Aug 10, 2015

GAOG: An Hour With An Angel with St. Germaine - Aug 10, 2015 ( thousands of those who served the darkness are being contained, many choosing to leave the planet rather than make the transition to the Light)

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St. Germain, også kaldet “Greven”, er meget aktiv i forbindelse med jordens opstigning til 4. og 5. dimension. Hans største frihedsgave til menneskeheden er den rensende violette flamme. St. Germain har haft mange inkarnationer hurtigt efter hinanden. Af de mere kendte kan nævnes Josef, Marias mand, og han var Merlin, der rådgav og assisterede Kong Arthur ved Camelot. Han inkarnerede som Roger Bacon, en filosof, munk, alkymist og profet som satte stort præg på Englands videnskabelig lag. Senere i denne inkarnation blev han franciskanermunk og mange fler. Endelig inkarnerede han som Greven St. Germain, hvor han blev kendt som Europas “multikunstner”, manden der ved alt. Han kunne alle europæiske sprog, han var en af tidens bedste fægtemestre og var en blændende dygtig violinist og stor maler. Det er blot en forkortet udgave af St. Germain's mangfoldige livs-cyklus. World Trust (Støttefondene) er under formynderskab af Master St. Germain. Kun St. Germain kan aktiverer finansieringens-processen til RV/GCR med lederskab af Dragon Familien m.fl.

Læs mere om St.Germain's historie: Slagplanen fra de Primære Skabere, frigivelse af St. Germains støttefonde i 2014 & 2015

August 6, 2015 ~ This week on An Hour with an Angel, we asked St. Germaine to give us a state of the world address, a wrap-up of how things were developing with curtailing social violence, dismantling the Illuminati economy, cleansing the banks, liberating the media, etc.
St. Germaine went down in history as the “unknown professor,” whose rousing speech pushed the delegates to risk their lives by signing the Declaration of Independence, has a special interest in the American experiment in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (1)
He discussed how thousands of those who served the darkness are being contained, many choosing to leave the planet rather than make the transition to the Light. He said that it wasn’t so much a case of the media being liberated as it was of the alternative media utterly replacing the existing media.
He discussed one contribution that the galactics have made which we could never have made ourselves and which saved the world: the elimination of depleted uranium, after several wars in which the dark dispersed gas clouds of it into the air. Dr. Rosalie Bertelle once called the existence of depleted uranium in the air a surefire invitation to “omnicide.”
He said the reference to the right to bear arms in the American Constitution was never intended to justify carrying arms and harming your neighbor.

Germany gained 100 bn euros from Greece crisis: study - Aug 10, 2015

Berlin (AFP) - Germany, which has taken a tough line on Greece, has profited from the country's crisis to the tune of 100 billion euros ($109 billion), according to a new study Monday.

The sum represents money Germany saved through lower interest payments on funds the government borrowed amid investor "flights to safety", the study said.

"These savings exceed the costs of the crisis -- even if Greece were to default on its entire debt," said the private, non-profit Leibniz Institute of Economic Research in its paper.

"Germany has clearly benefited from the Greek crisis."

When investors are faced with turmoil, they typically seek a safe haven for their money, and export champion Germany "disproportionately benefited" from that during the debt crisis, it said.

"Every time financial markets faced negative news on Greece in recent years, interest rates on German government bonds fell, and every time there was good news, they rose."

Germany, the eurozone's effective paymaster, has demanded fiscal discipline and tough economic reforms in Greece in return for consenting to new aid from international creditors.

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has opposed a Greek debt write-down while pointing to his own government's balanced budget.

The institute, however, argued that the balanced budget was possible in large part only because of Germany's interest savings amid the Greek debt crisis.

The estimated 100 billion euros Germany had saved since 2010 accounted for over three percent of GDP, said the institute based in the eastern city of Halle.

The bonds of other countries -- including the United States, France and the Netherlands -- had also benefited, but "to a much smaller extent".

Germany's share of the international rescue packages for Greece, including a new loan being negotiated now, came to around 90 billion euros, said the institute.

"Even if Greece doesn't pay back a single cent, the German public purse has benefited financially from the crisis," said the paper.

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Message from Montague on Sunday Aug 10, 2015 CET

Kanaliseret af Veronica Keen
© 2015 Montague Keen

Hver søndag, bringer Montague et budskab om håb og støtte til alle, derer villige til at lytte. Han snakker tit om Cabal og deres evindelige konstruktive adfærd.

Message from Veronica

Monty persuaded me to go to the BASES CONFERENCE (Miles Johnston) in Wiltshire, last weekend. Monty insisted that I had to connect with HARALD KAUTZ-VELLA. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Miles Johnston for bringing this young man to our attention. Harald is everything we could wish for in a guide, as humanity steps forward into the future. He has covered everything. Harald is a physicist, and he has also studied geology. He knows the problems we will have to face when the chaos begins, and more importantly, HE HAS THE ANSWERS. I see him as our Guardian Angel, guiding us through it. I spent four days with him. We filmed a little chat using his computer. Although the sound is not good, with ear phones you can hear what he has to say. Harald and I will work together. To my amazement, he and I were researching something that is important to both of us. It was an honour and a privilege to meet him. He is a beautiful soul with a brilliant mind. I am so happy to call him my friend.

Message from Montague

We are observing the many changes that are planned for humanity by the Cabal. This is why it was necessary for me to insist that Veronica had to meet with Harald Kautz-Vella, in order to prepare humanity for the future. Veronica and Harald worked together in ancient times; they will do so again. It was good to see my dear wife energised and enjoying the many interesting people at the conference.

The End Times are upon you. You must ensure that you have all that you may need during the transition that is now taking place. Water is essential, and you need food that can be stored. Prepare mentally as well as physically. You will witness all that is corrupt and evil disappear. They will lose all their power and control over you.