Jul 10, 2018

Bloomberg | Jul 10, 2018 | ~ Super Typhoon Maria Spurs Heavy Rain, Wind Warnings for Taiwan ~ | .. Island’s weather bureau may issue sea warning Monday afternoon .. Precautionary measures advised as the storm heads for landfall .. | Blogger: Flooded out Japan .. |

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Of Sound Mind And Body | Jul 10, 2018 | ~ UFO Parking Lot Seen Near Area 51 By Witness On A Plane Over Nevada ~ | Blogger: 🛸 VERY interesting sightings, similar to MUFON case nr: 72656 back in 2015... Must-see... |

CTV News.ca | Jul 10, 2018 | ~ 'mission accomplished': All 12 boys and their football coach have been successfully rescued from a cave in Thailand ~ | Blogger: 🕯️👍🤟👐💖🙏... |

READ MORE: https://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1435812

The Blast | Jul 10, 2018 | ~ Michael Jackson’s Doc, Conrad Murray, Hopes Joe Jackson ‘Finds Redemption in Hell’ ~ | .. Conrad Murray, the infamous doctor who was jailed for the death of Michael Jackson, says MJ’s dad Joe was one of the worst fathers of all time and hopes the recently buried patriarch is finding “redemption in hell.”.. In a video obtained by The Blast, Murray unloads on the legacy of Joe Jackson, calling him “one of the worst fathers to his children in history.” .. |

Dr. Steven Greer | Jul 10, 2018 | ~ How $21 Trillion in U.S. Tax Money Disappeared ~ | .. According to the Department of Defense Inspector General and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, $21 Trillion in Taxpayer Funding Is Unaccounted For .. |

It is as if the accountability and appropriations clauses of the U.S. Constitution were just window dressing, behind which this mind-numbing malfeasance thrives.

Technically, this is a violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act, a statute carrying felony sanctions of fines and imprisonment.

Congress and the Pentagon annually report and hold hearings on DOD’s lack of financial accountability and sometimes enact new laws, but many of the new laws simply permit the Pentagon to ignore the previous ones; others are eyewash.

If you have a system that does not accurately know what its spending history is, and does not know what it is now (and does not care to redress the matter), how can you expect it to make a competent, honest estimate of future costs?

It is self-evident that an operation that tolerates inaccurate, unverifiable data cannot be soundly managed; it exempts itself from any reasonable standard of efficiency.

Recall, also that the errors in cost, schedule and performance that result are not random: actual costs always turn out to be much higher than, sometimes even multiples of, early estimates; the schedule is always optimistic, and the performance is always inflated.

The Pentagon, defense industry and their congressional operatives want – and need – to increase the money flow into the system to pretend to improve it. Supported by a psychology of excessive secrecy, generated fear and the ideological belief that there is no alternative to high cost, high complexity weapons, higher budgets are easier to justify, especially if no one can sort out how the Pentagon actually spends its money.
The key to the DOD spending problem is to initiate financial accountability. No failed system can be understood or fixed if it cannot be accurately measured.

And yet, there is no sense of urgency in the Pentagon to do anything about it.

Indeed, in the 1990s, we were promised the accountability problem would be solved by 1997. In the early 2000s, we were promised it would be solved by 2007; then by 2016; then by 2017….

The question must be asked: if nothing has been done by the Pentagon to end the accountability problem after more than 20 years of promises, is top management simply incompetent, or is this the intended result of obfuscation to avert accountability?

Read the entire article here

The Earth Plan \\ Galactic Historian | July 10, 2018 | ~ Soul Contract Revocation: Masculine ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ | Blogger: Verdensalt.dk: In my former life, latest, 1904-1944, used to belong to the Polish fighter squadrons in RAF, shut down by the German Luftwaffe (i have been told)... |

I revoke all contracts that define the male as war-oriented.
I revoke all spiritual contracts with all governments that I have served in during all times of war.
I reconnect all my DNA strands to the heartbeat of Mother Earth!
Andrew Bartzis

I AM Avatar | July 10, 2018 | ~ Satsang with Tiara ~ Expanding Sensory Perception ~ |

