May 29, 2017

COBRA | May 29, 2017 | Situation Update ~ Cintamani Grid | Blogger: Been lucky to got a Cintamani myself, always carrying it with me, gives me energy and important when the EVENT happens... |

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen ; Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevægelsen.

Eftersom jeg for længst har givet efter på disse højst usædvanlige fænomener og trosberetninger for vores forfædre samt galaktiske venners færden, er det en god ide som nybegynder, at læse eller slå tingene op via (google søgeord og vælge dette site) eller ( for at forstå hele sammenhængen.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Cintamani Grid

Since my last Cintamani update, the Cintamani grid on the surface of the planet was strengthened significantly.

Two pieces were strategically positioned on certain key points in Antarctica:

Many pieces are now being positioned on the ocean floors and in the caves worldwide.

Dedicated teams are positioning Cintamani stones in flower of life grid patterns in the most important key vortex points on the planet, such as Long Island:


And many others, especially in east Asia.

The Event Is coming soon - YouTube | May 27, 2017 | Harvard Poll Shows USA is Woke Majority Say Mainstream Media Pub |

The Event Is Coming Soon - Harvard Poll Shows USA is Woke: Majority Say Mainstream Media Publishes Fake News
“Fake News” has become the buzzword that the dying mainstream media has been using to dismiss alternative viewpoints that may appear on the internet or in alternative media. While it is true that there are a large number of satire sites and clear disinformation sites on the web, mainstream media sources are focusing on alternative media websites who do not share their views politically and attempting to associate these sites with the “fake news” phenomenon.
Luckily, however, it seems that the public is not buying this recent propaganda campaign.

David Icke Update | May 29, 2017 | David Icke Talks Vaccines with THE KiNK! in Australia 2016 | .. It's time to a do a discussion of a topic that makes me cry a little bit, whenever i think about it, the evilest thing i'll ever heard of. I actually caught onto this after talking to mothers who had vaccinated damaged kids, and i saw the side effects of vaccine damage with my own eyes. This is about the government forcing our children to be injected with vaccines. Pedophilia in the Catholic church is nothing compared to this .. |

David Icke talks vaccines with The Kink in Australia 2016.
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RT - Russia Today | May 29, 2017 | Macron accuses RT and Sputnik of ‘behaving like deceitful propaganda’ |

Newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron explained his team’s decision to deny RT and Sputnik, both Moscow-based news outlets, accreditation during his campaign, by labeling the media outlets as “propaganda.”

“They didn’t act like the media, like journalists. They behaved like deceitful propaganda,” Macron told RT France head Xenia Fedorova during a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Versailles.
"I have always had an exemplary relationship with foreign journalists, but they have to be real journalists," explained Macron, who defeated Marine Le Pen in the second round of the election, earlier this month. "All foreign journalists, including Russian journalists, had access to my campaign."




Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembrance of people who died in military service. For Memorial Day 2017, the Anonymous Patriots ask you to join us in remembering those who died fighting a war that has yet to be named. It includes the smaller wars with names we know– like World War I and II, Korean, and Vietnam, but there is a much greater war that could not be identified or named until enough time had passed and we could see a clear timeline of what was happening to the citizens of the world and who our enemy really is.


The war started decades ago as the central banks usurped the power of the U. S. Treasury by creating the Federal Reserve, a private money-printing haven that the banks used to create their wealth. The central bankers used our land, our livelihoods, and our lives to fill their coffers from the profits generated when heroes spilled their blood in places around the world and at home, whether in Normandy, La Grange Battle, Afghanistan, Benghazi, or New York City. Their wars would never stop because the real business of the central banks is the business of war. In order to keep their profits coming in, they had to sell products–bullets, guns, chemicals, bombers, uniforms. They needed customers with a “product or service need” so they created enemies for us to oppose and used false flags to terrorize us. Citizens paid for the military industrial complex to keep us safe, but we were actually feeding the beast that has been killing us.

Knowing that we would never agree to unlimited war, they fed us dreams of hope and victory. All the while, they were filling our water with fluoride to dumb us down, while watering down our educational system. They poisoned our land, suppressed free energy, rigged the markets and precious metals. They hid their real intentions of culling our worldwide population to 500 million, yet brazenly carved their plans for the New World Order on the Georgia Guidestones.

