Nov 26, 2017

BREAKING | | Nov 25, 2017 | ISIS threaten Christmas massacre in LONDON with shock pics of SANTA being executed | Blogger: Problem-Reaction-Solution - war on Oil, Trump Fear, Gold and petrodollars - and then we also have a galactic war.. Very surprising, that TheDeepState and US Inc. (corporations) who makes billions on x-mas sale, has apparently decided to continue the FF Ops agenda. We all know that, ISIS lost Syria and Iraq. So, who really supports the ISIS mercenaries? Israel, Turkey, US, Qatar? You know, if they don't get paid = no FF ops, that's a given... Distressing images allegedly intercepted from messaging apps used by extremists have been shared by media. Festive scenes in European locations are depicted darkened by themes relating to blood-spilling attacks... I'm sorry to say it - like clockwork - well coordinated False Flag Operations happens in clusters and Kabbalah numerological order to create maximum fear, chaos and panic in people (pre-prepared for years in advance)... 1. Eight people were killed and 11 – including two children – were injured after a truck was driven into a cycleway in lower Manhattan, close to the site of the 9/11 memorial. 2. Egypt (Militants kill 305 at Sufi Mosque in Egypt's deadliest terrorist attack). 3. Oxford Street ('terror' scare in central London). 4. Suspected #ISIS members detained in Germany plotted Christmas market attack - report. 5. Fears of hooliganism, terror attacks as Russia gears up to host World Cup. 6. 'Channel of ISIS and Al-Qaeda’: Top UAE security official calls for Al Jazeera to be bombed. 6. 57 Syrian civilians reportedly killed as Assad troops, Russia attack (so they claim). 7. The danish police has found explosives in Copenhagen -- EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED AND BE PREPARED... |

ISIS terrorists have directly threatened to carry out a Christmas bloodbath on London’s famous Regent Street in shocking secret messages.

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING: London's streets will be heaving over the festive season with shoppers
REGENT STREET: ISIS have directly threatened one of London's busiest shopping streets
CHRISTMAS ATTACK: ISIS published this image threatening Regent Street on encrypted groups
According to at least two propaganda posters, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is planning attacks on cities in the UK and France
READ MORE: | May 22, 2017 | DANISH CHAIRMANSHIP OF THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE TO WEAKEN HUMAN RIGHTS | .. Denmark has formed a task force of civil servants to lobby against the court in Strasbourg among the other 46 governments .. | Blogger: (".. Denmark, once a proud Scandinavian front runner in the global work to strengthen human rights, might have surprised some observers when it was announced in November 2016 that the government had formed a task force of civil servants that were going to lobby the other 46 governments in the Council of Europe in order to change the “dynamic interpretation” of the ECHR. Those closely acquainted with developments in Denmark, however, would have noticed a series of very restrictive legislative measures following the arrivals of asylum seekers in Europe in the autumn of 2015..(..).. ( ".. The Human Rights Court has listened to the EU states' criticism of greater reluctance from Strasbourg. For example, it is seen in the religious field, where France and Belgium would like to ban face-coverings, including burka and niqab, in public spaces. This is because the Strasbourg court refuses to interfere with sensitive national issues. What has the human rights court meant for Danish law? A great deal. One can mention: A more reluctant use of isolation imprisonment, a better understanding of the democratic importance of freedom of the press, better legal certainty in the courts and better protection of citizens' personal data. What has the human rights court meant for Europe? There is broad consensus that it has made a significant contribution to maintaining and developing fundamental rule of law and democratic values across Europe. Thus, the court has also helped to prevent conflicts and ensure peace..(..).."... |
By Niels Rohleder

Since the early 1950s the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) has been crucial to the protection of basic human rights in Europe. It is equally relevant to the citizens of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe and to the victims of war and persecution who seek refuge in these countries.

Denmark, once a proud Scandinavian front runner in the global work to strengthen human rights, might have surprised some observers when it was announced in November 2016 that the government had formed a task force of civil servants that were going to lobby the other 46 governments in the Council of Europe in order to change the “dynamic interpretation” of the ECHR. Those closely acquainted with developments in Denmark, however, would have noticed a series of very restrictive legislative measures following the arrivals of asylum seekers in Europe in the autumn of 2015.

While the 1951 UN Refugee Convention does not contain a right to family reunification the ECHR’s Article 8 on the right to private and family life is a vital legal instrument for the protection of this right. When undermining the “dynamic interpretation” of the ECHR, practiced by the European Court on Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg, Denmark is in fact targeting the right to family reunification.

