Jan 1, 2024

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Date: Monday, 1-Jan-2024 04:01:15


✨πŸ₯°πŸ†• (Going Viral. I AM R are U? ~ SoTW) 2024! The MOST important message you NEED to hear! What's coming is UNSTOPPABLE! The shift in consciousness in 2024 will not go unnoticed - and it can't be stopped! Love and Blessings, Mel ~ Jan 1, 2024 ~ |

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πŸ‘ΈπŸŒ‰πŸš§ ("Operation Casanova Bridge") How to re-establish Monarchy in Denmark? Protect your upcoming King, Reputation, and Honor? Let Genevieve Casanova sign an NDA and 'control' the situation by letting her 'disappear' into a hideout (but like a clogged drain cause a water leak unclogging a sink is not easy). SoTW says there are only 3 scenarios why DDFL/DDFO-Daisy announced a 'surprise abdication.' ~ Jan 1, 2024 ~ |

DRIP to Flood! Tick Tock Clock. Next in line is Danish PM Mette 'Pinochet' (install by CIA) 

Editor's Note: Danish Queen-Daisy, second in command to rule Committee of 300, Queen-Lizzie head of, will be 'removed' on January 14, is well-liked among the Danes. However, controlling the narrative is of urgent importance in the 'Lame Stream Media' of 2024 by '100 days' of celebrations of HRH The Crown Prince and HRH The Crown Princess. Truth abt Queen Mother of Denmark will come out one day. There's still 90% who support the Danish Monarchy - once again - the average danish citizen will still be 'Fool of a Took.'. SoTW says there are only 3 scenarios why DDFL/DDFO-Daisy announced a 'surprise abdication.':

1: White Hats had to push/move forward with (military) plans in order to reach the desired goal after Evil Queen-Lizzie "Operation London Bridge" and "The Demonic King Charles Coronation." 

2: Dark Hats forced to do 'Damage-Control' after being hit by 'Shitstorm of a Lifetime.' 

3: 'Dark to Light' - The Danish monarchy, 1200 years old, founded in the 8th century (or earlier) had to be cleansed of all darkness.

PS: My Higher-Self has said, there's no Monarchy in 2025 and all Royal Palaces in Europe will be emptied out (like all lizards in Buckingham Palace)

All the Dark energy, like dark matter, is invisible to us and only observable by it's effects on our universe. Don't be scared, it's just reality. Evil is real after all. There's nothing shocking about that. Negative energy and darkness in people has to be cleansed and new blood in the Monarchy. Like my friend Anders who "knows" the elites and the 450 yrs infamous Herlufsholm Denmark's oldest boarding school and Ordrup gymnasium etc. Some of the the parents to Prince Christians friends, told Anders, that Prince Christian, said to her homies on a party: "there is a very bad atmosphere at home". Anders told SoTW that it's not the first time 'Federico' is in trouble by cheating on his wife... |