Apr 8, 2020

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👋 ~ Bernie Sanders Suspends Campaign: "Over The Past Five Years, Our Movement Has Won The Ideological Struggle" (realclearpolitics) ~ | Blogger: PS: 'Feel the Bern' was good for one thing and one thing only - trying to stop Novo Nordisk - the world's largest producer of insulin and has developed its production expertise over almost nine decades. Novo Nordisk and their insulin monopoly products for private consumers, has risen 450-700%, more than inflation, over the past 20 years in the United States... Because of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, Novo, is part of, poor people are literally DYING, because they can't afford the insulin products. Another thing that disgust me, is the BioAG alliances such as the chemistry industry's acclaimed Novo Nordisk due to Novozyme, having close ties to Monsanto and Bayer AG (MonSatan or Nazi Bayer - nicknames). Who holds hands over them all? = politicians, moneymen and lobbyists... We saw Turing Pharmaceuticals had to fire Managing Director Martin Shkreli to raise the drug Daraprim with a 5000% price increase used to treat toxoplasmosis and cancer industry which Denmark, is a MAJOR part of, has made billions upon billions on dying patients... President Trump stepped into the Oval Office and threatened to use the hammer against high drug prices, accusing drug companies of "letting go of murder." (Unfortunately, lobbyists have convinced Trump to do something else)... It's about Petrodollars, Bribery and Power in the American system subject to the genetically engineered political Washington and the almighty pharmaceutical industry. Let's take an example from many of Novo's diabetes medicine - if you have read about VICTOZA® for type 2 diabetes sold on the Danish and US market, which belongs to a class of drugs called GLP-1 mimetics (analogue). Studies link Victoza out of many other serious side effects, such as "thyroid cancer and pancreatitis", sold by ding ding ding - Novo Nordisk... |

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READ MORE: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/novo-nordisk-agrees-pay-58-million-failure-comply-fda-mandated-risk-program



Victoza is Novo Nordisk’s blockbuster, once-daily injectable Type 2 diabetes drug that stimulates insulin production in the body. In addition to decreasing blood sugar, studies have shown that Victoza can increase weight loss and decrease risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attack, stroke, and related death. However, studies have linked Victoza to serious side effects, including thyroid cancer and pancreatitis.

🥈 ~ GLOBAL SILVER SUPPLY COLLAPSE ON ITS WAY: Mexico mining suspension to hit silver supply (PFC) ~ | Blogger: [👉Covid-19 may cause deepest economic crisis ‘of our lifetimes’ ~ WTO chief👈] ... SoTW have bought silver coins from 2 european suppliers and BOTH, has N-O-T-H-I-N-G, in stock at the movement (Currently not available)... Over the last three weeks all hell broke loose in worldwide financial markets sending basically all asset classes into a dramatic crash. While Gold reached a new all-time high just a week ago it now trades significantly lower. Of course, the Gold-buying spree from Govt entities and Central Banks, will make a looot of money. Has the Corona Virus Panic pinned the "everything bubble"?... |

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by: Steve St. Angelo,

Due to Mexico’s Ministry of Health issuing an Executive Order for the immediate suspension of non-essential activities until April 30th, the mining industry in the country has now come to an abrupt halt. The mining industry was hoping for an exemption to the Executive Order, but was not granted one. So, companies are now suspending production and putting their mines on care and maintenance.

According to the article on the Mining Journal website, Mexico mining suspension to hit silver supply:

Under the government decree, non-essential activities are to be suspended immediately until April 30.

The decision is expected to have a significant impact on the supply of silver at a time when demand for silver coins is high. Mexico is the world’s largest silver producer at some 23% of world production and produced more than 200 million ounces in 2019, up from 196.6 million ounces in 2018.

With Mexico shutting down its mines, including the continued closure of Peru’s Mining Industry announced on March 15th, nearly 40% of global silver production is offline. Peru’s government stated that the national quarantine would last 15 days. However, we have passed that point, and there is no announcement of a return back to work.

