, on a physical level, by the powerful electromagnetic forces associated with earth’s upcoming pole shift, axis shift, and subsequent other effects upon earth human psychological behaviour. For, it is not just the electromagnetic field alterations externally produced from Nibiru’s passage, but also, dear ones, the INTERNAL electromagnetic field alterations OF EARTH HERSELF. The axis and pole shifts will cause the molten magma of the earth to spin differently, which, in turn, will cause internal magnetic fields inside the earth to be affected/altered greatly. So, while the passage of Nibiru occurs on the outside, the earth’s core changes occur on the inside. Trapped in the middle, between these two basic enormous forces….are you poor earth humans….struggling to maintain a sense of “normalcy”. This is why so many of you cannot stay centred, or balanced in your mental/emotional fields, and are having so many mood swings, etc….why so many past life issues are erupting, like earths volcanoes, for karmic cleansing. Work hard now on your Spiritual growth, for, as the earth erupts increasingly with volcanoes and earthquakes, so too will your Spiritual essences “erupt” with unresolved past life issues. You, as sentient earth human beings, are TIED DIRECTLY TO THE EARTH MOTHER HERSELF, as she is also a higher dimensional Spiritual being. As she convulses with the passage of Nibiru, so too, will you earth humans upon her.. " |

A child on a collapsed building at Darbandikhan, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq on Monday after the north of the country and northern Iran were hit by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

ZeroHedge | Nov 19, 2017 | FBI Informant Has Video Of Russian Agents With Briefcases Of Bribe Money In Clinton-Uranium Scandal | .. An undercover FBI informant in the Russian nuclear industry who was made to sign an “illegal NDA” by former AG Loretta Lynch, claims to have video evidence showing Russian agents with briefcases full of bribe money related to the controversial Uranium One deal – according to The Hill investigative journalist John Solomon and Circa‘s Sara Carter .. | Blogger: Trump calls 'crooked' Hillary Clinton 'the worst (and biggest) loser' (You can run you can hide. But you can't escape prison) ... |


Matrix World Disclosure | Nov 19, 2017 | The Current War | Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison Part 2 |

The Current War | Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison Visit Us: Footage Credit: 1. Svobodnaya energiya Tesly (2011) [Free Energy Of Tesla], Director: Misha Kostrov, Writer: Nataliya Doilnitsyna 2. Nikola Tesla (1977), Director: Eduard Galic, Writer: Ivica Ivanec 3. Svobodnaya energiya Tesly (2011) [Free Energy Of Tesla], Director: Misha Kostrov, Writer: Nataliya Doilnitsyna 4. Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison - American Genius Series (2015), Director: Paul Abascal, Writer: Chelsea Coates, Jordan Rosenblum

RT - Russia Today | Nov 19, 2017 | ‘No evidence whatsoever’ that Nibiru is coming to kill us says NASA scientist (POLL) | .. “There is no such planet, there never has been, and presumably there never will be — but it keeps popping up over and over,” astronomer and space scientist David Morrison told the SETI Institute’s podcast last week. “You’re asking me for a logical explanation of a totally illogical idea.” .. |


DR | 18. nov 2017 | Mød op og fortæl Jakob Illeborg hvad Kontant skal undersøge! \\ Før eller siden kommer Danmark til at behandle alle smittede med hepatitis C, der hos enkelte kan føre til skrumpelever og øget risiko for leverkræft. Derfor kan man lige så godt begynde snarest muligt | Blogger. FB opslag -- Gruppen Støt Læger uden Sponsor: 'Man kunne bede ham undersøge medicinalindustriens rolle overfor sundhedsstyrelsen, politikere, presse, læger'... Det kan blive en hel serie (som der er en der skriver).. Hvem tror du, der sponsorer den socialist ledet (centrum-venstre værdigrundlag) avis, Det kommer ikke bag på mig om det er, det medicinal-industrielle kompleks... |!/


Overlæge: Spørgsmål om tid før alle behandles for leversygdom

Hvis man behandler alle smittede med hepatitis C, vil det mindske smitterisikoen, mener overlæge Jan Gerstoft.