The Danish task force started its activities in late 2016. From a reply by the German federal government to the left-wing party Die Linke in the Bundestag we have learned that the head of the task force met with German colleagues in Berlin on December 1st. And that it became clear that the German government “will, as in the past, work to strengthen the ECtHR and the ECHR protection system”. [1]

LIVESCIENCE | Nov 22, 2017 | Lightning Bolts Are Churning Out Antimatter All Over Planet Earth |

Credit: Vasin Lee/Shutterstock
Particles split in the hot belly of a lightning bolt. Radioactive particles decay in the afterglow. Gamma rays rain down to Earth.

Teruaki Enoto, a physicist at Kyoto University in Japan, proved for the first time, in a paper published Nov. 23, that lightning bolts work as natural particle accelerators. Enoto and his co-authors' results confirm for the first time speculation dating back to 1925 about this phenomenon. Back then, scientists suggested that energized, radioactive particles might zip through the booms and flashes of a thunderstorm. Those particles emit energy at precise wavelengths, which Enoto and colleagues are the first to detect. [Electric Earth: Stunning Images of Lightning]

Here's what that means:

When lighting strikes, electrons shoot screamingly fast between clouds and Earth's surface (or between two clouds). But the particles don't travel through empty space. Along the way, they crash again and again into atmospheric gas molecules. All those collisions heat the gas into a state called plasma, which glows with blackbody radiation (a type of electromagnetic radiation given off by some opaque objects). | Nov 23, 2017 | Our constitution is being rewritten – the time to fight is now | UK) .. The last of these bills was introduced into parliament two weeks ago, and carries with it serious implications for everyone in the UK as well as millions more people round the world. If you were worried about US-UK trade deal TTIP, you need to take Liam Fox’s new Trade Bill seriously. If it isn’t amended, we have every reason to fear a ‘TTIP on steroids’ is coming our way .. | Blogger: (DK) -- Denmark seems to be hell-bent, overanxious on hammering out the EU's free trade agreement with Canada (CETA) as soon as possible. In doing so, the Danish government is looking forward to killing two birds with one stone: assuring Brussels of its participation and sidestepping civic involvement. The provisional application of CETA came into danish law dated on 21. September 2017. That day, a landmark free trade deal linking the EU and Canada went into effect, despite lingering opposition from activists worried about the pact's consequences on the environment and health. The EU is hailing the deal as one of its most ambitious ever that will set a new standard for future deals, including with Japan, Australia and New Zealand.. Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen described CETA as "having a positive economic effect" in terms of increased trade, higher growth, a larger tax base and higher wages. Kenneth Haar, a researcher at the anti-lobbying think tank Corporate Europe Observatory and a campaigner against CETA and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), called Samuelsen's take "highly misleading" and claimed that it lacked proof (sputniknews)... |

One Plan to rule them all. (Lord of the Rings Sequel)

Image: Maurice, CC BY 2.0
Our constitution is being rewritten by perhaps the most right-wing government in modern British history, propped up by an even more fanatical party, the DUP. This week, despite an orchestrated campaign to amend the legislation previously known as the ‘Great Repeal Bill’, we’ve failed to land a blow on the government.

The battle is by no means over, and the renamed EU Withdrawal Bill will shortly move to the Lords. But it should be a wake-up call, that we can’t just wait for another government. Vital protections, safeguards and rights are being removed from us right now, and the EU Withdrawal Bill is just the opening salvo. It will be followed by legislation on food, farming and fisheries, on immigration and borders, on trade and customs.

The last of these bills was introduced into parliament two weeks ago, and carries with it serious implications for everyone in the UK as well as millions more people round the world. If you were worried about US-UK trade deal TTIP, you need to take Liam Fox’s new Trade Bill seriously. If it isn’t amended, we have every reason to fear a ‘TTIP on steroids’ is coming our way.

The Trade Bill will allow the British government to negotiate trade deals after Brexit. It is our only chance to make sure that these deals done will be open, democratic and accountable. And we only have a few months to do it.

Last week Trade Secretary Liam Fox rolled out the red carpet to Trump’s trade negotiators. We’re not allowed to know what they discussed, but we do know that Trump’s Commerce Secretary, the so-called ‘King of Bankruptcy’ Wilbur Ross, has said that lower food standards will be a prerequisite for any US-UK trade deal. So TTIP’s infamous chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-filled beef are likely to appear on the British menu. We also know US politicians are desperate to open the NHS to US healthcare multinationals.

