Sep 28, 2021

🗣️😵‍💫 ~ ('Dinar-gurus' are extremely popular sites but are they reliable?) JUDY BYINGTON:... (NEED TO KNOW) RESTORED REPUBLIC VIA A GCR: UPDATE AS OF TUESDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2021 (DC) ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... We can all agree that the details of the paragraphs from below update as of (A. Emergency Broadcast System Activation) & (B. Restored Republic Timeline) is what we need... That said, EVERYONE, is making money of something and somebody, so does "DC" except SoTW - not even a single donations, do I attract, well, I've survive for now and my blog has never been about making money... For 25 years I have been working with IT-banking and had a good salary, now of days, I don't receive one single dime, from anyone and my last dollar spend on, for some, (scammers) like Cobra RM (go figure). But, I don't see it in that way, if not for this organization, I was not able to meet my short, but passionate, "fling" a 27 year old woman from Romania, and so many other enlighten beings. Emy was amazing, but worlds apart and she hated Denmark - I don't blame her. ONE of the biggest freemasonic dark cults in the world has turned Denmark to a shithole, with all due respect, I do love my own country. But EVERYTHING is about to change for the better, believe me... ANYWHO, DC, had something called "RV/Intelligence Alert" it was short, precise and to the point, not these Restored Republic via a GCR updates, nowadays, it's simple to long and complicated reading, that has some truth, some rumors and gossip, but same BS, until it comes true, right? To some extent, none of us, are able to use it in our present reality, before it comes to effect. But look who's talking as SoTW believes in SSP, Green Marsmen, and all kinds of so-called "conspiracy facts". Mr. T and the White Hates with off-worlders, are not our ONLY savior, We, The People are. We, MUST, be able to see how powerful we all are as ONE... |


Restored Republic via a GCR as of September 28, 2021

Compiled Tues. 28 Sept. 2021 12:01 am EDT by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

The Great Awakening

Trust the Plan

The Military is the Only Way.

White Hat Events Begin.

The Globalist’s Clock Expires Next Sat. 2 Oct.

Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming.

Buckle Up and Ride the Storm. …Q

Emergency Broadcast on the Way. Be Ready!!!

God Bless America & Patriotic Music – The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square – Bing video

Judy Note: The actual timing of Mass Arrests, Public Announcements, Emergency Broadcast System Release and Global Currency Reset Liquidity would be decided by the Military and they weren’t talking. However, last Thurs. 23 Sept. multiple sources confirmed that Tier 4B was very likely to be liquid sometime this week.

⛪☠️🛐~ ('Kathy Hochul told a Brooklyn megachurch that vaccines against the COVID-19 virus come “from God to us. National Guard to be deployed.”) NEW YORK CITY ERUPTS IN ANTI-VAX PROTESTS - TENS-OF-THOUSANDS ON STREETS; ZERO MEDIA COVERAGE! (HAL Turner) ~ | Blogger: O-M-G(od!) - blasphemy SoTW!🤣... Sorry, this is so bad in NY I don't have words for it😨 Is this allowed by White Hats to wake people up🤔 Will we see this in Denmark or Sweden? Nope⛔ The WH's has already been in DK to clear out and remove 100s of Satanist soldiers and in particular, 2 top freemasonic leaders. Margrethe II of Denmark, member of Committee of 300 and head of DDFO and Mette Frederiksen, Denmark's Corona-Commander-in-Chief... IF, this is true, IF... there will be NOTHING more to be afraid of again will happened to Danes... If you have been watching the Danish news last 2 weeks, an UNSEEN number of special police operations been done all over Denmark...⚔️ PS: As we speak, the BIGGEST MILITARY exercise EVER, in Denmark and Europe, is right now underway conducted by The Jaeger Corps, or Huntsmen Corps and Frogmen elite special operations forces and their colleagues from a large part of the world meet in Denmark to train a wide variety of disciplines when the exercise "Night Hawk 2021" is implemented from September 27 to October 7. The exercise will be heard and seen throughout Denmark, on land, to water and in the air - and sometimes inside the cities.. Unfortunately, it will not be possible for the public to keep up with the exercise. Night Hawk is surrounded by some secrecy because the special forces must be able to train undisturbed and without revealing the tactics they use when they are inserted. It is for the same reason also limited how many details can be revealed about where and when the soldiers are inserted. Right this minute, I have seen more military aircraft like C130 Hercules etc. since I moved here to Jutland and live next to military airport and Night Hawk 2021. So I'm asking, what is "Night Hawk" really all about??. Damn it, I lost track of my oldest friend, a active Major in the Huntsmen / Frogmen corps. He has told me so much sh*t last time we meet up that could set off an alarm, in anybody... |



The media in the media capital of the United States, New York City, is eerily quiet tonight as tens-of-thousands of New Yorkers take to the streets to protest the Vaccine Mandate going into effect at Midnight tonight, Monday.

