December 03, 2014

Brazil, Uruguay move away from US dollar in trade - Dec 3, 2014

Brazil and Uruguay have switched to settling bilateral trade with local currency to stimulate turnover, bypassing the US dollar.

Payments in the Brazilian real and Uruguayan peso started on Monday. The agreement was signed on November 2 by the head of Brazilian Central Bank Alexandro Tombini and his Uruguayan counterpart Alberto Grana. Both countries believe such a move would strengthen trade across Latin America.

"The agreement was the result of long negotiations between the countries belonging to Mercosur [the common market of South American countries - Ed.], as well as the global strategies of BRICS," RIA quotes Carlos Francisco Teixeira da Silva, Professor of International Relations at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

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Silva says the measure is a "step forward" in Latin American monetary independence, and "the best opportunity for the countries of South America to get rid of the old mechanisms of economic regulations dictated by the United States."

If the new mechanism proves to be successful, it can be further expanded to countries such as Paraguay, Bolivia, or Venezuela.

Alex Luis Ferreira, a doctor of economic sciences from the University of Sao Paulo, says "the Brazilian real is likely to be used as an exchange and reserve medium."

In November President Vladimir Putin said Russia plans to leave the "dollar dictatorship" of the market and increase the use of the ruble and the yuan in trading with China. Settlements in yuan between China and Russia have increased 800 percent in annual terms between January and September 2014.

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Russia, China and Latin American countries are not the only ones interested in ditching the US dollar. The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) which also includes Belarus and Kazakhstan is planning to create a single market for financial services by 2025 which will simplify switching to dollar-free trading. Earlier this week the Russian State Duma proposed the creation of a single area for payment in national currencies. Such measures are expected to minimize Western influence on the economy of the EEU.

JOHN MACHAFFIE Update - 03. December, 2014

RV Intel

What’s going on behind the scene. The RV was assured to be released last evening on 12/1/14 by the US Corp Treasury. ‘Supposedly’ a deficiency was found on a treaty agreement at the ‘last moment’. Yea, Whatever! ‘Supposedly’ this has been corrected and can proceed.

Now waiting RV by the hour this afternoon of 12/2. Wonder what our cabal attorneys in the US Corp Treasury will find next. Does something smell here!

Sheldan Nidle opdatering for Galaktiske Føderation af lys og åndelige hierarki - 03 Dec 2014 CET

Hvem er Sheldan Nidle: Sheldan Nidle er grundlægger af Planetary Activation Organization, en UFO religion. Han siger at han er i stand til former for telepatiske kommunikation, samt er i kontakt med rumvæsener. Han er tit kanal for budskaber og formidler af Det Galaktiske Føderation Af Lys. Har tilladt mig, at indsætte links, så man beder forstår de begreber som er beskrevet.

Let this year’s ending be different. Let some degree of joy come to you. So look closely and see something wonderful happen! Keep your eyes open ... know from this that miracles can indeed occur. Heaven is readying a surprise for you. It is indeed to bring you the joy which you need!

10 Batz, 9 Yaxk’in, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come before you with more to say. Those who are pushing the dark minions from their powerful pulpit of power are now ready to finish this process. We are informed that a series of important moves are under way, to lead to the arrest of key personnel and the transformation of a number of major governments. At present, the US de facto regime is blocking the release of the new Treasury note. This gold-backed note spells the end of the Federal Reserve note and consequently, the fall of this most illicit government. Those dark minions who control this regime are to be arrested and grandly separated from the public. All of this is ready to happen. The individuals who are to be chosen for the interim governance are in a safe place and fully ready to exercise power. A vast number of special recommendations are to be given to the new congress when it is sworn in, after the four months duration of this interim governance has expired. These recommendations are to turn congress and its other two branches into true servants of the people.

The end of a government secretly run by special interests is only the beginning. The U.S. Constitution needs to be restored to its original intent. This means that the now absent original 13th amendment is to be restored, and the illegally ratified 16th amendment stricken. These adjustments are to be further modified by a return to common law. Justice is no longer to be at the whim of a bunch of scalawags who dearly wish to up the number forced to attend their private prisons. Crime is to be apportioned to care for the needs of every community. The key is to create a true rehabilitation process that prepares all for a great and permanent prosperity. Society needs to ready itself for the coming of its mentors. Communities that are torn asunder now require means to heal. Prejudice needs to be confronted, and understanding of each other’s importance brought to the fore. Where necessary, residences need to be provided that bring internal and external peace (inner joy) to all.

Public projects need to be undertaken to bring roads, transportation systems, sewers and water supplies to a new, higher standard. Technology exists in your various societies to do this quickly. Monies are not to be the cause for delays. Once the monies start flowing, all sorts of humanitarian projects are to get underway. Once we are officially announced, we want to help. We can practically, in the twinkling of an eye, complete these various projects to end the immense disparities that currently exist around your globe. There is either an absence of sufficient water for living, or a great lack of proper sanitation. Transportation is scattered, and there is a lack of proper roads. Housing also requires a vast upgrading. To live in the coming consciousness upgrade requires a standard level of living equal to our own. We fully intend to make sure that this happens quite quickly. Heaven has a timetable we intend to meet.

As you upgrade your global living standard, you need to do so in a way that does not degrade nature. Human societies have the ability to use technology that can actually assist nature and improve the life of your surrounding ecosystems. Our cities operate in such way that the ecosystems are not disturbed. We are, after all, planetary guardians. We constantly work with the elementals to assure that each ecosystem is provided for, and thrives. Our rituals to enhance our home world and support our planetary Spiritual Hierarchy emphasize this interaction. We are joyous that we possess a technology which keeps us from farming, mining or using any of the resources needed by our world’s diverse ecosystems. Our purpose is to aid, and not in any way to harm the life, which teems both on the surface of and in the inner realms of our home world. We constantly exchange blessings and seek guidance on our stewardship from the planetary Spiritual Hierarchy.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We are here to inform you about a number of important events. First, you are blessedly close to the end of a process which is to bring you great prosperity. These blessings are to permit you to fulfill your dearest dreams and allow you to be free and sovereign Beings. It is our collective wish that each of you be joyous and in good health. This realm is finishing a long era in which the dark’s minions ruthlessly ran your lives. Each of these unholy scalawags was raised to see you as a lesser Being, whose sole task was in essence to serve them. This unequal reality was how each of us was raised to our adulthood. We know intimately both the joys and sorrows which you encountered in this life. We come to work with our advisors and associates to transform this and give you much better conditions by which you can easily return to full consciousness.

What is to happen is really quite simple. The forces of darkness left on the surface of this world are to surrender and accede to Heaven’s demands. It is difficult at this time to believe in what seems to be an immense “pipe dream.” Everywhere there are signs of the truth of this event, yet it is hard to imagine its fulfillment. Here, beloveds, it is important to carry this in your heart and openly support this cause. We have, with your love and vision, worked miracles. The end of your woes is truly at hand. Consider this a pep talk. Frustration runs rampant among you. It is indeed difficult to hold a vision while your savings and your health decline. It is plain to all that some form of immediate relief is required. Numerous elements are about to merge, which make such relief possible. Take heart in this. Know sincerely that you are not alone.

Our many associates understand that this holiday season is one of desperation for most of you. A good deed is truly needed to help you. We are collectively determined to create such a most wanted event. Winter is a time when darkness increases as the length of daylight lessens. It is a most perfect time for something that gives you cheer, and gladly points the way to the wonders to come at the start of the New Year. You have watched with anticipation, hope turning to sadness, as nothing of import seemed to happen. Let this year’s ending be different. Let some degree of joy come to you. So look closely and see something wonderful happen! Keep your eyes open and be ready to know from this that miracles can indeed occur. Heaven is readying a surprise for you. It is indeed to bring you the joy which you need!

