May 19, 2019

Mahalasastrology | ~ 🌕 May Full Moon – The Beginning of 5D 🌕 ~ |

This upcoming full moon is on Saturday May 18 at 2:11 PM PST. This is also the culmination of the Wesak festival that has been in effect for a few days now. This celebration goes on for almost a week before it culminates at the time of the full moon. This festival is celebrated in a valley in Tibet every year and is considered the celebration of the Buddha. It is always at the time of the full moon in Taurus. The exact time of the full moon is when the people who are at that celebration send out a large wave of love to the whole world. There is normally a large Wesak celebration at Mt Shasta here in the USA although this year it was cancelled because of illness. If you are not familiar with this celebration, check out this video: The Three Full Moon Festivals of Spring.

This year Wesak is a very important event because our Sun will be lined up with Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades Star system. Our Earth is the eighth star in the Pleiades star system and it takes our Earth 26,000 years to go around the sun Alcyone. Saturday, May 18 will be the end of a 26,000-year cycle and we then enter the golden age of 5D energy. This will be the age of love and Unity Consciousness.

There will be other interesting aspects at this full moon. Uranus and Venus will be conjunct on 3-4 degrees of Taurus. Uranus will be on 3 degrees and that is the degree of a gradual expansion of individual consciousness. Venus will be on 4 degrees Taurus and that is the degree of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That sounds good to me.

Verdensalt | ~ Schumann Resonance Today ~ | Blogger: [〰️ The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like verdensalt!〰️] ... {For many years this resonance frequency has hovered at a steady 7.83 Hz with only slight variations} ... "Steady as she goes, Captain." then WHAM!.. A considerable increase in amplitude with a powerful spike that has reached 69 Hz... |

Space Observing System. Данные комплексного мониторинга в г.Томске

Aluna Ash- 9D | ~ 💕 #TheEvent #TheShift #GalacticAlignment Galactic Shift 2020 Golden Age 💕 ~ | .. Magnetic Sun 2021 "flip" 2022. New Timing Frequency. Age of Aquarius. Mayan calender. Vortex points. Soltice. Astroid Showers. The Shift ...| Blogger: If you feel so guided, listen to this 8 minute Aluna download, sharing on her own perception of experiences from dreams etc... |

** the pregnancy was 4 yrs ago, so this message began at that time- 4 yrs ago. And that's when my relationship fell apart & started seeing these beings of light around me and traveling with me. Then a year later I had a similar experience while driving. recently I started having the same experience in dreams & meditation.. almost like I was taken back. Very strange feeling. Sorry if this is scattered- I was just trying to make a quick video about this & I will talk more about all of what I've been getting w this...

I'm just trying to piece it together in a way that I can explain it fully. When I get a lot of visual stuff it can be hard to put them into words sometimes. I've been holding this back for the last few weeks and one thing after another keeps showing me confirmation. One synchronicity after another. It feels like we are finally here. What im being told is it will be "dissolving paradigm amnesia or blindness" and This is "a rare galactic alignment anchoring a the new harmonic grid." 2020 Galactic Year of White Magnetic Wizard- DF which is tone 1, (we are in the harmonic year tone 13) tone 1 means unity, unconditional love, New Beginnings, becoming one, merging as an individual aspect of Source with Source. This is like the energy of the Magician & Empress & High Priestess(in tarot) all mixed together.

Messages from Ann & the Angels | ~ 💕 Your Purpose is SO Simple! 💕 ~ | Channeling through Ann Albers | Newsletter - Excerpts only | .. No matter what you do, what you build, or how many souls you care for, there is always and only one underlying purpose to life – to remember, to re-experience your connection with the eternal source of love in yourself and in all of creation, and to allow that love to have unique experiences through you as you use your free will to create .. |

(Ann Albers:) I started channeling weekly messages from the angels after 9/11/2001, in an attempt to reach as many people as possible with the angels' words of hope and inspiration. I didn't realize at the time that we would become an international community of lightworkers dedicated to expanding our capacity to receive and share God's love in the world.

