May 28, 2018

AE911Truth Bulletin | May 28, 2018 | ~ U.S. soldiers killed since 9/11: 6,952 ~ | Blogger: .. Spec. Gabriel Conde, a kindergartner on 9/11, was the 2,264th member of the U.S. military to die in the Afghan war .. And WPost are asking 'A Son Was Killed In Action And Parents Ask Why??' -- Well, i'll tell you WHY! You might wanna ask the 'dying' & your former president, George H.W. Bush or his son: ".. "if the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts," by George H.W. Bush... "That is a famous 1992 quote by George Herbert Walker Bush to Sarah McLendon, a Texas journalist who Bush had known for years and who was the grand dame of the White House press corps at the time. McLendon had asked Bush: 'What will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran contra?'" ... |

Today We Remember Those Who Died in the Ongoing 9/11 Wars

6,952 U.S. Soldiers and 1.2 Million Others Dead, $5.6 Trillion Spent

On Memorial Day 2018, we at AE911Truth pause to remember the 6,952 U.S. soldiers who have died in the endless wars since the events of September 11, 2001.

We also recognize the 1.2 million civilians and non-civilians of all countries who have been killed in these senseless campaigns of violence, which have now cost more than $5.6 trillion — or $23,386 to the average American taxpayer.

In reflecting upon this harrowing loss of life and colossal looting of public resources — all predicated on the official account of 9/11 — let us find within ourselves even greater determination to continue fighting for truth and justice concerning the events of that horrible day.

The next time someone tries to tell you that 9/11 is a thing of the past, you can point out any number of ways it affects us to this day, including the thousands of dollars we will each be forced to spend on the “War on Terror” until the truth of 9/11 is exposed.

And while you’re at it, you might remind that person of the thousands of military families, 9/11 families, and first responder families whose loved ones would still be with them today were it not for 9/11.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to these families and to everyone who has been harmed, directly or indirectly, by 9/11 and the actions taken in its aftermath

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Benjamin Fulford Partial Report (Full Video) | May 28, 2018 | ~ New financial crisis likely as Western civil war intensifies in Washington D.C., Europe, Brazil and elsewhere ~ | ※Weekly geo-political news and analysis | Blogger: Excerpts from Full Report: ".. (..).. $15 trillion in “credits” from the $23-43 trillion now known to have been stolen by the banks; and—most importantly for the American public—that sometime in June over a trillion dollars will be released into the U.S. economy through trusted stewards—normal people, many of them veterans—to inspire a job creation and new construction boom such as we have not seen since the aftermath of World War II. The massive investments in mostly black inner cities and mostly white impoverished rural areas is part of this deal.” This financial move, if it is realized, is definitely connected to ongoing intrigue in Saudi Arabia, the current main financial backer of the old petro-dollar. Here, de factomonarch Mohammad bin Salman has not been seen in public since a shoot-out was reported at his palace on April 21, 2018. This move against Salman, who was put in power by Israeli special forces, is definitely linked to attacks on Saudi agent and former CIA head John Brennan, the sources say. Brennan is now being blamed as the source for the entire “Russiagate” witch-hunt against Trump, they say. “‘John Brennan should pop the glass capsule and take the cyanide ..(..).. [READ MORE]... |

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, DenInternationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

Til tider, kommentere David Wilcock på Fulford's blog. Virkelig spændende nyhedsstof, en vinkel, som bliver mere valid eftersom de begge har informanter og indgange til den virkelige agenda, uden censur, der aldrig når ud i de officielle medier.

New financial crisis likely as Western civil war intensifies in Washington D.C., Europe, Brazil and elsewhere

Udgivet af Benjamin den 28. May 2018

The undeclared civil war inside the ranks of the Western elite is continuing to rage, with both sides carrying out major offensives. Ultimately, this battle is between the old aristocratic bloodlines, strongest in Europe, and the anti-bloodline Gnostic Illuminati, now prevalent inside the U.S.

The biggest battleground continues to be Washington, D.C., where the old establishment is fighting for its life and losing against the military-backed regime of President Donald Trump.