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room | July 10, 2018 | ~ The Fox: - STAY OUT OF THE SUN - | Blogger: We just talked about this very strange phenomenon at A&A London 2018. Britain's heatwave brings longest hot spell in 42 YEARS and it WAS HOT, HOT, HOT... I agree with mr. Fox that, a long time ago the Sun used to be yellow, where now it's a brilliant white and extremely difficult to even begin to look at and Moon shine is brighter also, both when waxing and waning.... the night sky used to be a dark blue with the stars shining brilliantly against its backdrop.... BUT, i'm NOT sure about if the Sun emits dangerous gamma-rays during intense solar flares, Chemtrails, DEW and HAARP has destroyed the atmosphere or healthy brilliant strong cosmic rays coming from the divine light & galactic central suns, has hit Earth... Something is going on and the weather is very unstable ... A source accelerating Galactic cosmic rays to unprecedented energy discovered at the centre of the Milky Way? |

Presently the earth is being strongly radiated by extremely strong cosmic rays, which of course is having a strong effect upon everything and everyone.

As to the reasons why we are being strongly radiated, I have no idea...but if we were present on the Starship Enterprise, then Scotty should hurry up and get those shields up.

As well as the temperature, the Sun's brightness has climbed up several degrees also, and that the sun is extremely difficult to even begin to look at.

You may have also noticed that when exposed, your skin will feel as if it's cooking, as if in a microwave, giving you sunburn in as little as half an hour, leaving it itching and irritable for many weeks after. You may also experience strong migraines,nausea and extreme tiredness and dizziness similar to the effects of radiation sickness.

Look around you at the trees and plants, do they look normal?

People have noticed their vegetables ripening many weeks earlier than usual, almost to the point now where they are bursting as a result of becoming over ripe. Plants and trees are like the Earth's barometer, so imagine how we are being affected.

A long time ago the sun used to be yellow, where now it's a brilliant white and extremely difficult to even begin to look at, but that's a whole different story, along with the many other changes around us.

Moon shine is brighter also, both when waxing and waning.... the night sky used to be a dark blue with the stars shining brilliantly against its backdrop.

This is no longer the case.

Sun creams are of no help, so the best you can do is stay inside or at least out of any direct sunlight. Should you have to go outside then wear a cap, protect your eyes and don't stay out longer than needed.

Stay safe... Things are happening and you'll hear nothing about anything on the six o'clock news...nothing new there.



TV2 FNYS | 10. Juli 2018 | ~ Sigtelse: Dreng skulle følges i børnehave - voldtaget 50 gange ~ | (In English:) - A 48-year-old man has been detained and sentenced for 50 rapes to a boy as a caretaker, assisting the boy to and from kindergarten in Ishøj for a period from October 2011 to April 2012. At the time, the boy was four and five years old. The rape cases should have taken place in a public toilet in Ishøj City Center. The man denies any charges .. | Blogger: DISGUSTING ☹️... Vigilantes cut off alleged indian rapist's penis.... Verdensalt.dk will not go that far, but IF it was my own boy who's been rapped more than 50 times, well.... |

LÆS VIDERE: http://nyheder.tv2.dk/krimi/2018-07-09-sigtelse-dreng-skulle-folges-i-bornehave-voldtaget-50-gange

The Event Chronicle | July 10, 2018 | ~ The Pentyrch UFO Incident with witnesses Caz and Gari ~ | Blogger: [🛸They did appear at A&A in London 2018, while UK military helo's circling above our heads🛦] ... Multiple witnesses of a huge UFO and other lights. Military planes and helicopters, a chase, explosions, physical effects such as shaken buildings, damaged trees and wreckage on the ground. An apache helicopter landing with its cockpit on fire. Weird snow and mystery men in white coveralls. Could be a scenario worthy of an episode of the X-Files? Certainly, but this really happened on a cold winter night in South Wales in February 2016. A lot of military aircraft activity in the area around Llantrisant woke people up, and some claim to have seen unidentified lights which don't seem to conform to the normal idea of military aircraft. It has been reported that these lights were chased and fired at by the military aircraft. Explosions were heard, and buildings shaken. The official line is that it was part of an Armed Forces exercise - but it was not... |

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Secureteam10 | July 10, 2018 | ~ It's Not From Around Here.. ~ |

Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, info on the government coverup, and the strange activity happening on and off of our planet. Email me YOUR footage and help us continue the good fight for disclosure!

