Apr 27, 2017

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Rumor Bill Clinton on Final. By Conservative Army.

Sources close to the Clinton family say that Slick Willy, 40th President of the United States and perpetual cheater, will be lucky to make it through the end of the week. The Clinton family, including extended relatives and members of the Rodham clan, have been filing into Little Rock all week where Bill is reportedly bedridden at the residence attached to his presidential library.

The fact that they’re booking rooms and sticking around most likely means they’re expecting to have to stay for a funeral. The Clintons have said that they would refuse any state burial or national ceremony if anything were to happen to them during the Trump administration as they are afraid of what he may say during the service. According to a Clinton spokesman:

“Donald Trump is mean and vindictive. If something were to happen to one of the Clintons, he could demand to speak at a national service and who knows what kind of disrespect would come out of his childish mouth.”

If the rumors are true, a service would be held at the Arkansas State House after Clinton spends two
days lying in state in the arboretum at his library. The Trump family would not be invited.

This is a developing story that will be updated.

We would treat this one as rumor until more information becomes available.

The City of Little Rock is filling up with members of the Clinton family as they reportedly prepare for the final departure of Wiliam Jefferson Clinton from this earth.

What they didn’t know is that while they prepare to say goodbye, President Clinton has been making his own arrangements.

A reporter for a small paper in Limerick, the first to ever interview Clinton when he was running for governor, has been called to the Clinton Presidential Library to interview the ailing former commander-in-chief.

The interview, which will be an exclusive, is being held so Clinton can “die with a clean conscience.”

Whether that means he’s going to confess to all of his affairs, to his dirty dealings over Whitewater or to the numerous coverups he and his wife have been involved in over the years remains to be seen.

Hopefully he can put to rest the questions left for too many families of dead reporters, aides and friends who came just a little bit too close to taking down a political dynasty.

We’ll update the story as soon as the details of the interview are released.


Yahoo News | Apr 26, 2017 | Mysterious shapes and patterns discovered in Arctic and Antarctic sea floor | ... Thousands of kilometres of the Arctic and Antarctic sea floors have been charted in an ambitious and highly detailed atlas of the polar seabed. Several strange shapes gouged out of the sea floor reveal some of the more dramatic periods of the poles' past. What we do know about the seabed here on... | Destroying The Illusion -- 4.26 - Antarctic Markings Discovered, Snowden Tweets, Electric Anomalies @ North Pole | Blogger: According to Jordan Sather huge soft disclosure from the MSM media outlets, seeding the public minds, I attend to agree.. |

Life thriving under the Antarctic sea ice

Thousands of kilometres of the Arctic and Antarctic sea floors have been charted in an ambitious and highly detailed atlas of the polar seabed. Several strange shapes gouged out of the sea floor reveal some of the more dramatic periods of the poles' past.

It's often said that we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about the Earth's ocean floors. What we do know about the seabed here on Earth is perhaps at its scantiest in the remote polar regions.

An atlas being presented at a meeting of the European Geosciences Union in Vienna is set to change that. The map covers an area larger than Great Britain and is the first attempt at an in-depth atlas of the regions in 20 years.

Kelly Hogan, a marine geophysicist at the British Antarctic Survey who worked on the atlas, presented the results.

"These are the fingerprints of the way the ice shapes the sea floor at these high latitudes," Hogan told a press conference.

"We took ships out across up to high latitudes and used echo-sounding methods, where you ping down a sound pulse to the sea floor and record the response back up at the ship."

This can be used to probe surface of the sea floor as well as the sediments beneath, creating a 3D map in high resolution.

"This is remote sensing of the sea floor – in the same way satellites are moving round the globe and taking images, this is what we're doing on ships but sending pulse down to seafloor instead," Hogan said....... [READ MORE]



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Independent | Apr 26, 2017 | China and Europe to build a base on the moon and launch other projects into space | ... If space is to be explored peacefully it will require ‘international collaboration’, a spokesperson for the European Space Agency said... | Blogger: That's what i call soft disclosure facts, staring you right in your face. Well, they can build all their want, if you ask me, MIC-SSP already - 'Been there, done that'.. A very bunt attempt to recap history, just a very small snapshort from thepromiserevealed, that really breaks it down and makes it digestible: ".. So through a secret organization, the United States government was taken over by vested corporate interests which allegedly were working with an altruistic motive to protect the earth from what they considered hostile an alien invasion. This is how it was sold to the military anyway. The generals and security types who had the clearance to know about the ET presence had to choose the lesser of two evils. This erroneous policy and thinking has gotten us up to our necks in lies and deceit and must now come to an end. The minions who enacted these many varied, nefarious and heinous crimes against humanity mostly had no idea of the bigger picture driving the human sex slave trade, drug deals etc.. The decision by the Truman administration and the Eisenhower administration to keep the fact of extraterrestrial presence a secret from the world’s populace has been in my opinion a big mistake and debacle of epic proportions, which we are only now trying to unravel ourselves from. I could ramble on and muse endlessly on the policies and the mistakes that were made to mislead and confused minds by the world elite political and military structure. This is one of the main reasons the extraterrestrial factor cannot be released to the public. There are still individuals within our government who have been deeply involved in creating wars and dealing drugs for profit. These people fear for their lives if the populace was to find out what they have been doing, and with proof, there would probably be mass lynchings. The betrayal of trust has been complete and the way out is like trying to untangle a fishing line.. Apparently the government had been to the Moon many years prior to the public awareness of these programs. It is reported that the US-Russians did a joint Mars mission and landed on the surface in a circular-type, earth-made UFO looking spaceship. There was reportedly a Moon base or two for a period of time, but the Earth people were kicked off the Moon many years ago and could not return unless they were invited. This would be done outside of gov’t. military channels. You will also see some very big operations involving the retrieval of various engines which crashed in test drives. Entire military forces have been engaged to locate these and destroy them before any other military power could find them and copy what the USA had created.. " |

Concept art for a domed lunar city in one of the Moon's craters Getty
China and Europe are looking to build a human outpost on the moon.

Representatives of the Chinese and European space agencies have discussed collaborating on a moonbase and other possible joint endeavours, according to spokespeople and media reports.

The work was first revealed by Tian Yulong, the secretary general of China’s space agency, who told Chinese state media about the talks. Pal Hvistendahl, a spokesperson for the European Space Agency, confirmed the discussions.

“The Chinese have a very ambitious moon programme already in place,” Mr Hvistendahl said. “Space has changed since the space race of the Sixties. We recognise that to explore space for peaceful purposes, we do international cooperation.”

Johann-Dietrich Wรถrner, the director general of the 22-member ESA, has described its proposed “Moon Village” as a potential international launching pad for future missions to Mars and a chance to develop space tourism or even lunar mining.

China arrived relatively late to space travel but has ramped up its programme since its first manned spaceflight in 2003, more than 42 years after a Soviet cosmonaut became the first to reach orbit.

Last week, the China National Space Administration launched an unmanned spacecraft on a mission to dock with its currently unoccupied space station. It plans to launch a mission to collect samples from the moon by the end of this year and conduct the first mission to the moon’s far side to bring back mineral samples next year.

The ESA hopes to conduct a mission analysis on samples brought back by this year’s Chinese mission, known as Chang’e 5, and also have a European flying on the Chinese space station at some future date, Mr Hvistendahl said. Neither prospect has been finalised.

China was excluded from the International Space Station mainly due to US legislation barring such cooperation and concerns over the Chinese space programme's strong military connections.

Additional reporting by Associated Press