Mar 23, 2022

🍭😵‍💫 ~ (AHA! Of course all political scam and trick) EU country says it won’t integrate Ukrainian refugees (Russia Today) ~ | Blogger: Danish authorities have issued guidelines to people from Ukraine who want to apply for residence in the Nordic country, after parliament passed a special law for refugees of the war in Ukraine, but all on FAKE CONDITIONS. And 90% of Danish population are buying into the hoax and scam victims, may feel ashamed... In the meanwhile, Danish PM warmachine are demanding to speak to Mr. Biden in Warsaw, Poland on Friday, supply Ukraine with more high-tech, weapons, more troops to Baltics, to fight Russia (she MUST know by now, Biden is an actor??)... Denmark with Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod (teenage predator) will also try to get Russian ambassadors to leave, because he thinks, they could be spies. Denmark has also plans to close harbors, a ban on signature Russian goods vodka, seafood and diamonds (and RT + sputnik news). US Senators want to freeze Russia’s gold reserves... Former KGB-agent and Bilderberger, Stoltenberg, are warning of W3, with far-reaching consequences if Russia takes chemical weapons in use - You know what that means right? That NATO and their allies, Ukraine's far-right Azov regiment, will create a chemical attack themselves... BE PREPARED.... For cyberattacks on infrastructure, energy and food shortages, and a new global lockdown, because the White Hats are coming... NOTE: Q said; Israel is for last - and perhaps you know, recent MAJOR cyberattacked... Coming collapse in China... Blackout in Tokyo in Japan after storm... Earthquake strikes in Taiwan... |

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyj, will address the Folketing via video link on Tuesday, March 29. This is stated by the Folketing (The Danish parliament) I bet you 1000 bucks that there will be standing ovation from the 179 political freemasons... 


🍕🚸🔞 ~ (Pizzagate & NightCheese) It's all coming out...... sick.... (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: PLEASE, I normally do not share anything like this below, videoclips is veery disturbing - do not watch if you have a weak stomach!... So, according to this report from OAN, human traffickers through Ukraine or Texas, Mexico and so many other places, demands that the victims, pay-by-sex in exchange of protections, food, shelter, clothing etc. A 7-10 year old child, could be sexual abused 5-20 times, per day... And that is NOTHING to what the other video's are showing you, how the REAL world is like... Makes me freaking sick... |


🙏 ~ 💝 (Are You Awake Yet?) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Welcome to the Great Awakening Operation Z... How would you react❓... IF one or several SPACE arks would rise and float in midair😮... IF you were told that there's 6000 secret US patents of Suppressed Technologies, that if released, would remove any pollution on Earth in 2 days and eliminate any need of fossil fuel and dependence of medicine😮... IF the Rockefeller, Rothschild family who 'runs the world' & 13 families had to make a plea bargain to the "real" president of White Hats / Dragons in Mar-a-Lago or Texas, or benevolent 'controllers😮... IF clandestine military crimes - war inc. is (only) about war profiteering, money, gold, drain natural resources, oil and political power😮... IF Human DNA 'was designed by aliens’ e.g. that our species was designed by a higher powered alien civilisation that either wanted to preserve a message in our DNA or simply plant life on other planets😮... 💡WHAT IF -- There' a group that is out there in our solar system, right now, which is colonizing space. And this group is run by people on Earth. This group has already done what seems impossible, like in movies such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Portal travel, faster than light travel, is all possible and a well-established reality, that has been kept hidden. What i'm talking about here is a secret space program (SSP) that has been kept hidden from the public. But a program that was paid for by the public... |


😈💻🔞 ~ (Hunter’s laptop from Hell) The Finger Lakes & Lucifer Falls: Even Malia Obama was found on Hunter Biden's computer. Natalie Biden, Hunter Biden’s niece, as well. At that time she was 14 years old and Pregnant. Takes me right back to Danish foreign minister Kofod apologizes for having sex (or rapping) with a 14/15 birthday girl in 2008 (SoTW + RR) ~ | Blogger: My Higher-Self told me, that the fake "Joe Biden" character (played by three different actors. His entire “crew” was a cast selected by President Trump’s team) will be out of office in April of 2022... |



Hunter Biden raped children and the FBI covered it up



The Finger Lakes

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👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra: Always Above) Look, just get it into your thick head. We are NOT alone! There's a ET presence, that's an absolute fact. It's no theory or speculation! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: What a weirdo - did you watch the latest "David Wilcock Hangout" video? About deadly ninja-elk-moose and sasquatch and a fearful David laughing like Dr. Evil, with his dog in the mountains and his million dollar expensive wintercottage paid by the thousands of rich Angelenos, followers. OMG! What a freak! Sorry, but something has happen to this guy, before or after SoTW have seen him in IRL at a Expo in 2017, in the recent of years and after Elizabeth, left him and his flying cars, that we never hear about, anymore and Alex Collier, has said, he will never fly in David's "machines"... Another strange video by Dr. Greer, once deep part of the US government (controlled oppression) called "BREAKING NEWS! Ukraine, Oil And The UFO Solution!" which is noooot breaking!... |

