Sep 25, 2016

Oct 02, 2016 Super Shemitah Ends And A New Era Begins – Get Right With Self Governance ("..In fact humanity right now sits on the cusp of an unprecedented revolution of consciousness. Every continent and nation, every city and state, every community and family, and every person on the Planet is undergoing an unmatched set of challenges". "..The Clear and Present Danger List: 1. European banking collapse with immediate global contagion (ground zero: Deutsche Bank). 2. European banking collapse (ground zero: Italian banking sector). 3. Economic collapse of Japan. 4. Cyberterrorism/cyberwarfare/sabotage affecting US infrastructure (e.g. financial markets, power grid, internet). 5. The collapse of the European Union due to a successful Brexit-like referendum in France or Italy. " [READ MORE - use your own discernment])

Officially Ends on October 2, 2016

Gray Swans Are Now Everywhere:
The Entire Civilization Will Change
As They Begin To Drop Out Of The Sky

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
DEFINITION of ‘Grey Swan’
An event that can be anticipated to a certain degree, but is considered unlikely to occur and may have a sizable impact on the valuation of a security or the health of the overall market if it does occur. A grey swan event is unlike a black swan event whose total impact is difficult to predict. Despite the possibility of determining the properties and potential impact of such an event, it is difficult to create precise calculations regarding the total impact.

The term “black swan” was coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to describe the uncertainty and risk posed by unpredictable events. Grey swan events, which are derived from the black swan concept, may include earthquakes and even events like the Great Depression. While analysts can look at the impacts that similar events had across history, the exact extent of damage and risk cannot be calculated.
(Source: GREY SWAN: What is it?)
This extremely important report comes at a moment of great planetary flux and unparalleled transformation of the human race.

In fact humanity right now sits on the cusp of an unprecedented revolution of consciousness. Every continent and nation, every city and state, every community and family, and every person on the Planet is undergoing an unmatched set of challenges.

No matter who or where they are, each individual will soon face a Perfect Storm of events the likes of which has never happened in world history. Some have even referred to it as the “Pluperfect Superstorm”. This coming Superstorm is not to be feared or avoided as there is no escape; rather, it is meant to be engaged with the heart of a spiritual warrior that is at once full of courage, trust and resolve.

Even though there have been other races of humanity before the present one, each has its own unique process of evolution and collective experience. What the current race is about to experience will be nothing short of earth-shaking and paradigm-shattering, since that is what is now required for the upcoming leap in the evolution of consciousness. As we look around the whole planetary realm, one sees nothing but the harbingers of massive change and transformation.

Harbingers of Change Mushroom Throughout the Earth Realm

“True Prophecy Is Uttered To Avert Catastrophe, NOT Predict It”

BREAKING: British Parliament Confirms Libya War Was Based On Lies … Turned Nation Into a “Shit Show” … Spread Terrorism ( NEXT UP: The Chilcot inquiry has delivered a damning verdict on the decision by former prime minister Tony Blair to commit British troops to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003..Blair promised George Bush: ’I will be with you, whatever’... Former NATO chief & Danish PM Rasmussen went along with Blair and Bush in an illegal war..)

20 Years a Slave in Secret Space Programs – Abduction & Programming

Written by Dr Michael Salla on .

A new witness to secret space programs has publicly come forward to give details about how these programs operate in recruiting and treating personnel who are considered to be ‘slaves’ with no rights.

Tony Rodriques claims that in 1981, when only nine years old and in 4th grade, he was involuntarily recruited into a “twenty and back” program as punishment for something he did to one of his class room peers.

He publicly embarrassed the son of a high level member of the Illuminati and Rodrigues says that he was soon after abducted by five aliens. He was then genetically tested to determine what skills he possessed, which could be used in covert ‘support’ programs and eventually for the secret space programs themselves when he got older.

Rodrigues says that he was first forced to work as a psychic for a drug running operation out of Peru for four years, before being recruited as a sex worker in the area of Seattle from age 13. When he turned 16 years old, in 1988, he was taken to the Moon to be tested for any skills he possessed that would be of most benefit for service in the secret space programs.