Verdensalt | Nov 19, 2017 | How has media policy responded to fake news? Two major danish newspapers (one tabloid) with different opinions on Danish monarchs' very existence. What's going on?? | Blogger: 1. 💨💨Rumors Inside: Queen Margrethe abdicates💨💨. The staff are preparing for the "major event", according to the weekly magazine (Tæt På), it will happen in August 2018 ( ... 2.💦💦 The queen is back with full strength💦💦. The state visit to Ghana will indicate that the Queen is back on the bridge after the turbulent process of the summer. If it is to the Queen, the dizzying list will be expanded in the coming years, because she has no plans to step down or step back as head of state ( Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, the boy who didn't wanted to be King. H.K.H. Kronprinsen, regrets in his new book, that his parents, didn't prepare him better for the role of Frederik, King 10's of Denmark (rumors of his father Henrik, had beaten the children, frequently).. Denmark’s Prince Henrik ""also"" wanted to be King - now condemn in his own prison - silence is golden (stuffed away, danish press & the Royal Danish House has declared him of dementia). So he’ll protest for eternity, no more.. Danish queen disrespectful, says her husband. Prince Henrik of Denmark has been married to the country’s queen for 50 years, and he has been carrying a grudge the whole time. Now, in an act of protest, he says he no longer wishes to be buried by her side, the Royal Danish House announced. Since then, the danish media and the Royal Danish House, has ""silence"" him forever... |

Nu svirrer rygterne hos Hoffet om, at dronning Margrethe abdicerer.

Rygter om at dronning Margrethe abdicerer har floreret mange gange.

Det gør de også igen. Men denne gang er det hos Hoffet rygterne svirrer, skriver ugebladet Tæt På.

De ansatte forbereder sig nemlig i følge ugebladet til “en større begivenhed”, der skal løbe af stablen i august 2018.
Gætterier er i gang

Der er naturligvis ingen, der vil sige noget officielt. Men de fleste gætter på, at dronning Margrethe abdicerer.

Og så skal kronprins Frederik krones som kong Frederik 10, skriver Tæt På.

Timingen er perfekt....[LÆS VIDERE]


Dronningen er tilbage med fuld styrke

Statsbesøget til Ghana vil markere, at Dronningen er tilbage på broen efter sommerens turbulente forløb.
Dronningens greb om tronen har været så sikkert, at kronprinsparret har fået tid til at vokse.
Når Dronning Margrethe om få dage stiger om bord på flyet til Ghana i Afrika, bliver det hendes statsbesøg nummer 53.

Står det til Dronningen, vil den svimlende liste blive udvidet i de kommende år, for hun har ingen planer om at trappe ned eller træde tilbage som statsoverhoved. Ser man på programmet for rejsen, er det tæt, og følger man regentens kalender herhjemme, er det tydeligt, at Dronningen er oppe i fuld kadence....[LÆS VIDERE]

READ MORE: | 19. nov 2017 | Omstridte, hemmelige politiske klubber breder sig på lokalt niveau | .. Mindst seks borgmesterkandidater får i år penge fra penge- indsamlende erhvervsklubber. Fænomenet har bredt sig .. | Blogger: (PS: Støtter ikke nogle partier, tættest på er, Enhedslisten) """Opråb til regeringen: Offentliggør -- Jeres selvangivelser! - Jeres partistøtte-programmer! - Jeres bibeskæftigelser! - Jeres hemmelige erhvervsklubber (VL-grupperne - Dansk Selskab for Virksomheds- ledelse)! - Ajourføre Folketingets Erhvervsregister (ulovlig brug af rådhus, manglende gaveindtægter, rejsebilag mv.)! Ophæv mørklægningsloven! - Fjern Statsministeriets særlige sikkerhedsarkiv!... "Hvorfor offer formanden for pengeklubben alt for at finansiere et politisk parti? Årsagen er ganske enkel. Når man betaler, så bestemmer man også. På den måde, kan man tilrane sig magt og privilegier. Og i disse kredse, ender regningen ALTID hos skatteyderne"( VENSTRE: " Der er en fantastisk åbenhed, hvis man lige ser bort fra "Venstres hovedbestyrelse og erhvervsklubberne,« siger Christoph Houman Ellersgaard med henvisning til, at Venstre nægtede at oplyse forskerne om, hvem der sidder i partiets hovedbestyrelse, ligesom også de erhvervsklubber, som kanaliserer støtte til partierne, har en høj grad af lukkethed."... Enhedslisten ønsker åbenhed om pengene i politik og går selv foran ved at offentliggøre sin private partistøtte. Beløbene på denne side er sidst opdateret 15. november 2017 (stort set alle andre Partier - nægter). I 2013, lagde Lars Løkke Rasmussen alle sine indkomstposter på bordet. Det skete i forbindelse med kritik af toppolitikerens rejsevaner (siden er dette blevet forseglet). Den danske EU-parlamentariker Rina Ronja Kari lægger i kølvandet på sagerne om Dansk Folkepartis mulige misbrug af EU-midler alle sine bilag helt åbent frem (mens alle andre nægter)... |



Enhedslisten ønsker åbenhed om pengene i politik og går selv foran ved at offentliggøre sin private partistøtte. Beløbene på denne side er sidst opdateret 15. november 2017.