All healthcare workers in the state must get the death-dart/clot-shot (masquerading as a vaccine) or they will lose their jobs in the morning.

New York Governess Kathy Hochel announced that if there are staffing shortages in hospitals or other healthcare facilities, she has signed an Executive Order giving HERSELF the authority to call-up the National Guard to assist in hospitals. What troops might do in such an environment is likely nothing, but it sounded good.

Here's the Governess:



Largest Northern European Special Operation Exercise to Date

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra: 'William Shatner, go to space is a "Creator stunt"!. Follow the money!. Silver, XRP, EBS and more! Mike Adams is doomsday - nonstop alarms') 🔴LIVESTREAM: TAROT READINGS BY JANINE & JeanClaude @ BeyondMystic (Sending Ravens with Tarot by Janine) ~ | Blogger: Well, I know Mike Adams is a "paid asset" to install fear and stuff into people. I don't need Janine to tell me that... Please, I'm not saying, that the tarotcard is the ONLY five-pointed star of enlightenment, neither do SoTW encourage people to ONLY listen to my comments or blogposts on my blog Always, use your own Spiritual Discernment and go Researching. Do your Inner Workings and take in ONLY what resonate with your Inner-Child and Higher-Self "Consciousness" -mind and leave the rest behind... NOBODY knows EVERYTHING - nobody. SoTW is NOT into Clif High's rambling and Forecasts the Great Awakening... Janine & JeanClaude also talks about XRP - Ripple Payment protocol - and I recall that the secretly cobra2012 (Cobra RM) told us/me to buy XRP for many years ago and I did! Now, I kinda lost them, since my "Ledger Nano" went bananas, and I'm now OUT of Cobra RM organization! I totally agree with Janine, if you're a GOOD person, abundance will attract you, BAD person, the money will NOT get in your hands (just like the new Realtime galactic living QFS system right? that can read your mind)... |

🎱 PS: For me at SoTW, people who love psychic predictions, medium readings, tarot readings, horoscope or pendulum, clairvoyance (whatever) the result, will be different from each person, doing it.. So, Janine is all into DS, Cabal or Trump,  justice etc., so the cards will reflect on what she believes, to some extent. In other wordings, what I mean is, a person who is listen to a professional clairvoyant with psychic abilities will not necessary get the same result, at the next, professional clairvoyant. Somehow your mind thoughts will be what you wish to see. Does it make any sense? Anyway, talk to my former x-girlfriend about that. She is a (polish) woman living in Denmark and as a (new) professional clairvoyant, SoTW, is a nutcase, because of my blog, but she NEVER entered the blog - go figure. She thinks, she can save everyone, but herself. SoTW has done this kind a work for 20 years, my holistic ND, 50 years, and it takes a loooot of courage to get rid of ones emotional baggage or emotional backpacks from 1000's years of reincarnated trauma, ego, phobia, chock, sorrows... | 


💪 🔀💗 ~ (Hvad Nu Hvis?) Når man kan hælde spiritualitet på dåse, så vil jeg gerne ha' noget nu, tak! (Verdensalt Arkiv) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [🧠Dette blogindlæg er gammelt, men stadig, aktuelt, med mange brugbare links. Har forsøgt, at gøre det lidt spiseligt og sjovt! Det kan være tung læsning for nogle, men let for andre, altafhængig din højere bevidsthedsopfattelse, hvor, din spirituelle-skala eller vibrationsniveau, du befinder dig på👤] ... Hvad Nu Hvis?.. Hvad nu hvis, jeg fortalte dig, at du ikke er så pokkers klog, som du går og tror? Det, inkluder også SoTW, naturligvis... {Så du også artikler omkring et fransk medie begik en kæmpe brøler, da man ved en fejl offentliggjorde, at den - stadig levende - britiske dronning var død i 2020???}... (Aug-Sept 2021) SoTW fik lagt tarotkort et stykke tid tilbage på, at Danske DDFO-Daisy, født drengebarn, sidder og afventer sin dom med en snatch-and-grab af special styrker på Kongeskibet i sommers 2021. Lidt mærkelig var det, at Dronningen aflyste sin planlagte todages fejring i Aarhus sidste år i 2020, da coronavirus kom i vejen og kommer til byen, i 2022, uden nogen dato, siger medierne.. Kong-Pingo, Frederik, er ligeledes i fængslet og afventer henrettelse for crimes against humanity i Gitmo og fik lige lov til at snuse til friheden under Royal run og fordi han har lavet en "aftale"... Lever vi alle i en "film" eller "show" AKA 3-D Matrix af illusion???... |