Our food no longer nourishes us as it is stripped of vitality due to genetic modification and irradiation. They spray chemtrails down upon us like we are vermin that need to be exterminated. They force our babies to be injected with a horrific cocktail of mercury, aluminum, MSG, and formaldehyde which they euphemistically call vaccinations. And when the war profits weren’t enough, the Central Bankers-Deep State started taking over the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. To keep this business profitable, they make sure we stay sick and only use their medicines, doctors, and hospitals for treatment.

'They use entertainment and fake news, keeping most citizens distracted, uniformed, and confused. They marginalize the heroes who speak out, calling them “conspiracy theorists.” When labels don’t work anymore, they censor our social media or cut off our advertising revenue streams. When those tactics don’t work, they resort to assassination.....[READ MORE]

Folkets! | 29. Maj 2017 | Nu går Folkets Avis systematisk efter at afsløre misbrug af skatteydernes midler – og du kan hjælpe til! Læs her hvordan | .. Som landets måske nok eneste medie begynder Folkets Avis nu helt systematisk at kortlægge og afsløre frås i det offentlige og misbrug af borgernes skattemidler .. |

Af LENNART KIIL - man, 29/05/2017 - 15:31

Der er alt for lidt fokus på det omfattende misbrug af borgernes penge, som finder sted i det offentlige og politiske system i Danmark.

Misbrug af skattemidler er dagligdag i den offentlige sektor - og det har vi fra dag et været med til få frem i lyset her på Folkets Avis.

Vi har også haft og har stadig en klar og utvetydig holdning til misbrug af skatteborgernes betroede midler:

Misbrug af borgernes midler på frås, tant og fjas i det offentlige er - og må være - værre end skattesvig.

Og nu har vi gjort det lettere for vores læsere at følge med i omfanget - den lille del af det som vi på nuværende tidspunkt har ressourcerne til at afdække:

Klik her og se hvad vi har afdækket – bemærk beløbet er dd. kun for frås. Primært "studierejser", receptioner, fester, sommerudflugter.

Planen er med tiden, at vi udvider dækningen til også systematisk at omfatte urimelige konsulentaftaler, projektmageri, eftervederlag, urimelige DJØF-aftaler der giver bureaukrater for mange penge, etc. etc.

Kom gerne med forslag i kommentarfeltet.

Men vigtigst af alt:

TV2 NEWS | May 29, 2017 | Denmark: Shopping Mall in Copenhagen Evacuated After Threat | Blogger: Happy 100th birthday, Mr President (JFK).. Isn't that special!! -- Yesterday, Magasin du Nord, which is a Danish chain of department stores. Its flagship store is located on Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen got evacuated due to a bomb scare | Today, Bomb disposal op underway in Berlin after ‘suspicious’ car found at kindergarten | ‘Must be the Russians!’ Mysterious red lights flashing inside White House puzzle witnesses | Strange noise heard over Nottingham two nights in a row | ‘I keep people awake at night’: ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis drops ‘quote of the year’ | Members of Manchester bomber’s network ‘may be at large’ | British Airways: Chaos continues at Heathrow | Newspaper headlines: Bank holiday terror lockdown | N Korea fires Scud missile into sea, its third test in three weeks | No more dependence on allies, Europe should take its fate into own hands – Merkel after G7 | Coincidences??.. . Nooooo.. Normal intelligence service military scare tactics to build fear into world populace before UK election and taking down Trump, and what have you.. You haven't seen nothing yet .. |

Finanswatch | 29. Maj 2017 | Svenske kunder parate til at skride ved Nordea-flyt | .. "Forlader I Sverige, så forlader vi jer." Sådan lyder det fra Nordea-kunder i Sverige, som har startet en underskriftsindsamling, fordi de er sure over udsigten til, at den nordiske storbank muligvis forlader hovedkvarteret i Stockholm til fordel for København eller Helsinki. Det skriver Berlingske Business med henvisning til det svenske medie Svd. Foreløbig har 10.067 kunder skrevet under på det førnævnte slogan i underskriftsindsamlingen, som organiseres af organisationen Skiftet. En af stifterne, Robin Zachari, siger til Svd, at der kun er tale om et første skridt for de svenske bankkunder .. |