Overordnet om partistøtten for 2016 og 2017

Enhedslisten har i 2016 og 2017 samlet modtaget 6.049.530 kr. i private støttebidrag. Heraf stammer 3.421.998 kr. fra partiskat indbetalt primært af partiets egne folketingspolitikere. Dertil kommer 1.753.817 kr. i mindre støttebidrag fra især partiets medlemmer. Slutteligt har Enhedslisten modtaget arv for 873.715 kroner.

Støtte modtaget i 2016
Partiskat folketingsgruppen og andre: 1.850.202 kr.
Indsamlet støtte til kampagner og valg: 1.025.564 kr.
Private bidrag i alt: 2.875.766 kr.

Støtte modtaget i 2017
Partiskat folketingsgruppen og andre: 1.571.796 kr.
Indsamlet støtte til kampagner og valg: 728.253 kr.
Modtaget i arv: 873.715 kr.
Private bidrag i alt: 3.173.764 kr.

Anvendelsen af partistøtten

I 2016 og 2017 sender Enhedslisten 3.320.000 kr. til lokalafdelingerne. Afdelingernes tilskud, som er årsmødefastlagt, er på 100 kr. pr. afdelingsmedlem to gange årligt.
Til partiets centrale valgkampagneaktiviteter har Enhedslistens landsorganisation budgetteret med at bruge 335.000 kr. Det er mindre end mange af de større afdelinger, og ud af de 335.000 kr. er 100.000 kr. øremærket som tilskud til afdelinger uden repræsentation i kommunalbestyrelserne.

Jacob Jensen mener ikke at klubben giver en priviligeret adgang men snarere er en inspirationskilde. (arkivfoto)

VIGILANT ANGEL | Nov 18, 2017 | THE "ROBOCALYPSE" IS COMING! BE PREPARED! 2017-2018 | Blogger: Wauw! Take a look at this Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics """jumping and doing backflip?""" It's a barely-believable jump forward for the state of the art. It's astonishing. It's a moon landing, basically, except instead of all of the people of Earth gathering around tube televisions to witness it, it just popped up on our social feeds yesterday afternoon without warning. Not to mention the human-like robots (Hanson Robotics, Sophia - Japan Erica android - Nadine,Powered by intelligent software similar to Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore) and super advanced AI's. Check out the dog 'SpotMini' whose behaviours, like running, walking and acting, precisely as a normal dog would do. Then we of course have the secret military applications we don't' know about... |

