Apr 8, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (Spiritual Growth) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🐣April 2021 Energy Update: Creating is Healing, Fast Energies, Brightest Month🐥] ... (Matt Kahn by email) "Growth is the effect of a willingness to change. Such growth tends to feel like a challenge to the parts not meant to enter the next unfolding stages of your evolution. Peacefully parting ways with the aspects that accompanied you this far, but cannot venture any further, occurs through a willingness to boldly move forward in life. If you’re unsure how to take such an empowered step forward, it is discovered through the courageous act of surrendering self-destructive behaviors in exchange for more self-fulfilling choices. You may even ask yourself, “Are my choices more rooted in who I’ve been in the past or aligning with a newer version of self I am daring to become now?” Whether each day feels like a quantum leap into new dimensions of possibility or baby steps toward a life of greater peace and happiness you are learning to be worthy of accepting and receiving, it is all a part of an incredible adventure you are destined to get right — no matter the ups, downs, back pedaling, rises, and falls that decorate your hero’s journey home." ~ All for love, Matt... |


🕴️👽🧲 ~ (SSP News) April 7, 2021 - Superconductivity, or “anti-gravity"? Linda interview retired IBM engineer (By Linda Moulton Howe) ~ | Blogger: I used to work at IBM for 10 years, for a bank, and of course, never heard of The Thomas J. Watson Research Center or "John Smith", a retired IBM electromechanical engineer and DIS, that says this IBM Research Center 1986 photograph of a black and silver cube “floating” above a round, black base was publicly explained as an effect of superconductivity, but some engineers whispered it was “anti-gravity.” (from above👆, as one handsign told this engineer).. All I know, as a Project Manager, Coordinator, CM, TSM, Network Engineer for IT-infrastructure technology projects, IBM Denmark, had several classified departments, working for the danish military - one was called the M.A.R.S.-project that was sealed off, from all the other floors at the Ballerup HQ with special access... |


A retired IBM electromechanical engineer says this IBM Research Center 1986 photograph of a black and silver cube “floating” above a round, black base was publicly explained as an effect of superconductivity, but some engineers whispered it was “anti-gravity.” An exclusive interview of retired engineer with Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe.

Loud booms and metallic sounds in Northeast USA and Canada 
- Extremely loud metallic sounds in PA 
- Loud booms on in Mississauga, Ontario 
- Interview with Linda Oppelt from Farmington, Mass., including eerie cell phone recording of strange sounds on April 3, 2021.

Interview with retired electromechanical engineer “John Smith” from IBM in Yorktown Heights, New York

- “the floating cubes…are examples of anti-gravity” 
- “…back engineered from UFOs” 
- “it was anti-gravity…we don’t talk about this” 
- “I worked at DRS Naval Controls…we made controls for nuclear submarines” 
- “it was so mind boggling”
 - “there’s no way…humans came up with this” 

Col. Corso claims General Trudeau, first Chief Army Research and Development Command wanted alien tech back-engineered by US companies - Roswell artifacts used to develop numerous advanced technologies - “to the EBEs, we were prey”

🎭🧬💱 ~ (WEF/China/CV/GR/AI Forever And Ever) ‘They want you in masks forever’: World Economic Forum’s smart ‘mask of the future’ tweet spooks Twitter users (RT.com) ~ |


💲🛦🥺~ (1st danish F-35 ready out of the 1997-2023 production) Piloten KIN fløj det nye F-35 første gang på sin 50 års fødselsdag i januar (OLFI.dk) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Meet the MOST expensive dysfunctional TRILLION-dollar weapons program in the world and ultimate failure with 1,000 deficiencies - The Lockheed Martin F-35🤛] ... Hip, Hip, Hurrah!... Denmark now gets a fighter jet, which the Minister of Defense calls a "SUPERWEAPON"... On Wednesday, Denmark was handed over the first Danish F-35 fighter jet at a large-scale ceremony in a hangar at the manufacturer Lockheed Martin in Texas. Among the guests were, in addition to Denmark's ambassador to the United States, the Chief of Defense and Chief of the Air Force, also Denmark's first F-35 pilot and several of those who will soon be flying the aircraft... The price for the purchase of the F-35 aircraft hits DKK 16.4 billion. in purchase price and DKK 56.4 billion, in lifetime costs. However, some says, a estimated total cost for danes, to be around, 100 billioner danish kroner.. In 2023, Denmark, will ONLY have 27 F-35's, some in Amercia, some in Denmark, some, combat air patroling Greenland... In 2023, this F-35 program will be TOTALLY "obsolete"... The futuristic seventh-generation fighter includes the development of autonomous stealth drone fighters, hypersonic flight, lasers, new precision weaponry and advanced AI able to organize targeting data in milliseconds... PS: How do you know all these things SoTW and who cares? I care, it's my own and taxpayers money and all the lies about how Terma A/S, former chairman and several employees at DR, officially the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, military contractors and government entities has lied about how the whole procurement process was setup by US military, from the very start etc. I used to work for The Royal Danish Air Force (a short but great experience) at Værløse and Karup airbase and have for many years been interested in Area 51 - Black Jets - Secret Space Programs... |


Piloten KIN fløj det nye F-35 første gang på sin 50 års fødselsdag i januar - OLFI
Onsdag fik Danmark sit første F-35 fly - men det står stadig i Texas - TV 2