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PS: Forleden dag var jeg på Sjælland og mit højere selv via min naturlæge fortalte mig/os, en slags bekræftelse, dog, er vores Dronning allerede død, og vi gik tilbage til Marts 2021, nu begravet under træ-"skjoldet" (sarkofag) og hendes gravmæle, der er opstillet og står i Sankt Birgittas Kapel i Roskilde Domkirke. Den "uægte" klon / stunt double Dronningen af Dannevangs død, indleder "ti dages landesorg", Maj 2022, sagde mit højere selv.. Faktisk sagde mit HS, at alle kister er fyldt op af de lig, som de repræsenterer. Dvs. Margrete 1. ligger der også og alle Konger og andre undersåtter.. Hvorfor Roskilde Domkirke? Min søster var døbt der, mig, en lille kirke i nærheden. Jeg var i Domkirken for at afmelde min tilknytning til kristendommens doktriner og religioners indoktrineringer og rense Domkirken for al (ondskab). Husk på, de religions-banditter og især når man døbes, så siger man JA til biblen samt Jesu navn og hvis ikke, så går man i hundene (forbandelse). Samme som hvis man ikke siger JA til VakkZinerne og Coronarestriktionerne.. Lige nu, findes der Dagens horoskop som binder dig til VakkZinerne samt "Drop-in-dåb"... Til dem som kender "Danskerlisten" på SoTW er Mink-Medico-Mæætte stadigvæk i LIVE - men dør snart - kun i live pga. hun er en strategisk person - og ja hun er eller var, en MAND, sagde tarotkortene, dengang.. Mit HS blev spurgt indtil Mette F. hos min naturlæge i weekenden og som var statsministerkandidat 7 år tilbage? er ikke den samme som i dag (klon stunt double). Desuden blev Mæætte undfanget med en "tap" som dreng og fik den skåret af og blev til en kvinde, ligesom, Dronningen. Husk på, ligesom i USA, er det "bestemt" hvem som skal være præsident/statsminister. Jamen, hvad så med børnene? indkøbt til lejligheden? Vi ved med garanti, at Obama's børn ikke er hans egne, siden The Obamas er et bøssepar og "Michael" stadigvæk har sin "tap"... Min naturlæge havde en masse trickspm. til mit HS kunne snyde eller mine tænker kunne overføre mine overbevisninger, men nej, Dronningen af Danmark er DØD, Længe leve Hendes Majestæt Dronning Margrethe den Anden *(nej tak - ikke efter hvad jeg har fået fortalt, hun har forgjort sig mod menneskeheden af grusomheder)*... Om jeg er bindegal må du jo afgøre, derude - videregiver bare hvad tarotkort og mit HS siger... |

Når man kan hælde spiritualitet på dåse, så vil jeg gerne ha' noget nu, tak!

Hvordan viser du din lykke?
Udgivet første gang den 24. juli 2014 af

Det er utvivlsomt den aller bedste tid, at være i live lige nu på vores planet. Vi har alle sammen valgt, at blive hængende, bedt om og spurgt til, fordi tidsperioden netop nu, oplysningens tid er på vej. De fleste mennesker er slet ikke klar over, vi bliver stopfordret med strømninger af energier hele tiden og har gjort det i lang tid nu for en accelerede version af Ascension, som ingen andre sjæle har oplevet før nogen steder i universet. I øjeblikket forestår begivenheder og klargøring for at bringe denne planets frihed, fred og velstand. Ting sker for at befri os alle fra styreformer, der virker til at undertrykke din frihed, som har undertrykt dig med løgne om, hvad det i virkeligheden sker. Dette tyranni er nu ved at blive forvandlet. Vi fortsætter med at bevæge os hastigt fremad mod de transaktioner, som frembringelse de nye finansielle og bankmæssige instrumenter. De enorme rigdomme der længe har været skjult af de store dynastiske og spirituelle familier er næsten klar til at blive distribueret ud til alle mennesker på jorden. Vi har fået en gave ovenfra, lad udrensningsprocessen begynde!

