June 28, 2016

Edward Snowden til festivalgæster: I har ikke privatliv (Søren Pind gav amerikanerne lov til at drive klapjagt på Edward Snowden med hemmeligholdt fly i Københavns lufthavn. For en måneds tid siden risikerede Edward Snowden at blive udleveret, hvis han kom til Norge for at modtage Bjørnson-prisen. Når der er tale om amerikanske interesser, så knæler undersåtterne....)

Whistlebloweren talte tirsdag på Roskilde Festival via videolink, og der var stor interesse for at lytte med
28. juni 2016 kl. 18:33Opdateret 28. juni 2016 kl. 20:31

Læs videre: https://www.information.dk/telegram/2016/06/edward-snowden-festivalgaester-privatliv 



Hillary vs. Comey - June 28, 2016

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Why Hillary Is Stalling Her FBI Interview

James Comey, the straight-arrow director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is eager to wind up his investigation of Hillary’s use of an unsecure email system, but he can’t do that until he and Justice Department prosecutors sit down with Hillary and interview her.

Hillary says that neither she nor her campaign have been contacted by the FBI. But that is not true.

Negotiations have been going on for quite some time between the FBI and Hillary’s attorney, David Kendall, who went to law school with Hillary and defended Bill Clinton in his impeachment trial.

Hillary has come up with a dozen excuses why she’s too busy to take time out for an FBI interview.

The strategy she and Kendall have come up with is clear: They want to drag this out as long as possible—if possible until after Hillary is the official Democratic nominee—which will make it harder politically for Comey to recommend an indictment.

Comey is turning up the heat, insisting that the interview be done sooner than later, but it doesn’t look like he will be able to force Hillary’s hand.

Jim Comey and Hillary Clinton are two of the toughest characters in Washington and this has turned into a battle royal.

Edward Klein is one of America's most celebrated journalists and a #1 New York Times best-selling author; his latest book, Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary, is available now. Earlier best-sellers include Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. The Obamas and The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House. He previously served as Foreign Editor of Newsweek and Editor-in-Chief of The New York Times Magazine

Altinget: Et år efter valget: Vælgerne dumper regeringen - 28. Juni 2016

MÅLING: Næsten halvdelen af vælgerne mener, at regeringens første år ved magten er gået dårligt. Det er chokerende ringe tal, mener politisk kommentator Erik Holstein.

Læs videre: http://www.altinget.dk/artikel/et-aar-efter-valget-vaelgerne-dumper-regeringen


Godt nyt fra Fair Bidragssats: Ekspertudvalg skal undersøge gennemsigtighed og mobilitet på realkreditmarkedet

Erhvervs- og vækstministeren nedsætter ekspertudvalg, der skal se på mulighederne for at styrke gennemsigtighed og mobilitet på realkreditmarkedet og komme med anbefalinger til nødvendige justeringer af reglerne for realkreditten.
29. marts 2016
Ekspertudvalgets formand bliver Nina Dietz Legind, der er professor i bank- og kapitalmarkedsret på Syddansk Universitet.
Erhvervs- og vækstminister Troels Lund Poulsen:
"Den seneste tids offentlige debat har understreget for mig, at der skal skabes bedre overblik over udviklingen i bidragssatserne, mulighederne for at skifte realkreditinstitut og de kommende kapitalkravs betydning for realkreditinstitutternes omkostninger." 
"Jeg er glad for, at professor Nina Dietz Legind vil påtage sig formandskabet for ekspertudvalget, der skal belyse disse forhold. Jeg ser meget frem til at modtage udvalgets rapport."  
Professor Nina Dietz Legind:
"Jeg ser frem til at komme i gang med dette vigtige og spændende arbejde og få afdækket mulighederne for at styrke gennemsigtighed og mobilitet på realkreditmarkedet."
Ekspertudvalgets øvrige medlemmer er:
  • Professor Peter Løchte Jørgensen, Aarhus Universitet,
  • Sven Holm, fhv. direktør i Realkredit Danmark,
  • Ane Arnth Jensen, direktør i Realkreditrådet,
  • Karsten Beltoft, direktør i Realkreditforeningen,
  • Ulrik Nødgaard, direktør i Finansrådet,
  • Morten Bruun Pedersen, seniorøkonom i Forbrugerrådet Tænk,
  • Jørn Ravn, adm. direktør i Moneo (Indstillet af Forbrugerrådet Tænk),
  • Tine Roed, direktør i DI,
  • Mette Tams Kitaj, chefkonsulent i Erhvervs- og Vækstministeriet,
  • Thomas Brenøe, vicedirektør i Finanstilsynet,
  • Martin Nyvang, kontorchef i Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen,
  • Rasmus Ammitzbøld Degn, afdelingschef i Finansministeriet,
  • Karsten Biltoft, vicedirektør i Nationalbanken.
Ekspertudvalget skal afrapportere til erhvervs- og vækstministeren senest 1. september 2016.