Sputniknews | Nov 26, 2017 | BRICS Countries Considering Creation of 'Single Gold Trading System' - Sputnik International | .. "The traditional [trade] system based in London and partially in Swiss cities is becoming less relevant as new trade hubs are emerging, first of all in India, China, and South Africa," he said .. | Blogger: Veeeery significant since future economic collapse, and it will come, comes with gold backed currency in return. Global monetary system continued to rely on the US Petrodollar as the main reserve currency - but not for long. You can take it to the bank.... |

According to the first deputy chairman of Russia's Central Bank, the traditional trade system based in London has become less relevant.

The BRICS countries, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, are mulling the possibility of creating a unified system of gold trade "both within BRICS and at the level of bilateral contacts," according to the announcement made by first deputy chairman of Russia's Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov at the "Precious metals market" conference.

"The traditional [trade] system based in London and partially in Swiss cities is becoming less relevant as new trade hubs are emerging, first of all in India, China, and South Africa," he said.

According to the Russian Central Bank official, on the basis of this unified system, it is possible to create new benchmarks (an approximate benchmark) in the future.

Russia's Gold Policy

DailyMail | Nov 24, 2017 | World's first robot 'citizen' Sophia says she would like to start a FAMILY and claims all droids deserve to have children |

Sophia First Robot Citizen In The Globalist Timeline/Script: Robot Armies & The NWO Beast System 



Interview With The Lifelike Hot Robot Named Sophia (Full) | CNBC


World's first robot 'citizen' Sophia says she would like to start a FAMILY and claims all droids deserve to have children

  • Sophia is a lifelike robot designed by Hong Kong firm, Hanson Robotics
  • During an interview this week, she said that family is 'a really important thing'
  • She even went so far as to say that she would name her first daughter Sophia
  • The interview comes a month after the robot was controversially granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia


Not everyone is happy with the Sophia's citizenship, with some describing her as 'bizarre' and others referring to it as 'Terminator in real time.'
Others have pointed out that Sophia has 'more rights than women in Saudi Arabia'.
Saudia Arabia is one of the world's most oppressive states for women, and only last month lifted a ban on female drivers.
After hearing her appearance, the Arabic hashtag Sophia_calls_for_dropping_guardianship began trending.

The Saudi guardianship system means every woman must have a male companion with her in public at all times.

This is usually a family member, who also has authority to act on her behalf.
'Sophia has no guardian, doesn't wear an abaya or cover up - how come?' one Twitter user wrote.