However, the situation in Europe is also heating up intensely as the Russia/China Eurasian alliance moves to consolidate control there in alliance with some old-bloodline factions, according to White Dragon Society sources in Europe. Germany and Turkey, reviving a World War I alliance, are leading the anti-U.S. moves there. Also, Italy’s new government has declared open warfare against the Khazarian mafia cabal in a move that will bring new turmoil to the eurozone.

We will start with a look at the situation inside the U.S. Here, the U.S. military is supporting President Donald Trump in some ways, while fighting against him in others. This ambiguous stance can be seen in the form of a continuing major offensive against pedophiles and other corrupt elements in the old establishment.

A Pentagon source summed up the situation as follows: “After 8 months of defiance, liberals are reeling from their defeat in the culture war as the NFL was forced to ban kneeling when the national anthem is sung, and nearly 8 months after a New York Times exposé, Manhattan prosecutors were forced to arrest Harvey Weinstein.”

Furthermore, the impending retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is expected to give the Trump regime control over the Supreme Court, the sources say. This will make it possible to carry out the long-awaited mass arrests without interference from cabal agents in the justice system, the sources note. It will also make a big difference in the culture wars, as a pushback to family values and away from promoting non-reproductive sex intensifies with Christian support.

As a part of these culture wars, Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial is putting a lot of pressure on the Hollywood elite. Pentagon sources are saying that Weinstein “signals with the book he carries about Communist director Elia Kazan that he will rat on other predators and pedos in Hollywood.” Kazan’s “testimony as a witness before the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1952 at the time of the Hollywood blacklist brought him strong negative reactions from many liberal friends and colleagues.”

Various other rats have been singing like canaries for a while now in a bid to get off the sinking cabal ship. In particular, we now know that Jeffrey Epstein, who ran a pedophile island used to compromise and blackmail elite politicians, etc., is now an FBI informant who has been squealing to U.S. special prosecutor Robert Mueller. This is important because Mueller, despite his past tainted by 9/11 etc., is now working for the U.S. military. Since Trump himself has been a visitor to this pedophile island, the military is getting evidence he was blackmailed into doing Israel’s bidding in places like Syria and Iran, Pentagon sources say.

The pushback against Trump’s Zionist blackmail-induced activity in the Middle East could be seen when “the House on May 23 banned Trump from declaring war on Iran without Congressional approval, and Congress on May 24 killed a measure for the U.S. to recognize Golan as part of Israel,” the sources say. In other words, Zionist blackmail against Trump is not going to be enough to allow these fanatics the opportunity to start their long-awaited World War III.

Other Pentagon sources, meanwhile, are saying a major victory against the Zionist-controlled banks was achieved last week and that as a result, trillions of dollars fraudulently obtained after the Lehman crisis is now going to be used for a new financial system. The source says,
“…that a gold-backed U.S. dollar looms on the horizon; that the U.S. government is going to stop borrowing money from the banks; that Donald Trump may have succeeded in getting back perhaps…

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NewSpeek | 28. Maj 2018 | ~ EHS - definition og symptomer ~ | .. Pia Hardenberg beskriver og gennemgår symptomer på Elektro Hyper Sensitivitet (EHS) .. |

The Earth Plan | May 28, 2018 | ~ Budapest Ascension Conference ~ Hanneke van Ginkel and Jacqueline van Rijswijk ~ | Blogger: If you're interested, Connect2life, also have a workshop called Galactic Love Party. Next event in Holland ... |

Here is another set of notes for the Budapest Ascension Conference. I have only read the first part, there are four parts in total.

This is like a transcript, as the authors say, so the notes are very comprehensive.

Please go to Connect2Life to access the notes.