SITSSHOW| May 28, 2017 | Lone Congresswoman Calls Out Trump for Insane Arms Deal With Human Rights Violator Saudi Arabia |

(Isaac Davis) As Western nations are being told to brace for more terror attacks like Manchester, mainstream media continues to simplify the narrative for public consumption, hoping that the general public will believe this is just a simple struggle between good and evil, black and white, right and wrong. There are some, however, who are telling the whole story.

Related UN Elects Largest Oppressor of Women, Saudi Arabia, to Woman’s Rights Commission — Seriously

Source - Waking Times

by Isaac Davis, May 26, 2017

Hawaii State Representative Tulsi Gabbard however, has been working to expose the truth and strike the roots of international terror. After actually traveling to Syria she introduced the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, which acknowledges that ISIS and other terror organizations would not exist without our financial and material support. Now she has condemned Trump’s recent arms deal with Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most egregious human rights violators.

Related Congresswoman Proposes Radical Solution to Refugee Crisis, “Stop Arming Terrorists”

President Trump, who during his campaign said he would hold Saudi Arabia accountable for 9/11 and would put them in their place, just signed the largest arms deal ever, promising to outfit the House of Saud with some $350 billion worth of arms over the next decade.
“The agreement included an arms deal; almost $110 billion worth of defense capabilities, the White House reports. “This package of defense equipment and services supports the long-term security of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region in the face of malign Iranian influence and Iranian related threats,” wrote the Trump administration officials.
The deal was signed during President Trump’s meeting today in Saudi Arabia with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud, Crown Prince Mohamed bin Nayef, and Deputy Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman. It is the first foreign trip of the Trump presidency.” [Source]

RedStateWatcher | May 27, 2017 | Wow. Hillary Has Found A New Reason To Blame Trump For Her Loss And This One's A Doozy | Blogger: Riiiiight.. Welcome to the blaming game. The cloned Hitlery Clinton to blame everyone for her failure - ".. Russia interference, sexism, racism, former FBI Director James Comey, the media and WikiLeaks all don Clinton’s list of excuses as to why she lost, for the second time, a bid to become president.. " |

In addition to "attacks by Comey and the Russians", Hillary Clinton is now blaming her loss on voter suppression.

From The Blaze:

Hillary Clinton’s list of reasons why she lost to President Donald Trump in last year’s presidential contest is mighty long — and the twice failed presidential candidate isn’t yet ready to add her name to the list.

Russia interference, sexism, racism, former FBI Director James Comey, the media and WikiLeaks all don Clinton’s list of excuses as to why she lost, for the second time, a bid to become president.

However, many political operatives believe Clinton was a flawed candidate who ran a flawed campaign.

For example, for the majority of her campaign, Clinton was under investigation by the FBI for using a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state. In addition, Clinton’s campaign failed to recognize the amount of support Trump had in key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin until it was too late.

A Sheep No More | May 26, 2017 | Bill Gates Announces Microchip for Population Control! |

RiseEarth|He was a seemingly nice guy in the first half of his life. An average American who made his fortune by selling hardware and software worth of billions, becoming an worldwide icon and a living example of the American Dream.

But in the second half of his life, he teamed up with the world’s “elite” in an attempt to reduce the world’s population by billions… and he meant business!

He soon became one of the most infamous depopulation activist, lecturing on genocidal vaccines, conducting vaccination campaigns that crippled and killed countless people in the third world countries, designing GMO mosquitoes that could carry and inject deadly viruses, and he’s constantly finding new methods of achieving his sick plans.