🧜‍♀️🦆👸 ~ (Re-he-he-heally? Proof is quite convincing actually!) 12 reasons why Hans Christian Andersen could be the son of a King (Lionett Media) ~ | Blogger: Tak til Anne, for a dele, der sammen med sin mand, som bla. er en form for tv-præsentator af Age Of Truth, Lucas Alexander, sanger, skuespiller, performer og en sand Bon Vivant! Samt andre danske personligheder's video produktioner... Anne og jeg på SoTW, syntes denne video er højst interessant... De fleste ville A-L-D-R-I-G drømme om at betvivle, verdens ældste 1000 årige gamle danske Kongehus, som INGEN, må besudle eller gøre grin med. Hvis vi anfægter troværdigheden og om Dannevang har brug for Kongehuset, anklages vi for at være fordømmende, illoyale, uden fædrelandskærlighed og borgerdyd. Det ikke er troværdigt, at pille ved glansbilledet omkring kongefamilien. Kongehuset er den sidste bataljon af folkekære, elskelige og troværdige ildsjæle som udbreder danske interesser rundt om i verden... Som et eksempel, ud af endeløse af skandaler og spørgsmålstegn, som man burde stille sig selv, er tidligere Henrik, Hans Kongelige Højhed Prinsgemalen, gift med landets dronning i 50 år, der havde et nag, hele sin levetid. I hans lange protesthandling, sagde han en masse ting, som bestemt ikke passede, H.M. Dronningen, og blev HURTIGT, i hans levende år, mod sin vilje, dømt til tavshed, diagnosen var en demenssygdom og døde senere af en godartet tumor i venstre lunge og en lungeinfektion, hedder det sig. "Kongehusets kommunikationsafdeling fungerede som et "war room" i forbindelse med prins Henriks død", sagde kommunikationschef Lene Balleby. Min egen mor på SoTW, ringede til afdelingen på Rigshospitalet i 2018, for at høre hvad fanden der foregik, og svaret var indlysende, at hendes egen teori, og skoen, som passede perfekt, på Askepots fod... Altså, i virkeligheden, døde Prins Henrik af en tumor på venstre lunge, som skyldes lungebetændelse. Det, ses ofte hos homoseksuelle mænd, med HIV-AIDS-sygdom, ifølge SoTW's egen 45 års erfaren sygeplejerske mor. Rygtebørsen hos bøsser har svirret, lige-så-længe jeg kan huske om Henrik og Jokkes hemmelige udfoldelser... Som du måske kan regne ud, tingene er ikke altid, hvad de udgiver sig for... |


It is said that the Prince Christian the 8 th. of Denmark and Elise Ahlefeldt-Laurvig had enjoyed a short romance in Germany around nine months before Andersen was born, in a thermal Spa in Germany. But what really happend? Are you interested in H.C Andersen and his secret life, who he really was then this is the short but very interesting video to see. Produced by Lionett Media en Denmark.

🕴️😷💉 ~ ('Gates most misunderstood man alive, or convincing conman ever lived') A DELETED GATES DOCUMENTARY HAS BEEN REVIVED (14 min video by ReneeMartine) ~ | Blogger: ONE of the best videos, I have every seen... Soooo you are telling me on SOTW that, Bill Gates Of Hell And His Mark Of The Beast, has not infiltrated Denmark? Oh yes sir, he has, you got that wrong mister... US multimillionaire Bill Gates and his organization the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who OWNS everything and anything, surely as I sit at my chair in Denmark reporting, donated 240 million kroner in 2013/2015 to Denmark and then, Sheik Abdulaziz Hamad Aljomaih and his company AJ Vaccines overtook, when he bought the Danish States vaccine production for 15 million kroner in 2016. The money would go towards developing a new polio vaccine Picovax, which is now accepted by W.H.O. and danish state (and soon a Corona vaccine). In 2020, Sheik Abdulaziz Hamad Aljomaih, has got 3.4 million kroner in Corona salary compensation from the Danish State and are literally laughing his ass off, while mind-controlled and naive danish parents are POISONING their children with the childhood vaccination program, HPV and soon, VakkZines... IT'S UNBELIEVABLE SAD... |


⚠️🗣️👂 ~ (Germans send a Powerful Message to the World!!!) Berlin Now Requires Negative COVID Test For Entry Into Non-Essential Businesses (NWO Report + @veritasnewsfeed) ~ | Blogger: Folks, you need to listen to these german people, posted by Veritas News Feed, they are correct in many ways (they also have the best medical groups and testing of the world)... 🧳✈️🗺️PS: I have been incredible lucky to spirit manifest a few years of traveling. Simple by taking a leave of absence from my daily routined life, dropping out of the 3-D Matrix of simulation, leaving my 9–5 job at the bank and fearlessly listen to positive spirit-based entities whispered in my ears, when I should travel and visit other places, people and getting new energy and inspiration, on GAIA. In the grand scheme of things, being grateful for what you have, both tangible and intangible, what you receive and what you get, out of any situation, that comes your way - no matter being on your own or with friends/partner or money, running low. I'm not working now, and family and friends, think i'm a idiot, but has accepted the terms... In 2019, it took me to amazing USA Road Tip 4 States incl Mexico - Pranic Healing & Sedona UFO Tours, best ever trip to Thailand and then, Barcelona... In Barça, City in Spain, I meet 1 wife doctor and 1 husband professor with their lovely kids from Philippines going on a tourbus, to a VERY spiritual place and a must-visit place, The Montserrat monastery (spirituality in Catholicism - spirituality in Nature). “La Moreneta” – the Black Madonna - She is la Moreneta, the Black Madonna and Our Lady of Montserrat. The guy lives in Beijing working as a ER-doctor at one of the biggest hospitals. Since October 2019, he has been STUCKED there and is not allowed to go back home and he's scared shitless. He is NOT like you and me, awaken to what is going on, behind the scene and he misses his family like nothing else... Right now, US warns China over ‘aggressive’ moves on Philippines, Taiwan, growing tensions and Philippines extends lockdown as infections spike... |



Berlin Now Requires Negative COVID Test For Entry Into Non-Essential Businesses – Nwo Report