Jan 12, 2016

Message from Montague on Sunday Jan 10, 2016 CET

Kanaliseret af Veronica Keen
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Hver søndag, bringer Montague et budskab om håb og støtte til alle, derer villige til at lytte. Han snakker tit om Cabal og deres evindelige konstruktive adfærd.

All the evidence proves that nearly 2000 years ago, preparations were made to take over the Earth and to remove humanity. This operation was put in place by Church and State. Everything that you learned about life on Earth, the afterlife, etc., was given to you by the very people who planned the complete take over of the Earth. They convinced you that they, alone, had your best interests at heart. FEAR was the weapon used at every level to ensure you obeyed their every law and command. They taught you to revere them, to look to them for guidance. They took control of you; first through baptism. They held on throughout your lives, and in death, they ensured they were there also to try to capture your souls.


Come together, as you have the power to remove all contamination from the air, water, and food. You have been shown how you have been manipulated to assist in your own destruction. The time for action is NOW. You do not have time to procrastinate. As your enemies push for WAR, you must insist on PEACE. As you go to sleep each night, ask yourself, "What did I do today to protect humanity from destruction?" "What am I prepared to do to protect my species and the Earth?" "Am I being complicit in this destruction?"

It's gonna be bloody: Huge Global Economic News: Insiders Warn "Commerce Has Come To A Halt" .."SELL EVERYTHING" IS STOCK MARKET ADVICE FROM RBS AND JP MORGAN...CHINA ORDERS BANKS TO STOP PURCHASING U.S. DOLLARS...

Sell everything ahead of stock market crash, say RBS economists Royal Bank of Scotland warns of ‘cataclysmic’ year with slumps in shares and oil and advises clients to shift to bonds


BP slashes 600 North Sea jobs as crumbling oil price forces the explorer to reduce global headcount by 4,000




Hammering Wall Street helps Sanders gain. Bernie Sanders continues to rip the veil of euphemism off the fraud and corruption in Wall Street and government’s failure to do anything about it as he closes the gap with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.


BREAKING: “The Power to Cure” unravels the many conspiracies around the deaths of multiple holistic Doctors - Jan 12, 2016 (illegal import of GcMAF to USA, Doctors who supposedly got killed by agents working for Big Pharma Industry because they coincidental discover the enzyme "Nagalase" which Inhibits the Power of GcMAF to fight Cancer and Autism...)

Blogger: Nu hvor debatten raser over hvordan vi skal betale for livsforlængende medicin så som kræftsyge patienter der koster samfundet 670.000 kr. årligt per person. Hvor mange kroner må de sidste måneder af et menneskeliv koste? Radio27syv/reporterne sætter spørgsmålstegn på netop det, de interviewer Lars som har leukæmi... Vil vi som samfund betale den pris, eller skal Lars dø? ...Regeringens sundhedsudspil "Investering i vores fælles sundhed" afsætter 1,9  mia. kr. i 2016 og 15 mia. kr. fra  2016 til 2020. Hvad hjælper det, når politikerne er i lommen på den farmaceutiske industri som har så meget magt og indflydelse med lobbyister og penge, at de 'ejer' en del af vores liv, indtil vi dør. Vi dør nemlig af mangel på livsnødvendigt indtagelse af føde, medicin, operation, stråling, kemoterapi og anti-hormonbehandling når vi får kræft... Der findes så mange 'naturlige' aktive produkter som kan redde os, Essiac Tea, Cannabis olie (opvarmet THC) or RÅ format (TCHa non Psychoactive)), Kollorid Sølv, Natriumbikarbonat, B3 vitamin (niacin) og jeg kunne blive ved... Hvordan 'slipper' vi den etableret lægevidenskab/farmaceutiske industri? Her er nogle eksempler på, hvordan du Selv kurere, detoxer og neutralisere bla. din kræftsygdom .... læs videre her

“After seeing the powerful short film Brian Hammers created that touched so many,  I am humbled to now be attached to the making of this feature film. I trust that it can bring much needed attention to the deaths of these world renowned doctors, who helped countless people on their short time here on Earth.”
– Erin Elizabeth, founder HealthNutNews.com, author of the holistic doctor death series

The Inspiration

Use my 'Search' bar and put in "holistic doctors" or "GcMAF"
When you find a story that moves you to action, that’s the one. That’s the one that makes all of youryears of training, learning, and searching come together. That’s the one that catapults you from talking and into DOING. For me, it’s “The Power to Cure”. I’ve spent that last 15 years working in every area of the entertainment business from acting to producing, assistant directing, program director for a major film festival, running coffee, head of production, and directing. All in preparation to helm “The Power to Cure”.

