Aug 9, 2019

👼 ~ 💓 A Message from my Higher Self (TreeOfTheGoldenLight) 💕 ~ |

Channeled by Mike Quinsey

9th August 2019. Mike Quinsey

Have you ever wondered about your previous lives and how long ago it all began for you, well the following extract from a Kryon message goes some way towards providing the answers. The comfort of knowing you are immortal and have left the old ways behind and have everything that is grand and beautiful before you. There is a plan for Humanity and you will create the pathway, so it is important that you only project thoughts that are pure and of the highest vibration. The past will become a mere drop in the ocean of experience, with everything you could wish for manifesting in the course of time. Let doubts and fears remain in the past where they belong and bathe yourself in the love that awaits you.


You are the seeds of the Creator and even if you can grasp this in a small way with your personality today, I am telling that you can be all of it. If you could look at yourself and understand you are not just worthy, you are above it all, all of it. No matter what you think tomorrow holds you can soar above it. Every single one of you including your partner will take a last breath someday and humans fear that last breath. I want you to soar above that because it is not your last breath, it is just the last one in that body and you return rejuvenated and young, and vibrant and ready to go, and I say it again this will be the first time you rejuvenate as a human Being in a brand new energy, and you will have things to remember that you never knew this time around. Death will have no sting at all except to the people you leave behind, and even they will have a renewed idea of what it all means, because you can soar above it.

You were here before the Earth was created The millions of years that it took you to develop you were here, time was not time and some would say well what did I do, and I would tell you dear human Beings. That is such a human question – there is no doing when you are on the other side, there is just love, there is just the beauty of being, and there is no time because there is no resting, there is no activity, there are no cycles of anything it is just the purity of being. I cannot explain it but you have been there, and there is part of the remembering. I am asking you to be and do just a little bit – will you soar above everything that you are today. Some of you have actually said I can feel the camaraderie, the family, the warmth and fuzziness, there is so many Lightworkers who are not warm and fuzzy and I want to talk to them now. You can soar above it and the “warm and fuzzy” let it come from us. Do not depend on other human Beings to give you the sense of balance, go inside and find us the family of God, you are never alone. You can be different because you soared above everything contrary to the reality of frustration and tears.


Be aware of what is happening on Earth but as an observer and do not allow yourself to be pulled into arguments about the future, it is bright and you will be uplifted as the vibrations continue to speed up. There is no doubt about the changes that are coming and you will go through two short cycles, one hot and then a cold cycle, all part of the cleansing of the Earth that is normal after a Solar Cycle has completed. You will never need to go through the lower vibrations again, and you have emerged as a greater and wiser soul destined to fulfil a role as teachers to another group that follow in your footsteps. The Pleiadians are a perfect example and you will follow in their footsteps and benefit from their guidance. Not a single soul is left alone to wonder how to progress and every help is given if requested.

🔦 ~ DEVELOPING: Huge power cut brings UK to its knees with trains halted and traffic signals off… (ETH-Sun) ~ |

(The Sun) – A huge power cut has hit the UK with trains, Tubes and traffic lights cutting out across the country sparking national chaos. Britain was plunged into darkness at rush hour with large parts of London, the South East, Liverpool, Glasgow, Wales, Gloucestershire and Manchester all without electricity. More than half a million homes experienced power cuts after two National Grid generators spectacularly failed to leave airports, train lines and Tube stations in turmoil. Western Power Distribution, which serves the

Midlands, South West and Wales said 500,000 people were affected, while Northern Powergrid, which serves Yorkshire and the North East, said 110,000 of its customers lost power. Electricity North West said a further 26,000 customers were affected. Londoners described “apocalyptic” scenes after the country was plunged into blackness at around 5 pm. Commuter Harriet Jackson said: “All the traffic lights were down, but there was no police present, which meant it was dangerous to cross – cars weren’t stopping either. “It was like witnessing something out of an apocalyptic film. READ MORE