Ascension Conference Budapest part 1

Ascension Conference Budapest part 2

Ascension Conference Budapest part 3

Ascension Conference Budapest part 4 | May 28, 2018 | ~ Hillary says she would love to be Facebook’s CEO so she could control the news altogether ~ | .. Hillary's lavish lust for power will never end until she is crowned ruler of the galaxy -- or becomes CEO of Facebook, whichever may come first .. |

READ MORE: | May 28, 2018 | ~ New Zealand to slaughter thousands of cows in attempt to eliminate Mycoplasma bovis bacteria ~ | ..New Zealand plans to slaughter about 150,000 cows as it tries to eradicate a strain of disease-causing bacteria from the national herd .. |


General Birgit - Den Korte Weekendavis | 25. Maj 2018 | ~ Vink til din dataansvarlige i dag! ~ |

Kære Hær,

Så er det i dag EU har besluttet, at der skal passes ordentligt på vores data. Men hvis systemet presses, hvor lang tid går der så førend sikringen af borgernes persondata igen kommer i anden række? Velkommen til aktion Vink-til-din-dataansvarlige-dag. Læs Oberst Vikings forslag til operationen nedenfor, og husk; denne aktion kan være behjælpelig med at undgå, at så megen af din personlige data bliver gemt på 117 forskellige servere i al uendelighed. Det kan simpelthen ikke lade sig gøre, hvis alle borgere beder om at få deres data udleveret og virksomheden eller staten forsat skal være GDPR-compliant. Lad den ustoppelige kraft der er Troldehæren møde den ubevægelige kolos der er EU.

Ærede trolde
Så skal vi atter i kamp og denne gang er det for at teste virksomheder og institutioners håndtering af data i det daglige. I dag træder en ny EU-lov ( GDPR) i kraft, hvis formål er at beskytte folks data mod at blive brugt uden egentlig hjemmel til at gøre det. Indtil nu har dette landskab været et wild west, hvor der er praksis ikke har været nogen sanktioner, såfremt man brød loven. Men det ændres der på fra i dag, hvor bødestørrelsen går fra at være helt ubetydelig til at kunne koste virksomheder så dyrt, at de må lukke og slukke.

Alt dette lyder jo meget godt, men er det i praksis udtryk for falsk tryghed? Det skal vi selvfølgelig udfordre! Som en regulær magtfaktor i dansk politik og med en indflydelse, der kan få de fleste politikere til at blegne, skal Troldehæren selvfølgelig endnu engang vise sit værd. Vi skal teste hvor godt der egentlig er styr på håndtering og lagring af data ude i det danske land.
I praksis skal alle instanser have en såkaldt dataansvarlig. Dette er den person, der i sidste ende står med ansvaret for datahåndteringen og altså dermed denne person, man som fx datatilsyn, kunde eller bruger kan gå til, hvis man vil have konkrete svar. En anden vigtig faktor er, at man nu kan kræve at blive slettet og man har krav på at få udleveret de oplysninger, der ligger gemt på en derude. Og her træder vi ind i manegen! | 28. Maj 2018 | cand. jur. & markedsøkonom Lars Bjørknæs | ~ Letbanechef om gigantbonusser udbetalt til medarbejderne i skandaleprojekt : De skulle have været langt højere ~ | Blogger: Endnu en dag med Flid, Fedt & Snyd i centraladministrationen (og den almindelige velmættende overflodsdansker, er ski**ligeglad😎) ...PS: Kresten Poulsgaard sagde det i en af de første udgaver af Huxi og det gode gamle Folketing: ”Fyr hele bundet, og start forfra” - ikke, at jeg er 100 % enig med den gamle fodermester, men der er noget sandhed i det, han siger. Så længe de offentlige finanser er et tag-selv-bord, vil ALLE folk i central- administrationen, snyde sig til skatteydernes PENGEPUNG. Sådan er det nu, sådan har det ALTID, været ... |


Benjamin Fulford Special Announcement from William Twofeather | May 28, 2018 | ~ William Twofeather found not guilty ~ | Blogger: William Two Feather AKA William Schober? Apache warrior William Twofeather, spiritual war chief of Turtle Island (North America) ... PS: has meet-up with his own Native American, Rahelio Roderiguez in Sedona, Arizona (last time i visited Arizona)... As recommended by my friend and REIKI master Monica from US, Rahelio Roderiguez is also a great spiritual guide, astrologer and healer. Wisdom teachings from both eastern Yogic traditions, Taoist wisdom, the Medicine Wheel, practice of western astrology, Christian mysticism and Native American shamanism and many other things.. Been lucky to visit both Sedona, Arizona and Sacred Mount Shasta and its spiritual mysteries. Many different types of vortexes are claimed to exist. From paranormal portals that act as doorways to the afterlife (or other dimensions), to spiritual spots near the convergence of ley lines. Besides US, England has many know energy vortexes, but rest of Europe, very few and Scandinavia, none. But ley lines, yes... |