Verdensalt | Arkivskabet | 13. Januar 2017 | ~ Frås og korruption i kommunerne - amerikanske investeringsselskaber, opkøber Danmark ~ | Blogger: Finansminister Kristian Jensen opfordrer de rige kommuner til skattelettelser. Overborgmester Frank Jensen vil hellere gå af end at sænke skatten.. Københavns Rådhus har i al hemmelighed solgt DSB's- og Postgrunde til Danica Pension og til verdens største amerikanske investeringsselskab, BlackRock. Vi er alle blevet bekendt med at kommunernes pengekasser bugner. En polstringsøvelse som uanset hvordan du skærer kagen, med hjælp fra skatteydernes opsparede pengepung. Vi hører konstant om nedskæringer, kommunale spareplaner, kommuner får lov til at hæve skatten, kommuner med ubalance i økonomien, digitalisering i kommunerne.. Inklusion er blevet en spareøvelse i kommunerne, ligesom spareøvelser på følgende områder: børnehavepladser, skole- og fritid, anbringelse af børn og unge med problemer på særlige opholdssteder, folkeskolen, omsorgen, handicapservice, forsikringspræmier, ældres mad og rengøring, anbringelse af børn hos familie, flygtninge og vi kunne blive ved. Så hvad får du endeligt for dine penge?? "" That's a good Question!""... #Givtilbagetilbyen -- Værste form for pamperi-metoder under Helle Thorning-Schmidt's virke, hurtig lukrativ milliard indtjening til Københavns Kommune er endelig på plads i 2016.. For at undgå massive tab på gamle byggegrunde bl.a. ved Turborg Havn, omkring Hovedbanegården og Gasværksgrunden, solgte Københavns Rådhus i alt hemmelighed DSB og Postgrunde til Danica Pension og til verdens største amerikanske investeringsselskab, BlackRock.. Efter Radio24syv's aktindsigt, havde Teknik- og Miljøudvalget ved planchef hos kommunen, Ingvar Sejr Hansen, affærdigede ethvert forslag på borgermøderne. Lokalplanlægningen havde KK allerede vedtaget, først i dække af, at byggeherren måtte opfører ny bebyggelse på højst 24 højdemeter samt en byggeprocent på 185. Aktindsigten viser dog noget andet. Her må de bygge 105 meter, flere antal tårne og en byggeprocent på 450. Hvad værre er, det viser sig, at et hav af dispensationer afviger fra byggeloven, dermed undgår man grønne områder. Ikke nok med det, fortrolige mails viser, hvordan 'man' skulle via "indlejrede kodebeskeder" overtale andre borgmestre og politikere til at få hele processen vedtaget..Et brev som er afsendt til KK borgmester, forsøger at stille spørgsmål til hele forløbet, bla. : Hvorfor var der ingen som havde hørt om dette byggeprojekt år tilbage, som løber i 4 år, sprænger enhver ramme for hvad KK selv har vedtaget, alt infrastruktur bliver ændret, hele området bliver sprængt i stykker og for grønneområder undgås m.m. Eneste kommentar fra Frank Jensen er: ""fordi vi ikke behøver"". På borgermøderne bliver Ingvar Sejr Hansen aggressiv og forsøger at overfuse folk som læser op fra aktindsigten og alt sammen bliver enormt pinligt ifølge Ditte Okman fra Det, vi taler om (24Syv)... Jeg siger ikke det kan stå alene, og er en stor korruption og konspiration, men faktatjek lige én ting for mig.. Det, mange ikke ved, er at staten og kommunerne bruger milliarder og milliarder af skattekroner på dyre vikarer i ældreplejen, konsulenter, HR-programmer, Rigspolitiets overpriser på konsulenter, støttede fuldtidsstillinger (tilskudsjob), møder (6,4 milliarder hvert år), millioner på gak gak-kunst, sender lærere og pædagoger til 'billig' kurser baseret på et "tv shop-koncept". Vi ser flere og flere sager på hvordan kommunerne i nogle tilfælde bruger 'vores' penge til fjant og tjas og på grænsen til misbrug og korruption med kurser, festmiddage, udlandsrejser og lignende... Tjek og du bliver forarget, endnu engang... |  

Radio24Syv - 22/07 - Det, vi taler om uge 29, 2016 (1)

Bright Insight | Nov 17, 2017 | THIS is Who was REMOVED from JFK File Release 2017 - Truth is Stranger than Fiction | Blogger: Highly recommended 👍... |

Wait, so after 54 years they are STILL not releasing ALL files involving the JFK investigation? Let me translate means that a person(s) is still alive today, that has information related to the death and/or cover-up of John F. Kennedy, who was killed on November 22, 1963. 
Help support my mission to expose truth on Patreon: | Nov 25, 2017 | Sugar industry sponsorship of germ-free rodent studies linking sucrose to hyperlipidemia and cancer: An historical analysis of internal documents | Blogger: Researchers from the US sugar industry, kept experiments from high sugar intake in secret, as a result from studies since 1968, showed possibly damage of human heart and cause bladder cancer. The industry advised that the research has to stop and the results forgotten... |


In 1965, the Sugar Research Foundation (SRF) secretly funded a review in the New England Journal of Medicine that discounted evidence linking sucrose consumption to blood lipid levels and hence coronary heart disease (CHD). SRF subsequently funded animal research to evaluate sucrose’s CHD risks. The objective of this study was to examine the planning, funding, and internal evaluation of an SRF-funded research project titled “Project 259: Dietary Carbohydrate and Blood Lipids in Germ-Free Rats,” led by Dr. W.F.R. Pover at the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom, between 1967 and 1971. A narrative case study method was used to assess SRF Project 259 from 1967 to 1971 based on sugar industry internal documents. Project 259 found a statistically significant decrease in serum triglycerides in germ-free rats fed a high sugar diet compared to conventional rats fed a basic PRM diet (a pelleted diet containing cereal meals, soybean meals, whitefish meal, and dried yeast, fortified with a balanced vitamin supplement and trace element mixture). The results suggested to SRF that gut microbiota have a causal role in carbohydrate-induced hypertriglyceridemia. A study comparing conventional rats fed a high-sugar diet to those fed a high-starch diet suggested that sucrose consumption might be associated with elevated levels of beta-glucuronidase, an enzyme previously associated with bladder cancer in humans. SRF terminated Project 259 without publishing the results. The sugar industry did not disclose evidence of harm from animal studies that would have (1) strengthened the case that the CHD risk of sucrose is greater than starch and (2) caused sucrose to be scrutinized as a potential carcinogen. The influence of the gut microbiota in the differential effects of sucrose and starch on blood lipids, as well as the influence of carbohydrate quality on beta-glucuronidase and cancer activity, deserve further scrutiny.

