Jun 1, 2022

🕴️⚡💙 (Humanity is getting a real upgrade!) Humanity Is Ready For Adjustment To Higher Vibrational Frequencies: Massive real upgrade by the Galactic Federation – May 31, 2022 (Rose Rambles…) ~ |


The vibration of humanity is changing and will continue to do so.

(Humanity is getting a real upgrade!)

The Galactic Federation has been working with the Earth Alliance for many years now in order to facilitate this shift. The GF is a group of benevolent beings from higher dimensions who have come to help humanity transition into the New Earth.

As you may know, when we are born on Earth, we slowly lose our connection with higher dimensional frequencies and by the time children are around 8 or 9 years old most usually disconnect completely, but now it’s time for us to reconnect with those frequencies once again.

This means that we will be able to access many new abilities within ourselves, as well as have better health, increased creativity, and heightened awareness of ourselves and others around us.

If you haven’t experienced any changes yet, then don’t worry—they’re coming! And if you have noticed something different already, then good job! You’re on your way!

All humans are being upgraded to help integrate.

🆔🤖🦠 ~ (GR: 'DK's Digitale Strategi, Transhumanister og Teknokratiet') The Fourth Industrial Revolution som igennem World Econimic Forum vil blive underskrevet den 25 april i år af Danmarks Tech Ambassadør (SoTW Jan 2021 Arkiv) ~ | Blogger: OM det er LarsShrekDenLøkkelige, Guzzi-Mama-Helle eller Mink-Medico-Mørke-Mette, eller allesammen, som er skyld i vi stå med LORT til halsen, må i selv gennemskue. Coronakrisens altødelæggende Saurons Øje og nu krigsliderligheden til WWIII-krig, én EU-hær og verdensregering, Great Reset, og digital-genterapi-vaksiner, som gør os til urmennesker, robotter og underdanige, er og bliver, deres mål... Råmateriale... Jeg tillader, at lægge en mer-beskrivelse, ud af flere artikler om sammenhænge på verdensalt.dk og WEF/DK-aftalen, som LLR regeringen (V, K, LA) og DF og RV) grundlagde fra 2015-2018... Nedenstående kommer fra en såkaldt, dansk special task force gruppe af lysarbejdere, for frihed, under Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Danmark. I virkeligheden er de bare som dig og mig, men ønsker, ligesom du læser, at vi få syn for sagen og friheden, tilbage. Der er ingen tvivl om, at CV-19[84] Plan[Demic] Event 201 (digitalisering, robotisering og kunstig intelligens) er en del af WEF/DK-aftalen... God læsning (links inkluderet)... OG kan hilse at sige, LLR går igen og igen(ja ham den lille fede korkprop - generalen fra indremissionske Græsted) har lige skabt sit lille elitenetværk i 2021 sammen med Novo Nordisk tidligere CEO, som medlem (og lige nu - et nyt parti)... Man burde nok læse om emnet af Thomas Aastrup Rømer - Lektor i pædagogisk filosofi ved Aarhus Universitet... 😵PS: Hvordan (fanden) at (homoseksuelle) Esben Lunde-Torskemunde, fik tilsneget sig en topplacering under Vatikanets Corona-specialkorps, er mig en gåde. Fra lunken præstekrave til udledning af svinepest til accept af tungmetaller og nu under "Senate of Rome"... 🤦NOTE: HAR DU LÆST DET??? Ørsted, Mæætte og Co., er bundkorrupte - Ørsted og (venner) planlægger at købe gassen det på det europæiske marked, og det betyder, at russisk naturgas fortsat vil blive købt af Danmark – men ikke direkte fra Gazprom. Sådan lyder det fra den russiske ambassadør i Danmark, Vladimir Barbin, i en skriftlig kommentar til Berlingske... |



Hentet fra: https://www.verdensalt.dk/2021/01/dks-digitale-strategi-transhumanister.html


“At the end, what the 4th industrial Revolution will lead to, is a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” ~ WEF

"Mere konkret forpligter aftalen mellem WEF og den danske stat til, at der samarbejdes om ”biotechnology” og præcisions-medicin og om det såkaldte ”internet of things”. Desuden samarbejdes om ”digital trade/cross border data, Artificial Intelligence/machine learning, Big Data, data ethics, autonomous vehicles, and blockchain”. Denne konstellation af begreber peger direkte i transhumanistisk og singularistisk retning. ~ TAR


Råmateriale fra medlem af CC Danmark:

🔅💥✨ ~ (Solar Flash or Event Sunday?) Solar Flash Soon? Maybe Even on Sunday, June 5th? (Laura's View and Tarot, Too) ~ | Blogger: I'm not gonna go into this spiritual phenomena called EVENT or SOLAR FLASH! I have seen all version of it and been to COBRA SCHOOL, that explains it, on a more deeper esoterically level, of understand. Anywho, Laura's View, it's a perfect go-to-channel, since Janine and Ashley, is on a trip. If you're still hungry after those two WICKED GOOD WITCHES, Janine's LIVE on "Haida Gwaii Updates with Julie, Janine & Jean-Claude" from (4 minute maker to 40 minute in). Nothing really exciting (intel), you have to wait for her video on Friday... What Laura missed to tell you guys, is that there are many maps, I have printed some of them in A3-format, years ago. Misplaced them after I moved out of my house. I have added some links for you. Go to bibliotecapleyades.net for more in depth info... |

The Great Awakening Map | Decoding the Awakening Map (greatawakeningreport.com)
Home | Art House 5D Shop (greatawakeningmap.co)
The Great Awakening Map - The Great Solar Flash is Upon Us (bibliotecapleyades.net)

Left: A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks
Middle: The Great Awakening Map is the quintessential red-pill navigational chart for Escaping the  Matrix and Returning to Source.
Right: The Cult of Baal Map - "The Sephirot Map of the Pharaonic Death Cult."
Left: Star Wars Insider - The Galaxy Map
Middle: Star Trek - United Federation of Planets
Right: MUFON - Mutual UFO Network est. 1969 - 2018 map

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra) Earth Alliance, SSP & HUmanity has already WON the Battle in our Solar system. The Lord Archons, Alpha Draconians and King of Darkness sought to Overpower HUmanity in its Psychological and Perceptual Functions (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Shrouded in mystery, the existence of the Secret Space Program is a closely guarded secret, even though, information from government whistleblowers, intelligence operatives and former astronauts have been surfacing for decades... The goal of the [SSP] Alliance (different factions) is to defeat the ‘Babylonian Money Magic System’ and end financial tyranny on earth. The Alliance wants to restore order and justice and civility to our world - and release the planet-healing, life-extending, hyper-futuristic technology they possess to everyone.. Please remember, according to many sources, there are 38 levels above, TOP SECRET. On the very, very top level of secrecy it goes by the name "Cosmic" or "Majestic". Only 25 people have access and have the full overview of the entire SSP. US President is on level 17. In order words, and I have repeated this statement, in my humble opinion, the VERY LAST disclosure for Earthlings will be the real TRUTH of 80 years of coverup within the unfathomable vast and advanced "Secret" Space Programs that Russia, India, China, America (and EU - ESA) has established and controlled with other ET civilizations... One pick out of hundreds of movies and in the meanwhile, I encourage you to watch (2017) "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" (some say the movie and Spiritual Life depicts the REAL universe)... PS: You might wanna listen to Dr. Salla's latest "President Eisenhower's Extraterrestrial Legacy: Interview with Laura Eisenhower"... |

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