Dec 28, 2018

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🔴 Beforeitsnews | ~ EMP Weapon Test In Kenner, LA? Crazy! ~ | .. Do you remember when the strange flashing lights happened in Fort Worth, Texas in 2011? TThe “authorities” said it was transformers blowing up!.. | Blogger: "What is happening in queens?!!!! It’s humming and changing psychedelic colors... tons of sirens?!!" .. 💡PS: It has definitely UFO's written all over It, if you ask me... But as Mike Adams from NN has just stated: -- 'US government warns of devastating attack on national power grid that could collapse society'... You be the judge of that.. 💡 PSS: Aluna Ash: Sky Right After A Flash Of Light 12/27 -- NEW YORK BLUE LIGHTS IS A PROGRAM- A RITUAL. TO MANIFEST THROUGH COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. After the eclipse will be more lights in the sky. And then a blast of energy/plasma (read her post).. |

Did Kenner, LA Get Hit With An EMP Weapon? Wow! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

I’ve seen a lot of transformers blow up during hurricanes and ice storms and this was not like anything I’ve seen before. Usually the transformer blows and thats it – lights out! It doesn’t just keep sparking and blowing up with huge balls of electricity flying around! Look at this incredible footage and look up in the air also, there is a very strange light up in the air moving around!

At first I thought the light in the air might have been a reflection on a camera lens but I don’t think so! It moves totally independent of the camera! It looks like the air was being ionized! Was this an EMP weapon test? I don’t know but this is very very strange! Thsi almost looks like War of the Worlds!



After the eclipse will be more lights in the sky. And then a blast of energy/plasma 

I didnt get to pull over in time because of traffic & it was fast but there was a flash of bright blue then pink light.. then again on my way (back in the car) I saw a crazy pink light (i can see energy clairvoyantly, but this was different and others saw it and were pulling over to take videos/pics) this is in New England USA. Not New York. I dont think it was the same thing as NY transformer fire- this was around 4pm and was like an energy wave/flash. 

NY blue light transformer is a programming tool. Predictive programming. To download info into the collective unconscious to manifest an '"event" by default. Nothing happens by chance in this matrix, all by design at a collective level. They move through timelines using 4D, like synchronicity. All number, astronomy, cycles, frequencies, time dimensions 

My guidance never steers me wrong, (I may differently though) but there's a massive energy wave/energy shift on the way. Not just talking about the astrology either or the eclipses. This is coming from beyond our Sun. I'm 100%

Full Disclosure Project | ~ The Awakening Is Going Mainstream. They Can't Stop It ~ | .. Educate. Enlighten. Evolve .. |

Full Disclosure Project

Steve Nobel | ~ Affirmations: Raising Your Love-Bliss Resonance ~ | .. 💜 “I am love. I am loved. I am loving. I am love. Love is a frequency, love is an energy, an energy flow and this high vibrational energy of love flows through me I am an open channel for love. I am spirit, I am divine. I AM completely in tune with the “I AM” presence of God within me. Christ consciousness within. This love is divine, I am Divine; I am being of love; the frequencies of love create healing and miracles in my life. I am love. I am loved. I am loving. I am love.”💗 |

Listen to this remastered affirmation track to raise your love frequency. Listen often to reprogram your unconscious mind with life affirming possibilities. Of course you may or may not be surprised to find that as you do the energy of love can flow in so many different ways into your reality. 

“I am love. I am loved. I am loving. I am love. Love is a frequency, love is an energy, an energy flow and this high vibrational energy of love flows through me I am an open channel for love. I am spirit, I am divine. I AM completely in tune with the “I AM” presence of God within me. Christ consciousness within. This love is divine, I am Divine; I am being of love; the frequencies of love create healing and miracles in my life. I am love. I am loved. I am loving. I am love.........”

Tæt på sandheden med Jonatan Spang - Nytårsspecial | ~ Her er det vildeste eksempel på politisk indblanding i 2018, ifølge Jonatan Spang og der findes en morale i historen ~ | Blogger: [🚨Slå først, Frede. Fik en straksdom på 50 dage og kom i varetægtsfængsel. Udvist i 6 år. Men Josue - slog først?, siger den slovenske ishockey-fan, som desuden nægter sig skyldig⚖️] ... Det mener, politiet of Pape ikke selv, men især Lars Løkke ikke, og dømmer en måske 'uskyldig' mand på forhånd for hadforbrydelse på twitter, INDEN dommen. Lars Løkke var for hurtig på Twitter-aftrækkeren, siger forsvarsadvokat Mette Grith Stage. - Det er selv- følgelig frygteligt, når folk bliver udsat for forbrydelser. - Men som fremtrædende politiker skal man være varsom med, hvad man går ud og tilkendegiver offentligt i forhold til skyldsspørgsmålet, når vi samtidig har en sigtet, der nægter sig skyldig, siger Mette Grith Stage ... PS: SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR KIN MR LAWMAN!!! I starten på året, blev Søren Pape Poulsens kæreste taget for spritkørselt med Tårnhøj promille. Men han er en ven af centraladministationen... ⚠️⚠️⚠️PSS: FJERNET -- Dit Google+ indhold har overtrådt Politik for brugerindhold og - adfærd for Google+, hvilket er i modstrid med Servicevilkår for Google+. Dit indhold er derfor blevet fjernet eller blokeret... |

Tæt på sandheden med Jonatan Spang - Nytårsspecial

Fourwinds10 \\ ECETI \\ whatdoesitmean | ~ 🔴MARTIAL LAW COMING TO THE U.S.--SEE MILITARY DIRECTIVE ~ | Blogger: [💣US debt soars nearly $1.4 trillion from last Christmas, rising $44,000 per second🌟] ... PS: Benjamin Fulford: "Pentagon sources say the number of sealed indictments in the U.S. has reached the 70,000 mark..Two huge prison barges are being sent to Guantanamo Bay from New York and California to accommodate all the criminals who are being rounded up.." ... |

Verdensalt | Archive | ~ Mommi Mommi look, Looook at the colorful skies, Mommi... It's just a natural phenomena, my son! Why do people believe in Chemtrails or Santa? ~ | Blogger: [What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain - Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock Reveals Shocking Facts] .. |

💭 PSS: ONE of the best videos explained in layman's terms (or just explained without any BS) by Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock to all the NEI-SAYERS... | -- Medical Science Proven Facts or Leaked Documents In Which NO Tin Foil Hat IS NEEDED (Egocentric bias or Cognitive biases ) ... 

Shocking Facts ~ | Blogger: [🌬️Nanobots, Nanosensors, Nanoparticualtes - In Our Bodies, Brains, In & On Everything🤯] ...

(Chemtrails, HARRP and Morgellons & GMO) ... 💭PS: How to remove Aluminum in a child: (Vitamin B12), C-Vitamin, E-Vitamin, Curcumin, Saffron, Organic Soybean oil, Peanut Oil, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil etc. etc. .... 

💣 WE KNOW FOR A FACT, there are a wide range of mechanisms driving gluten (wheat) associated neurotoxicity. In addition, it is now known that the brain contains very specialized receptors for glutamate, and that glutamate is the most abundant neurotransmitter in the brain, ⚠️"""accounting for 90 percent"""⚠️ of all cortical neurotransmission (e.g. classical Parkinson's disease, diabetes, cancer growth and cancer invasion, GMO contamination and MUCH, MUCH more)... 

💣 WE KNOW FOR A FACT, scientists have been aware of aluminum’s neurotoxicity for decades (e.g. Autism and many other illnesses, helps from other substances from the vaccine to penetrate deep into the Blood-brain barrier causes neurological disorders)... 

💣 WE KNOW FOR A FACT, how Rockefeller's oil industry conquered medicine, finance and agriculture... 

💣 WE KNOW FOR A FACT, military documents confirm “Chemtrails” originated in the US Air Force... 

💣WE KNOW FOR A FACT, super-hydrophobic surfaces (SHSs) are bio-inspired, artificial microfabricated interfaces, in which a pattern of cylindrical micropillars is modified to incorporate details at the nanoscale (Super-Hydrophobic surfaces in medicine & nano-programming)...

💣 WE KNOW FOR A FACT, that NOTHING, can stop the CIA or intelligence services with their Deep State mega corporations incl. the medical-industrial complex and alike, to create these UberSoldiers, terrorist zombies, (and our normal sick and dying populations), stimulated by antidepressants, serotonergic psychedelics, MKUltra, Psychological operations (PSYOP)... 

💣 WE KNOW FOR A FACT, controllable physical & etheric implants exist in humans and doctors around the world, has found them in soldiers and among the normal population (ultimately, etheric implants exist as a result of a belief system buried within the psyche of humanity)...

💣 WE KNOW FOR A FACT, that the IPCC warns NOT to stop Chemtrails, aka ‘Solar Radiation Management’. Solar Radiation Management STOPS the important sunlight particulars and Tachyons from entering the human body. The 'hidden hand' is trying to slow down the human awakening process(development and ascension) and frequency raise coming from the Sunlight by spraying certain metal into the environment in order to reflect or reduce certain frequency of light. They call it 'solar radiation management’ etc. ... I COULD GO ON (and on) ... |

Linderman Unleashed Radio Show March 28th 2013 Broadcast. Curt Linderman speaks with Dr. Blaylock about the devastating health effects of the chemtrails and geoengineering programs which have been implemented in secret without public consent. Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.  The Internet is littered with stories of "chemtrails" and geoengineering to combat "global warming" and until recently I took these stories with a grain of salt. One of the main reasons for my skepticism was that I rarely saw what they were describing in the skies. But over the past several years I have notice a great number of these trails and I have to admit they are not like the contrails I grew up seeing in the skies. They are extensive, quite broad, are laid in a definite pattern and slowly evolve into artificial clouds. Of particular concern is that there are now so many ­dozens every day are littering the skies..... READ MORE


Early morning compelling new pictures from the 28th of December 2018 in the North Zealand of Denmark ...

🔴 Verdensalt | ~ Mens du sov: Folkekirken spekulere på det frie lukrative aktiemarkedet for at får mere afkast, Viborg-læge overså 16 brystkræft tilfælde ud af 25 (hvad vi ved om) - ingen erstatninger og 'Gangster-priser' mellem jul og nytår: Kunder revser taxiselskab ~ | Blogger: [🇩🇰"Danmark er ikke længere det land jeg elskede, da jeg var en ung mand" ~😟] .. |

Jeg græmmes - Danmark er ikke længere det land jeg elskede, da jeg var en ung mand

Kompetente indvandrere udvises, mens voldsmænd som Gimi Levacovic får millioner af staten.

Ældre ligger med ble på plejehjem fordi der ikke er råd til varme hænder. Men vi har alligevel råd til at bruge milliarder hvert år på mediestøtte.

Folkevandring fra syd mod nord, som vi ikke magter at gøre spor ved. Masser af presse men ingen hjælp at hente for de svageste i lokalområderne.

Venstrefløjen er sur over udsigten til at familier på landet måske kan få råd til en bil der er stor nok til hele familien.

Væksten i Danmark er stendød. Vi gør alt i vores magt for at destruere vores egen konkurrenceevne og opfører os alligevel forbavset, når det lykkes.

100.000 østarbejdere løser opgaver danskerne ikke gider at bruge tid på. Til gengæld er 800.000 danskere i den arbejdsdygtige alder mellem 18 og 65 forsørget på overførselsindkomst.

Der er 800.000 offentligt ansatte. Lige så mange som der lever af overførsel. Der er 1.200.000 pensionister. Men kun 1,6 millioner i det private erhvervsliv til at betale for det hele.

Aktivering koster et sted mellem 15 og 30 milliarder kroner om året, men giver ingen job.

Læger og sygeplejersker bruger op mod halvdelen af deres tid på at registrere og rapportere information – der ikke bruges til ret meget. Til gengæld er der ventelister på behandling og patienterne sover på gangene.

Københavns kommune har mange hundrede kommunikationsmedarbejdere, så vi alle kan holdes informeret. Til gengæld er der ventelister og mangel på pædagoger i børnehaven.

Grænsen til Sverige er lukket, og vi betaler for grænsekontrollen. Grænsen til Tyskland skal også kontrolleres, så det betaler vi også for. Det berømte danske købmandsskab i fuldt firspring.

Vi har lige vedtaget den dyreste finanslov nogensinde. Den betales med verdens suverænt højeste skattetryk. Alligevel har vi måttet låne 60 milliarder i udlandet og gået på rov i pensionisters opsparing, for at få budgettet til at hænge sammen.

