September 25, 2014

Kort situationsopdatering på kloden - Cobra - 25. September 2014 CET

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen :
Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevægelsen. Jeg har tilladt mig, at smide nogen hyperlinks ved nogen af Cobra's begreber. Link til de tidligere artikler: 

Untersberg is a mountain on German-Austrian border which is one of the key vortex points for the planetary liberation.
For many millennia, many caves on the mountain served as entry points into vast underground tunnel system which led into the Agartha network:   
Then in 1220, Goddess Isais (who is an aspect of Isis) appeared in front of a certain Templar knight named Hubertus Koch when he was traveling near Nineveh in Iraq, which is very close to the center of Hassuna-Samarra Goddess vortex. The Goddess has instructed him to build a Goddess temple near Untersberg and to move the Goddess vortex there, because Mongol invasion was approaching the Samarra vortex. She also gave him a piece of Cintamani, a stone from Sirius star system, to bring it to Untersberg. He then formed a Templar group called Lords of the black stone to become the guardians of the stone and keepers of the Goddess vortex. 

That stone was then given to Cathars, then to Templars in France, was briefly in possession of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, was later in the hands of EdwarBulwer-Lytton who wrote his famous novel The Coming Race, and then his son took it back to the Lords of the black stone in Vienna. 
Cintamani stone, the stone of the Holy Grail, is sometimes erroneously called the black stone, because it has a distinct violet-black color. Its purpose is to dissolve the network of implants and help disintegrate the Veil.
Karl Haushofer, a black magician, the man who introduced the Chimera group to humanity, has manipulated a group of Pleiadian contactees, called the Vril Women (die Vrilerinnen) and a representative of the Lords of the black stone to form the Vril society near Berchtesgaden, which immediately began to develop its space program under the guidance of Winfried Otto Schumann. This was the first beginning of the space program on the surface of this planet. Schumann, who was later paperclipped into the United States, was working there for military-industrial complex at Wright-Patterson base and is well known for his often misunderstood Schumann resonance:
The Aldeabarans (a former faction of the Pleiadians) have yielded into cooperation with the Vril society in exchange for a promise that there will be no mass extermination of Jews by the Nazi regime. When the Nazis began the persecution of Jews, the Pleiadians have cut all ties with the Nazi regime somewhere around 1938. 
The Nazis made one of their main strongholds in the Berchtesgaden area near Untersberg because they wanted to take occult advantage of the Goddess vortex present there. 
After World War II, that area became one of the main strongholds of the Chimera group. Berchtesgaden sits is a dish shaped valley, surrounded by mountains and is an ideal place for experiments with scalar wave technology:

Very recently, the presence of the Chimera group has been removed from the area. Now it is one of the most powerful Light spots on the planet, with many hidden entrances into the Resistance Movement and further portals into the Pleiadian star system.
The whole area is a very strong interdimensional portal, which is indicated by a strong magnetic anomaly in the same area:


The Goddess vortex has been reactivated by the Light forces very recently in the pond of Goddess Isais near Untersberg:

A piece of Cintamani stone has been returned to Untersberg. Goddess Isis is now harmonizing the energy of whole Europe through the Untersberg vortex.

Over 1,000 Arrested Across Europe in Europol Crackdown on Organized Crime

US Attorney General Eric Holder to resign - Sept 25 2014

Så gik den ikke længere Mr. Cabal. I hvert fald er stemningen lettet lidt, uanset om han er good or bad guy, var det tiltrængt. Tror vi ser nye tider fra Obama administrationen.


WASHINGTON - justitsminister Eric H. Holder Jr. fratræder sin stilling, Sagde justitsministeriet  idag. Mr. Holder forbliver i funktionen, indtil en efterfølger er udpeget og bekræftet.

Mr. Holder, er den 82. justitsminister og den første afrikansk-amerikaner til at tjene i denne position, med tidligere sagde jeg havde planlagt at forlade kontoret ved udgangen af dette år.

Især i præsident Obamas anden valgperiode, Mr. Holder har været den mest fremtrædende liberal stemme i administrationen.

Justitsministeriet beretter, at Mr. Holder udlagde sine planer om at forlade i en time-lang samtale med Mr. Obama i Det Hvide Hus Labor Day weekenden

Malaysian Airline plane Live abduction By UFO’s - Sept 25 2014

Satellite images captured the moment the plane was abducted by three UFOs. also a shot from a different angle with an infrared camera.
ufo abduction
Aliens have been abducting ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle for as long as civilized people have been sailing those seas. Could the aliens have decided to abduct yet another plane form a different place?
We are not ruling out any possibilities,” Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya told a news conference full of journalists.

A Global Protest Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering Is Taking Place Around The World



Posted on September 25 2014. 11:42 AM UTC by LINK

Register your global march against Chemtrails and Geoengineering educational event with us today. We will then add your rally to our events listings, both here and on our Facebook page. Please note that in some cities and communities it is the law to register large public gatherings or protest events. Make sure to check with your local laws. You can receive our event data by embedding our "GMACAG Event Map" in to your web page. Below is the code to embed our live global event map in to your sites page. This map is updated as often as our web page so you will always be up to dated live as we update. Copy 100% of the code below in to your HTML document. To change the size of the map change the "width: and the "height" options in the code to fit your page. PLEASE HELP US END THE MEDIA BLACK OUT.PLEASE MIRROR OUR EVENT LISTINGS ON YOUR SITE OR BLOG.FOLLOW US ON TWITTER FOR LIVE UPDATES 24/7


GMACAG Event Map. You can receive our event data by embedding our map in to your web page. Below is the code to embed our live global event map in to your sites page. This map is updated as often as our web page so you will always be up to dated live as we update. Copy 100% of the code below in to your HTML document. To change the size of the map change the "width: and the "height" options in the code to fit your page.