I am, of course, talking about Bill Gates, the man who recently pushed the population control agenda one step further: he announced the development of a remote-controlled contraceptive microchip, which can be implanted under the skin and last up to 16 years.....[READ MORE]

Berlingske Business | 29. Maj 2017 | Forskere: Rige danske familier skjuler 60 milliarder i skattely | .. De 320 rigeste familier herhjemme har skjult 60 mia. kr. for Skat i konti i lande i skattely. Det er konklusionen på en ny rapport, som i dag fremlægges på Christiansborg. Det svarer til, at denne gruppe af rige danskere har gemt en fjerdedel af deres formuer i skattely, skriver DR Nyheder på baggrund af rapporten .. | Blogger: Nu tænker du sikkert, VLAK-regeringen sammen med Socialdemokratiet og DF, smider alt hvad de har i hænderne og pisker ind på Finansministeriets bonede gulve stiller krav overfor Kristian Jensen? NEJ - Sådanne fungere politik ikke. De 320 rigeste familier herhjemme har skjult minimum 60 mia. kr. for Skat i konti i lande i skattely og det bliver de ved med. De er blandt de 423 mest indspiste magtfulde danskere, som igen, har doneret midler til den borgerlig trekløver-regering, som igen, bestemmer om Lars Løkke, skal optræde, i landet her. Det er ikke os borgere, der bestemmer. Det eneste Folketinget kan gøre er, at lokke med forsøgsordninger i form af amnesti til folk med penge i skattely, for at få dem til at betale til SKAT. Som et plaster på såret, er to danskere - den ene bosat i udlandet - varetægtsfængslet for at have snydt skattevæsnet for 37 millioner. MEN DET ER JO PEANUTS sammenlignet med de milliarder af kroner som Staten lader som om, de ikke kender til, der ligger som en tikkende bombe i skattely. Tro mig, Storbankerne og finansministeriet kender til disse rigmandsfamilier.. Tænk lige over at; For de milliarder som disse skattesvindlere snyder Staten og os borgere med kan faktisk betale for vores velfærd. Fx. afskaffe kontanthjælpen - kontanthjælpen er med til at fastholde klienter i et afhængighedsforhold til kommunen. Danmark skulle indføre en borgerløn til alle mellem 18 og 67 år i stedet for.. Liberalisere hele jobcentre problematikken - hvert år postes der 16 milliarder kroner i det danske beskæftigelsessystem, og er dermed et af verdens dyreste, med ringe effekt. Robotisering og digitalisering er kommet for at blive og vi er alle nødt til at sadle om, men Folketinget og centraladministrationen er slet ikke omstillingsparate endnu. Seneste rapport viser, at Robotter kan overtage 40 procent af dit arbejde. Efter Løkkes nederlag mht. forhøjelse af pensionsalderen, der skulle boostes økonomien med 80 milliarder kroner skal Løkke formentlig forsøge at indfri sine ambitioner ved hjælp af et kludetæppe af alternativer - så forvent nye skatter. Hvad skal vi gøre med de danske storbanker som er i lommen på de globale centralbanker som igen er i lommen på TheDeepState? De snyder de danske borgere hver eneste dag. Penge udstedes for øjeblikket som gæld, som skal betales tilbage med renter. En rente, der ikke er produceret, og som ikke kan betales, medmindre samfundets samlede gæld øges uendeligt. Det nuværende monetære system er således en Ponzi-ordning... |

Link - DR
Rapport: Rige familier putter penge i skattely

De 320 rigeste familier herhjemme har skjult 60 mia. kr. for Skat i konti i lande i skattely. Det er konklusionen på en ny rapport, som i dag fremlægges på Christiansborg.

Det svarer til, at denne gruppe af rige danskere har gemt en fjerdedel af deres formuer i skattely, skriver DR Nyheder på baggrund af rapporten.

Oplysningerne om de mange skjulte milliarder stammer fra lækkede schweiziske bankoplysninger og nordiske skatteoplysninger.

»Vi kan se i papirerne fra Swiss Leaks (lækkede bank-papirer, red.), at det i vid udstrækning er de alle allerrigeste, der har gemt deres penge i skattely. Oversat til danske forhold betyder vores resultater, at de rigeste 320 familier, som alle har en formue over 250 millioner kroner, har gemt en fjerdedel af deres formue i skattely, forklarer Niels Johannesen, der er lektor i økonomi ved Københavns Universitet og har arbejdet i fire år på rapporten......[LÆS VIDERE]