Dec 31, 2020

🍾🥳🎆 ~ Merry Cosmos & Happy No Fear (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Last day of the year!... 2020 was a blessing in disguise!... I'm gonna spending New Year's Eve, by my lonesome self, but have my Spiritual Angels, looking after my Avatar... Just like my danish CEO friend in Thailand, forced into a luxury Hotel for 14-days in isolation after entering the country (not too shabby). My sister's boyfriend, who forced me to stay home during x-mas and NY, because he freaked out about me visiting 2 foreign countries, and got my sister so mad a me, she made my mom cry, has been together with a fitness junkie recently, who has the virus and is not sure, he can spend NY with my sister - "karma's a bitch", old buddy... It has been a year of anger, stress and fatigue... Tensions has been high for all year long, about many things, and common symptoms include: feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness or hopelessness; feelings of restlessness; guilt; anger or irritability - globally and health and safety concerns over the COVID-19 virus - rank high among them... My wish for the coming year is that more people around the world, to become more alert, keeping a vigilant eye on our 'controllers' attempt, to put more fear into our Souls... Fear is man's worst enemy because it causes us to cringe inside the part of the brain that is devoid of reason and constructive thinking. When fear sets in, it put reason out. In fact, FEAR is the ravaging virus and it is not stopped by a vaccine. What is happening in the world right now, which more and more people can see, is a well-planned attack on HU-manity... Buuutt, it also give us an opportunity to start opening up to our inner intuitive living gut feeling... Our Brain Heart Chakra is the key and there Is Oneness in Mind, Body, and Spirit... We always have a chance to save the world and get our freedom back if we can let go of fear. We have every opportunity to reverse the trend if we dare to say out loud that we do not find ourselves being fooled... The watchword of global law enforcement is ‘policing by consent’. This means, above all, that the politicians, Government health authorities and police, try to get people to comply or by cheating, with the law through explanation and encouragement, rather than force. And one tool in the book that helps them 99% of the cases, is by fines and issuing penalty notices, or promise temporary wage compensation help etc... Keeing the public’s respect and approval, is the key, for this to work and 8 out 10 people, consent... If public respect falters, that consent is harder to achieve... God / Jesus Christ Consciousness / Source helps us all... Let's make 2021 count... Full of unconditional Tsunami of Love rushing out from our communities... Instead of anger and destruction, we should bring joy, healing, peace and encounter with God Source Light... |


☯ ~ 💗 (What a helluva year it has been) Great Cosmic Equalizer (Meg Benedicte) 💕 ~ |


Every New Year’s Eve, I do a ritual of review before setting my intentions for the new cycle. I spend some quiet time reviewing the past year’s challenges, lessons and accomplishments. 2020’s NYE review is especially poignant and ponderous. What a helluva year it has been.

As a quantum healer, I spend a lot of my time analyzing and reading energy. In healing sessions, I lock laser focus onto the issue, situation or condition to uncover the consciousness cause. When applying this technique on the extraordinary year of 2020, I am struck by the complexities and polarities that formed such a challenging year.

At the core root of the matter is the ‘alarm’ ringing loudly to gain our attention. It is not a short alarm, but an ever-increasing ‘off the charts’ ear-shattering clamor of urgency alarm. It is the alarm we hear of overwhelm during a healing crisis. I am familiar with this type of alarm…I’ve experienced several of my own during a healing crisis. But this alarm arrived in 2020 as a global metaphorical ‘house is on fire’ alarm! This alarm is warning us that our beloved Gaia is on the brink of extinction.

🌬️🛸🌌 ~ (Big Year Exopolitics & UFO disclosure) Top 10 Exopolitics Stories for 2020 » Exopolitics (SphereBeing Alliance) ~ | Blogger: I'm amazed and humbled, as a nobody hillbilly danish guy, to have meet Dr. Michael Salla twice, and late former Douglas Aircraft insider, William Tomkins at MUFON Symposium 2017 among others... What this aerospace insiders, William Tomkins, has revealed during many years of secrets, of a secret space program and what he learned in the Navy about alien technology and how it's still secret today in 2020... |


2020 was big year for exopolitics and UFO disclosure with multiple mainstream news sites reporting major developments. Legacy media is now regularly discussing UFOs/UAPs and extraterrestrial life, along with the latest developments with the US Space Force. I discussed my list of the Top 10 Exopolitics news stories with Corey Goode on Zoom (see video below) to get his take on what they mean for “full disclosure”. I consider Corey, along with the late William Tompkins, to be one of the most informed, legitimate and accurate insiders about secret space programs, extraterrestrial life, etc., with significant evidence to back up his claims, as I have discussed previously.

I will go into detail about my the Top 10 list with slides and news videos on January 3 in the upcoming Ascension, Exopolitics & Disclosure Conference with Laura Eisenhower, John DeSouza and Neil Gaur. This promises to be an exciting webinar discussing what happened in 2020 and what we can expect in 2021.