Here are the top ten silver producing countries in the world in 2018:

🍿 ~ RV/Intelligence Alert: "Rescue" ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... {📑"Trump may not be the hero you want, but he's the hero you got." -- David Wilcock📑} ... |


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Rumors suggests that hospital ships Comfort and Mercy are being covertly used to care for Human Trafficking rescuees.

If true, the arrival of Comfort and Mercy is just on time with the National Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) declared by President Trump in 2017.


It is a possibility that the Earth Alliance has begun mass rescue operations for human trafficking victims while the public stays indoors during the quarantine.

Human trafficking is one of the Deep State Cabal's sources of income.

Sources are claiming that there will soon be a nationwide shutdown of phone and internet which may indicate the beginning of mass arrests.

🎬 ~ Let’s have a System Reboot and Start Anew. The New Hack-Proof, Super-Conscious, Quantum Computer Global Financial System ~ | Blogger: [🔩 Sooo what is QFS?? It's suppose to be the new hack-proof, super-conscious, Quantum Computer Global Financial System🐱‍💻] ... Have you heard about NESARA / GESARA? - the secrete GESARA Treaty (disguised as the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change)... Unfortunately, i've heard, that the Cabal with IMF, BIS, World Bank etc. is trying to come first, by introducing their own version, based on Wall Street 'private' proprietary applications or protocols of crypto and blockchain. We know that Big banks are launching a blockchain trade platform powered by ‘Bitcoin-like’ token... We know that former Saxo Bank co-founder and billionaire, Lars Seier Christensen, a Danish business man, entrepreneur and investor, are pushing VERY hard to get his baby - a blockchain network Concordium into the sea, pitching, that HIS technology will be of great importance and, among other things, help in the fight against money laundering, fraud and economic crime, and the technology will in time be able to ease the capital requirements of banks... Recently Chinese government supports development of ‘Blockchain City’ in Malaysia, but at the same time, Russia, India and China's new gold rush could shake up the International Monetary System... Something is about to happen soon... Let the (spirit guided driven) New Quantum Financial System (QFS) win the race... |

The New Quantum Financial System (QFS) is a super-advanced “out-of-this-world” technology that the Dark Cabal does not have. It has the capacity to map information sources throughout the multi-universe (time/space continuum and no time/space), and holds massive amounts of data in a compilation of materials the size of a grain of sand. Gone are the days of data server centers the size of football fields.

It’s power source is not electricity. It is not dependent on any electrical grid, and not even crystals. It is powered by the limitless energy source of life itself (consciousness). The very source of limitless energy that powers the human individual also powers the Quantum Financial System.

It can only operate in the light, and rejects darkness and evil intent. It reads into all organic lifeforms, and understands growth patterns. The way it’s programmed, it is not possible for the Dark Cabal to steal money or wealth from another person or another nation any longer. The system does not recognize any royal line, only the line of “Source of Consciousness” which is present in all of us.

It knows intention by reading human brainwaves. It knows a person’s intention because intention is locked in the DNA (living DNA) sequencing of the individual. Not one individual, but all. In the case of nations, it is RNA of the original source of the asset. It calculates true trade values based on REAL production, not what the Dark Cabal wants the world to see. True production of commodities and their respective values will begin to unfold. Money is just a bunch of numbers in a consistently running algorithm tied to the RNA or origin of its asset base placing all proceeds into that bucket tied to its origin (RNA) and its people (living DNA) of that original location.

This is what the Quantum Financial System is programmed to do, and cannot be stopped or changed until the task is complete. This is why the Dark Cabal’s Central Banks cannot register any assets of the USA/Russia/Africa to a server in, for example, Shanghai. RNA is not a match. The Quantum Financial System was launched on Friday, June 22, 2018, after business hours, according to Kim Possible - who claims to have programmed the Quantum Financial Computer System. Source: Kim Possible Update June 24, 2018.

