Mar 19, 2021

🌌 ~ 💗 ('HCQ is good', 'Trump's org. vaxx altered by Biden', 'Expect miracles', 'Sovereign-citizen', 'Enough of this BS', '4-500 years ahead advanced SSP startech') Alex Collier Andromedan Contactee - Question & Answer Webinar *LIVE* - March 19, 2021 (Alex Collier, JayPee & James Harkin) 💕~ | Blogger: SoTW is just one hour in the LIVE webinar, there's so much stuff in this special Q&A session...|

Blogger: Just amazing and intriguing person Alex Collier...Meet him 'in person' first time at 2015 "Mt. Shasta Summer Conference - Interplanetary Cultural Exchange"..... His very first appearance in public domain for 6 years or so...

bibliotecapleyades: (Excerpts) Alex Collier claims to be a 'contactee' with a race of Nordic looking humans from the constellation of Andromeda. He has had a number of contact experiences since his childhood and this developed over the years as he was given more and more information by his Andromedan contacts. I got this note from someoneI have analyzed Alex Collier's information, had phone interviews with him, and also interverviewed him over a four day period in September 2005. I have witnessed some physical evidence he has provided to support his testimony. I have also spoken with a direct witness verifying various aspects of Alex's contact experiences. Alex has also revealed that he was the recipient of threats from shadow government agencies and abruptly chose to stop disseminating his information in 2000. Furthermore, Alex has give face to face interviews with veteran UFO researcher Paola Harris who has had the opportunity to examine the evidence supporting his testimony and concludes he is credible. My conclusion from my investigation so far of Alex is that he is very credible and very likely a genuine contactee with a 'friendly' extraterrestrial race. I therefore recommend taking the information he has to reveal very seriously. All those interested in galactic diplomacy and understanding a variety of extraterrestrial races interacting with humanity, will find Alex's work to be very helpful. 

🙏 ~ 💝 ('Father Prime says “Stay Firm and Be Strong”) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟Commander Ashtar Update: Freedom ~ SNIP (TheRumorMill)🌟] ... 📑Greetings, I am Ashtar commander of the Galactic Federation of Light, connecting to all of you today with updates on our progress behind the veil. I would like to mention to you the differences between your and our realities. Your 3D reality and our 5th dimension and up are very different. For humanity at the moment, it’s hard to understand and apprehend our high dimensions. There has been a lot of misunderstandings about our time frame and your Earth time frame. In our world, everything manifests immediately and effortlessly. On your planet, everything happens very slowly and it takes a long time before manifestation comes to fruition. Your process of moving from 3D to 5D was too slow, so Prime Creator readjusted the timelines to speed up your Ascension. Please, stay patient with the transformation that is happening now on Mother Gaia. It’s coming, nothing and no one can’t stop it anymore. Father Prime says “Stay Firm and Be Strong”📑... PS: 1st pic is from a private FB Group (Arcturians), taken near Pheonixville, Pennsylvania a morning on woman's drive to work... |


