February 27, 2015

Regeringens Propaganda Professor: Straf forældre, der ikke vaccinerer deres børn mod mæslinger - Forældre skal straffes med bøde, hvis de ikke lader deres børn vaccinere mod mæslinger, mener en ekspert i medicinsk etik.

Før du går ud og vaccinere dig og dine børn mod mæslinger, kunne det være du skal læse min artikel først...

De 10 mest dødelige plager og vacciner med neuro-toksiner - Anno 2014 - 13. Feb, 2015

Regeringens Propaganda Maskine (dr.dk)

Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians. The NOW of the ONE – The Message Hidden Inside the LIGHT

Arcturians er en race, der kommer fra den 
blå planet, der kredser den røde kæmpestjerne Arcturus i Bootes konstellation. Arcturus kredser cirka 36 lysår fra vores solsystem. Arcturians er den mest avancerede civilisation i galaksen, transcendere ind i 4. og 5. dimension. Mange kender Arcturians, som velvillige væsener. Men hvad kun nogle ved, er læren som Arcturians følger. Indhyllet i mystik, og tabt i de åndelige oversættelser gennem kommunikation og kanaliseringer af Arcturians til mennesker, en race af væsener synes at eksistere og kommunikere fundamentale love, der styrer eksistensen af ​​fred, kærlighed og glæde. Denne grundlæggende lovgivning tillader Arcturians at skubbe i retning af højere planer af eksistens og give mulighed for fortsat vækst i et begrænset fysiske univers. Arcturians menes at komme fra en kredsende himmellegeme, der ikke har været opdaget af jordiske astronomer. 

Kanaliseret af Suzanne Lie 27-02-2015 
© 2015 suzanneliephd

Dear Arcturians,

Is there a message for me today?

Yes, dear Earth Emissary,

There is a message for you every day, every hour and every minute. There is, in fact, a steady flow of Light Language energy packages that infinitely flow from our dimension, our Mothership and our collective hearts into the hearts of our very brave volunteers.

Your family and friends aboard the Ship hold you all in great esteem. Among them is your own higher expression of SELF who has sacrificed a component of sacred essence to live within your Earth vessel.

We come to you all today to assist you in remembering how to read your Light Language packages. We know that you feel these messages are within your heart, but your Earth vessel Self may not realize that that brief feeling of Love and inner peace is because you have just received another Light Language package, which we will now refer to as Packages from Home.

On the Ship we send a thoughtform to each other when we perceive that our human representative is ready for and/or needs another Light Language package. More and more of you are beginning to remember and acknowledge your higher dimensional SELF on the Ship and/or serving in higher dimensions. Many of you are also becoming aware of the YOU who is serving on Fifth Dimensional “New Earth.”

Wake up Call: St. Germain, February 27, 2015

Opstegne Mester Saint Germain, Le Comte de Saint Germain, den Europæiske vidundermand, og mange andre navne som tilhører den fascinerende mystiske mands kronik så som, "Manden der ved alt og aldrig dør". Han er kendt for sit engagement med at forme det 18. århundredes Europa. Han var et yndet gæst i Versailles, fortrolige med Kong Ludvig og Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Katarina den Store af Rusland, og mange andre statsoverhoveder i dette tidsrum. Han var kendt for at have levet i 300 år aldrig aldrende, delvist på grund af den mystiske Elixir og andre alkymistiske stoffer, han skabte. Saint Germain har været fabrikanten af hele vores generation af kommende velgørenhedspakker, RV, GCR, PPP m.m. Hvis man forfølger de meddelelser fra vores opstegne mestre som sprøjter ud i øjeblikket, kan man sammenfatte sande beretninger og den fundamental forståelse for vores race. Kan naturligvis blot tale om min egen oplevelse og bevidsthedsniveau.

Kanaliseret af Nancy Tate 27-02-2015 CET
© 2015 

Nancy: St. Germain, I have had several responses to your message yesterday asking what it is you were referring to about the information in pertaining to the funds. Would you please give us more on that subject?

St Germain: I am glad that you asked, dear ones for this is a subject that has been spread worldwide in various groups and to various individuals. It represents the ways in which the funds will be distributed and utilized for the clearing of the widespread needs for the planet in so many ways. This has been being in the pathway for some years now, and because of the persistence of the people involved to stick with it and practice their expressions of believing in the procedures that are necessary in the reconstruction of the earth is so many ways, there will be funds distributed in the first steps to those who have been involved for so long. They have been living their life's purpose in the expression of being involved with this process, and now they are on the threshold of being able to take the next steps in their missions.

This is not to say that there won't be an additional distribution of the funds. It is a matter of the barricades that have been in place being removed as I speak in a procession of behind the scenes events that will one day be brought forward and told to the people as part of the disclosure of not only the truth of the universe but of what has been taking place on earth that has not been made public. The time is coming dear ones, for the truth to come forth. It will be for some of you a joyous gratitude you will feel for the truth to finally be set free. For others it will be a process of believing what they have will have been told, as compared to what they have been led to believe through this lifetime, and so many other lifetimes. Even the idea of multiple lifetimes will be something they will be considering whether to be truth, or more of the fiction that they have felt they are being told.

So, dear ones, when you hear of something that you're not sure of to be truth, just look around you and see how others are responding, how they have been living and how it is speaking itself in their lives. Then more importantly look within yourselves and ask for the inner guidance that resonates for you, and go forward with that. Trust in your own inner voice and then move forward in the power of that and the Love that you feel for all of mankind.

I believe in you. We all believe in you. It is time for all of you to believe in yourselves and walk forward in your truth in a way that can change not only your world, but also the rest of the world as One.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain. I'm sure that will help many people to understand.