6 TERRIFYING WALMART Facts: 130000-Man ARMY, Omar Mateen Connection, Mass INTERNMENT, RFID Chips (WAUW...)

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By http://www.mainerepublicemailalert.com

New evidence points to facts that Walmart is connected to a government scheme: a plan to declare the martial state in the United States. In fact, Walmart stores might have been created for this very reason. Sam Walton, the founder and chief of Walmart stores, was a U.S. intelligence officer during WW2 and oversaw the mass detention of thousands of prisoners of war. FDR used AN EXECUTIVE ORDER (EO 9066) for the internment of the Japanese-Americans living in the United States. Thousands of Germans and Italians were also thrown into camps. Walton was a security chief at the time for the mass detainment taking place in the United States.

Is it any surprise, then, that since 2001, Walmart has received an estimated 50-100 billion dollars from the U.S. government in tax breaks, land grants, and earmarks. While earmarks were temporarily limited by Congress, it is still believed that Walmart receives kick-backs. Why are they getting so much money from the government? Hint: it isn’t to keep their prices low.

Another fact I find suspicious is Walmart’s recent hiring of 130000 veterans, active duty, and reserve/national guard troops. I want to be clear: I always support the wonderful U.S. troops, giving them great jobs and an opportunity to succeed, but I do find Walmart’s hiring of these soldiers unusual. The reason is because they just laid off thousands of workers in America and shuttered 269 stores across the world because of “financial problems and portfolio management.” What is Walmart doing with its new army?

Cobra June Interview: Prepare for Change

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen http://2012portal.blogspot.com ; Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevægelsen.

Eftersom jeg for længst har givet efter på disse højst usædvanlige fænomener og trosberetninger for vores forfædre samt galaktiske venners færden, er det en god ide som nybegynder, at læse eller slå tingene op via bibliotecapleyades.net (google søgeord og vælge dette site) eller (http://www.verdensalt.dk/2014/08/kort-situationsopdatering-pa-kloden.html) for at forstå hele sammenhængen.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 729 entries to this date.  See: 2012portal.blogspot.com

To Listen via MP3format - go to: http://prepareforchange.net/2016/06/26/06-20-16-cobraprepare-for-change-june-interview/

Transcript of the June 20, interview posted on June 26, 2016


Prepare for Change and Cobra Interview June 20, 2016.......

Continue reading at ..... http://prepareforchange.net/2016/06/26/06-20-16-cobraprepare-for-change-june-interview/

Adamu on Brexit: The Significance of the Moment

Adamu of the Pleiades speaks through his channel “Zingdad” (Arn Allingham) of South Africa. Adamu is one of my favorite sources.

A momentous occasion, my friends!

I greet you. I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation speaking to you through Zingdad.

Today I wish to address the British vote to leave the EU. Those of you who know me might find this odd as I have never before felt the need to address specific current affairs or political issues. But what occurs now is different and notable. Allow me to explain.

My friends, this group of people whom we usually call “the Illuminati,” this group who collectively own the world’s banking system and therefore collectively own the world’s money supply and therefore collectively own the world’s resources is not a group who is used to not getting their way.

When they come to internal agreement on something, IT HAPPENS. When they disagree internally there is strife all across the globe as they vie with each other for control, until one group wins out over another and there is once again internal agreement. And then IT HAPPENS.

What I am trying to say is that this group, collectively, is like the emperor of this world. When they decide upon a decree, IT HAPPENS.

Or so it has been for a very long time. Going back to the ages of kings and emperors and to the god-kings before them. Going back, in fact, to the times of Babylon and Sumeria.

Until today.