🙏 ~ 💝 (Hallo-hallo? Bliv CV-testet på 5 sprog mens PM-Mette forsvare skandalelov!) Dagens Spirituelle Motivationscitater eller Livets Sandheder (SoTW DK) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟HVILKET Danmark ønsker du dig i fremtiden?🌟] ... HVAD koster det vores børn, at Big PHARMA, (medicinere) vores små starseed poder og samfundet med eksperimentel vacciner, som i forvejen, har Corona-traumer?... Den juridiske dommer i sagen, Uffe Habekost Sørensen, der dømte Nanna Skov Høpfner, der også er kendt som Nanna Fri og fik 2 års ubetinget fængsel, har en fortid i Justitsministeriet, dvs. fra udøvende magt, før han skiftede til den dømmende magt. Det seneste er, at tre, som har været varetægtsfængslet i otte uger, skal løslades, de såkaldte "dukke-bagmænd", men senioranklager Søren Harbo, har kæret løsladelsen til Østre Landsret... I det seneste år er der skiftet ud på næsten alle ledelsesposter i Sundhedsministeriet, skriver Politiken, men bliver forsvaret af eksperter på R4DIO MORGEN og artikler, som et "umenneskeligt arbejdspres" - køber vi den, eller er ledende folk i statsapparatet, vågnet op og "flygter", med arme og ben?... Beskytter vor beslået ridder og Statsoverhoved, Mink-Medico-Mette, Danmarks corona-commander-in-chief, den israelske stat, visse industrier og indflydelsesrige, DDFO'er?... Nedlukning koster Danmark 13 millioner kroner i timen, mens CEPOS tilbage i marts måned af 2020, kalkulerede med 150 i medium-scenario, men usikkerheden er 80-500 mia. kr. Nu er vi i 2021 og jeg tror på SoTW, det nærmere sig 1,000 milliarder, inden "krisen" er ovre og hvem skal betale regningen?. Ja sgu, dig og mig... Behøver jeg, at fortælle dig, at det brancher såsom, Bestseller-koncernen, fødevareindustrien, store danske tech-, kemi og medicinalindustrien, online digitale streamingtjenester (Netflix, Facebook og Amazon) og alt hvad der hører til salg af hus og udlejning, træning til derhjemme og just-eat, som tjener KASSEN FRU MADSEN... Selv, kongehuset, fik et million overskud i 2020... PS: (Billede) 'Jeg er ikke fan af hende, og hvad hun gør, lyder det fra 15-årige Nick, der det seneste døgn er gået viralt.'... |

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra - “always above.”) A mysterious high-altitude flight corridor opened up between Area 51 and the Pacific and nobody knows why (SS) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Top Secret TR-3B Flying Triangle🤛] ... Btw, Steve Quayle are claiming, they are testing a new spacecraft, beyond the TR3'bs!... I used to work, a short while, at The Royal Danish Air Force, and so have always been interested with (secret) US Air Force Special Operations and all their (secret) spyplanes, stealth Fighters and bombers, like NASA SR-71s, XB-70 Valkyrie 1964 or F-117 stealth Fighter and what have you - there's so many... Later on, (Secret ) Space Force Programs... The SR-71, TR-1, F-117, B-2, TR-3A Manta, and Flying Triangle, the TR-3B Astra were tested at Groom. Area 51, as you know, is located in the north central part of the Nellis Range and is designated as Area 51 and I have been there during a MUFON event in Vegas with some crazy good guides by a (famous) german guy Jürgen who runs a website called,, as StrangeSounds has, mentioned, below. I have been visiting the back-door-gate and during Storm Area 51 as well... I've put in a link to a article ( and Edgar Fouche', The Chairman of the Board of Fouche' Media Associates, whose main claims to fame are his , "Alien Rapture - The Chosen", book, with co-author Brad Steiger. He speaks about Secret Government Technology, Black Programs, and the Top Secret TR-3B Flying Triangle... |


Late last week, a curious alert appeared in the Federal Aviation Administration’s database of Notices to Airman, or NOTAMs, which, among other things, alerts aviators to chunks of airspace that are temporarily off-limits.

The details strongly point to the comings or goings of a high-flying aircraft between either Area 51, also known as Groom Lake, or the Tonopah Test Range Airport, two of the U.S. military’s most closely-guarded flight test facilities, and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest of San Francisco, California.

The NOTAM, which was first pointed out by users of the message board, was issued on March 12, 2021, but was only active between 5:45 PM and 8:15 PM local time the following day. This is a very odd time when military aviation training and test activity is usually at a minimum.