Each week's newsletter contains an angel message, a message from me explaining how I put the angels' teachings to work in my life, and various other announcements about classes, events, and new products. I would love to help you experience the love, wisdom, and guidance that are available to us all.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you upon the earth wonder, “What is my life’s purpose?” You seek to find meaningful work or meaningful projects, hoping that once you “find your purpose” you will also feel significant in the greater scheme of life. You want to feel like you matter.

Dear ones, you matter right now, whether you are sitting in your house recovering from an injury and doing nothing at all, or whether you are out feeding or inspiring millions. Each one of you plays a beautiful part in the tapestry of life. Each one of you is important. There is not a single one of you without purpose.

No matter what you do, what you build, or how many souls you care for, there is always and only one underlying purpose to life – to remember, to re-experience your connection with the eternal source of love in yourself and in all of creation, and to allow that love to have unique experiences through you as you use your free will to create.

We can sum it up very easily… see love, be love, allow love to flow through you into your creations and your life.

If you are laying on the couch recovering from an illness or injury watching endless hours of TV to pass the time, love yourself. Love your tenacity to keep going and healing. Love the fact that you are doing something that distracts you from pain because you care about your own comfort. Pray for your healing. Pray for the healing of all others with this condition, or any condition for that matter. Your love is your service. Your love is your truth.

Starseed Films | ~ THE TRUE MEANING OF "NAMASTE” ~ | Blogger: So beautiful that is...🙏💜 |

BuzzFeedNews | ~ Christchurch Updates: New Zealand Has Banned Viewing And Sharing Of Mosque Attack Video ~ | .. Facebook claims Christchurch video watched fewer than 200 times during live broadcast .. | Blogger: According to other news feed, 10 people has been arrested and charged sharing of Mosque attack video & the world's biggest tech companies pledge to crack down on violent content and unveil new rules - in the wake of the Christchurch mosque attacks. The online spread of the Christchurch mosque killer's sickening first-person video divided experts, industry insiders and the broader public into two opposite camps: Some saw the debacle as proof that Facebook and YouTube can't police their platforms. Others saw it as evidence that they won't... Oh man!...What has the world come to... Just think, think about it, IF, this video was based on a FF ops, video looks to me like, a staged fabricated FPS video game, the devastating consequences/effects would be catastrophic for the Cabal... |


Operationdisclosure | ~ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Insurrection" ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... Sounds like 'Designated Survivor' from Netflix -- America's fate rests in the hands of a low-level official after an attack on Washington decimates the government in this gripping political thriller... |

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "Insurrection" - May 19, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

  • High level Earth Alliance meetings are taking place to prepare for the next stage of the transition.
  • President Trump is expected to invoke the Insurrection Act.
  • "The Insurrection Act, passed by Congress in 1807, allows the president to deploy National Guard and U.S. military troops to combat “rebellion” against the United States of America. The Act has been invoked by other presidents to quell violent uprisings such as the L.A. Riots."
  • The "official" cover story for this move is to remove illegal immigrants.
  • Sources believe this move is the pretext for marshal law and mass arrests once Trump declassifies FISA court abuse and misconduct.
  • The Deep State/Cabal is about to be taken down.
  • "Drain the Swamp" and "MAGA" were Trump's code words for the Earth Alliance's plans.
  • Meanwhile, sources remain expectant for the RV to begin prior to any significant event.
  • The RV can be done through the QFS currently operating in the background.