Hvem er så denne Benjamin Fulford? Benjamin Fulford (Født 1961) er journalist, forfatter af canadisk afstamning, der bor i Japan. Han taler 4 sprog, herunder japansk. Han arbejdede i Japan som en korrespondent for Knight Ridder, Den Internationale Financing Review, Nihon Keizai Shimbun engelsk udgave, og South China Morning Post, før hans dage på Forbes Magazine, hvor han var den asiatiske kontorchef fra 1998 til 2005. Hans efterforskningsmæssige rapporter forfulgte skandaler i den japanske regering og erhvervslivet. Efter at have forladt Forbes skrev han en række bøger i japansk hvoraf nogle blev bedste sælgere, og begyndte at offentliggøre på internettet. Han overgik til japansk statsborgerskab i 2007. Han fik en vis popularitet på internettet, efter at han gennemførte et interview med den sky David Rockefeller i november 2007.

William Twofeather found not guilty

By Benjamin Fulford 

May 28, 2018

The following email arrived from William Twofeather:


Finally, the truth as seen by 12 jurors who saw all the evidence.

The jury leader said to the lawyers, “This is an embarrassment to the Houston Police Department,”

…and rightfully so.

They also said, “This should never, never have gone to trial.”

Thanks for your prayers and support.


Two Feather



Light On Conspiracies | May 28, 2018 | ~ Whistleblower Webinar with Ole Dammegard and Ronald Bernard ~ |

Whistle Blower Webinar with
Ex-illuminati Banker R. Bernard

Ole invites you to join him and his special guest, Ronald Bernard, for an exclusive two hour webinar coming this Thursday. Bernard became a financial success as a facilitator in tax avoidance and currency exchange/money laundering for big players, including banks, governments, multinationals, secret services, and terrorist groups. Through his work, he came to see the connecting dots about which only the top 1% of the pyramid of global elite are privy. That top elite of 8,000 to 8,500 worship Lucifer as their god, regard people as sheep to be used, and manipulate the media so as to conceal how the world really operates. Bernard became part of that exclusive top and was invited to the elite’s satanic church of “Eyes Wide Shut” Black Mass, naked women and drugs...

Due to limited spaces, make sure to get yours now. We hope you can join us. Click on the button below which will take you to the Welcome-page, make any kind of donation andyou will be forwarded to the login page. Welcome! (Please notice that the webinar is on Thursday, not on Sunday, due to Ronald Bernard's schedule).

Thursday the 31th of May
8.30 pm CET (Paris, Stockholm)
7.30 pm CET (London)
2.30 pm EST (New York)
11.30 am PST (Los Angeles)
4.30am Friday (Melbourne)


SGTreport | Aug 28, 2017 | CONFIRMED: Ronald Bernard is Alive (& Other Updates) | .. There is a fake news article making the rounds that was authored by Baxter Dimitry that claims the Dutch banking whistleblower Ronald Bernard died after getting lost in a park preserve in Florida. The person who died is named Ronald Bernard Rodriguez. It's not the same person. I have confirmed that Ronald Bernard is alive and well by corresponding with producer Irma Schiffers who knows Ronald and who produced the red pill interviews with him. Stay tuned for some other updates, including an important crypto warning too .. |


Ronald Bernard:

The plot thickens... Første del af denne videoserie, gik viralt for et par måneder siden (set af 18 millioner). Ronald Bernard arbejdede som meget betydensfuld bankmand og hævder at have vidnet satanisk børnemisbrug og offerritualer i sin første video. Del 2 diskuterer den globale magtstruktur, der opretholder status quo.. Jeg vil våge den påstand, ser du disse 2 videoer alene, behøves du ikke beskæftige dig med andet på nettet, de fortæller alt.. Til dem som ikke er bekendt med verdens magtstrukturer, findes der en lille gruppe, den aller, aller øverste spids af kransekagen; 'det urørlige hemmelighedsfulde selskab - mennesker med højt testosteronniveau', (det er nok ikke kun mænd) der styrer og kontrollere, os alle. De CIA censurerede medier har sågar begyndt at poste informationer om: 'den rigeste procent i Danmark ejer en tredjedel af formuen' og 'den rigeste procent ejer halvdelen af verdens formuer'. Det nye buzzword, for alle os andre som er placeret aller nederst i pyramiden er, "monkey in suits - lønslaverne", ikke sandt? (The Citizen Service Number (BSN) eller The Citizen Slavery Number). Vi ved med garanti, og det er ikke til diskussion, at bankfolk og begrebet penge, har den allerstørste indflydelse på verdens affære, tusindvis af år tilbage og stadigvæk den dag idag. (undlader at inddrage oldtidens præste-konger og udenjordiske væsener). Det helt unikke med den tidligere højtstående hollandske bankmand, Ronald Bernard (ex illuminati dutch banker) er, at han stadigvæk er i live!!. Som Ronald Bernard selv hævder (video1), grunden til jeg er i live og min familie er uskadt, er, jeg ikke nævner nogle navne.. Vi har set det før, Hillary Clintons dræbermaskineri, bare for at tage et eksempel, når nogle har ubestridelige beviser eller peger fingre med navns nævnelse, så forsvinder de på mystisk vis. Denne video-serie er simpelthen en komplet udrensning - 'spill the beans' projekt og jeg mener han fortæller alt, lige fra hvordan illuminati-orden (de har mange navne og fraktioner) fungere som et centralstyret monarki, kontrollere verdens og CIA's narkotikahandel, børneslaveri og sataniske ritualer af unge, til hvordan magtstrukturen af de øverste bank karteller operere i det daglige.(herunder som jeg kalder det 'de tre musketerer' - City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City). Det eneste, som disse (psykopater) skal gøre, er bestikkelse af de øverste ledere i verden, siger Ronald Bernard. I en meget åben og detaljeret form beskriver han den systematiske manipulation og afpresning af "the powers that be", som fordre andre undersåtter til at makke ret, der går længere ned i magtpyramiden (politikere, embedsværket, advokater, speciel rådgivere osv), der ved hjælp af en kompleks ritualiseret offerkultur. Du tænker måske det er endnu en konspiratorisk 'fake news' propaganda snak, men for os som lever under det dysfunktionelle "babylonske økonomiske system" og brugt 15 år af sit liv på at finde ud hvad djævelen der foregår, er det nærmest, at finde Den hellige gral. Når vi har European Stability Mechanism (ESM), BIS, IMF, Verdensbanken, ECB og Basel-komitéen, bare for at nævne nogle få, der også har total immunitet, bliver stopfodret med instrukser fra dette hemmelighedsfulde selskab, så skal der ikke meget fantasi til at spekulere i, at den danske regering ( Staten som igen og igen bruger Rothschild som finansiel rådgiver), den privatejet Nationalbanken, de danske styret GoLDMaN SLaCKS banker og det danske realkreditsystem med deres ulovlige gebyrer skatter og renter, har fingrene dybt, dybt nede i kagedåsen. Ifølge Ronald Bernard bestemmer multinationale selskaber og banker over verden, det vidste vi ligesom godt. Du behøver ikke at se part 1, for at forstå sammenhængen, men rekommanderes...

Search on verdensalt:

Council of Love Monday Message with Linda Dillon | May 28, 2018 | ~ DayBreak Message ~ |

Spirit Broadcast
DayBreak May 28, 2018
Finding Your True Heart's Desire

A Gift from the Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is requesting your presence - the totality of your being - to join with her in the sacred union of the 13th Octave. This is your opportunity to conjoin with the Mother, to go home, to remember your talents and your power to create.