When we first started reading the details of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet’s death, something didn’t add up. Something just sat wrong. Then more holistic Doctors started passing away. After every one of the deaths we were certain that these stories would get out. Nope. We knew we had to help create a voice for these events. This feature film is important because people have a right to know. People shouldn’t have to die because of the color of the flag they live under. Now is the time to speak up, now is the time to be heard.

Read more: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-power-to-cure-feature-film#/

Massive UFOs Filmed Over Santiago, Chile - Jan 12, 2016 CET

Posted: 11 Jan 2016 07:00 PM PST

The spectacular moment shows how four unidentified massive objects are hovering over downtown Santiago, Chile’s capital and largest city, and after they disappear from the field of view, other small bright UFOs take their place.

The first four flying objects slowly move across the sky before disappearing one by one. They keep no formation and have a few particularities that may identify them as human-made crafts.

But what about their other unexplained characteristics?

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2016 Agenda for Disclosure? | The Opening of Pandora's Suitcase - Jan 12, 2016

I had the following report sent to me by several readers. It seems to detail geopolitical updates in a Benjamin Fulford style presentation, covering a great many topics including spirituality, suppressed science, finance and more. 

I cannot confirm all the items presented, but it is possible these things are happening behind the scenes, becoming more recognizable in the world as time goes on.

But in an indirect way, there are multiple events unfolding right now that correlate to the below presentation. In those instances, I will add related articles when available to aide in data reconciliation.

For now, I suggest we keep the following items on the table for future discernment

- Justin

Source - Alcuin Flutterby

High-status disclosures of previously suppressed information are likely to bring the following changes in 2016:

The Kissinger-Bush-Clinton-Obama political syndicates will be peacefully and lawfully removed from American public life permanently. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America, will leave office before the natural end of his presidential term. Decisive announcements to this effect may be broadcast during January or February 2016. Obama, like President George Bush Jnr before him, was illegally and unconstitutionally elected; he is a controlled agent of old and diminishing European monetary interests. More background can be found hereherehere and here.

The identities of the hidden Khazar Zionist political bosses embedded in corporate America will be disclosed. The use these bosses have made of human clones in American political management will become common knowledge. The use made of human clones in managing European Royal families, international banking, spiritual fascism in religion, industrial militarism and political assassinations will be made clear for all to see. The fact that mind-controlled human clones have been democratically elected into national leaderships, have signed state and religious papers of moment, and have been terminated at will and substituted with others, will be revealed.

[I cannot confirm the use of clones in government with direct sources. However clones have been depicted in works of fiction for decades, which could be soft disclosure at some level.]

Jorge Mario Bergoglio ('Francis'), the present Pope, will be obliged to retire. Like Tenzin Gyatso (the Dalai Lama) and Billy Graham (US Protestant evangelist), he is a Western deep-state-controlled PsyOp, who functions within the mechanism of establishment religious control anddisinformation. More about Bergoglio's covert background can be found here (02.02.14). Further critical comment is here (02.10.15) and, for those with an eye for detail and a strong legal stomach, here (pdf 23pp).

Queen Elizabeth II of England will abdicate or, at the very least, will begin to withdraw from active personal involvement in Constitutional, Church of England, and international banking affairs. The occult connection between the Vatican in Rome and The Crown Temple in London will be revealed. More hereherehere and here. The London Crown Temple is reported to be the old and diminishing European monetary entity which owns the assets and income of the US Federal Reserve System, and controls its disbursements (see, for example, p15 of this pdfhere).