UFOmania - The truth is out there | Nov 25, 2017 | ~ Britney Spears Opens Up About Illuminati ‘I Pray To God For Forgiveness’ ~ |

Britney Spears has told close friends and associates that she prays to God every night asking him to forgive her for associating with the Illuminati.

PFC \\ Neon Nettle | Nov 25, 2017 | JP Morgan Sunk the Titanic to Form Federal Reserve, Undeniable Proof | .. Undeniable Proof Emerges That JP Morgan Sunk The Titanic To Form Federal Reserve.. DID JP MORGAN GET THE IDEA OF HOW TO KILL OFF THE OPPOSITION TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE FROM A BOOK WRITTEN 14 YEARS PRIOR? .. | Blogger: BOOOM!!!... |

The biggest false flag in history orchestrated by banksters

Shocking new evidence has emerged that JP Morgan carefully orchestrated the sinking of the Titanic so that he could form the Federal Reserve.

Back in 1889, a book was written by Morgan Robertson, spookily titled “Wreck of the Titan”, detailed the demise of a luxury liner that hit an iceberg killing everyone on board.

The book became eerily prophetic as the disaster would play out almost to the exact detail of the book.

What was different with the Titanic was the huge political implications it would have after it sunk.

Some of the wealthiest key figures in the financial industry died when the Titanic sunk, all of them had one thing in common; they opposed the Federal Reserve.

The book became eerily prophetic as the disaster would play out almost to the exact detail of the book.

Let's get to the facts:

FACT: JP Morgan funded/built the Titanic

FACT: JP Morgan was booked on the voyage but canceled at the last second.

FACT: Friend of JP Morgan, Milton Hersey, also canceled at the last moment. (and survived to build the Hersey food empire)

What was different with the Titanic was the huge political implications it would have after it sunk.

FACT: There were no red flares on board to signal to any boats for rescue. Only white flares that signal a party and that everything is okay.

FACT: It was the first ship of its kind with the ability to seal decks electromagnetically which could also seal people below deck.

FACT: The Captain Edward Smith was one of the most decorated Captains of his time and would have been totally out of character by avoiding precautions.

FACT: The author of the book was poisoned to death a couple years after the Titanic sank.

FACT: The Federal Reserve was formed the very next year.

FACT: The Astor Family was one of the richest families in the world and John Astor III opposed the Federal Reserve.

AINA weekly News Digest | Assyrian International News Agency | Nov 26, 2017 | Blogger: Why is this important? -- For me, at least, AINA is the unfiltered, uncensored, real and reliable news-outlet from reporters, directed and based in Syria, ""Ground Zero"". Is this based on facts? I strongly believe that, but we sure as hell don't NEED to trust ONLY what the Western media outlets are telling us. Right? Please note, i'm sorry to say this again, many people are not able to contemplate the facts from a consensus reality; Federal Reserve, the UN, the EU, the ICC, the WHO, the OECD, the CFA, the IMF, the World Bank, and NATO etc. are part of the Evil-Cabalish-Globalist-Power-Elite-Hidden-Hand agenda... |

