Mar 8, 2015

Hilarion's Weekly Message - March 8, 2015

Hilarion er Chohan af den femte stråle af healing, videnskab, vision og sandhed. Han er det hierarkiske niveau af Sanhedens templet på det æteriske plan i nærheden Crete, Grækenland. Hilarion var ypperstepræst i "Templet af Sandhed" i Atlantis, og han transporterede flammens sandhed sammen med artefakter af templet til Grækenland kort tid før forliset af kontinentet. Han arbejder med sjæle til at beherske det tredje øje - chakra og grøn-ray kvaliteter, herunder healing og videnskaben om at holde den ubesmittede koncept. Hilarion har ikke kun indflydelse med healing, men også omfatter musik og videnskab og målrettet "vision" gennem opfattelser af tredje øje. En kilde tilføjer, at Hilarion arbejder ofte med Ærkeenglen Raphael, der ligeledes tjener på det femte-stråle.

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Beloved Ones,

The passage of time accelerates, or rather has that influence upon your lives.

There are many epochs of Earth’s history that are coming into alignment with the current timeline, and the information and knowledge that was lost in the mists of antiquity is now being brought back in a revised and updated way.

There is a process of integration that is occurring, and also a recalibration to the new Earth reality of everyone and everything upon the planet. It is a challenging time for many people throughout the world, and the current and constantly increasing energies brings to them the need to re-evaluate and reset their own priorities, their goals, and objectives.

NATO is using Ukraine crisis to advance towards Russian borders - Defense Ministry (Germany slams NATO European commander’s comments on Ukraine as ‘dangerous propaganda’ )

Published time: March 05, 2015 11:56

NATO is using the situation in Ukraine to push closer to Russia's border, according to the Russian deputy defense minister. He says the Alliance's activities have expanded considerably over the past years.

In their push, Anatoly Antonov says Allied forces are ignoring diplomacy.

"We've noticed that NATO member states are using the situation in southeastern Ukraine as a pretext to discard all diplomatic conventions, tricks and slogans and push forward, closer to the Russian border."

According to the minister, what NATO is doing is completely out of proportion with what NATO commanders call the build-up of Russian forces on its side of the border in Ukraine. "NATO's activities are many times greater than Russia's."

However, he added they aren't a threat to Russia's security.


Wauw.. Great, great history lesson from William and David....I really thought i knew all the BS behind the scene, this case take us to the next level...  As former foreign exchange student in USA attending High School and forced to read and understand the curriculum of american history (like most other students, bo-o-o-oring), truth will never reveal itself unless you start questioning the facts and the system behind the smokescreen.... James Loewen spent two years at the Smithsonian Institute surveying twelve leading high school textbooks of American History. What he found was an embarrassing amalgam of bland optimism, blind patriotism, and misinformation pure and simple, weighing in at an average of four-and-a-half pounds and 888 pages... (Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James W. Loewen)... It's like Galaxy Quest with Jason Nesmith (Tim Allan) remember that movie? When the Thermians from Klaatu Nebula who became heartbroken, learning about fiction, deception and lies..... Now.. its Your turn, pick a truth from what you discover together with your inner cut feeling and intuition...

U.S.A. v. F. Willliam Messier and David Everett Robinson — Case 2:14-cr-00083-DBH

Due to an historic perversion adopted and employed by our government and its elected officials; few people know or realize that America is not what it is perceived to be. ‘Elephants are gray but not all gray things are elephants.’

This perversion didn’t just begin during our lifetime but actually started with the non-elected Founding Fathers, when they drafted a business plan in 1787 to steal control of America for their personal posterity and their descendents and named it a Constitution. This plan was officially adopted as the highest law of the land for America and will be referred to in the future by the legal profession as the organic version because the Constitution will secretly be rewritten three more times that I know of! 

The first elected President, George Washington, ‘the Father of this Country,’ had his own plan in mind, to be anointed King and he subsequently overthrew the organic Constitution and the first civilian government of the United States of America on April 30, 1789. George relied upon the Articles of Confederation to perform his Treasonous plot and then he immediately took office, one year before the organic Constitution would have lawfully permitted him to do so. George’s first Presidential act was to install a Military Government to replace the Constitutional Civilian government, which just happens to be the same one that exists to date. 

President Washington’s Military government is intentionally hidden in plain sight, which is evidenced by the military terms applied to describe the designated offices, [e.g.] Commander in Chief; Attorney General; Auditor General; Secretary General; Postmaster General; Surgeon General, etc. [everybody is a General]! President Washington’s actions were Treasonous to be certain and he was fully supported by the elected members of the 

1st Continental Congress. I believe that is called Subordination of Treason and Conspiracy!

These men all feared that their Treasonous conduct would become public knowledge and their reprisal swift and certain, so they concealed these facts by hiring authors to write and publish a different accounting of the facts. These facts and all post and future events would continue to be altered and eventually force fed to all American’s through a new control vehicle titled, ‘public schools.’ And those students who tested well would be offered special incentives, promised to affect their futures! Ironically, the correct version of American history can be found with a little tenacity, concealed in the Library of Congress. 

The changes initiated by Washington and Congress would prove to have a profound affect upon the American people; their history; their government and their courts! [e.g.] The Judicial Branch of Government actually became a: Military Court of Justice! And the political concept of Democracy would eventually become just another form of Communism. I invite you to research the word ‘Democracy’ in any modern day Legal Dictionary if you doubt me.

The Pleiadian Network Message - The Year of the Wood Sheep - March 8, 2015 CET

Good afternoon, we are here. It is February 19, 2015, Thursday, day after New Moon in Aquarius, and it is Chinese New Year, The Year of the Sheep – The Year of the Wood Sheep.

Podcast :

Let us begin.

We will continue with the theme from our last recording, the idea that you are moving into 2015, you are moving into a new density, a higher octave, and the idea that the solid world that you live in is not so solid. Now, we talk about this a lot, we have been talking about this for a long time about how you’re not a solid world, and yet many of you, many of your friends, many of your neighbors would challenge that and say, “Of course we’re in a solid world!”

And yet your scientifics know it is not a solid world. You don’t really touch anything. Everything is fields and energies around you. And so if everything is fields and energies around you, then what is real? What is something that’s solid? There’s more space in your reality than there is what you think you see. And so it’s not really difficult to imagine that the world is not solid, your scientifics are quite knowledgeable of that. It is that it is beyond your perception to see this. You do not perceive all the space in your world. You perceive everything to be solid. You think you are on a solid chair, you think you are on a solid floor and you’ve seen the world be very predictable. You’ve seen the world be very – predictable, you put something down and you expect to come back and find it there.

Now, as we said last time you are going to begin to notice more and more and more that the world doesn’t appear to be predictable, that it seems to be going through a fluttering stage, a stage where reality seems to be fluttering. And this is very similar to what you might have if you were changing radio stations. If you are going through between two different radio stations for a time you will see a little of one radio station and then you will start to have that radio station sort of phasing out and the other coming in. It’s not instantaneous. Now it’s instantaneous with your current radios that you have, digital radios, you press a button and boom, you are on another station. But that’s not the way the old radios worked, that’s not the tuning and the adjustments that old radios used to have, and other radios today still have that, but not the digital ones.