After briefly serving on Mars as a slave fighter for a mercenary military force protecting corporate bases from indigenous Martians, he says was taken to Ceres, a planetoid in the asteroid belt, where he worked for 13 years with a German led freighter crew that was part of the “Dark Fleet,” which was initially set up by Nazi Germany during World War II.

The first public reference to the “Dark Fleet” was by Corey Goode who listed it as one of five secret space programs he was familiar with in early 2015. The existence of a Nazi linked secret space program was subsequently confirmed by William Tompkins in early 2016. Both Goode and Tompkins said that slave labor was used extensively by the Dark Fleet.

I was first contacted by Rodrigues on August 15, 2015, and have spent more than a year vetting Tony’s testimony with the support of two other researchers, Morgan Starr and Rob Potter, who released the first audio interview of Rodrigues on Sept 23. Our conclusion is that Rodrigues is being truthful, sincere and consistent in describing events he recalls experiencing during a twenty and back secret space program.

Rodriges was publicly identified by Rob Potter on the last day of the Secret Space Program Conference held at Mount Shasta from August 26-28. I subsequently interviewed him for Exonews.TV from the speaker lodge at the conference on the morning of August 29.

In this first episode in a five part series on ExoNews TV, Rodrigues explains the event that led to his involuntary recruitment into a twenty and back program, and his first trip to the Moon in 1981.

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Zuckerberg, Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking to begin $100 million search for alien life on a nearby Earth-like planet (Blogger: More like a publicity stunt to boost their businesses... )

Three of the world’s richest men are hoping to be the first to find alien life. Yuri Milner (centre), Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg have revealed exclusively to MailOnline that they will be listening in to signals from 'Earth 2.0'

  • The billionaires plan to look for signals on Proxima b, 4 light years away 
  • The rocky planet is believed to have the right conditions to harbour life 
  • Future spacecraft could travel to the planet within the next few decades 
  • Breakthrough Listen project will using the Parkes Observatory in Australia 
  • Stephen Hawking has warned we should find aliens before they find us
Proxima b is just four light years from Earth - close enough to be reached by future space missions. Pictured is an artist's impression of the surface of the planet, looking out onto its star and the double star Alpha Centauri

2016 Transformational Shift Conference - OCTOBER 21 - 23, 2016 TUCSON, ARIZONA (Simon Parkes, Tolec, Jenny Marks, Stewart Swerdlow, Jim Nichols, Itasha Tashina, Michael Lloyd Brown, Alexandra Meadors, Dan Brock etc)

Join this world's top, highly gifted minds in exploring literal growing consciousness and higher dimensional issues... as they discuss key transformation and disclosure trends, inter-related geopolitical, social, cultural & interpersonal change issues, and strategies to deal with these in the coming year.  We truly hope you will gain new knowledge, insights and spiritual wisdom shared by our speakers, including noble Native American teachers, from this unique event.  With this experience will come great insight, knowledge, wisdom.   And joy.

The goal of this specific conference is to  help  enlighten,  inform  and  impart  both practical and spiritual wisdom as we attempt  to  deal  with  the very real, continued political, social consciousness and transformational changes happening on our   

If you are in search of an informative, truth seeking & telling, life celebrating experience... with some of this world's most  gifted, awake & aware
minds; including the talented Native American Flute playing of Micki Free:  Grammy Award Winner & Five Time Native American Music Award Winner, on Friday night, and also, a live, world class, contemporary music concert by Pete Swan 5 on Saturday night, including vocalist,  American Idol finalist,  Crystal Stark,  then you will want to attend & enjoy this highly unique and compelling conference.

Mitakuye' Oya'sin.   All my relations,  we are all related,  we are all one.  Right?   Well,  ultimately we are all children of the Creator, of Creation,
likely, the greatest of mysteries.   Therefore, come join us in the exploration of this journey together, we, this diverse human species on this beautiful blue planet.   It is time to bring all of the tribes, all of the people, of this world back together.  