...(..).. ~ read more on blissfulvisions ...

🛸 ~ Three UFO Orbs Seen In A Triangle Formation Over Tomsk, Russia. April 6, 2020 (The Hidden Underbelly 2.0) ~ | Blogger: [🔺It looks like a giant.....U.S./ Russian / Chinese TR-3B Triangle, 'reverse-engineered alien craft'. Build from the Secret Space Program breakthrough technologies🔻] ... |

🥳👵😂 ~Den Korte Coronavis Ep. 16 - Er det dig der er Bing?~ | Blogger: [🤗Statsministeriet mørklægger moppe-sms fra Martin Rossen til Lars Trier Mogensen og Kisser, der bliver Båt-Båttet! Morten Messerschmidt er på Bing Lounge om Mette F. yndlings-citater og Rasmus Bruun masseproducerer T-shirt som ikke skal vaskes, kun for de tyndfede🧼] ... |

Verdensalt udgave efter balladen med Den Korte Corona(fis) Facebook gruppe

🤑🤥💸 ~ Even Germans fall for multi-million-dollar scam over masks... as WHO says they DON’T save healthy users from Covid-19 ~ | Blogger: While Trump is shouting at Sweden, Denmark, has just bought multi-million-dollar scam masks and protective equipment with 24-return trips by the world's biggest airplane, an Antonov AN-124 cargo plane, that landed early Wednesday morning at Copenhagen Airport with protective equipment. The cargo aircraft brought, among other things, 500,000 face masks and 180,000 protective suits to the Danish healthcare system from China. Maersk has provided financial and logistical assistance along the way... The problem is however, that all danish hospitals are EMPTY, no CV-cases, several corona sections are empty in tents, thousands of surgeries have been postponed. Thanks to the Chinese government agent, Jack Ma from Alibaba and Russians sending help by planes, with equipment, that has little or no effect, at all... PS: Just think how much money it cost in fuel, logistics to run a plane like Antonov AN-124 cargo plane for 24 trips and manpower to ship and pack, useless protective equipment, while millions around the world are losing their jobs and starving and worse. THAT makes me sad and upset😟... PSS: The head of EU's main science organization has resigned just months after taking the job. He said both the body and EU leadership failed to adopt a robust science-based approach to the Covid-19 outbreak when one was badly needed... That will tell you something, right?.. |

FILE PHOTO. Protective face masks. © AFP / Robin Utrecht
Source (RT.com)

Local authorities in Germany have been left red-faced after unknown fraudsters ‘sold’ them a nonexistent batch of face masks. The World Health Organization (WHO), meanwhile, says the item is mostly useless against Covid-19.

Face masks have become a precious commodity amid the global health crisis, with countries snatching shipments from under each other’s noses, prices skyrocketing and many opting for homemade variants. Loath to miss an opportunity for profit, however, criminal minds have found ways to dip into the burgeoning market of face protection gear as well.

North Rhine-Westphalia, the most densely-populated and one of the worst coronavirus-hit German states, has been duped out €2.4 million ($2.61 million) in a large-scale face mask scam, German prosecutors said on Tuesday. The state’s authorities shelled out a whopping €14.7 million ($15.9 million) for a shipment of masks last month – but it turns out they never existed.(READ MORE)