RiseEarth | Nov 18, 2017 | Cannabinoids Show Potent Antibacterial Activity Against Six Different Strains Of MRSA | Blogger: Ifølge denne artikel, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rammer MRSA, 94.000 amerikanere hvert år, og 18.000 mister livet grundet sygdommen.. De gode mennesker, som er 'sleeper-cells' for salg af cannabisolie til syge mennesker, risikerer flere års fængsel i Danmark, ligesom 'Moffe', der blev kendt for at sælge cannabis til kræftsyge: Nu er han tiltalt for besiddelse af børneporno (FUP som politiet har protesteret overfor Claus ’Moffe’ Nielsen, for at få sat ham i fængsel).. Klaus Riskær åbner hashmark i Uruguay og proklamere han havde naturlig cannabis klar til sommeren af 2017, men intet er sket, han har nemlig, IKKE, fået tilladelse af Staten og centraladministrationen, endnu.. '38. Medlemsforslag om vejledende folkeafstemning om forsøg med legalisering af cannabis i København (2017-0331834)' -- ""Motivering"" -- 'I stadigt flere lande verden over har man de seneste år afkriminaliseret cannabis eller gennemført forsøg med lovlig køb af cannabis til eget forbrug. I København har vi en eskalerende konflikt mellem rivaliserende bander, der kæmper om det illegale hashmarked, ligesom mange almindelige københavnere bliver kriminaliseret, fordi de forbruger cannabis. Et flertal i Københavns Borgerrepræsentation vil gerne gennemføre forsøg med legalisering af hash i København, jf. Borgerrepræsentationens seneste beslutning om dette d. 15. december 2016 (bilag 1). Men som kommune har vi ikke myndighed til at gennemføre dette uden opbakning fra den siddende regering. Efter flere henvendelser til regeringen fra et flertal i Borgerrepræsentationen mener SF, at det er på tide at spørge københavnerne om deres holdning til et forsøg med legalisering af cannabis i kommunen. En ny måling fra analyseinstituttet Epinion viser, at over halvdelen af alle danskere går ind for legalisering af cannabis i Danmark. Det er vores formodning, at det tal er endnu højere i København. For SF er det ikke lige meget, hvad københavnerne mener om denne sag. Vi vil gerne give københavnerne en stemme i debatten om legalisering af cannabis i København' ( ... MRSA står for Methicillin Resistente Staphylococcus Aureus. På dansk betyder det methicilinresistente stafylokokker. Stafylokokker er en naturlig del af bakteriefloraen hos ca. 50 % af alle mennesker, og man kan ikke mærke, om man har stafylokokker f.eks. i næsen eller på huden. Det særlige ved MRSA er, at de er en type stafylokokker, der er resistente over for en række antibiotika, som ellers er standardbehandlingen mod stafylokokker. Blandt andet er de resistente overfor methicillin, der er i slægt med almindeligt penicillin. Kan MRSA behandles? Ja, men problemet er, at infektionerne er vanskeligere at behandle end infektioner med almindelige stafylokokker og kræver behandling med meget specielle antibiotika. Er MRSA farligt? En rask person har lille risiko for at blive alvorligt syg af MRSA, men bakterien kan af og til medføre generende betændelser, som for eksempel bylder og børnesår. Personer, der i forvejen er syge eller svækkede, har større risiko for at få alvorlige infektioner. Raske personer kan i sjældne tilfælde blive alvorligt syge for eksempel i forbindelse med en operation, og nogle gange også uden kendt årsag. I den sammenhæng adskiller MRSA sig ikke fra almindelige stafylokokker ( |

by Lori Alton; NaturalHealth365

Over the past five years, the infection rates for MRSA, or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, have doubled. Yet, we know that cannabinoids can help address this serious health threat. In fact, the scientific proof is stunning! (a perfectly safe solution is available – now)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), MRSA affects 94,000 Americans each year, and claims the lives of over 18,000 – a grim testimony to the ability of bacteria to mutate and become impervious to antibiotics that were formerly effective. With researchers scrambling to discover novel ways of combatting drug-resistant pathogens – new research offers hope.

Recent studies have shown that the constituents found in medical cannabis can aggressively combat the MRSA pathogen.


Cannabis contains over 70 therapeutic cannabinoids

Cannabinoids (CBD) are fatty acids that occur naturally in the cannabis sativa plant. They are also found naturally – in the form of endocannabinoids – inside the human body, where they help govern immune function, appetite, sleep, memory, cognition and the perception of pain.

Researchers have long known of the antibacterial properties of cannabis. Preparations from cannabis were investigated in the 1950’s as highly active topical antiseptic agents for the mouth and skin.

Research has now progressed to the point where scientists can identify specific cannabinoids, and their effects. And, although the U.S. federal government views cannabis as illegal – cannabinoids are showing great therapeutic potential in pre-clinical trials.

Cannabinoids could hold the key to defeating MRSA

Awakening Our Truth | Nov 18, 2017 | Channeling through Lee Carroll Meditation - Dr. Amber Wolf | ~ Live Kryon Channelling 'Becoming Multidimensional" November 2017 ~ |

Live Kryon Channelling 'Becoming Multidimensional" Montreal - QC - Canada Saturday - November 11, 2017 by Lee Carroll Meditation - Dr. Amber Wolf Kryon 2017 Tour LightWorkers Handbook ~ Kryon The Recalibration of Humanity: 2013 and Beyond (Kryon) Paperback – November 25, 2013 by Ph.D. Carroll Lee (Author) Music - Robert Coxon For more information on Robert Haig Coxon:

Livescience | Nov 17, 2017 | What in the World? Flat-Earthers Gather at First Conference | Blogger: ""The real conspiracy: Flat earth is a psyop"" -- There is perhaps no greater Internet-wide PSYOP than the CIA-directed Flat Earth Conspiracy (FEC). This covert black operation has London's notorious Tavistock Institute written all over it. The Millennium Report has posted extensively on this extremely effective PSYOP since its inception. We have felt compelled to address it one last time because of a number of prominently configured truth-tellers who either subscribe to the FEC utter nonsense or who provide a safe haven to discuss their absurd and distracting 'theories'. How is it that some major alternative news websites even host the ridiculous ramblings of Flat Earthers ... ... ... unless they, themselves, have been set up to do so? If ever there was a universal hot-button issue on the World Wide Web that ought to send up big bright RED flags, any website or blog that takes this mental diarrhea seriously is it. Unless they are totally exposing the FEC for the wacky (yet contrived) insanity that it truly is, why even go there.. ( .. |

Many flat-Earthers believe the Earth is a disc surrounded by an ice wall.Credit: FastMotion/Shutterstock
A conference aimed at disputing the idea that the world is round just wrapped up in North Carolina.