🙇 ~ 144K "End the Quarantine" Mass Meditation This Saturday! (PFC Leadership) ~ | .. We're dealing with all kinds of false flags from the cabal... tampering with weather and seismic energies ... maybe even the threat of bio-weapons .. |


THIS SATURDAY... is another crucial opportunity... ALTER & UPGRADE the planetary timelines! ​​​​

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11AM California - 2PM New York - 8PM Paris - 4AM Sydney (on Sunday)

🌀 ~ China on red alert as Typhoon Lekima threatens Yangtze storm surge ( ~ | .. The typhoon has already forced Taiwan to cancel 500 flights and order the closure of markets, offices and schools. It also left more than 40,000 homes without power on the island, where the authorities have issued landslide warnings following an earlier earthquake. China's National Meteorological Centre said Lekima, gusting at 130mph, was the strongest typhoon since 2014 .. | Blogger: [🧘‍♂️Urgent Meditation for China🧘‍♀️] .. |

China has issued a red alert as a typhoon bringing torrential rain and gales descends on its eastern coast, threatening an intense storm surge up the Yangtze river ... Flood prevention efforts are being stepped up along Asia's longest waterway following the top-level weather warning. 


⚠️~ TRAVEL ADVISORY: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (amnestyusa) ~ | Blogger: [🧳So, because U.S. have 251 mass shootings, alone in 2019 and it's almost without a doubt, El Paso "Shooting" was a false flag operation, the deep state is issuing a warning through corrupted NGO's to travel to America. Does it make any sense? A better Q would be, to ask ourselves, if there's gonna be ff ops attempt at Sept 20, Storm Area 51 festival this year👽] ... 🙃PS: (DK) Selv Amalie Have og Amnesty International, kunne ikke finde på et bedre gimmick, for maximalt exposure i medierne og pengene, ruller ind, siden vor følelsesregister stormer, derud... Måske kan du huske forretningskonceptet, feministisk blogger, hykler, farisæer og aktivist, Amalie Have, der tog til eftermæle og ragede ned på radio24syvs seniorkorrespondent Kirsten Birgit på Den Korte Radioavis og Dan Rachlin?... |

The Amnesty International travel advisory for the country of the United States of America calls on people worldwide to exercise caution and have an emergency contingency plan when traveling throughout the USA. This Travel Advisory is being issued in light of ongoing high levels of gun violence in the country.


🟢 ~ Folkets Klimamarch København: Valget 2019 (Verdensalt Arkiv) ~ | ~ 𝗚Ø𝗥 𝗩𝗔𝗟𝗚𝗘𝗧 𝗧𝗜𝗟 𝗘𝗧 𝗞𝗟𝗜𝗠𝗔𝗩𝗔𝗟𝗚 - 𝗩𝗜 𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗖𝗛𝗘𝗥𝗘𝗥 𝗨𝗡𝗗𝗘𝗥 𝗩𝗔𝗟𝗚𝗞𝗔𝗠𝗣𝗘𝗡 ~ | Blogger: [🚩Lørdagens Rygtebørs : 40.000 deltagere, sagde indpiskerne fra talerstolen, mens en nærmest, euforisk stemning, prægede forsamlingen af klapsalver, bravo råb og pift, da de RØDE og GRØNNE faner satte Christiansborgs slotsplads i brand, da (Soros betalte teenager downs syndrom-ramte) Greta Thunberg og andre, som tidligere EU-kommissær (Bilderberger) Connie Hedegaard gik på scenen. Selv Jesper Theilgaard (som har vidst om Chemtrails i årtier) kunne bringe folks energi op, kunstigt🐍] ... SELVFØLGELIG var verdensalt på pletten, lidt til højre for billedet stod jeg (kan ikke ses). Pludselig efter halvanden times tågesnak, hykleri og dobbeltmoralskhed var slut og vi skulle til at gå MARCHEN, stod jeg ved siden af vor kommende Statsminister, »Skrigeskinken« samt »Frank Klam« og der vidste jeg, det var slut, for mit vedkommende... ALLE politikerne ankom 'præcist' efter udstødelsen, generaliseringerne og tilsviningerne var overståede og politikerne, blev sat til skamme og til vægs... Gud fader bevares... 💚PS: Syntes det er vidunderligt, ENERGIEN var skøn, og DANSKERNE, bevægede sig ENDELIGT udenfor en dør og gik til moddemonstration, men FOLK tror, de kan bryde trolddommen ved at kysse den GRØNNE frø, mens den selv, fniser hånligt og udstøder et 'bwadr' og desperat leder efter, Agnete og Havmanden... |