What follows is the zoom video with Corey and my list with links to relevant articles published earlier in 2020.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Top Ten Exopolitics Stories for 2020

🖼️📸💥 ~ (CV-1984 Globalt Medicinsk Menneskeforsøg) Billeder der indfanger året 2020 under Event 201 (SoTW) ~ |


👼 ~ 💕 (Nothing that can decay and die – from earth and rocks to plants and sentient life forms – is REAL!) New Awareness Arising within Humanity (Message from Saul) 💕 ~ |

Saul is an ascended Master just like Jesus, Buddha, Mary and many many more. BTW you are all on your ways to becoming ascended masters so stand up and celebrate your greatness.

channeled by John Smallman 
© 2020 johnsmallman

Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday December 30th

As the year of 2020 draws to a close people are increasingly concerned about the restrictions on their freedom that were put into place because of COVID 19, and wondering when they will be rescinded. The damage that they have caused to so many is enormous, and was unnecessary. The truth of this is becoming ever more apparent as more information is being released into the public domain. Fear of imminent death due to the infection was used to convince people to honor these unwise and unnecessary restrictions. It is now quite clear that the number of deaths that have occurred since the virus was first named has not been any larger than normally occur throughout the year. These restrictions may be intensified or removed, depending on the political intentions of those imposing them, but their overall effect has been to bring into people’s awareness their right and their need to reclaim their individual sovereignty instead of allowing themselves to be controlled and owned by an invalid authoritarian system, one of many that have existed in one form or another throughout the ages of humanity’s earthly existence.

Humans die! That is an aspect of being human, and it is not abnormal. Every individual in human form chose, with complete freedom, to experience separation from God by incarnating on Earth. Nothing that can decay and die – from earth and rocks to plants and sentient life forms – is REAL! However, when you are incarnate in form, it seems that the material world/universe is real. The game or illusion of separation, that you collectively designed and constructed, is meant to seem completely real, until, as humans, you begin to evolve sufficiently to become aware that you are eternal spiritual beings having a very temporary experience in form.

🎁 ~ 💗 (GAVER) Fuldmåne meditation og 3 timers healing (Sofie Rose) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉"Tag kærligt afsked med 2020 og lad kærlighedens energi fylde 2021 med hjælp fra enhjørninger, fremtids engle og lysvæsner." SR ~ 👈] ... Verdensalt eeelsker gratis ting og taknemmelighed for, at gøre noget for andre, som netop, Sofie Rose, har gjort med denne Fuldmånemeditation og tage imod healing og kærligt afsked med 2020... |

Nu er der endnu engang en magisk fuldmånemeditation klar til dig.

Denne gang får du mulighed for at tage kærligt afsked og modtage hjælp fra blandt andet Regnbue Enhjørningerne. Sådan at du kan få spredt kærlighedsenergi i hele dit kommende år.

Du finder fuldmåne meditationen lige her:

Jeg har endnu en gave til dig

I aften kl. 19.30 går jeg live på min facebook side og videreformidler en healing og sikkert også lidt kanaliserede nytårshilsner fra englene.

Hvis du vil være med, så skal du blot gå ind på siden kl. 19.30, så dukker jeg op i en video.

💉🙏😌 ~ (Ukendte risici for bivirkninger af genterapi) Ny vaccine farligere end virus ( ~ | Blogger: [🤜STOOOOP!🤛] ... Bedste video indtil dato som giver os, en forståelse af, hvad Coronavacciner er for en fisk og grobund for betænkning, om du skal tage imod, disse... 💭Det er SoTW's mening - men det skal ikke nødvendigvis, være din! Du skal ej heller, læse SV's bog 'Corona Overleverens Håndbog', men det hjælper dig, måske!... {💕Lad os stikke fingeren i jorden, mane til besindighed, tag 10 dybe indåndinger og søg derefter, mod hjertechakraet, som Engle er devaer, der har udviklet deres hjertecenter💕} ... 👂Lyt til de første 20 minutter, blev lidt klogere og dan, derefter, din mening... Hvis du har mod på det, lyt til de sidste 10 minutter og dan, derefter, din mening... 🥰Er du ikke gået i selvsving endnu, check VM's FB indlæg og se SoTW's billeder, hentet fra Fjæsen... 🤔Ønsker du (endnu) mere saglig viden om vacciner, bør du som minimum følge læge og professor i global sundhed Christine Stabell Benn, som er en af verdens førende vaccineforskere... 😠INDEN DU SÅ begynder at overreagere og overvejer, at ytre dig om hvor åndssvag og konspiratorisk, f.eks. 'Doktor Klam', der døbte Ekstra Bladet læge Søren Ventegodt, da han 15 år tilbage, behandlede sine patienter med såkaldt vaginalakupressur og blevet tildelt 22 næser af patientklagenævnet, men lyt til VIDEOEN, inden du (kaster op) på de sociale medier... ELLER ud over den alternative kræftbehandler, Martin Hejlesen, dømt 'en farlig mand' (som jeg har været til foredrag hos) har ikke alene markedsført sig med succeshistorier om døde mennesker, men beskyldes for svindel o.s.v. o.s.v... SAMT, CoROpå af Vibeke Manniche eller Kim Varming og mange, mange andre... 💖SoTW er blot informationsformidler, en portal eller videnscenter, men jeg ved faktisk ikke noget... ⚖️Du, som læser dette, skal både være 'judge, jury and executioner' og søge viden selv. Alt, kan ikke bare, blive serveret på et sølvfad... ⚠️PS: SV's video findes ikke på YouTube, FB har slettet billedet, klik på linket eller gå direkte til hjemmeside... |

Ukendte risici for bivirkninger af genterapi. De nye Covid-19 vacciner er i virkeligheden farlig genterapi, der giver risiko for sterilitet og autoimmune sygdomme, hvor immunforsvaret angriber kroppens eget væv.
Den advarsel giver læge og formand for Organisationen til Oplysning om Corona (OOC), Søren Ventegodt, i denne episode af Update. Søren Ventegodt har deponeret sin lægeautorisation mens han er formand for OOC. Se mere på: