Jan 8, 2024

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SoTW - 'Two for One ticket, during May' 1988 TV commercial V/Line Australia

Editor's Note: I AM sorry. Me and my sister has meet King Frederik and I need to be nice (he is not my king or friend). Nevertheless, I truly hate lies and deceit, even if they are born into a 1200 year old Kabbalah Royal Moloch Monarch family. Sooo here’s a lesser-known fun fact: Prince-Pingo AKA Frede-Freddy-Frederik Fredericos little Christmas lie with his mexican 'mistress' makes him the King of 'scandals': Beaten by his french Pappa as a young boy. One faithful day both Joachim AKA Prince-Light and Frederik, almost died after rollover car crash in France in a peugeot. Next scandal was when the so-called Turbo-Prince was stopped by police after 18-meter drunk-and-drive disaster with his girlfriend, Malou Aamund. In other words, drinking with all the pretty ladies before christenings, drunk driving and broken bones. And then a trip across the Great Belt illegally in stormy weather. Membership of the IOC. And a strained relationship with younger brother. Constantly flying 1. class expensively to work for your and my tax dollars, etc., etc., etc... |


📰🍿❌ (DC: Restored Republic via a GCR) White Hat Intel: CIA and Pentagon in panic as justice is moving forward. No One Can Stop What Is Coming (NCSWIC) ~ Jan 8, 2023 ~ |

Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of January 8, 2024


Compiled Mon. 8 Jan. 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities

The Storm Is Here
Arctic Blast Enveloping US
Federal Reserve Collapsed; Global Currency Reset in Motion
Worldwide Arrest Wars Imminent
Intelligence Agencies Across the Globe to Initiate Cyber War Communication Blackouts
South Africa on Lockdown
South Africa President Ramaphosa Arrested
US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Poland
In Secret Talks to Initiate Worldwide Martial Law.

  • The forced release of EPSTEIN LIST is much more than a list. IT’S A DATA DUMP with thousands of pages that will be released.
  • MSM is reporting 800 pages, conservative news is reporting over 1500 pages and alternative media is reporting over 3000 pages of data and information from the court report, logs, police reports and witnesses full testimony.
  • White Hats are painting a picture for the American people and World that the Epstein Corruption is connected to a World Pedophile Human Trafficking Extortion Ring. Even greater is the connection that will lead to World Money Laundering System through Epstein, CIA, M16, EU and US Military Intelligence Agencies. White Hats will expose a controlled Military Coup over the U.S. government and elections, including several countries across the World.
  • This is just the beginning and is opening doors to the CIA Pentagon Corruption System. This was always the PLAN. The Epstein Saga will grow into major Whistleblowers coming forward. Leaks of videos and audio from different sources including Epstein himself talking.
  • By Summer the Epstein Saga is going to explode into the full involvement of the CIA, Pentagon, Israeli Intel with M16 Operations.
  • You think it’s coincidence that Q military intelligence operations was the first to bring Epstein Exposure on a World scale with hundreds of millions of ANONS and World Patriots searching for data on EPSTEIN?
  • Right now the CIA Pentagon is in major panic as their corrupt system and institution is inside a collapse. More data is coming and going to be dumped.
  • As the world gave up on EPSTEIN I have been telling what was going to happen and how it was going to connect to all branches of the government, Hollywood. Entertainment Industry.
  • In the next coming months White Hats are going to connect JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Blackstone, BlackRock to a full corruption scandal that is connected the Pentagon, CIA, Rockefellers and the Elites.
  • Trump was exposing the weaponized and controlled Deep State US Judicial System.
  • Mexico was getting ready for a massive collapse of the country with exposure of the CIA and Cartels running their country, along with UN Operations and DAVOS Group/ BlackRock subsidiary company funding. The Mexican Cartels have been fully running the Mexican Government and Military. The CIA and Cartels have controlled drug trade and Human Trafficking across the Word through Mexican shipping ports.
  • A massive Storm was building. The Military Alliance was building a case and exposing the World Cabal Deep State infrastructure for the World to see.
  • Epstein was the key. Soon Epstein will speak and more Whistleblowers were coming forward from the CIA, Pentagon and Military Intelligence leaks.
  • The Epstein Saga would hit the European Union corruption system, UN, DAVOS, 4th Reich, Rothschilds, Vatican and Israel.
  • Vivek Romaswamy is running a shadow campaign for Donald Trump and military operations. Kash Patel intentionally placed Vivek.
  • Elon Musk intentionally collapsed the Ron Desantis Election Campaign. Desantis was forced to run by both White Hats and Black Hats (he’s playing both sides). The idea behind the Black Hat Plan was for Desantis to endorse Nikki Haley for President. But White Hats have a plan to expose a massive corruption scandal against Desantis connected to money laundering (Epstein affiliated associates) and more. After the exposure of Desantis his voters will endorse Trump.
  • The Deep State Shadow Presidential Campaign: BlackRock and the CIA was behind funding Nikki Haley. The Deep State is putting their hopes behind Haley and want to have Republican president in place.
  • The Deep State also wants Hollywood celebrity The Rock, to run. The Rock is a backup in case the Epstein exposure leads to the CIA, Military Industrial Complex System Money Laundering Operations connected to Nikki Haley – that could bring her down.
  • The Deep State was also pushing for Michelle Obama to come into the mix. They want to make sure they have several candidates in place.
  • Panic inside the Pentagon as the USSF acquires all the keys. Cheyenne Mountain, USSF, X, Russian Intelligence, Italian Intelligence, White Hats in China Intelligence – since 2018 all have had copies of the Biden Laptop and CIA Epstein corruption data in their own countries.
  • Countries across the World are getting ready for The Storm and Arrest Wars Events. Their own intelligence agencies are going to initiate the Cyber War Blackouts. Everything is heading to military intervention in all major countries (11.3).
  • US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Poland in talks to initiate Martial Law.
  • Everyone is preparing for the incoming summer exposure of the planned Pandemic of 2021, full exposure of the Death Vaccines and corruption that link Military Intelligence Agencies, Banks and World Leaders to the International Pedophile Extortion Sex and Money Laundering Rings.
  • NCSWIC We Have it all! …Q

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🌍🤝 (“OCEAN OF STORMS, 11.01.2024 New Moon.”) We are headed for some sort of mega black swan event, possibly this week – Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis ~ Jan 8, 2023 ~ |



By Benjamin Fulford January 8, 2024

There are many signs we are headed for some sort of massive black swan event or set of events, that is likely to involve both a white hat mass arrest operation and a Khazarian Mafia response that will dwarf 911.

One hint that something is being planned came in the form of a full-page advertisement in the New York Times that read: “OCEAN OF STORMS, 11.01.2024 New Moon.”

To be added later.

The Q site linked to high-level military intelligence too is claiming first “the world ends” and “revelations” for that day.


There is also some sort of top-secret UFO meeting for Congress to be held around the same time.


Colonel Douglas MacGregor agrees, saying his own extensive contacts tell him “Financial Armageddon is coming…We are headed for bankruptcy. All of this is going to come together in what I fear will be a perfect storm that could really rock this nation to its very foundations.”


The end of something called Reverse Repurchase Agreements also shows some sort of financial black swan event is coming. RRAs are a device the Fed started using in 2020 to create the appearance the big US banks are still solvent. The graph here of plunging RRA volume indicates the plug is being pulled on the big banks.

(To be added later)

❌🗳️🧐 ~ (Valg, Valgfusk & Verdensalt) Eufemisme og yngste Statsminister; Skrigeskinken, Corona-monsteret og Vendekåben, der slog Lille FuskerLars, Den Grå Eminence, der indgik WEF/DK djævlepagt med Klaus Schwab, fra indremissionske Græsted. ~ 8. Januar 2024 ~ |


Digitalisering af valgprocess: Dominion - Smartmatic SGO Group - CSC / DXC - KMD - Netcompany... 

Editor's NoteSamme System 'Smartmatic' der snød "The Donald" og ind kom Joe "Creepy Uncle" Biden, der styres af servere fra Tyskland, Spanien og Venezuela, der afgjorde resultatet. Uduelige KMD/NEC kuldsejlede EFI-system går til statens Polske-Polledreng Rogaczewski Netcompany og guderne skal vide.

DET VAR nu en lille leg, jeg tog fat i efter den skæbnesvanger dag i Juni 2019, da Kinaformanden, vandt og INGEN kiggede på selv samme valgsystem, som slog Trump, ud af banen! Lidt sjovt er det, at New Zealand opdagede 1.500 falske stemmer ... i et valg om fugle! Brugte de Smartmatic og gjorde Hasina-familien det også? 

LLR's kæledægge? Skal vi ødelægge Aalborgs Rogaczewskis Netcompany og hans H+ moralske renommé? Kan det sammenlignes med A.P. Møller - Mærsk, der gennem datterselskabet Riffelsyndikatet, solgte våben til nogle af klodens mest brutale regimer og diktaturer, under nazitiden? Fra en stakels polsk flygtning, til supersælger, milliardær og hardcore landskadelig Mason, der har tjent mange penge på Coronaviruspandemien?.

Johnsen: »Han kan sælge sand i Sahara,« og tilføjer, at Rogaczewski, er en velrespekteret forretningsmand. Rogaczewski har nemlig været en dundrende succes i mange år. Hans livsværk Netcompany, har scoret kassen på blandt andet at lave it-løsninger til staten som 'Mit id' og 'Aula' (+ "Smitteapp", kraftig fortaler for et elektronisk vaccinepas , formand for TeknologiPagt-rådet o.s.v., o.s.v.).