😒 ~ 😘 Landsmoder Jupiter Mette: I, danskere, har indgået en kontrakt med mig og dermed modtaget et diktat. Er det forstået? ~ | Blogger: [👉Nye regler, paragraffer samt tvangsmetoder i epidemiloven, er trådt i kraft. Heldigvis, vedtog Borgen ikke at politiet kunne bryde ind i folks hjem, men vaccinekrav er en realitet, tvangsbehandling, og store bøder for at bryde, coronapåbudet. Det har en Nordjysk bodega og en 70 årig frisør i Sorøområdet, kunne mærke med titusindevis af kroner bøder. Nu kan politiet også forbyde ophold af ét sted - strande, parker, pladser, forlystelsessteder, banegårde og lufthavne, forretninger og indkøbssteder👈] ... 🧻Tuuuuuusinde tak Mette F., for 3 uger siden, lukkede landet ned, netop som et ægtepar var ved at underskrive købsaftalen på mit hus, men efter din tale, kørte op i Netto i stedet, efter toiletpapir og gjorde mit hus, værdiløs. Tabt ca. 300.000 kr. på papiret... 📉Tuuuuuusinde tak Mette F., for at fortie sandheden om at hospitalerne, hvor coronaafsnit står tomme, tusindvis af operationer er udskudt, studerende kan ikke komme til eksamen og gymnasierne ved ikke om de er købt eller solgt, og virksomheder går konkurs, hvilket betyder, at 100.000 danskere forventes at miste deres job... 💉Tuuuuuusinde tak Mette F., at du kræver 15 forskere, der alle har tilknytning til Københavns Universitet, Rockefeller Instituttet, Bill Gates og Bavarian Nordics, om at lave en global vaccine, som nu, ATP ser som attraktiv investeringscase. Foruden Ambu A/S, samtlige sundhedsrelaterede virksomheder tjener KASSEN FRU MADSEN. Også, Mærsk, der har sat 24 fly ind i kæmpe luftbro mellem Kina og Danmark for, at hjemsende MILLIONER af værnemidler, som Sundhedsaggregatet Magnus Heunicke og Kongecobraen, Kronprins Frederik modtager, da flyet ankom, som vi ved, "IKKE" har nogensomhelst effekt. Takket være den kinesiske regeringsagent, Jack Ma fra Alibaba og min direktørven fra Thailand, mister sin virksomhed med tørlast skibsfart grundet for få laster, lukkede havne o.s.v... ☠️Tuuuuuusinde tak Mette F., for at du har tilladt og kickstartet CIA / USAF chemtrails fly under dansk territorium, igen... 🐉Tuuuuuusinde tak Mette F., for at have sendt én omvendt kommunist ind på talerstolen idag, Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil, og skældt befolkningen endnu engang ud, mens man påstår, at beslutning om at genåbne vuggestuer, børnehaver, dele af folkeskolen samt en række fritidstilbud vil blive gennemført over flere dage fra onsdag den 15. april. Heldivis er facebook gruppen; 'Mit barn skal ikke være forsøgskanin for covid-19', gået i aktion... 🧨Tuuuuuusinde tak Mette F., for at have fået Blå partier, medie redaktører og andre opvågne sjæle, til at reagere med hårde angreb og beskyldninger mod jer i regeringen. Den forsigtige genåbning af Danmark begynder nu at hagle ned, men du er jo ligeglad Mette. Det er jo din skygge-ministerium, Stabschef Martin Rossen, W.H.O., Bill Gates, ID2020, Event 201 og Rothschilderne, som kører løbet, ikke dig!... Du burde indstilles til en Fortjenstmedalje i Guld💛... ⚠️ PS: du vidste da godt, at Danmark, ikke åbner før til September ikke sandt? For 2 uger siden, vidste Kirkeministeriet, via Københavns sogn, at konfirmationer, skulle flyttes til efteråret. Hvorfor tror du de vidste det? Fordi, det hele er planlagt, til mindste detalje. Har du ikke set World Economic Forum's Coronahjul?. Det er "Lykkehjulet" med Suzanne Bjerrehuus, a la COVID-19 udgave, som har over 200-300 lag under sig, på hvert et hjul-virus-streng. Lavet under Event 201 eller før... Check det ud... |