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SEPTEMBER 27 2014 - GLOBAL - Global March Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering

SEPTEMBER 27 2014 - GLOBAL - CALL IN LIVESTREAM RADIO TALK SHOW FOR THE GLOBAL MARCH https:// accounts/4937810/events/ 3229330, @12 noon Est/ 8pm Utc. Toronto Livestream will be hosting a call in show on MBC (Media Broadcasting Center) for ANY and ALL of the Marches happening. Please call in and share your experiences, turnout numbers and overall thoughts of the days events,Last year we had a great show with over 50 cities calling in, plz represent you're March by calling in , email or even use the hashtag #LOOKUP on twitter.Email

Listen here live @12 noon Est/ 8pm Utc - Older shows will play until the start of the live show.
https:// accounts/4937810/events/ 3229330

En meddelelse fra vores Moder Maria 25 September 2014

Gennem Aisha North

And here I am once more, ready to impart another message into your being. For you have all come through another stage of your development now dear ones, and so you stand before me as if freshly born again, the empty vessels of yesteryear lying discarded beside you. And so too me, for I have also been taken through a renewal of the senses and of the spirit in such a way, the material layers have once more become fortified as these nutritious elements of energetic upraising have surged through us all. You see, this period of time is not just about the amount of light and how it is being dispersed by our collective Sun, this is also about the energetic shift that has taken place, and for the likes of us, the latter is indeed the greatest news. For as you all came together focusing your intent on shifting forwards, you helped the entire volume of this mass to become lighter in every way. For what came our way from the outer reaches of Creation once more helped to alter the conglomeration of mass already created here on this planet in such a way, the energetic imprint it all carries has also been shifted to a very new angle, one that not only reflects the light in a very new way, but also one that assimilates the incoming light even more efficiently.

So as you all stepped forth you helped to shift so much that up until this point in time has been inert, and so, what was set into motion by this combined effort of enlightened souls such as you will continue to increase the speed and the momentum of this entire project. For that is what we are dear ones, a combination of enlightened matter and inert matter, and the more you are able to receive these incoming emissaries and connect with them at a deep level of your being, the more you will be able to literally help much of that old and previously unmalleable matter into something that will also help to increase the light quotient on this planet.

For we are ONE, and as you step forward, you pull the collective along and me with it, and as the collective takes increasingly longer steps away from the old density, the whole process takes another exponential leap forward. So once again I bid you farewell by thanking you all for the way that you continue to enlighten us all, for we are one, and where you go, I follow. For we are so closely linked together in every way and on every level. You are the enlightened ones, but you are also the treasured ones, for the light you all carry in your heart is making that heart expand to such a degree, it is literally carrying with it this whole planet, and so too me. For the part of Creation that I am speaking on behalf of is also a part of you. It has always been so, but for many a generation, our connection was so faint it was close to extinction. But as you chose to once again turn your eyes and your heart towards the light, our connection was once again rekindled, and now, it is blazing as brightly as a shining star on the firmament. But still, we do have quite a ways to go together in order to once again attain that perfectly balanced kinship we used to have, but from the what these last few days have shown, your actions are a true and formidable testament to the depth of your commitment to yourself, and to this partnership that has been so long in coming to light again. So once again I say thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do. You are the children of the light but the light is also your offspring, as so much of it springs forth from that well you all carry within, that well that is now once again flowing freely.

Christine LaGarde IMF Reset - Interview With Christine LaGarde IMF

Christine LaGarde snakker om nulstilling, mange gange, det nye monetære system, strukturelle reformer, Kina, Iran, masse om vækst og jobs.      

Udgivet 27. Marts, 2014

IMF Christine Lagarde

Gigantisk virksomhedsovertagelse af en opfindelse, der ville sætte OLIE OG GAS ud af markedet

Igen, regeringerne er stadigvæk i fornægtelse og fri energi må endnu vente med at leve. Hvorfor, simpel - så kan man ikke længere beskatte bilerne og olie og gas selskaberne mister penge. Hvis der er nogen som stadigvæk er magtfulde, er det Oliegarkerne og energiselskaberne. 
Selvom den Spanske model gik i vasken, har Guy Negre, (Air Car), en fransk opfinder og tidligere Formula One ingeniør, annonceret, at masseproducere Air Car modeller til Indien siden 2004, men det ser ud til at være en licens svindel, siges det.! (døm selv) Derfor er der af gode grunde INTET i de almindelige nyheds medier omkring fri energi og MDI Air Car.     

Udgivet den 24 Sep 2014

I denne video rejser Luke Rudkowski til Barcelona Spanien for at møde Miguel Celades, som var den officielle repræsentanter for MDI Air Car. Den teknologi og bilen blev henlagt efter regeringens pres og et selskab som opkøber virksomheden.