Today, we continued our set of weekly messages. These very brief reports are about levels of action which are to give much joy, and above all, first contact and full consciousness. We come to bring you a grand reunion with your various spiritual and space families. We come to return truth to your histories, and detail your origins long ago on a water planet in the Vega star system. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Corydon's guldgrube falmer stille og roligt væk, Nordsøens oliefelter er svunden ind til det halve de sidste 10 år

De naturlige olie og gasfelter i Nordsøens kalkreservoirer svinder ind, bliver dyre og kræver længere boringer ned i undergrunden fra nuværende 2 km, ned til 6-kilometers dybde. For at være rentabel at udvinde olie skal en tønde olie koste mindst 200$ og ikke som nu 70$, ifølge Statsgeolog Peter Britze.  (kilde)

Selvom de elsker Nordsøolie på Borgen, går det ikke så godt længere med at spinde penge på olien.

Nordsøens ældste oliefelt hedder Dan-feltet, fuldt fungerende og stammer fra 1972, Maersk Oils mest moderne platform hedder Harald-feltet anno 2012. Dog giver de nye oliefelter i Nordsøen ikke det forventede olie længere. I 8 år har olieselskaberne forsøgt at finde nye olieboringer og de nye olie licenser men det har ikke lykkes som ønsket. Olie i Nordsøen findes i Kalk og Sandsten.

Ifølge Peter Britze, kan man med forbedret teknologiske redskaber, undersøge undergrunden og flodaflagringer, sandbanker, det bliver bare svære at finde og udlede fra de nye boringer som er foretaget.  
For første gang i 18 år: Danmark er ikke længere selvforsynende med energi, dvs. Produktionen af olie og gas i Nordsøen faldt så meget sidste år, at Danmark trods et faldende forbrug blev nettoimportør af energi. kilde Ingeniøren

Med CO2 kan der klemmes 50 procent mere olie ud af Nordsøen ifølge Ingeniøren. Dansk forskning viser, at man med CO2 kan forhøje udvindingsgraden i Nordsøen fra 30 procent til 45. Vi ved dog med Hydraulisk frakturering giver enorme klimaproblemer. Ifølge Greenpeace  er lagring af CO2 i undergrunden er ikke en bæredygtig løsning, når det handler om det globale klimaproblem. Tanken er at bruge undergrunden som en losseplads for CO2. Hermed skaber man en slags CO2-bomber, der ligger som en mulig regning til fremtidige generationer,siger Tarjei Haaland, der er kampagnemedarbejder i Greenpeace.

Danmark brugte ellers 5,2 procent mindre gas og 2,2 procent mindre olie i 2013 end året før. Men faldet er småting i forhold til, hvor meget produktionen dykker i Nordsøen, skriver Energistyrelsen i en pressemeddelelse. Produktionen af råolie faldt 13 procent, mens produktionen af naturgas dykkede hele 17,7 procent.
Men ser man på den samlede energiforsyning, dykkede selvforsyningsgraden sidste år til 93 procent. I 2012 var den 102 procent, og da produktionen i Nordsøen toppede i 2004, producerede Danmark 56 procent mere energi, end vi selv brugte.

Selvom det danske forbrug af olie og naturgas sidste år faldt, så steg det faktiske CO2-udslip med 4,3 procent sidste år. Det skyldes, at kraftværkerne fyrede mere kul af end i 2012.

2014 Documentary Film: 'WELCOME TO TRUTH'

Published on Sep 13, 2014

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This is an informative and coherent documentary that exposes the hidden truth that you will never or very rarely get to see in the mainstream media. It has to do with the rule of secrecy behind the scenes of world politics, that has been steadily working on a covert plan to dominate the world and rule over us all without our consent. The world needs to wake up to this reality before it's too late.

0:00 Open your Eyes
7:20 One World Government/New World Order
11:15 Who Really is in Control?
21:07 Economic Slavery to the Elite
36:00 Satanism &Occultism
1:40:04 The Truth about 911
2:04:02 War on Afghanistan
2:19:50 War on Iraq
2:54:51 War = Profit
3:00:19 Depopulation Agenda
3:22:55 Global (Electronic) Currency
3:25:13 RFID Micro Chip
3:31:48 Big Brother
3:43:03 Media Monopoly
3:47:04 The Influence of Media

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