🔴 Verdensalt | ~ While You Were Sleeping: 6 stories you might have missed, Dec 28 ~ | Blogger: [💨Morpheus: If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” “The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us🤯] ... ⚠️PS: The news has been altered a little bit, to reflect the real truth? You be the judge⚠️ | 1:) -- Social media frenzy: backlash and hypocrisy - privileged wealthy hereditary british monarchy and the reptilian Queen Elizabeth after Christmas Day message, goes into a shock from a gold piano and millions still lives in poverty in the UK ~ Twitter .. | 2:) -- US Congress meets briefly, takes no steps to end shutdown, because Cabal will never surrender to the new QFS system, Quantum Computer Global Financial System (disguised as the wall, Trump wants to build along the US-Mexico border and 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change) ~ Reuters .. | 3:) -- 'Becoming' transexual, Queen Michelle Obama a.k.a. Michael, tops Crooked Hillary Clinton as america's 'most admired woman' and goes on a worldly book tour to make millions of petro dollars by luring people into sleep, including Denmark visit ~ Sky News .. | 4:-) -- Italy fires entire vaccine advisory board due to the infanrix hexa scam while the msm labels italians & corvelo as conspiratorial & backward ~ The Rumor Mill .. | 5:) -- Oops, France did it again! EU allows Paris & the man, hidden in a boys body, Macron Rothschild Banker, near-traditional budget breach for 2019. In the meanwhile, the Catholic Church in Rwanda admits for their role, French judges have reportedly dropped a 20-year probe into the 1994 assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana and sparked the country’s genocide ~ RT | 6:) -- While we talk about Queens - Alien invasion? Russian hackers? Killer Drones? ISIS want to kill us all? New York City skyline flickers in surreal neon blue ~ Twitter... ⚠️⚠️⚠️ BLOGGER NOTE: I had a post removed on FACEBOOK for violating community standards?? YOU JUST KNOW it's true, when you say that Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson, tranny or transexual and Barack Obama is a “homosexual", real name is Barry Soetoro... By the way he IS a Muslim... Is that hateful?? Noooo... It's just conspiratorial, right? ... |

RT | ~ Calendar girls: Female Russian sports stars who made headlines in each month of 2018 (PHOTOS) ~ | Blogger: [💃Stereotype of beauty. Beautifulnes Comes From The Inside Out👯] ... I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING, and i'm sorry... Yes, beauty comes from the inside... However in this case, i will make an exempting, posting about russian beautiful womens, since i've been lucky to have been (past) married an ukraine beuth, dating womens from several continents, but did it get me closer to happiness, nope... Same old shit, same old stories and same old problems we men, have to solve - the puzzle of picking ANY woman's brain, to understand.. I'm sure, all the women's has similar comparisons of men... Actually, we've been manipulating from the very start of human existence by implants and programming... This primary split from Atlantis time is the main reason for misunderstandings in the male, female relationship... So what is beauty? There has always been a blurred line in our society of what beauty actually is. When we think the “epitome of beauty,” we usually think of celebrities like Mila Kunis or Megan Fox. We think of someone who is slim, toned, tan, and looks flawless whether it is a Versace dress or t-shirt, jeans, and Converse. But, do we actually know what beauty is, and what do we base this definition of beauty off of? Sex is held hostage by beauty and its ransom terms are engraved in girls' minds early and deeply with instruments more beautiful that those which advertisers or pornographers know how to use: literature, poetry, painting, and film. This outside-in perspective on their own sexuality leads to the confusion that is at the heart of the myth. Women come to confuse sexual looking with being looked at sexually. Who has more sexual power: men or women?.. |

Sexual Energy

...(..)... The Archons were manipulating human sexual energy since the late Atlantean period, trying to create as much separation as possible. They did this by implanting women and men in a different way, creating a psychological division and split between female and male personalities. This primary split from the time of Atlantis is the main reason for misunderstandings in male-female relationships.

Females were implanted in a special way that kept their connection with their twin soul intact, but the implant has suppressed sexual connections with all other men. This has conditioned women into monogamy, when women tend to project their twin soul to their current partner.

Males were implanted in a special way that blocked their connection with their twin soul, but the implant has allowed sexual connections with all other women. This has conditioned men into polyamory, when men tend to deny the existence of their twin soul and avoid it by being with many women.

Additionally, both females and males were implanted with an implant that separated sexual energy from the energy of the Heart and were receiving diametrically opposite implants to ensure maximum separation and conflict.

Females were implanted with a program that allows only love without sex. Only in special circumstances where many conditions are met, a woman will feel safe enough to allow sexual energy to fuse with her love.

Males were implanted with a program that allows only sex without love. Only in special circumstances where many conditions are met, a man will feel safe enough to allow love energy to fuse with his sex drive.

On top of all this, the Archons started to violently suppress female sexual energy on the planet with systematic trauma-based programming of women through brutal rapes during the Kurgan Archon invasion more than 5000 years ago ..(..).. ~ COBRA