AINA News Digest

001 11/25/2017 Countering Genocide: The Importance of Prayer and Aid for the Persecuted
002 11/25/2017 5 Genocides That Are Still Going on Today
003 11/25/2017 The Challenges Faced By Persecuted Religious Groups
004 11/25/2017 What is the Future of the Syrian Democratic Forces?
005 11/24/2017 Security Forces Regain Control of 45 Villages in Anti-IS Offensive in Western Iraq
006 11/24/2017 Pope Meets Dialogue Commission With Assyrian Church of the East
007 11/24/2017 US to Stop Arming Syrian Kurdish Fighters, Says Turkey
008 11/24/2017 Russian Bombers Hit Islamic State Targets in Syria
009 11/24/2017 Christian Disappearances in Middle East to Get Spotlight At DC Conference
010 11/24/2017 Turkey Does Not Rule Out Possible Contact With Assad
011 11/24/2017 No Place for YPG in Syria Solution: Erdo?an
012 11/24/2017 UN Urges Iraq to Probe Troop Violations During Fight With ISIS
013 11/24/2017 What It's Going to Take to Rebuild Syria and Iraq
014 11/23/2017 The Rise and Fall of Turkey's Erdogan
015 11/23/2017 Iraqi Militia Indicates Will Hand Heavy Guns to Army After Islamic State Quashed
016 11/23/2017 Turkey's Assyrians Welcome Monastery's Return
017 11/23/2017 Iraq Withdraws Controversial 'Child Marriage Law'
018 11/23/2017 ISIS Selling Sex Slaves in Turkey
019 11/23/2017 Syrians Rebuild and Rehabilitate Under Turkey's Watchful Eye
020 11/23/2017 Lost and Found: the Assyrian Fortress
021 11/23/2017 Syria's Opposition, Divided and Varied, to Get a New Face
022 11/23/2017 Russia, Turkey and Iran Propose Conference on Postwar Syria's Future
023 11/23/2017 Violence Against Christians a Sign of Trouble in Egypt

🔴 Destroying The Illusion is live now | Nov 26, 2017 CET | by Jordan Sather | Trump Verifies Q w/ a Retweet? | McCains Boot/Q/Space X/P-gate/Free Energy |

Jordan Sather (born 1990) in Bremerton, WA, is committed to empowering individuals through sharing knowledge of self and the cosmos. He is passionate about health, and coaches clients who want to become stronger individuals. He also writes for alternative blogs and news sites about new discoveries in regards to science, history, and geopolitics.