Saturday 25th of May, the second to last Saturday before the national election, the people will march in Copenhagen to put climate on top of the election agenda. We march to show our continued support to the Paris agreement and in solidarity with people around the world who are struggling for rapid and responsible climate action and social justice.

350 Klimabevægelsen DK / NOAH / Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (ActionAid Denmark) / Greenpeace Denmark / Omstilling Nu / Rådet for Bæredygtig Trafik / Verdens Skove / Bedsteforældrenes Klimaaktion / TIDTILFRED-aktivmodkrig / Black Lives Matter Denmark CARE Danmark / Sex & Samfund / Det Økologiske Råd / Klimakollektivet / Skifergas NEJ TAK / Fredsvagten ved Christiansborg / Vedvarende Energi / UngEnergi / Oxfam IBIS / Danmarks Naturfredningsforening / WWF / Cyklistforbundet / Materiale Centralen / Global Aktion (tidl. Afrika Kontakt) / CONCITO / Red Orangutangen / Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse / Folkekirkens Nødhjælps Ungdom / Amnesty International Danmark / Klimastrejke - Fridays For Future Denmark / Nyt Europa / Øko-net / BirdLife/Dansk Ornitologisk Forening / Plastic Change /



Greta Thunberg påstår at have overnaturlige evner – men nægter at tale om det

Den berømte svenske pige skulle kunne se CO2-molekyler med det blotte øje

I dag lægger den 16-årige svensker Greta Thunberg vejen forbi København, for at være hovednavnet i en miljømarch. Derved får Danmark besøg af en miljøforkæmper, som påstår at kunne se CO2 med det blotte øje.

Historien om den 16 årige svenske skoleelever Greta Thunberg er gået verden rundt, siden hun indledte sin såkaldte skolestrejke for miljøet. En strejke hun i en længere periode hver fredag har udført siddende bag et skilt, hvor hun opfordrer politikerne til at gøre noget ved miljøet, før det er for sent. En form for aktivisme der blandt andet har gjort, at hun har talt foran politiske forsamlinger ved miljøtopmøder, ligesom den svenske venstrefløj også har kæmpet for, at hun skulle få taletid i Rigsdagen.

Bag fortællingen om Greta Thunberg gemmer der sig dog også historien om en pige, som har været i behandling for flere psykiske problemer. Således fremgår det af bogen ”Scener ur hjärtat”, skrevet af hendes mor Malena Ernman, at Greta Thunberg allerede som helt lille blev diagnosticeret med både OCD og Asperger syndromet. I forhold til Asperger skulle det ifølge bogen være en sygdom, som også Gretas yngre søster Beata lider af.

🛢️ ~ Norway’s trillion dollar fund isn’t ditching oil after all (RT) ~ | Blogger: Surprise, surprise...🙄 |

The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund shocked the world when it said it was dumping oil and gas stocks, but it seems to have had a change of heartThe initial proposal of the fund—which has amassed its vast wealth from none other than Norway’s oil and gas revenues and is therefore commonly referred to as ‘the oil fund’--was to dump all oil stocks from its portfolio, including significant stakes in Big Oil worth billions of US dollars each.. Norwegian economists tell Bloomberg that the heavily reduced (not final yet) list of oil stocks for sale will likely have a very small effect and is reduced to a “symbolic” divestment, while Greenpeace’s finance campaign director for the Nordics, Martin Norman, described to Bloomberg the whittled-down proposal as “completely scandalous.”

