January 04, 2015

Pedophilia - Teal Swan- January 4, 2014

Published on Jan 3, 2015

Pedophilia is one of those subjects that people dread discussing. Our ability to understand it is obstructed by our general level of disgust towards it. For this reason, I ask that you develop a curiosity and a willingness to remain completely open minded so that understanding can evolve as a result of it.
Long story short, the pedophile was hurt so badly as a child, that his or her entire child-ness and innocence had to be suppressed, denied and rejected for the sake of emotional, mental or physical survival. There is therefore an aspect of them that had to grow up way too fast and thus could not develop naturally. As a result, there is a part of themselves that they dissociated from that is frozen in a state of childhood. As a result of dissociating from their child-ness and their innocence, in order to feel whole, they must reconnect with that aspect of themselves that was lost. This is why they are attracted to children.

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ZenGardner: 20 Ways Sitting in Silence Can Transform Your Life - Jan 4, 2014

Silence is a source of great strength.” ~Lao Tzu

For over two years I spent one out of every four weeks in silence. At the time I was living at a Zen Monastery and every month we would have a week-long silent retreat.

During this retreat we sat meditation in silence, ate in silence, worked in silence, and only communicated through hand gestures and written notes.

At first living like this was hard, but over time I learned to grow to appreciate silence. By the time I left I learned that silence was my friend and teacher.

What did silence teach me?

1. Satisfaction

I used to think I needed to watch TV every night. But at monastery I went without and discovered I didn’t need it.

Silence taught me to be happy with less. Pick something that’s weighing you down and let it go. Your life will thank you.

2. Expression

When you can only talk by writing a note, you only say what’s important. Before the monastery I talked a lot but said little.

Silence taught me that a few simple words well spoken have more power than hours of chatter. Think of one simple thing you can say that would help someone feel better and say it.
3. Appreciation
Being able to speak makes life easy, but when I couldn’t talk I learned how much I relied on others.

Silence taught me to appreciate the value of relating to others. The next time you see your friends or family, try to really listen. Deep listening expresses deep appreciation.
4. Attention

Several times at my first retreat I thought my phone was vibrating. But then I would remember I didn’t have my phone. It showed me how my phone divided my attention.

Silence taught me how important it is to let go of distractions. The next time you are with someone you care about, try turning off your phone and putting it away. It will make paying attention easier.

5. Thoughts

I once sat a retreat next door to a construction project. What amazed me was how easily my thoughts drowned out the noise. I realized if my thoughts were this loud, I’d better make them as wise as possible.

Silence taught me the importance of shaping my thinking. Take time each day to notice your thoughts and let go of thoughts that don’t serve you.
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Rhesusnegative: 7 things I have learned while interacting with rh negative people Jan 04, 2015

December 14, 2014

In the past few years it has been my mission to bring rh negative people together. More than anything, I have had to get myself together. That is … in terms of adjusting to no longer feeling out of place, but rather found and safe. But this is something that required a little bit adjustment.

And here are a few things I have discovered about myself and rh negative people in general:

1) We are so used to adjusting to feeling out of place, that it is hard to let go and just be

feeling out of place

2) We have to learn that other rh negatives are as sensitive as we are


Growing up in an insensitive world, we are often used to shielding ourselves and not having to worry too much about coming off cold, as that is a part of what makes the world the world. But when getting close to people it is important to allow their essence to dictate the interaction alongside our own energy.

In those terms, we can often be surprised that what we use as common communication tools sets a sour note.

Being honest to ourselves is a must and accepting that the people we are coming in contact with are getting us without the need to explain ourselves or putting up a self-protective persona can be quite challenging.

Which is why my general advice goes as follows:

Do unto others as you would have done to yourself is not always the best advice in a world where dogs eat dogs.

But when in a community of rh negative people, this strategy can go long ways.

And one more things: When emotionally hurt, rh negative people, though feeling it strongly, won´t always tell you straight up as we are used to disappointments. But just because something isn´t said doesn´t mean it isn´t there.

So let go, be yourself and take your time to get to know the real person. And allow them to get to know you.

And don´t be too afraid to say the wrong thing. We all make mistakes. So let´s make them together and grow as a whole knowing that whenever we are in need of healing, we have each others to come back to and help one another shine through as our true selves.