🦸🔁🦸‍♂️ ~ (MUST SEE) Perspectives on the Pandemic | Prof. Knut Wittkowski | Ep. 2 ~ | Blogger: [✋SoTW is under Oath: I swear that the evidence that I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God⚖️] ... I Swear that there's ONLY 5 doctors (infectious-disease specialists, epidemiologists, scientists or holistic natural doctors) in the world right now, who tells the TRUTH. That will BLOW YOUR MIND... #1️⃣ -- German Professor Knut Wittkowski (below Ep 2 with over 314K views and counting)... #2️⃣ -- Indian American Dr. Shiva Ayadurai (the inventor of email and candidate for the senate in Massachusetts)... #3️⃣ -- Australian Tom Barnett (12 years of studying conventional medicine, natural health of medicine and solely looking into viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and parasites)... #4️⃣ -- Greek-American physician-scientist and writer, Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University (Who calls the "COVID-19 Pandemic-of-the-century" as "once-in-a-century-evidence-fiasco")... #4️⃣ -- German physician, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (physician and politician for SPD)... #5️⃣ -- Danish physician Dr. Vibeke Manniche (a doctor, PhD, is known by many through books, TV, newspapers, magazines and radio. And has been ridiculed and banned by govt, trolls and danes, who will not accept the TRUTH after have saying these words: "Hurray - no sign of the endangered corona epidemic") ... |

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg on the current Corona pandemic
Tom Barnett - removed from Youtube and all social media platforms 
Danish physician Dr. Vibeke Manniche "Corona numbers continue to show "No" signs of a blistering epidemic"

Bloggers links: 

Perspectives on the Pandemic | Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University | Episode 1
Dr Wolfgang Wodarg on the current Corona pandemic


Prof. Knut Wittkowski: We are experiencing all sorts of counterproductive consequences of not thought through policy  from the politicians and governments...Should we be testing everyone for COVID-19?... "NO"... CV is a pandemic - like EVERY fly, every year...I'm NOT nervous, WE dont die off the virus, we die off "Pneumonia"...We should protect the Elderly, because they have a HIGHER risk of dying of Pneumonia...

Perspectives on the Pandemic Episode 2: In this explosive second edition of Perspectives on the Pandemic, Professor Knut Wittkowski, for twenty years head of The Rockefeller University's Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design, says that social distancing and lockdown is the absolutely worst way to deal with an airborne respiratory virus. Further, he offers data to show that China and South Korea had already reached their peak number of cases when they instituted their containment measures. In other words, nature had already achieved, or nearly achieved, herd immunity. Watch episode 1 here: https://youtu.be/d6MZy-2fcBw

Interview highlights:

🙋‍♂️🤗💕 ~ Wuhan Lifts Lockdown, Resumes Transportation for First Time Since January - Video ~ | Blogger: HOW LONG, before the rest of the kabbalistic world leaders of the New World Order will HAVE to do the same?... Nothing is what it seems... |

Source (Sputniknews)

The city in central China was the site where the coronavirus pandemic originated in December and was put under quarantine on 23 January in a bid to stop the outbreak. According to the National Health Commission, 81,740 were infected in mainland China, with 77,167 recoveries and 3,331 deaths.

🌝 ~ 💗 PRETTY IN PINK Super Pink Moon lights up the sky across the world in rare spectacle linked to ‘end of days’ omen 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Amazing Pictures of The Supermoon. The Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon, the Pesach or Passover Moon, Paschal Moon, Hanuman Jayanti, Bak Poya and a 'supermoon'."👈] ... PS: The full moon is incredibly potent yet somehow underestimated. This lunar phase is a celebratory one, because it symbolizes spiritual completion. However, despite the climactic essence stemming from the full moon, it's also a catalyst for purging. For instance, the emotional meaning of the April 2020 full pink moon has everything to do with collective unity, but in the midst of tapping into your inner equilibrium, a number of revealing truths will come to light... You might ask; do people deserve to know the truth, even if it isn’t in their best interest? Yeeesssss!. Everyone deserves to know the truth as it relates to them. Especially after all Churches around the world are closed during Easter and beyond or Spiritual Gatherings and Mass Demonstrations, in the cover of COVID-19 mass deception... |