💣 ~ (DK) Politi om eksplosion i København: Ikke et angreb på personer (jp) ~ | ... (ENG) Not a direct attack on people, but Defence Command Denmark says it stems from explosives of military force, like TNT from ISIS or criminals ~ | Blogger: [🎇Numerology of the Global illuminati Freemason Elite🧨] ... -- "The explosion on Tuesday evening happened on the anniversary of another explosion to the Danish Tax Agency at the same address in Copenhagen in 2003. At that time, probably a piece of powerful homemade fireworks was placed in a metal box which was blown up in the air." ~ ... |


🤥 ~ Western Media is Lying & Fabricating Сhaos That Doesn't Exist in Venezuela - Journalist (sputniknews) ~ |

Russia has called the move by the United States to freeze all Venezuelan government assets in the US "economic terror." On Monday, US President Donald Trump issued an executive order that also targets other countries that continue doing business with "regime" of Nicolas Maduro.


🔴~ BREAKING : Fox 14 reporting a shooting before it happens ~ | Blogger: [👉Just like BBC Reports 911, WTC 7 Collapse, 23 Minutes, BEFORE it Happens👈] ... The 'infamous' newscaster Fox clusterf***, was already presented on verdensalt a few days ago. Watch it before they censored it... Former danish professor Niels Harrit, nanothermite theory and 9/11´crackpot´ libel case, is perhaps not so crazy, after all... |

Reporting on the El Paso "shooting"...
Are they psychic....? 
Or is there truth in the rumors of staged shootings?