Remember, many of the UFO evidence trails lead to the Rockefeller family. To quote Mathew Ehret of the Strategic Culture Foundation: In 1993, the Disclosure Initiative was created by none other than financier Laurence Rockefeller (4th son of Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller). During the heyday of the Rockefeller UFO Disclosure Initiative, the Clintons stayed at the Laurence Rockefeller ranch in Wyoming, during which time an early recruit to the “disclosure mission” was Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta. During the Clinton White House years, Laurence Rockefeller recruited a bodybuilding biologist named Stephen Greer to become the controller of the Disclosure Project, which has provided his meal ticket to this very day. Greer has given thousands of interviews promoting the narrative that NASA’s Apollo Lunar projects were stopped in 1972 merely because the aliens who have been stationed on the Moon for eons didn’t want the truth to leak out (If you wanna read more look into Benjamin Fulford's report called "UFO Disclosure shows Elite Planning to follow up on Fake Pandemic with Fake Alien Invasion")... |   

👑⛔💎 ~ (Scota Alien tech Stone of Destiny) David Mahoney Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin. Off-worlder Princess Diana purple aura field and power brought down the UK monarchy (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: NO NEW CROWNED KING OR QUEEN OF ENGLAND... Legend has it that the Scots 4,500 years ago came originally from Greece via Egypt, Spain and Ireland with a "Stone of Destiny", off planet technology of immense energic power, that Queen-Lizzie has used, to hold on to power. It was stolen from Scotland, put in Westminster Abbey for hundreds of years, to crown the King or Queen of England. In 1950's, 2 Scottish students stole it back and is well hidden in Scotland. That is why the realm of UK monarchy and Queen, is no more... Second video with Rose Megan is veeery interesting as well. Queen Elizabeth is the reigning queen of England and head of the royal family. But she is a reptilian, a shapeshifter, who was transported unto Earth, from another world, pretending to be a "human". Her involvement in the politics of earth has been much longer than her human lifetime... PS: Janine Morigeau, and many, many others, has claimed, that the Queen Lizarbeth II, has already died. And all we are waiting for now, is that the mainstream media, will officially announce her death, to put an end to hundreds of years of ruling... (SoTW) As rumor has it, Queen-Lizzie has somehow been able to transfer her/his/it's life energy (whatever) to each human, so Elisabeth I = Elisabeth II etc. According to the story, Elizabeth I was a man in disguise (now known as the Bisley Boy). Oh talking about Janine, she made a video on Denmark and Monarchy and said, by three tarot cards, that, Margrethe II of Denmark, was born a baby boy, and somehow had a sex change... |

👯‍♀️🚨🔞 ~ (Teenage-predator) Total-Teater-Tavshed: UNDTAGEN fra Pernille 'Vermouth' og Samira Nawa. RESTEN af slænget og Kendisser, holder Kaje om 'Kneppe Kofod'. Mette-Mus har jo også FREDET ham, ligesom “Frank Klam” Jensen, Barbien, Jernladyen og alle de andre (SoTW 2020) ~ | Blogger: [🤜JA BEVARES, undskyld! Men det var hans øgenavn🤛] ... MÆRKELIG NOK, så holder journalist og forfatter Trine Gregorius, der ironisk kaldte Kofods sag for noget »grisefy« og »Han har jo ikke voldtaget hende«, sig, helt tavs. SAMME gør, Børneministeren, Pernille Rosenkrantz-Thei, der forsvarede Jeppe Kofod i sexsag... Forfatteren Leonora Christina Skov var også meget forarget over det overhoved, VAR og stadigvæk ER, en sag... Journalist Paula Larrain og forfatter Pernille Aalund udtalte sig en smule mindre bastant i 2008, men mener det samme, undtagen, har de trukket visse sætninger UD i 2020, om HVAD de mener (hentet fra tabloid pressen)... MEEEEN, ser vi på, hvad ANDRE mennesker bliver FÆNGSLET for, så undre det mig... FOR SOM, det er beskrevet i Det, vi taler om, så HAR Kofod begået DIREKTE OVERGREB OG VOLDTÆGT af en, uskyldig DSU-novice (14-årig-plus-368-dage) 15 årig gammel jomfru, som sad og græd på toilettet, mens enten Kofod gemte sig under sengen i skam, eller havde et håndklæde om (tissetrolden), efter badet og så diffust ud, da de 'andre' DSU'er (brød ind) på hotelværelset. Sådan cirka, er udsagnet fra Henrik Qvortrup og de andre i panelet... IKKE, at de siger, Kofod har begået voldtægt, det må stå for SoTW's egen regning, men det ligner meget tæt på, da jeg overhørte programmet, Det, vi taler om... |

Danmarks svar på Monica Lewinsky-skandalen 

PS: DET ALLER ALLER VÆRSTE af det hele er, at journaliststanden og den danske presse, kender til omstændighedernes (hardcore) detaljer; DE KENDER navnet på den (14) 29 årige kvinde. 

De kender også til, at HOVEDPERSONEN, som trak pigens forældre tilside, og fik MUNDKURV på, var ikke ringere end, den skandaleramte tidl. Fredericia-borgmester Jacob Bjerregaard, som har fået en direktørstilling i kommunikationsbureauet Advice - HUUUURRA for Dannevang. Senere, har Jacob Bjerregaard, tilgivet Jeppe Kofod samt daværende, gruppeformand Carsten Hansen, der fortrød, han brugte ordet »utilgiveligt« om Kofods opførsel. 

Tænker tit på, hvad sagde, DSU'erne og Jacob Bjerregaard, til pigen og forældrene, som i dag, ikke ønsker at udtale sig, og er gået i flyverskjult. Blev de truet af frimureriet, gav han dem penge under bordet, eller var det nok, at advare dem, at det ville få konsekvenser for dem, resten, af livet? A-L-L-E dækker over hvad Kofod gjorde, for det er åbenbart en del af det sexistiske "game" i dansk politik og alle er med inde over og "beskytter" som er betalt, for at bevare deres gode image, karrierer og holde kaje... |