The first-ever 2017 Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) was held in Raleigh on Nov. 9 and 10, featuring some of the big names in round-Earth denial. Among the speakers were Darryle Marble, who once took a level on a plane to "prove" the Earth doesn't curve; Mark Sargent, the creator of the Flat Earth Clues YouTube Series, who believes all life is enclosed in a "Truman Show"-like dome structure; and Jeran Campanella, a YouTube and online radio personality, who makes flat-Earth, 9/11 Truther and other conspiracy theory videos. [7 Ways to Prove the Earth Is Round]

The conference was hosted by Kryptoz Media, which produces DVDs and other media arguing that "scientism" is an agenda designed to keep people from God, and the Creation Cosmology Institute, an organization with little online footprint except a now-deleted YouTube channel.

The conference featured talks such as "NASA and Other Space Lies," "Flat Earth with the Scientific Method," "Waking Up to Mainstream Science Lies" and "Testing the Globe." The conference organizer, Kryptoz Media's Robbie Davidson, is a Christian creationist, and that philosophy emerged in sessions such as "Flat Earth & The Bible" and "Exposing Scientism," the latter of which decried evolution and the Big Bang theory of the universe's origin. | 18. Nov 2017 | Ny radiomast på Bornholm skal aflytte russerne | Blogger: "If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner. Nelson Mandela"... Everyone wants to thrive though peace, prosperity, love, acceptance, and we all wish freedom, for those hapless people, who wants ""WAR""... Scandinavian counterterrorism officials are aiming to become ONE BIG SURVEILLANCE & MONITORING BUFFER STATION for NATO and US partners.. Welcome to the biggest military equipment upgrading and recruitment ad since the Cold War with billions of kroner in their hands... (In English:) 💩DENMARK💩 The Danish Defense Intelligence Service (FE) has ordered a new 85 meter tall radio tower or forward listening station at Østermarie, Bornholm (Island in Denmark). Through the Cold War, the tower served as the easternest listener in NATO, it is believed that observations from the tower played an important role during the Soviet Union's occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968. In 2017, the re-establishment of the tower, can be used to capture radio signals in the Baltic Sea and a part into Russia (#Russophobia crazy warmongering warring nations in Scandinavia)... So, we assume, that the scandinavian governmental body and their lackeys, the military intelligence services, use the listen station, ""ONLY"" for military purposes?? ..'Denmark's secretest married couple was at the forefront of an surveillance and monitoring empire at Amager, Denmark, for decades'. Mr and Mrs Haugsted stood in the forefront of a Danish Defense, Central Radio service. It was the golden egg of the defense during the Cold War and remains an important part of the spy system. Politiken has visited the closed listening center at Amager and read the Creator's will.( Let me get this straight -- Armed military to replace cops on Danish streets and border and specialized helos and surveillance planes (Britten-Norman Defender - cost of taxpayers money - 15.361 DKK per hour, to use. AS-550 Fennec - 4.828 DKK per hour, C-604 Challenger) with highly sophisticated monitoring devices, listening in on the danes internet devices within the Copenhagen borders, for months and months. Well, partly due to the continuing incidents with gang related shootings the large visitationszones in Copenhagen has been prolonged and expanded not only in the center of Copenhagen, but several other suburbs and other cities in Denmark.. 'The Danish security giant is a supplier to Israeli prisons'. G4S sells security and surveillance equipment to a number of prisons in the West Bank and in Israel, where it is documented that Palestinians are being ""subjected to torture"" and being detained without access to judicial assistance.. " .. NSA sources are now saying the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas on October 1 was an attempt by mercenaries working for the G4S security company ( hired by George Bush Sr. to create a distraction in order to kill U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Sultan (MBS). Trump and MBS were meeting in secret at the suites in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, owned by MBS, to discuss the mass arrest of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacks, these sources say ( 17/11/13 -- Benjamin fulford)..".. 'In all secrecy, Denmark has exported equipment to monitor a whole population to the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar'. The equipment packages come from a company in Nørresundby, and the sale of advanced technology has gained a green light from the Danish authorities. That's according to and in collaboration with the British television station BBC... 💫NORWAY💫 (Norway is a very important listener for US intelligence, confirming documents from American whistleblower, Edward Snowden).. We all heard about Norwegian base has become US Marines' Hub in Europe and U.S. stationing tanks and artillery in classified Norwegian caves (Værnes Air Station). Norway also bought for 200 billion worth of "useless" F-35's which is places in tents (no hangars😏). During the Cold War, Norway built a secret naval base, Olavsvern, that was carved into the mountain just outside the city of Tromsø, in the Arctic Circle. The base—comprised of a submarine hangar made of rock, direct sea access, nearly 150,000 sq ft of buildings and almost double that in bombproof interior space—took 30 years and cost NATO around $500 million to build to fight the threat of the Soviet Union.. Why do you think Stoltenberg has succeed secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen? Both countries (Denmark, Norway) has VERY strong relation ties to the Israeli, NATO and US military industry. Norway has unimaginable many secrets within the military. Caves, underground bunkers, HAARP installation in Tromsø (manipulating weather etc.), secret naval base in Olavsvern, EISCAT (monitoring stations) in Kiruna, Svalbard - a demilitarized zone and The Svalbard Global Seed Vault. All countries has many unknown Cold war sites, still secret.. 💢SWEDEN 💢 'Street microphones to help Swedish cops hear shots & screams amid record-high crime'. The new microphones will become an addition to surveillance cameras already dotting the Järva area near the Swedish capital. Linked to a management center, the hidden microphones will be set to detect shooting, explosions, glass shaterring and screams, says the police officer in charge of camera surveillance, Joakim Söderström, cited by SVT Nyheter.. 'Body Searches and 24/7 Surveillance to Uncover Migrants' True Identity in Sweden. In recent years, Sweden has emerged as one of Europe's most generous host countries in the wake of the migrant crisis. Today, both police and the Migration Board want to see radical measures to establish the identity of newcomers to eliminate the risk of convicts and terrorists seeping into the country in asylum seekers' disguise.. 'How Sweden's getting ready for the election-year information war'. While the US debates to what extent Russia influenced its presidential election, a small country in northern Europe is already gearing up to fend off foreign interference in its next election (Russia spreading fake news and forged docs in Sweden: report -- Russian radio spread 'fake interview' about mental health in Sweden -- Rinkeby teens say, Russian TV tried to bribe them to start a riot Russia mocks Sweden's 'ridiculous' election interference fears).. Sweden mulls introducing digital ‘anti-terror’ fences... |