Benjamin Fulford FULL UPDATE BY VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT - June 28, 2016 (※Weekly geo-political news and analysis) ("...Khazarian mafia no longer has enough gold to finance EU and US trade deficits with Asia and the rest of the world. Rothschild family sources say there is now serious infighting at the top levels of the Khazarian mafia over what to do next. They have been given a deadline of July 10th after which the Khazarian mafia will lose any chance of participating in setting up a new, fairer and more earth friendly financial system. faction of the Khazarian mafia once headed by George Bush Sr. has split with former Bush top mobsters Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney seeking protection from Donald Trump while Brent Scowcroft, Hank Paulson and Richard Armitage are seeking protection from Hillary Clinton. FBI, meanwhile are saying that, if necessary, they will take down Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch in order to get to Hillary Clinton. The Pentagon sources also say the “Jewish Mafia” (=Khazarian Mafia) “are in panic mode on both sides of Atlantic after their Orlando false flag failed as Senate blocks four gun control measures on June 20th, the Senate denied FBI access to web browsing/e-mails without a warrant on June 22nd, and the Supreme Court killed Obama’s immigration plan. Pentagon sources agree, saying the “Euro may be replaced by national currencies as yuan is gold-backed and new US dollars have been printed waiting for public announcement of a global currency resent and the release of hundreds of trillions in stolen funds..Japanese underground has also gotten the message and serious preparations are being made for regime change here... ”

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, Den Internationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock på Fulford's blog. Virkelig spændende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig når ud i de officielle medier.  

The EU is bankrupt and that is why its governing structure will fundamentally change

Udgivet af Benjamin den 27. Juni 2016

The real reason for the ongoing trouble in the European Union, including the recent vote by the British people to leave the bloc, is that the EU is bankrupt. We know in retrospect that the bankruptcy of the Soviet Union was the real reason the Warsaw pact fell apart, with Poland acting as the first domino. For the same reason, we can predict England was the first domino in the collapse of the European Union.

The emerging consensus view is, as Pentagon analysts put it, “Brexit may lead to Frexit (French exit), the collapse of banks, populism, nationalism and anti-globalism.” This is also likely lead to an end to Khazarian mafia sponsored Mulsim immigration.

The situation in France has already become so chaotic that French police say they are becoming too exhausted to deal with the daily, violent demonstrations taking place throughout the country. French President Francois Hollande, who has only 11% public support, is trying to ban demonstrations but it is hard to see who will enforce his “ban.” In other words, France is headed for revolution.

“This is the worst period I recall, there is nothing like it,” is how former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan described the general situation and the market chaos that followed the Brexit vote.

This may be the worst period Greenspan and his Rockefeller, Bush sponsors can recall but the Rothschilds are saying they made $2.5 trillion in one day on Friday by shorting all the stock markets and going long gold. This is their biggest bonanza since their insider trading on Waterloo. As the Rothschilds say, “the best time to make money is when blood is running on the streets.”

Indeed blood may well start running. Even top CIA experts are publicly saying a revolution is imminent in Europe and the United States.


However, if properly handled, this situation will be a good thing for the US,
Europe and the rest of the world. If improperly handled, it will lead to chaos,warfare and hardship within Europe, the US and Japan and thus, to a lesser extent, in the rest of the world.

The EU that has gone bankrupt had become even more dictatorial than the Soviet Union ever was, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In Putin’s own words: “The percentage of mandatory decisions made by the European Parliament is larger than that of mandatory decisions made by the High Council of the USSR concerning its member-republics.”


Sources in the gnostic illuminati and the White Dragon Society say that if things are properly handled what is eventually going to happen is the European nations will form a larger, looser, freer union that will include Russia. In this scenario Britain will be a neutral country linked to Europe by free trade, somewhat like Switzerland, they say.

The bankruptcy of the EU was triggered by the bankruptcy of Deutschebank, the largest bank in Europe, according to members of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Deutschebank is now under Chinese control, they say. If the Chinese had not stepped in to save Deutschebank, its collapse would have triggered a domino effect that would have taken down the entire European and then Western banking systems, multiple sources agree.

There was also a secret dimension to this bankruptcy that can be traced to military activity in the Pacific Ocean. A massive joint Chinese and American fleet was engaged in “maneuvers” last week off the shores of the Philippines.


You can also confirm on the Pentagon official homepage that massive joint exercises involving naval forces from 27 nations, including China and the US, start near Hawaii on June 30th.


The real aim of last week’s maneuvers, according to WDS sources, was to cut off.......

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