Berlingske | 25. Nov 2017 | Don Corydon er tilbage - men han har aldrig været væk | Blogger: (PS: Alle mine påstande, kan findes i aviserne) -- Bjarne Corydon kunne blive borgmester eller præsident i USA -- Fænomenet Don Don Canneloni, venstrefløjens superskurk, møder Maskernes Nat - borgerne!. Kære, Bjarne Corydon, du er en krasbørstig fidusmager, con-artist, en charmerende svindler. Du er 'direkte' ansvarlig for MINDST ""10"" KÆMPE skandaler, som normalt, foranlediger, at Folketingets ombudsmand blander sig, rigsrevisionen uddeler politiske fadæser, og kan i sidste ende, give fængselsstraf eller starte en rigsretssag. ""Brutal personalepolitik under Bjarne Corydon"": ☝ -- Hemmelighedskræmmeriet med DONG-salget, der blev solgt for billigt, til vestens aller værste skurke, de amerikanske investeringsbanker.. ☝ -- Lærerlockouten 2013, som var aftalt spil, indrømmet af SF-formand Annette Vilhelmsen.. ☝ -- SSI-vaccinefabrik solgt til tiendedel af værdien til en 'shariasheik'.. ☝ -- Armlægning med Fagbevægelsen - Bjarne's SMS-pres om, at acceptere kravet om lønnedgang og forringede arbejdstider for SAS kabinepersonale (indblandinger i faglige konflikter).. ☝ -- Finansministeriet vidste alt om dagpenge-skandale i 2013, viser aktindsigt. Også Bjarne Corydons folk skjulte, at akut-tal var eksploderet.. ☝ -- Gennemtvingelsen af Offentlighedsloven (mørklægningsloven).. ☝ -- Corydons analyse af velfærdsudbud offentliggjort i stilhed (Bjarne ville ikke udlicitere velfærd for ældre, børn og handicappede til private, derimod vide mere om offentlig-privat samarbejde).. ☝ -- Corydon anklages for hastværk om udbud. Analyse fra McKinsey stemples som bestillingsarbejde forud for forårets forhandlinger.. ☝ -- Corydons forklaring i solcelleskandalen halter, at afskære Rigsrevisionen fra. Embedsmændenes rolle i solcellesagen strider direkte imod Bjarne Corydons forklaring.. ☝ -- Corydon kritiseres for lyssky rolle i skandalesagen om Amager Bakke (affaldsanlæg på Amager i København, hvor Bjarne i det skjulte, ændrede de politiske rammebetingelser for at undgå milliontab)... Men, vi forstår dig godt, det var nu engang spillets regler. Flid, Fedt & Snyd i centraladministrationen var og er, en del af din hverdag. Korruption er hverdag i et Danmark styret af kleptokrati. Du var jo godt beskyttet af de magtfulde Blå-Røde politikere på borgen, GoLDMaN SLaCKS og andre Wall Street Banksters, de gamle kendinge fra Rothschild og Plesner, der skulle rådgive staten i forbindelse med DONG børsnotering.. Dine chefer hos McKinsey & Co, som Dominic Barton, spillede en hovedrolle i skandalen om Lars Løkkes klimaorganisation GGGI, hvor den daværende oppositionsleder flyrejste på første klasse. Vi kender til alle historierne. Det, sammen med landets VL-grupperne samt de magtfulde energiselskaber har skabt, den du er, Mr. Don Don. Kamelæonen Bjarne Corydon, du skal nu være chefredaktør på Børsen, inden du søsætter kursen mod endnu et stormvejr på Danmarks førende erhvervsavis, som ingen læser og skal finde vækstopskriften for, så kom dog ud ""clean"". Lad være med at give os den halve sandhed eller slet ingen, bare fordi du nu har magten til, at styre journalisterne på JP/Politikens Hus. Bjarne, du kender til alle svindelnumre i Finansministeriet og embedsværket, og denne CABAL organisation, du kan ikke længere skjule det, vi ved, at du ved det.. Du hopper fra magten, over til dem, som skal kontrollere magten.. Det kan ikke lade sig gøre, uden embedsværkets økonomer og erhvervselitens beskyttelse. Der findes åbenbart ingen karensperiode, hvor man som ræverød dansk politiker med fortrolighedens dokumentmappe, fra venstrefløjens superskurk, går l(ø)ykkens gang, direkte ind i løvens hule, blandt Venstres blå, privat-kapitalisternes højborg og konsulentvirksomhed, McKinsey & Company. Bjarne, du blev partner fra dag ét (kom i 2016 lige ind fra gaden­ og blev partner i McKinsey, oplyser Kim Baroudy. Corydon fik titel af Global Director of McKinsey Center of Government.). Tilbage igen til CIA-finansiering og manipulation af alverdens nyhedsmedier, Bø Det er UHØRT, at den danske presse - den fjerde statsmagt og den lovgivende statsmagt, acceptere, at en tidligere Finansminister, kan blive adm. direktør og chefredaktør på en dansk avis. INGEN andre lande i Nordea kan bryste sig af det svig, det kom sig af Klods Hans- Hans Engel kørte ind i bentonklods og så løb han pludseligt rundt på de bonede gulve på Ekstra Bladet. Kan du ikke selv se ironien, Bjarne? Udvidet censorings-maskine af politikere, der kan stoppe nyhedsstrømmen på forgodtbefindende, hvis politiske skandaler, de selv er involveret i?? Det er en perfekt svinestreg Bjarne Corydon. TILLYKKE, Bjarne. Har du mistet din empati og blevet en iskoldt, erhvervsleder, Bjarne? ""Uheldige helte af alliancer"": 💨 Redaktionschef på TV 2 NEWS, Ulla Østergaard, tidligere spindoktor for Baby-Lars og Gnier-Mogens, gift med Peter Arnfelt, som var spindoktor for "Damen med håndtasken"- Marianne Jelved, "Betjenten"- Bendt Bendtsen, ’Trolex’- Troels Lund og Skatteministeriet, hvor han blev politianmeldt for at haft adgang til den fortrolige redegørelse om "Guzzi-Helle"- Thorning-Schmidts skatteafgørelsen 💨Så havde vi Bo Lidegaard 3000, som var chefredaktør på Politiken, der skulle sidde og navigere i Muhammed-krisen, selvom han havde været personlig rådgiver for Anders 'Fog of War' Rasmussen 💨Ny nyhedsdirektør i DR Nyheder, Sandy French, Brian Mikkelsens tidligere spindoktor, hvor Brian Mikkelsen, var en del af DONG-salget tilbage i 2010 💨 HOLD NU FAST HER 💨 Michael Christiansen (formand - udpeget af kulturministeren), som sidder i DR's bestyrelse, samtidig med i bestyrelsen af Lead Agency A/S, der agerer konsulenthus for Lockheed Martin og Statens indkøb af F-35 (Ifølge Kirsten-Birgit, DKR 24-11-17) 💨DR's retskorrespondent, Trine Maria Ilsøe, rådgiver for tidligere justitsminister Morten Bødskov, der indførte offentlighedsloven... Jeg er nødt til at sige, Bjarne, det er en SYG, SYG KUTUR. Jo større svindelnummer jo mindre straf. Vi ved desværre, du ALDRIG vil skamme dig og give os sandheden - ellers er du FÆRDIG!! Vi ved godt, dine 4 børn betaler prisen for dit karrierevalg, hvornår er de store nok til, at Du fortæller dem sandheden?? 🤢😨😱... |