Luftrummet - krigsførelse med regeringens stiltiende samtykke - 12. Januar 2016 (Hvad er sandsynligheden for at Malaysia flyene MH17/370 og AirAsia led samme skæbne, og blev beskudt ved hjælp fra Svalbards Satellitstation "SvalSat" - den bedste placerede jordstation i verden? Det er tid til at stille den norske regering og parlament ansvarlig)

Nyhetsspeilet.no er et Norsk online magasin skrevet af folket til folket. De offentliggøre oplysninger om nye paradigmer og rapportere om aktuelle emner fra nye vinkler, samt om emner som andre udgiver. Desuden sætter Nyhetsspeilet.no aktuelle emner i et bredere perspektiv end vi normalt ser offentliggjort. Tidsskriftsartikler beskæftiger sig med tre væsentlige hovedemner: Bevidsthed, Kosmos, Samfund

Space – krigføring med regjeringens stille samtykke

******Following article is in Norwegian - use google translate on the top of my blog entry*****

De norske regjeringer, først den rød-grønne Jens Stoltenberg (Arbeiderpartiet) regjering i 2012 og nå den blå-blå regjeringen Erna Solberg (Høyrepartiet) har blod på hendene når det kommer til flykatastrofer de senere år.
Jens Stoltenberg er ansvarlig for, at Luftforsvarets C-130J 30 Hercules fly «Siv» ble skutt ned på Kebnekaisa-fjellet i Sverige i en NATO-øvelse den 15.mars 2012. Fem Luftsforsvarets erfarne offiserer døde i katastrofen. Flyet krasjet i fjellveggen og ble delt i mindre vrakdeler, men ble ikke pulverisert slik Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 ble i Frankrike den 24.mars 2015. «Siv» ble dermed skutt ned med en konvensjonell missile.
Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 fra Barcelona i Spania til Düsseldorf i Tyskland ble skutt på de franske Alpene, Seyne-les-Alpes, sannsynligvis med et ukonvensjonellt laservåpen i NATO-øvelse Dragon og ble pulverisert og forvandlet til støv.
Verken Luftforsvarets Hercules fly eller Flight 4U 9525 kunne ha blitt skutt uten massiv hjelp fra Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) SVALSAT satellittstasjon på Svalbard. Kongsberg Satellite Service er 50% eiet av den norske regjeringens Næringsdepartement ledet med Solberg-regjeringens næringsminister Monica Mæland (Høyrepartiet). 50% av SVALSAT er eiet av det private Norsk Romsenter.
Luftforsvarets Herculesfly ble skutt ned sannsynligvis med hjelp av det amerikanske private IRIDIUM-satellittsystem i polar bane. IRIDIUM blir delvis finansiert av det amerikanske forsvarsdepartementet PENTAGON, som får lastet ned data fra satellittene med hjelp av SVALSAT-satellittstasjon.
Flight 4U 9525 ble sannsynligvis skutt med massiv hjelp fra tysk TerraSAR-X og italiensk COSMO-SkyMed satellittsystemer. Begge er radar-satellitter og massivt brukt av NATO-øvelser. Begge blir lastet ned av SVALSAT.
Denne aktiviteten på Svalbard strider mot Svalbardtraktaten artikkel 9 fra 1920, som forbyr all militær aktivitet på øygruppe. Norge har et særskilt ansvar å se til at artikkel 9 blir håndhevet. Den norske regjeringen er fullt ansvarlig om misbruk av Svalbard på militære aktiviteter på satellittstasjonen.
«TerraSAR-X (og IRIDIUM og COSMO-SkyMed) har i dag ingen restriksjoner på å bruke SVALSAT i forhold til å ta imot data for å lage bilder med den største oppløsningen eller produsere data for å kunne følge bevegelige mål…» (Satellittkrigen av Bård Wormdal s.80)
Tidligere Post-og Teletilsynet, fra 1. januar 2015 Nasjonal kommunikasjonsmyndighet, har ansvar for å godkjenne satellittnedlastningene ved SVALSAT og Sysselmannen på Svalbard har tilsynsmyndighet for å se til at artikkel 9 på Svalbardtraktaten blir håndhevet. Begge mangler den teknologiske kompetansen som trengs for et slikt omfattende arbeid og de må samarbeide med Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt, FFI, for å bruke deres kompetanse. Bukken passer på havresekken m.a.o.
Norsk media bruker, av kommando, alle midler for å tåkelegge den norske regjeringens ansvar og deltagelse i denne NATO-romkrigen mot sivile flypassasjerer. Enda har jeg ikke skrevet om Malaysia-flyenes og Air Asia-flyets skjebne, som alle sannsynligvis ble skutt på med hjelp av SVALSAT-satellittstasjonen på Svalbard. Det er på tide å stille den norske regjeringen og Stortinget for ansvar.