TheCrowHouse | ~ A Stupid War with Iran and the Coming False Flag ~ | ~ RT News - May 19, 2019 (12:00 MSK) ~ |

Daily Mail Online | ~ US government has its sights on AI that can track people for MILES using footage from different surveillance systems ~´|

The US government wants to track subjects using cameras across a vast network using an algorithm that is trained on other human subjects
  • A research arm of the US government looks to create an AI surveillance network
  • IARPA wants the system to track areas spanning miles and dozens of cameras
  • The interest mirrors a push by law enforcement's to deploy facial recognition 
  • In China, mass AI surveillance systems have been deployed to concerning effect

Verdensalt | Arkivskab | 2017 - 2019 | ~ Den amerikaniseret militære magtbalance, fædre-kærlighed, og protektionisme. Dansk politik - totalitært regime - ureguleret lobbyisme hvor interesseorganisationer, virksomheder og andre berørte systematisk kommer til orde, grundet pengedonationer ~ | Blogger: [🎖️NOBODY KNOWS TERMA A/S OR CARE ABOUT WAR PROFITEERING🛦] ... {Det som mange ikke ved, Danmark en rumnation og er det land i verden, der har mest udstyr med ombord på flest rummissioner} ... Desuden er Danmark også TOTALT overlegne på teknologien, derfor kunne danske firma BAE Systems sælge det mest avanceret internetovervågning, set i mands minde, til De Forenede Arabiske Emirater, for at overvåge et helt lands borgere ... Nåmen ... på listen over internationale virksomheder i Danmark med "overraskende" geopolitisk indflydelse og overvældende kynisme, finder vi virksomheden Terma A/S - Aerospace and defense company. Hovedsæde i Lystrup ved Aarhus. Blandt kunderne er Søværnet og Flyvevåbnet i Danmark, det hollandske og amerikanske luftvåben samt virksomheden Northrop Grumman. Med andre ord, Terma's vigtigste strategiske samarbejdspartnere er, den europæiske rumorganisation ESA, NASA og ikke mindst amerikanske Lockheed Martin (verdens største defense contractor). Dybt gemt nede i Lockheed Martin bunkerne, finder vi en underafd- elingen, som hedder Skunk Works®, er et officielt pseudonym for Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs (ADP). Det forlyder, at Skunk Works, er hovedingrediensen for SSP's eksistensgrundlag, de hemmelige rumprogrammer, hvor Pentagon's ulovlige 'Black Projects' midler forsvinder ned i pengetanken hos.. Jeg har mødt nogle af de super seje hemmelighedsfulde 'gutter' i USA, også én IT gut fra EG&G (Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier, Inc.), som bla. står for bevogtningen af Area 51, flyvninger fra og til denne hemmelighedsfulde base (Janet Airline).. Og hva' så ville Kristen Birgit have sagt, kom nu til sagens kerne.. Jo, nu er det sådan, at verden er mere simpel, end du regner med og fordækt, end du overhoved kan fatte. Hvad der lignede en af danmarkshistoriens største PR- og lobbykampagne-krige, er centreret om købet af nye kampfly til det danske forsvar... LÆS VIDERE...]
 Terma A/S er en dansk teknologivirksomhed med hovedsæde i Lystrup ved Aarhus. Datterselskaber i Grenå, København, USA, Tyskland og gud ved hvor. Ejet af det Danske firma, Thrige Holding A/S 
Du kan ikke begribe hvor magtfulde, dette firma er og hvor mange forgreninger de har til dansk IT & Forsvars Infrastruktur, men især til udenlandsk software og tilpassede elektroniske systemer, know-how. De laver SCANTER radarer til Indien til kritisk infrastruktur beskyttelse i diktaturlande, og sidder ved hovedbordet i Pentagon, NASA i Florida, når ting skal planlægges i Rummet --  you name it - they got it  -- ...
Terma er uden tvivl Danmarks største forsvarsvirksomhed, der anslås at tegne sig for 30-40 procent af omsætningen i den danske forsvarsindustri...Siden begyndelsen af 1970'erne har Terma, desuden deltaget i flere internationale rummissioner og DYBT involveret i rumprogrammer, hemmelige eller ej? Vides ikke...  
"Terma understøtter kunder og partnere over hele verden inden for luftfart, forsvars- og sikkerhedssektoren. Med mere end 1.400 engagerede medarbejdere på verdensplan udvikler og producerer vi missionskritiske produkter og løsninger, der opfylder vores kunders behov ~ Terma A/S"
Så et facebook opslag hvor en bruger siger at; "TERMA leverer dele til de våben, der hver dag dræber uskyldige civile i Yemen.TERMA er dødens købmænd"..
... (fortsættelse blogger:) Hvad der lignede en af danmarkshistoriens største PR- og lobbykampagne-krige, er centreret om købet af nye kampfly til det danske forsvar...... 