Much Love, Nancy Tate

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: February 27, 2015

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey 
© 2015 TreeOfTheGoldenLight

You are living in dramatic times when changes are going to take place very quickly. They are going to introduce you to the New Age that will eventually change virtually all aspects of your life.

They may take time to manifest but they are already taking shape, as the old set up is being dismantled. It was specifically meant to keep you in the dark and prevent you from realising your true potential.

The dark Ones intentionally concealed the truth of your true heritage, but that time is now coming to a close and those souls that are enlightened are leading the way forward.

It means that those who cannot release themselves from their old belief system, will gradually become more isolated. There is no shame or retribution where they are concerned, but is does mean that their next experience will be a continuation of what they have already chosen.

Be assured that many helpers are with such souls, encouraging them to have the desire to lift themselves up. Since time is an illusion it does not matter how long it takes for them to awaken.

Do not restrict your vision of the future as this is a time when everything is possible. Open your heart to the Light and allow your Love to embrace all souls, as in reality you are all One. The greatest lesson you can learn that is most important to your future is forgiveness, and it should not be limited in anyway at all.

All souls have at different times experienced both the Light and the dark energies in the course of gaining the experience needed to evolve. So as you see other souls today remember that they are working to release karma, for which their roles may be played out in both the Light and dark. Judgement therefore is made without a full understanding of the issues involved and it is best to simply send such souls your Love.

BREAKING!!! Niels Harrit Goes to Court on 9/11 skeptics - Niels Harrit Sues Danish Newspaper for Libel - February 27, 2015

Will Present Video of WTC 7 in Court

Danish TV2NEWS Clip ( clickable) 

Two weeks from today, Dr. Niels Harrit, the distinguished co-author of the landmark nano-thermite paper, will appear in Danish High Court to bring an appeal in his libel suit against the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen.

In a December 2012 article titled “Madness in the Royal Library,” Weekendavisen writer Søren K. Villemoes referred to Dr. Harrit and his fellow 9/11 activists as “crackpots,” while also comparing them to creationists and Holocaust deniers.

For Dr. Harrit, a scientist who taught chemistry for 40 years at the University of Copenhagan, this amounted to an allegation of scientific misconduct and a baseless attempt to damage his hard-earned reputation. So he decided to seek recourse under Denmark’s strong libel law — and give himself the opportunity to prove in a court of law the scientific legitimacy of his 9/11 research.

Now Dr. Harrit Needs Our Help

The lower City Court ruled against Dr. Harrit in 2013, basing its decision on politics rather than the law. Dr. Harrit, of course, appealed.

This time around, he’ll be allowed to submit more evidence, and he is now receiving assistance from attorney Mads Krøger Pramming, chairman of the Danish whistleblower organization Veron. Although Mr. Pramming is providing his services at a greatly reduced rate, he still needs to be compensated for his indispensible assistance to Dr. Harrit.

And so we are asking you to make a modest donation to Niels Harrit’s legal fund, and help raise us $15,000 by next week!

BREAKING NEWS!!! USA: rock solid rules to ensure the Internet stays open and free - February 27, 2015

(pressenza) Breaking news: in an historic victory of global importance, the US Federal Communications Commission just passed rock solid rules to ensure the Internet stays open and free for generations to come.
Big Cable TV and Internet companies have spent millions of dollars to push “Internet slow lanes” that would let them charge us more money to use the Internet, and control what we could access. But after millions of public comments, emails, phone calls, and demonstrations across the country — loads of it driven by SumOfUs members — the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has just said an emphatic “no” to a corporate-controlled Internet,and committed to protect Net Neutrality.
With so many websites based in the US, free and open Internet around the world was at stake. This victory will have a lasting impact towards protecting free speech and social movements across the globe. And that is worth celebrating.
Just six months ago, we were facing staggering odds. Big corporations like US cable TV giant Comcast had spent more than $750 million lobbying for a corporate-controlled Internet. Google, the biggest lobby in the industry, was refusing to speak up. The FCC chair Tom Wheeler, a former Big Cable lobbyist, was hostile to Net Neutrality.
But against all odds, we’ve pulled off one of the biggest victories in the history of the Internet, in what the New York Times called “the longest, most sustained campaign of Internet activism in history”, won by “an army of Internet activists.
Together, here’s a snapshot of some of the amazing things we’ve done:

Maureen Healy: Helping Highly Sensitive Kids Thrive - February 27, 2015 CET

What do I mean by sensitivity?

This is a great question. There is a science of sensitivity, which explans how highly sensitive children and adults have highly responsive nervous systems. They feel things more deeply and respond quickly. Sensitive people tend to be more emotional, and have heightened perception (atmosphere, sounds, smells and other sensory input). Less sensitive people (for lack of a better term) might not think fluroscent lighting is too bright but for a sensitive adult or child this can be extremely uncomfortable. Oftentimes, I describe highly sensitive adults and children as having a smaller window of comfort and by widening that window we can help them thrive in this not-so sensitive world.
But when I discuss sensitivity, I am not simply referring to the common description as being highly emotional, responsive to sensory input or even selective about clothing or food (i.e. picky eater). I am squarely referring to sensitivity as something beyond a deeply emotional state to actually connecting with Source Energy. I am referring to their:
  • Intuition
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Creativity
  • Genuis
Well, there are plenty of professionals working with children on how to manage their stress and anxiety (okay, I do that too) but my main focus is how to help our highly sensitive and intuitive children succeed in this world without sacrificing their connection to Source. My goal is help our new children, teens and young adults move through their lives learning how to stay connected —- read, hold onto their intuitive connection — and also bring their unique gifts to the world with success.

What is an indigo?