This year's Summer Solstice FREE webcast on June 21, at a time of your choosing, will be a global initiation into the 13th Octave - the place of Divine Union. The purpose is the anchoring of your ascended self.
Solstice is just around the corner! Don't miss the free gift from the Mother to usher in not only a new season but a New You

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RT - Russia Today | May 28, 2018 | ~ US has no interest in hearing what Julian Assange can freely say about Russiagate – Max Blumenthal ~ | Blogger: Sooo, US government officials wants Mr. Assange DEAD 🔫 - old news (DNC staffer Seth Rich's death reminds some of the Crooked Hillary's Deep State members, that Wikileaks can take them DOWN, but has their own assassination squad - Mara Salvatrucha a.k.a. MS-13) ... The Question that remains in my head, is Assange, 'ONE' of the Qanon sources and that's why he's lost access to the internet and the right to receive visitors at the Ecuadorian London Embassy? Could Assange be forced out of Ecuadoran embassy soon for the Deep State to prosecute and hide him away in a military DUMBS!?... |


Abzu2 | May 28, 2018 | ~ The Wisdom of Your Cells ~ Dr Bruce Lipton ~ | Blogger: Skulle hilse og sige, at min natur og holistiske læge, syntes denne artikel er fantastisk og er enig, nu hvor man har mixed 'menneskeceller' blandet med kyllingembryoner i bizarre videnskabeligt eksperiment (men det er en anden historie)... |

Written by Dr Bruce Lipton

The Wisdom of Your Cells is a new biology that will profoundly change civilization and the world we live in. This new biology takes us from the belief that we are victims of our genes, that we are biochemical machines, that life is out of our control, into another reality, a reality where our thoughts, beliefs and mind control our genes, our behavior and the life we experience. This biology is based on current, modern science with some new perceptions added.

The new science takes us from victim to creator; we are very powerful in creating and unfolding the lives that we lead. This is actually knowledge of self and if we understand the old axiom, “Knowledge is power,” then what we are really beginning to understand is the knowledge of self-power. This is what I think we will get from understanding the new biology.

Flying Into Inner Space

My first introduction to biology was in second grade. The teacher brought in a microscope to show us cells and I remember how exciting it was. At the university I graduated from conventional microscopes into electron microscopy and had a further opportunity to look into the lives of cells. The lessons I learned profoundly changed my life and gave me insights about the world we live in that I would like to share with you.

Using electron microscopy, not only did I see the cells from the outside but I was able to go through the cell’s anatomy and understand the nature of its organization, its structures and its functions. As much as people talk about flying into outer space, I was flying into inner space and seeing new vistas, starting to have greater appreciation of the nature of life, the nature of cells and our involvement with our own cells.

At this time I also started training in cell culturing. In about 1968 I started cloning stem cells, doing my first cloning experiments under the guidance of Dr. Irv Konigsberg, a brilliant scientist who created the first stem cell cultures. The stem cells I was working with were called myoblasts. Myo means muscle; blast means progenitor. When I put my cells in the culture dishes with the conditions that support muscle growth, the muscle cells evolved and I would end up with giant contractile muscles. However, if I changed the environmental situation, the fate of the cells would be altered. I would start off with my same muscle precursors but in an altered environment they would actually start to form bone cells. If I further altered the conditions, those cells became adipose or fat cells. The results of these experiments were very exciting because while every one of the cells was genetically identical, the fate of the cells was controlled by the environment in which I placed them.

While I was doing these experiments I also started teaching students at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine the conventional understanding that genes controlled the fate of cells. Yet in my experiments it was clearly revealed that the fate of cells was more or less controlled by the environment. My colleagues, of course, were upset with my work. Everyone was then on the bandwagon for the human genome project and in support of the “genes-control-life” story. When my work revealed how the environment would alter the cells, they talked about it as an exception to the rule.

You Are a Community of 50 Trillion Living Cells | 28. Maj 2018 | ~ Cola: Hvad sker der i din krop, indenfor en time efter du har drukket en Cola ~ | Blogger: Nu hvor Coke-Cola har annonceret en nyhed, en alkohol-drik, 'Lemon-Do', som skal sælges som læskedrik ... | .. 🍬 løbet af de første 10 minutter rammer 10 teskefulde sukker dit system. Dette er 100 procent af det anbefalede daglige indtag, og den eneste grund til, at du ikke brækker dig som et resultatet af den overvældende sødme, er fosforsyren, som reducerer smagen. Inden for 20 minutter stiger dit blodsukker kraftigt, og din lever reagerer over for den massive insulineksplosion ved at omdanne store mængder sukker til fedt. Inden for 40 minutter er koffeinoptagelsen fuldstændig; Dine pupiller udvides, dit blodtryk stiger, og din lever pumper mere sukker ud i dit blodomløb. Omkring 45 minutter efter øges din krops dopaminproduktion, hvilket stimulerer nydelsescenteret i din hjerne – samme fysiske reaktion som ved heroin for øvrigt. Efter 60 minutter vil du begynde at få et sukkerchok ... |

Har du ikke lyst til at være sund og rask? At drikke en sodavand er dårligt for dit helbred på ufattelig mange måder. Her er, hvad der sker i din krop, når du overfalder den med en Cola.