... Vi havde Boeing-lejren, som troede salget var i hus, Eurofighter modellen, Svensk Saab og mener også en Hollandsk virksomhed bød på ordren m.fl. Som vi alle ved, fik Grenaa-virksomheden Terma F-35 aftalen, men måske ved mange ikke, at en F35-kontrakt mellem Terma og den amerikanske forsvarskoncern Northrop Grumman Corporation, der samler flykroppen, blev indgået allerede i 2006. 'Aftalt spil'?. 

Så, Forsvarsministeriet havde allerede planlagt for mange, mange år tilbage, at Lockheed Martin skulle løbe med alle sejrene, men det skal hedde sig, at der eksistere en ting, som hedder et 'udbud'.
Som en lille fodnote, så udgør Terma-produktion ca. 73 pct. af værdien af Lockheeds industriinitiativer, ifølge nytkampfly (der er nu er lukket ned og overtaget af - dv.s embedsværket kunne ikke tåle, at hjemmesiden, gik for hårdt til stålet) 
... Vi ved, at F-35 aftalen, koster skatteyderne omkring 100 mia. kr., Norge 200 mia. kr. osv. osv. Det er skattekroner, det er ikke Lars Løkkes lommepenge.

Man har lavet beregninger på, det som minimum koster Pentagon 2600 mia. kr. af fremstille og videreudvikle F-35. I USA kaldes det 'verdenshistoriens dyreste våben' og er overhoved ikke kampklart endnu.

Foruden Danmark, er der foretaget massevis af bestillinger på kampflyet F35 hos; Norge, Holland, Tyrkiet, Italien, Australien, Canada og UK og de tre ”Foreign Military Sale”-kunder (Japan, Korea og Israel). Men der er også snak om belgiske, schweiziske og Finland, mens Tyrkiet slår flikflak og sikkert køber hos Rusland...  

Min kilde har fortalt verdensalt, at F-35 bliver brugt som en pengetank. 

Dvs. man fremstiller et 'dummy' kampfly, som skal generere penge til hemmelige programmer, der ikke findes. Det er rygter, har ingen beviser...

Nu kommer pointen, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, besøgte Terma i Herlev den 30. august 2017.

Desuden, for at afgive sin ultimative støtte til Danmark ankom den nye chef for det multinationale F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO), den amerikanske viceadmiral Mathias W. Winter, til TERMA A/S i Herlev i Oktober 2017

Hvilket tilfældighed!! 

Altså, det siges, at Claus Hjort Frederiksen, har modtaget pengedonationer, for at fremme Terma A/S særinteresser (måske?)...

Claus Hjort Frederiksen visited Terma in Herlev on 30 August 2017.
From left: Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen (Terma), Jens Maaløe (Terma), Danish Minister of Defence Claus Hjort Frederiksen, and Kristoffer Groth Jakobsen (Terma)
 Termas adm. direktør Jens Maaløe, viceadmiral Mathias W. Winter fra Joint Program Office og Steve Williams, direktør for Terma North America. Foto: Terma.[/caption]
.... Samtidig har Danmarks statslige organ 'netop' bestemt sig for en ny finansplan 2018 -- 2,5 milliarder kroner er udpeget til blive brugt på landets militære, politi og fængselsvæsen (Terma er uden tvivl Danmarks største forsvarsvirksomhed, der anslås at tegne sig for 30-40 procent af omsætningen i den danske forsvarsindustri). 