Mike Quinsey: A Message from my Higher Self - Sept 25, 2016 CET

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2016 treeofthegoldenlight

All over the world there are confrontations and battles as the dark forces try to stem the losses they are experiencing. It will be to no avail as their power is becoming fragmented and they are losing control of the outcome of events. Their days are numbered as their leaders are no longer able to command their supporters to achieve the outcome they planned. The end of their power and influence is in sight and there is nothing they can do to change the outcome. Viewing it from the outside you would not know the true facts as so much is happening at the same time. However, those working for the end of hostilities and world peace, are placed where they can influence what is taking place and more importantly the outcome.

There is quite a way to go before it will become obvious that major changes are on the way but once they start matters will quickly change. All that you have been promised will become manifested in relatively quick time, as the preparations have already been made. The consolation of having to wait so long for action will be that many more souls will have awakened to the truth. The Light quotient has risen and a considerable increase in vibrations has taken place. You are unassailable and nothing will change the result that will see those of the Light ascend. Finally you will commence the journey that takes you back from whence you came and you have always known it subconsciously, as you knew the outcome when you chose to drop down into the lower dimensions to experience separation.

Once you have returned to the higher levels you will have a glorious life before you. As a Galactic Being you will be free to choose your next experience, but with a view to continue your ongoing evolution. At all stages there is always help to enable you to decide which are your best options but the final choice is up to you. By gaining more experience in the lower dimensions you have grown as a soul, and will be all the greater for it. In fact, your rate of development has been more rapid than if you had remained in the higher vibrations.

Galactic Heart News: Divine Focus: Welcoming the Third Wave ~ Sandra Walter ("..Kyria Aluéla Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedekia: Many must be feeling the changes in your bodies and way of thinking. You want to throw much overboard. Thats because, old outdated patterns of limitations, judgement, fears must surrender to your divine, pure, loving, truthful, faithful, fearless overself – your soul. Your soul is calling you home, dear ones!."."..Sandra Walter: Gaia is, and will be, continually releasing codes through the new grid systems which are of a Solar-crystalline nature. It is triggered by the incoming light level, and Gaia responds to it just as our bodies and DNA are triggered to activate dormant codes during Ascension... As the crystalline structures activate within your body, their vibration can begin to match the incoming photonic frequencies..This prepares the physical vessel to transform itself into a conduit for the Christed Self. This is why many of you have been guided to let go of anything unnecessary. The Christ (Crystalline consciousness, Unity consciousness) has very different preoccupations than the lower Self. It functions as Oneness..Solar and Gaia Gateways will be opened on Equinox and the crest of the wave arrives September 26, extending through the 30th..")

OH YES! The energies of September are monumental. It seems that every day I'm experiencing a different physical body symptom. One thing that has happened several times this month is when I open my eyes everything is flickering or I'm seeing three of everything. When this happens I call in my Higher Self for stabilizing all my energy fields and chakras. When I read the article below I experienced an "aha" moment.

I likes Sandra Walter's description of the grid work being done now. In this month's webinar, Sheldan explains the grids and how they hold a reality in place. We are shifting from one set of grids (3D) to another (5D) grid framework. The more we understand how this is done, the easier and more graceful our transition. Join us! 


Divine Focus: Welcoming the Third Wave


from Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Our third wave of 2016 is beginning to crest, with its initial frequencies heralding the New. Gatekeepers and Gridworkers have been busy for weeks, Gaia and the new grids are responding already, and we are prepared for the new arrival next week.

This is an influx of highly charged pure light which takes us to a brand new level. As always, vibrational match is key to your experience of it, however these frequencies are aimed at assisting an accelerated timeline. For the Ascension Tribe, the veils are thinning again and our realities feel more surreal than grounded. As we have learned from the two earlier waves, that is typical for these wave influxes this year. This one involves a timeline shift, so our focus is needed more than ever.

Gaia is, and will be, continually releasing codes through the new grid systems which are of a Solar-crystalline nature. It is triggered by the incoming light level, and Gaia responds to it just as our bodies and DNA are triggered to activate dormant codes during Ascension. This is preparation to receive much higher levels of Solar light. The September wave is a big jump in that process, and we are receiving an accelerated timeline to compliment that process, simply because we are capable and consciously requesting it.