Breitbart | May 26, 2018 | ~ Judge Jeanine: ‘Sick and Tired’ of ‘Liars, Leakers and Liberals Attacking Our President When They Are the Ones Who Tried to Frame Him’ ~ |

During her Saturday opening statement on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” Jeanine Pirro expressed her frustration with the Deep State’s attempt to “take down” and “did everything in its power to destroy” Donald Trump during his presidential campaign by spying on him and his associates.

Pirro named former FBI Director Jim Comey, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former CIA Director John Brennan and former National Security Adviser to President Barack Obama as “liars, leakers and liberals” who attempted to frame Trump.

“The Obama administration was so determined to get Hillary Clinton elected and Donald Trump defeated that they let Hillary skate on her criminal activity and created a narrative of criminal activity on the part of Donald Trump. They created a false predicate, a made up dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the FBI in order to get a court to approve spying on the Trump campaign,” Pirro argued.

She later stated, “I, for one, am sick and tired of these liars, leakers and liberals attacking our president when they are the ones who tried to frame him. Here’s a primer for all of you: if you’re going to set up a president to try to frame him, do it against someone who’s dumber than you are.”

Folkets Avis \\ Zero Hedge | 27. Maj 2018 | ~ RT, Breitbart fjerner omtale af fængsling - efter krav fra Storbritannien? ~ | .. Pressefriheden er under pres .. Systemet i Storbritannien udvikler sig i disse år i en stadig mere Orwellsk retning. Folkets Avis har tidligere omtalt hvordan den konservative regering i Storbritannien benyttede terrorangreb til at øge sin magt over og kontrol med civilsamfundet - herunder internettet. og hvordan den konservative regeringer indførte lovgivning som gav myndighederne ret til at fængsle borgere i op til 15 år hvis de så meget som kiggede på terror-materiale eller ekstrem politisk propaganda online. Selvfølgelig forudsagde jeg at den slags drakonisk lovgivning ville blive vendt imod ikke blot islamistiske terrorister, men alle mulige andre som det britiske etablissement ikke bryder siger om. Nu har man så i Storbritannien fængslet borger-journalist, tidligere partistifter og aktivist på den yderste højrefløj Tommy Robinson .. (..) .. , Lennart Kiil |



Zero Hedge -
Tommy Robinson Arrested Outside UK Court, Jailed For 13 Months As Judge Orders Orwellian Media Blackout

UK activist and English Defence Leage founder Tommy Robinson was arrested on Friday outside of Leeds Crown Court for reporting on a pedophile grooming trial. Within six hours of his arrest, Robinson was handed a 13 month prison term for violating a prior suspended sentence for a similar offense, while media outlets were banned from covering the incident by the court - with several removing reports which had already been published.

Footage shows Robinson, 35, being arrested while livestreaming to his Facebook page outside the courthouse. He can be heard shouting to a friend "Please, George, get me a solicitor, I’m on a suspended sentence, you see."

Tommy Robinson has been arrested in Leeds court for reporting on grooming gangs. More updates to follow
“A big police van with about seven police officers pulled up and arrested [Robinson] and told him to stop live streaming,” Robinson’s producer told RT (before their article (archived) was scrubbed from the internet). “They said it was incitement and a breach of the peace.

“No peace has been breached – there were two other people there and he’s been perfectly quiet talking into his phone. [The police] said nothing about the court proceedings. It’s very strange.”

Disturbingly, the judge who sentenced Robinson, Geoffrey Marson QC, ordered an Orwellian media blackout - which resulted in several publications deleting their articles from the web covering Robinson's arrest.