Find and Else Haugsted had for decades Denmark's answer to NSA, a close cooperation partner. He was the top manager, Chief Codes Manager for the Technical Surveillance Service, which still has headquarters in Amager. Here is the wedding couple in 1954 in London. Photo: Private
- In 1961, the lighthouse at Dueodde was taken over by the Danish Defense Intelligence Service. - In 1986 a 70 meter high concrete tower was built on the ground. It was equipped with the latest technology and antennas. - Through the Cold War, the tower acted as the easternest listener in NATO. It is believed that observations from the tower played an important role during the Soviet Union's occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968. (newspaper out of Bornholm)

För första gången i Sverige får polisen använda ljuddetektorer. Mikrofonerna kommer att fokusera på framkallat ljud från till exempel skottlossning, explosioner, skrik och glaskrossning.

Sputnik News | Nov 18, 2017 | Trump Calls 'Crooked' Hillary Clinton 'Worst and Biggest Loser of all Time' | Blogger: From QAnon on 4Chan’s covert coup - People have decided “Alice” is Hillary Clinton.... |

Trump has again lashed out at his former rival in the US presidential election and advised her to "get on with" her life and "give it another try" in 2020 after she had accused him of "disgracing the office."

US President Donald Trump has called Hillary Clinton the "worst (and biggest) loser of all time, adding that she "just can't stop." While it hasn't been immediately clear to what exactly the US leader has been referring when slamming the former secretary of state, the accusations came less than a day after Clinton blasted Trump over alleged sexual misconduct.,,,[READ MORE]
While Hillary Clinton is yet to respond to Trump's words, the president's sudden weekend tweet has immediately caused vivid reaction among social media users. While few have lauded Trump's statement, many seemed to be puzzled over it and have criticized the tweet.