The notice outlined a path 20 nautical miles wide and 426 miles long at an altitude between Flight Level 450 and Flight Level 600, or 45,000 to 60,000 feet. The exact route, defined by a series of named waypoints, can be plotted using tools available on the website ForeFlight, as seen below. [READ MORE]... | 

🤣🥳🎞️ ~ (It's friday) Let's Have Some Fun (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: And no it's NOT “Tom" a loyal Scientologist, but a very, very, very realistic Tom Cruise Deepfake. Rumor has it, and been reported, that several employees working on the production of "Mission: Impossible 7" have quit following Cruise's rant (ex-scientologist Leah Remini said Tom Cruise's 'psychotic' COVID-19 rant was a publicity stunt). It's not the first time Remini has targeted Cruise over his beliefs. During a Reddit AMA in 2017, Remini was asked whether Cruise was a nice guy, to which she responded flatly: "No!"... Btw, and the least feminist nation in the world is... Denmark?, yeah right, more deemed overly sensitive me-too'ism, the other videos might not be for you... |

👩‍💻👨‍💼🤏 ~ (The real Q:) Why has (female) world leaders welcomed fake president-elect China Joe digital mirage, after he picks his all-female comms team, female VP, but NEVER seen him or talked to him IFL? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Before everyone is going into a emotional breakdown, asking me to step down on, we KNOW, something is wrong👈] ... Hence, the (social-commie) Danish PM Mette F. has ONLY talked to 'Chameleon' Harris on the phone, the 'real' upcoming president of US Inc. with acting gay Obama as the "hidden hand", and everyone is wondering, why that is!?!... Vice President Biden (stealing an election does not make you a legitimate President) is being disrespected globally... There's so much proof videos out there, showing sooo many CGI compositing errors, that this 'Biden' character, is either a clone, stunt double or crisis actor with a mask on or simply, a fake digital mirage, and is completely staged using green screens and video compositing - but nobody is talking - some speculate that Biden may already be dead... Kim Jung Un of North Korea will not accept a phone call from VP Biden, and the President of Mexico is the one who is going to crack down on the illegal immigrants on the southern U.S. border that is facing a meltdown. There are consequences for fraud, and the entire world knows Joe and his crew are illegitimate and incompetent... Pelosi says Biden’s ‘humanitarian’ approach to migration is based on ‘love of children', calling Putin a ’killer' in a verbal 'fight' with Chinese officials and says all American adults will be eligible for vaccination by May 1, 2021 and you still can't see, something is wrong? (SoTW got help from,, ECETI, Mike Adams, Greg Hunter and more)... |


💖😊🤘 ~ (Viral Video of The Day!) CANADIAN DOCTORS SPEAK OUT: TOP REASONS WHY NOT TO BE AFRAID OF COVID (11 min video) ~ | Blogger: [👉FEAR is not real. FEAR is simply the product of your THOUGHTS. Danger is REAL but FEAR is a choice👈] ... While you watch this short, but must-see video of the day, you need to consider this... Not only, are our beloved children and elders, still suffering from pandemic-related anxiety, depression, fear, social isolation, loneliness or are exhibiting psychosomatic symptoms, they also feel 'pressured' or have no-say by taking the "Corona-vaccine", which will certainly, change them, FOREVER (Genetherapy, autoimmune disease, luciferase etc. etc.). That is not all, as we speak, the ‘Prussian Turk’ couple’s company BioNTech developed the either 'breakthrough' or 'deadly' Covid vaccine with Pfizer, stand to receive one of the highest honors in Germany... I have to be careful what I say, but wouldn't it be like, rewarding 'Knight's Cross' to the CEO's of Nazi-founded Bayer chemical company who has bought Satan-inspired Monsanto, while "killing" the story coming from Gillam, an investigative journalist and author of The Monsanto Papers: Deadly Secrets, Corporate Corruption, and One Man’s Search for Justice, which will be released Tuesday, March 2, by Island Press?... You have noooo idea how corrupt this Medico-Chemistry-Industrial-Complex, are... So before we all rush to get jabbed in hopes of some immunity, we should really re-consider about the radical human experimental technology and its lack of precision... 💯BTW, BioNTech signed an agreement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in September, 2019, just before announcement in Wuhan China of the Novel Coronavirus and just before BioNTech made its stock market debut... On the day Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, company issued its press release on the proposed vaccine trials, he sold 62% of his stock in Pfizer, making millions profit in the deal. He made the sell order in a special option in August so it would not appear as “insider selling”, however he also timed it just after the US elections and the mainstream media illegitimately declared Joe Biden President-elect... Just in case, you ever wonder... |