Valg & Verdensalt | ~ Feminister, Dragqueens, Sexisme, Hadefulde, Verdensfjerne... Metoo, Nazistkortet g Frygten For Islam, er lig med Politisk vinderkort ~ | Blogger: [🤪Ministry Of Silly Walks & Blonde Prostitute Porn Fiction👱‍♀️] ... Ekspolitikeren Per Zeidler dømt for 73 såkaldte gangbangs, rufferi & fortjeneste på 200.000 kroner ... Uffe Elbæk's »Dick pic-collage«, folkefest på Kvægtorvet og med i 'Date mig nøgen'... Lars Løkke ridder rundt på stakkels Ib under et lattervækkendede markedsførings-trick og undviger statsminister-spørgsmål ... Joachim B. Olsen gokkegate - reklamerer på Pornhub ... Laura Lindahl's shitstorm efter opslag om hængepatter ... TV2 Øst hyrer youtuber og vil give folketingskandidater elektrisk stød i live-debat på tv ... Rasmus Paludan politianmeldt af 37 foreninger, opretter en Hitler's Black Book, hvor Mimi Jakobsen står øverst, derefter Kirsten Birgit Schiøtz Kretz Hørsholm & Rasmus Bruun m.fl.. Desuden fik den hjerneskadet PaluDansk, i 2013 et polititilhold mod at opsøge en dengang 24-årig latinstuder- endede... Klaus Riskær Pedersen: Jeg er lidt ligesom Trump. Jeg siger 'danskerne først' og mener, at alle danskere, er til GRIN, fordi den almindelige dansker, betaler 80% af alle skatter og uddyber sine 'intelligente løsninger'... Unge grønlændere til danske politikere: Husk os (sået grønlandsk mistillid til Danmark og USA. Opryd- ning af hemmelige Project Iceworm, Thule-basen, uranudvinding og lufthavns- projekt) ... Valgets tabere bliver forgyldt, hvis vælgerne stemmer den ud af folketinget, det også selvom de finder andet job, får de eftervederlaget udbetalt ... Pia Kjærsgaard: For meget bøsse og gejl i Eurovision ... Isabella Arendt om abort: Der skal ikke være forbud ... Forskere: Regeringen bygger lov på gamle tal og Bertel Haarder tvivler på SV-regering ... 'Hellere Støjberg og Løkke end Paludan og Vermund', siger Mohamad Abd Almonam, flygtning og gymnasieelev ... |

Den der næstmest i hele verden minder om Hitler

Kirsten Birgit har lovet danernes lys og sjælefredens kilde, Rasmus Paludan, at han kan uddybe sin politik, så de kan få de lavpraktiske detaljer på plads. For hvem er de værdsatte fremmede? Og hvordan kommer de uværdsatte ud af landet? Og hvor mange drejer det sig om? Og hvem er egentlig på Paludans liste over hvem, der minder mest om Hitler?

ThirdPhaseOfMoon | ~ Inside The Secret SPACE FORCE Could Change The Way You Think! 2019-2020 ~ | Blogger: Wauv!... Sounds to me like a FPS video game, based on The Marvel Universe... It's almost unimaginable, that our present earthly based MIC-SSP community, is a futuristic independent country that's essentially taken real-world science ten steps forward, envisioning the weapons and technology of the future. Next generation Holographic, Nanobots, Indestructible and Invincible version of Black Panther Vibranium-weave suit or super advanced Iron Man, (Halo Master Chief armor costume), in Avengers: Endgame. With Harry Potter cloak cape, and Tom Cruise exo-suits to fight another kind of alien menace in EDGE OF TOMORROW... They also talk about a gram of 'antimatter' (bombs and fully functional weapon systems) could produce an explosion the size of a nuclear bomb...(An antimatter reactor powers the USS Enterprise in the TV and film series Star Trek, the energy to propel the starship Enterprise to faster-than-light speed, while an antimatter bomb hidden under Rome plays a key role Dan Brown's thriller Angels & Demons)... Only your imagination is the limit... You be the judge... |