💰 ~ Endnu en dag med Flid, Fedt & Snyd i Centraladministrationen. Er du ledende medarbejder i StatsAdelen, Guld1000 virksomhedens mekka eller ligefrem Royal, som Prins Joachim, så findes der en beskyttelsesklausul, der ALDRIG forgår ~ | Blogger: [🥳Eksempel : Der er STOR sandsynlighed for, at prinsen tager af sted for at skabe sig et 'permanent' liv som udenlandsdansker med en STOR pose millioner fra apanagen til Paris. Oven i svindel-turbaen, sammen med landbrugsaktier, og flere flops og konkurser, fik han dog lige solgt sin pålagte arv, Schackenborg Slot, til en fond for 100 millioner, skattefrit💸] ... {🐘DEN PILRÅDNE GRÅDIGE ELEFANT I RUMMET OG MODET TIL AT GØRE OPRØR🐘} ... Uanset om man hedder; "Lille-Svindler-Lars-Fra-Græsted-L(ø)kkens-Pam-Jule-Fis", "H.K.H.-Prins-Joachim-Fra-Schindler's-List", "Politiske-Rævekage-Sygemeldte-Feministiske-Voldtægtsoffer-Krænkelseskultur-Ninna-Hedeager-Olsen-Med-100K-Skattefrit-Om-Måneden", "Egosentrikker-Solo-Mor-Joy-Mogensen-Som-Aldrig-Skal-På-Job-Med-Fuld-Løn", "Nets-Guldæg-Mastercard-2-Mia-Bonus-Topchef-Bo-Nilsson", så er der INGEN, som i I-N-G-E-N, der kan lave om på systemet. Alle ønsker sig grådige fra naturens hånd og når man er "EN DEL" af systemet, beskytter Eliten og deres håndlangere (aktionærerne, stakeholders), får man ALT, hvad man peger på... 🧾(Death and taxes) - Staten får penge ind via 4 metoder: 1️⃣ Direkte Skatter 2️⃣ Formue og Ejendomsskatter 3️⃣ Moms 4️⃣ Afgifter (og en femte: pengedonationer).... Så godt så langt... JA, der er en skævdeling og et skattesystem, som er ubrugeligt, der STRAFFER, den almindelige lønmodtager, og BELØNNER, de superrige og erhvervslivet ... PUNKTUM... Men, INDEN vi tager de spirituelle 5D briller på forsøger at afdække, HVEM, der har kreeret disse sindrige matematiske komp- lekse pension-og skattesystemer, så er det Finansministeriet med embedsværkets dyre matematikere og StatsAdelen's drenge fra Rothschildsgruppen og FED's Walls Streets algitimer, som styrer landet... Altså, det jeg vil frem til, UDLANDET, betjener sig slavisk af det, kolossale lukrative marked i Danmark, hvor Statskapi- talismens industrier bestemmer og hele systemet er STYRET, fra udlandet... Den danske Stat, har aldrig gået rundt og været brødflove. De har kendt kulør lige fra det 19. århundrede – 20. århundrede – 21. århundrede. Et rungende Ja Tak til det altdominerende USA's inderkredse og Patriarkatet. Og dermed også ja til NWO og de "hemmelige" selskaber - den store plan. Hvordan de hemmelige selskaber opstod og stadig styre den dag idag med pengesystem, Religion "deres", Industrier, Samfund, Politik, Efterretningstjenester, FN og New age til opbygningen af den nye verdens orden... 🙏HVEM vil ikke takke ja tak til PENGE!? Kan penge gøre dig tryg og lykkelig? Neeeej, kærlighed til penge er roden til alt ondt! Men før jeg bliver lynchet, så er det ikke selve pengeakten, det er mere det "ustyrlige begær", der er roden til alt ondt. Energimæssigt er penge blot en ret passiv energi, der ikke er tilknyttet noget bestemt. Det er menneskers programmering af bevidsthed omkring penge, der mind-fucker os, hele tiden (undskyld mit franske).. Penge kan ikke øge eller forringe din sande værdi som menneske, men dine overbevisninger om penge kan nedgradere din oplevelse af at være et menneske. Når du genetablerer din naturlige evne til at være i verden i balance med dig selv, har du også mulighed for at kickstarte dit MONEY MOJO. Dog betyder det ikke, at du skal overlade dit ukritiske selvbedrag af underbevidsthedens ego-kammeret, så bliver du netop 'FANGET', i begæret og mere vil have mere... 🤔Det STORE 2-milliarder-spørgsmål til Topchef i Nets, Bo Nilsson! HVAD skal en mand, som i forvejen har 700 mio. kr. og direktør for Dankort, Betalingsservice og NemID, et obligatorisk monopollignede foretagende, siden han betjener sig af Staten, som kunde, med så mange penge!? Er han det VÆRD? Det er vel endeligt ligemeget, det er grådigden i vor underbevidtshed, der ikke ønsker at handle ud fra hjertet... Vi har set, at virksomheder og samfundet er præget af grådighed og kynisme... En grådig person kan føle grådighed hvad angår penge, sex, magt, mad, opmærksomhed fra andre, viden… Man kan føle grådighed for næsten alting. Det kan være noget konkret eller rettet mod noget mere abstrakt, enten ægte eller symbolsk. Men det vil altid være noget specifikt, som en person bliver besat af og fortsat har mere og mere brug for. Når dette sker, bliver livet til tortur. For det vil udelukkende handle om at have så meget som muligt af dette specifikke element... |

☢️~ Russia’s first 5G zone deployed in Moscow ~ | Blogger: [😵First Pilot 5G Zone i Mother Russia Capital of It's Kind in The World. Oh My Freaking God🤯] ... AND who's the bad guys - Sweden & Norway, my (good) next door neighbours... God save us all... "Lord, please protect me from EMF, DEW attacks and 5G RF radiation dangers... Lord, there are people in this world who have not yet experienced your incredible love. Some of these people seek to harm others because they are different, out of vanity or vainglory, greed as avarice or covetousness, and wrath as anger. I ask you kindly, that you focus your love on our enemies. Please show them what they are missing without you in their lives. Protect the innocent from the harm of others. In Jesus' name, Amen."... So be it, and so it is!.. 🙏 .. |

Ericsson and Tele2 have launched Russia's first 5G zone in central Moscow on Tele2's commercial network, setting into motion an agreement they signed in June this year. The non-stop outdoor 5G coverage is live in Tverskaya Street, the busiest part of the Russian capital, stretching between Red Square to Sadovoe Ring.