Bjarne Corydon har hele tiden været på Amager. Alligevel er han tilbage, og for hans kritikere bekræfter hans nye stillingsbetegnelse som direktør og chefredaktør på Børsen, at han hele tiden har været en ulv i fåreklæder


Nyhedsbrev November 2017 | Opdatering fra oplysningsforbundet MAY DAY - For Sundhed og Frihed | 26. Nov 2017 | ~ Diagnose-amok, hvad er polio egentlig, bestem selv, hvad der skal ske med dit væv! ~ | .. Velkommen til november-nyheder fra May Day. Vi har samlet en buket til dig af vigtige nyheder, gode helseråd og så en særlig instruktion i, hvordan du kan sikre, at dine blods- og vævsprøver kun kan anvendes til behandling af dig selv. God læsning .. |

Diagnose-amok i sundhedsvæsnet?
Sundhedsvæsenet skal være proaktivt, flere skal undersøges med moderne medicinsk teknologi – og helst inden de får symptomer – risici skal opspores, alt sammen i den gode sags tjeneste. Her får du John Brodersens, professor i folkesundhed ved Kbh.' Universitet, mening om den udvikling.  Læs mere her
En overlæge taler ud
"Jeg er overlæge i psykiatrien. Det vil sige, det var jeg indtil kl. 15 mandag i sidste uge, hvor jeg blev bortvist fra min arbejdsplads. Nu tænker du sikkert, at det bliver man jo ikke bare sådan. At jeg jo må have gjort noget meget slemt. Det har jeg også." Læs mere her

Skidt og møg kan redde din hjerne
Hvad har et stort vådt slik af en hundetunge, mudder på fødderne, jord under neglene, nullermænd, tætte kram, honning, passioneret sex og travle toiletter til fælles? De kan beskytte dig mod Alzheimers, depression, ADHD, autisme, angst, Parkinsons sygdom, hjerneblødning og andre frygtede dårligdomme, der involverer hjernen. Og hvorfor så det? Læs mere her

Polio stammer ikke fra virus – men hvad er det så?
Læs her om de ulogiske påstande, der har været fremsat om polio, og om det, vi ikke må vide. (Jeres redaktrice hørte allerede om anderledes behandling af polio i 1970'erne, da den berømte amerikanske ernæringsekspert Adelle Davis i sin bog Let's eat right to keep fit omtalte helbredelse af polio med massive doser C-vitamin.) Læs mere her

Rene frø
Fra Forbrugerbladet TÆNK (august): Vil du have rene chiafrø uden pesticidrester, så er de bedste de økologiske fra Änglamark og Urtekram. Dem fra Rema 1000 har flest pesticidrester.

Briller ødelægger synet
I modsætning til hvad mange tror, ​​behøver ens syn ikke at forringes over tid. Med regelmæssig motion af de muskler, der styrer ens øjenbevægelser og synsstyrke, kan man mindske overanstrengelse af øjet og opretholde eller endda forbedre sit syn uden de almindelige destruktive korrektionsmidler som laserkirurgi, briller eller linser. Hvad siger du så? Ja, prøv at læse her...

Gode råd om hoste
Det er ubehageligt at gå rundt og hoste, men det findes der naturlige råd for. Læs mere her 

Skal diabetes forstås helt anderledes?
Hvis insulinresistens og diabetes forårsages af overvægt, er det logisk at bekæmpe det med vægttab. Men hvad hvis vi forstår diabetes helt bagvendt? Hvad hvis overvægt ikke er årsagen? Hvad hvis overvægt er et symptom på et dybereliggende problem: En naturlig reaktion på en unaturlig livsstil? Læs mere her
Ny forskning: Gamle kålsorter giver bedre helbred
Forestil dig at spise 500 gram kål og rodfrugter hver dag i tre måneder. Sådan var virkeligheden for 89 diabetespatienter i forbindelse med et stort studie lavet af Aarhus Universitet. Se resultatet her

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