"Jamen - jeg føler mig ikke anderledes og klar til oplysningens tid, jeg nægter at forstå, følger blot mine vante vaner, passe på mit eget ego, ingen skal røre ved mit liv og min identitet og desuden skaber jeg så lidt mulig opmærksom på mig selv!"


Hvis det var muligt for os at sidde oppe i stratosfæren og kigge ned på Jorden, ville vi måske være i stand til at se hvordan de mange forandringer, der i denne tid finder sted på vores planet og som hænger sammen i et større perspektiv.
Uanset hvilken stadie af forandringsparathed, gennemgå alle mennesker en forstærket sanseoplevelse via strømninger af energier, hvert niveau af vibrationer kræver en indsats og fysisk tilpasning, fordi den såkaldte kærligheds tusanmi penetrere os alle dybt ind i vores grundvold, så at sige. Tilretning af vores DNA struktur - Transformation fra vores fysiske kulstofbaseret livsform (carbon) hen imod vores tidligere strålende krystallinsk form og transmutation (som i filmen Noah 2014 og de lysvæsner, der var udformet som klippe-vogtere, en version af forståelse). En anden fantastisk film 'Interstellar' som skulle efter sigende være åbenbaret af vores opstegne mestre...... 
"Men, det lyder helt galimatias."

Jeg kan bedst forklare det sådanne;  De såkaldte mørke kræfter fra vores fjerne historie - en hel menneskealder tilbage i vores tid, havde tilbøjeligheder til at ændre vores menneskelige DNA for at reducere mængden af ​​lys i vores organer. Det tillod dem at installere mønster af fysisk svaghed, sygdom, alderdom, død og alvorlig nedsat evne for intelligens og åndelig klarhed. Evnen til selvudvikling og forståelse, vores egen guddommelige højere selv var gemt langt væk og dermed også næste kærligheden til vores medmennesker og os selv.
"Vil det sige, jeg skal slippe alt hvad jeg har lært et helt liv, og tro på små grønne mars-mænd tusinder år tilbage, være forandringsparat og tro på unikheden i mig selv, måske begynde at elske mig selv ligefrem?

Den helt normale reaktion, når vi bliver konfronteret med noget, vi ikke helt forstår, en fornægtelse, misbilligelse, hånlig latter af uvidenhed, afstandstagen, især for dem som stadig er solidt forankret i de lavere dimensioner af Jordens dualitet. Forsøg dig med en guided Tour

 (1) ---

Se dig omkring, mærk tendensen. Gør dig den tjeneste, ta' dig tid til at, kigge efter de syndelige forandringer som er lige nu. Det er som om forhængene bliver trukket til side og de skjulte dagsordener på alle niveauer i samfundslivet kommer frem i lyset. Handlingsmønstre, som ikke er helt fine i kanten, har tidligere kunnet leve bag kulisserne, men den ene skandalesag efter den anden rulles nu op i medierne og de involverede bliver stillet til regnskab. Der er bare ingen som kan gemme sig mere, heller ikke dig og mig. Som Storm P. sagde engang "Mange millioner mennesker render forvirret om på jorden for at finde den længste vej til graven"
"Fint nok, men hvordan oplever vi så denne forandring i vores fysiske legeme"?

🤯🧹💨 ~ (‘Think of it like the cosmic vacuum cleaner, sucking out the dross, the pain, the trauma, the darkness.') Retrograde Season Has Arrived! (Meg Benedicte) 💕 ~ |

"The upcoming 10:10 Gateway is a sacred portal of initiation, of spiritual awakening and enlightenment." ~ Meg


The great wheel of time turns in reverse…welcome to retrograde season! Mercury turns retrograde today, September 27 at 25° Libra till October 18 at 10° Libra. Mercury joins Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron all in retrograde as well. That is a strong lineup of cosmic reverse motion!

When seven planets are retrograde, you can expect to dwell on past history, reminisce about the past, or unexpectedly connect with people from your past. You may also be clearing deep emotional/energetic programming so ancient it is difficult to imagine life without it. I’ve been experiencing deep clearings since the Equinox, disentangling from some ancient ancestral operating systems that harmed me. All is being swept up for resolution, as we continue to break free from the old world system.