3) Rh negative people can change their attitudes quickly depending on their surroundings

adapting to your environment

One of the things we all need to be stronger at is stand our own ground. As we need to make it in this world, we also cannot bend over too much to where our true self is no longer recognizable. It is never good to change. It is ok to protect oneself and keep a lot of us away from the eyes of the public. But that doesn´t and shouldn´t mean having to change to the point where we become a shadow of ourselves. All of this gets better the more rh negative people come into our lives as we have the option to communicate with each others when in need to be understood.

So be easy on yourself. Expect not too much from those you do not know and do not try to save the world.

You can´t. Even though we can all make a huge impact within the communities we choose to be a part of.

4) Rh negative people are born leaders, but terrible followers

born to lead

A lot of times I have experienced people who are rh negative being full of doubt about themselves, but that is not something that we are born with. It is simply giving in to pressure from people who do not understand us and try to mold us into something they can handle better. If you have someone in your life trying to lead and overpower you, it is better to step back and chance feeling lonely for a while. Once you find your way again, you are likely to attract the right people. So be ready for the change you have always wished to experience and forgotten to fight for whenever things were getting tough and hope to ever be able to break free crumbled. That was then … this is now. So live in the NOW!

And don´t be anybody´s voice but your own.

NASA ebook: Archaeology, anthropology, and interstellar communication - January 4, 2015 CET

Dec 24 2014 - By Global Illumination Council - thegic.org

NASA has put out a free, fascinating e-book exploring the possibility of human/extraterrestrial communication. The 300-page book, which has chapters written by more than a dozen different scholars, looks to archaeology and anthropology for clues to decoding extraterrestrial messages, should they ever arrive. In his introduction to the volume, editor Douglas A. Vakoch explains, "Like archaeologists who reconstruct temporally distant civilizations from fragmentary evidence, SETI [Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence] researchers will be expected to reconstruct distant civilizations separated from us by vast expanses of space as well as time. And like anthropologists, who attempt to understand other cultures despite differences in language and social customs, as we attempt to decode and interpret extraterrestrial messages, we will be required to comprehend the mindset of a species that is radically Other."

Addressing a field that has been dominated by astronomers, physicists, engineers, and computer scientists, the contributors to this collection raise questions that may have been overlooked by physical scientists about the ease of establishing meaningful communication with an extraterrestrial intelligence. These scholars are grappling with some of the enormous challenges that will face humanity if an information-rich signal emanating from another world is detected. By drawing on issues at the core of contemporary archaeology and anthropology, we can be much better prepared for contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, should that day ever come.

Luciferian, Illuminati Event Warning On Mysterious Website! Is It Connected To The Underground Base Preparations Happening Now? Jan 3, 2015

By Susan Duclos

Yesterday ANP co-owner Live Free or Die discussed one mysterious apect of a new website that included a countdownleading to the end of January 2015 and the connection discovered to Russia and the US Department of Defense.

The website has other aspects, including a puzzle where clues are given, passwords needed to be found to open other portions of the site, but the BIGGEST mystery I have found is the Illuminati, Satanic symbolism which seems to offer a warning about an "event" apparently being planned by Luciferians and the question of whether this "event" is why we are hearing warnings about massive preparations being made, including 500-50 truck long caravans per day/week rushing to stock up underground bases all over the US.

Was the countdown, since removed from the Distant-Perception website, a warning to the elite as to when some worldchanging event was to take place, specifying an end of January 2015 date?

The owl in the image above is one of the more tame images from the website and there are multiple others that will be shown below the video, with a warning that some are graphically offensive, but it is clear from seeing them that the nature of those that created the site are, indeed, evil.

The GLP thread spoken about in the video where they decode much of the site is HERE, the commect section of my original video on this website is HERE, with a huge thank you to all my subscribers for their incredible updates.

A thank you to Christopher Cox who pointed out "the cypher contains several coordinates to National Security Centers, " ShantiUniverse, who brought specific pages to our attention in the comment section of the first video, mydog violetwho offered one of the passwords, Andrew Neilsen who pointed out other asepcts to the site.

Original video about this websites apparent connections to Russia and the DoD below:

(Image above- Screen shot from when the countdown was still being shown.)

Images below are just a small sample from the Distant-Perception website, WARNING - Some images are graphically offensive!

( one Picture has been removed cause its offensive)