BT Nyheder | 10. Juli 2018 | ~ Jehovas Vidner skal sikre databeskyttelse ved dør til dør-besøg ~ | .. Jehovas Vidner tager noter om hver husstand efter besøg. Det får EU-Domstol til at løfte pegefinger .. | Blogger: [👩Som ung, kom jeg sammen med en vild smuk pige fra Jehovas Vidner og vidste godt, det var et kort visit, sidenhen, skulle hun stemme dørklokker og festen, var slut. Boede tæt på et Menighedscenter. Desuden har min mor, overladt dødende troende Jehovas Vidner til det guddommelige, eftersom de ikke vil modtage blod, eller en blodtransfusion på skadestuen og sygehuset🛐] ... Der er en grund til, jeg ingen TV har, navne- og adressebeskyttelse (hemmelig adresse) og hemmelig telefonnr. Bombesikret, optimalt væk fra sælgere, Kræftens Bekæmpelse (og medicinalindustrien), opinionsundersøgelse, meningsmålinger samt Jehovas Vidner... |

LÆS VIDERE: https://www.bt.dk/udland/jehovas-vidner-skal-sikre-databeskyttelse-ved-doer-til-doer-besoeg

RT - Russia Today | july 10, 2018 | ~ MP no-show raises questions over UK’s concern about Amesbury ‘Novichok poisoning’ ~ | .. Prime Minister Theresa May, who in an impassioned statement in the immediate aftermath of the poisoning said “all of my thoughts today are with the victims and with the people of Amesbury and Salisbury”, was nowhere to be seen .. |

READ MORE: https://www.rt.com/uk/432450-sajid-javid-amesbury-novichok

Verdensalt.dk | July 10, 2018 | ~ UK Taxi-driver & Property Damage Technician has told me, that Winston Churchill’s Second World War bunker in Dollis Hill, was FALSE ~ | Blogger: [😶All very hush-hush and whoosh-whoosh🤐] ... (PS: I have no idea, what he is talking about) ... A taxi driver told verdensalt.dk, driving me to the airport, he use to work, cleaning out the water flooded 7th-floor underground storage facilities, at former Post Office Research Station in Brook Road, Dollis Hill. Codenamed the Paddock during the war, it was built deep enough to survive a direct hit from a 500lb Nazi bomb. It contains two storeys with 43 rooms, including a map room, kitchen, and Churchill’s War Cabinet room, where he held a Cabinet meeting on October 3, 1940... However, the taxi driver from Kingswood Cars, said, it was IMPOSSIBLE, since the 7th floor DUMB site, owned by PDO, near Gladstone Park and depicted map room at Winston Churchill's Second World War bunker, is a FAKE site. He is a eyewitness, since he used to work there and says, Churchill's Secret Bunker, called Paddock, is sill a secret to the public. (all the water destroyed furnitures did NOT look like anything, that would be property of UK government and Churchill' bunker, he said) ... |

The map room at Winston Churchill's Second World War bunker

READ MORE: http://www.times-series.co.uk/news/8999586.Tours_of_Winston_Churchill___s_Second_World_War_bunker/

Greenpeace | 10. Juli 2018 | ~ Lige nu: kæmpe sejr i Antarktis ~ | (In English:) HUGE VICTORY: Krill fishing companies back call to protect Antarctic Ocean .. Cambridge, UK – A Greenpeace campaign to protect the Antarctic Ocean, backed by 1.7 million people globally, has received the unprecedented support of the vast majority of krill fishing companies operating in Antarctic waters. The move was announced at Greenpeace’s Antarctic 360° event in Cambridge, UK, attended by scientists and Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem, who joined Greenpeace’s expedition to the Antarctic in January 2018 .. |

Jeg skriver for at dele en fantastisk nyhed med dig: vi har nået en kæmpe sejr i vores arbejde for at beskytte Det Antarktiske Ocean!
Krill-industrien har netop forpligtet sig til at stoppe med at fiske efter krill i store områder af Antarktis. Trods størrelsen udgør de små reje-lignende dyr fundamentet for næsten alt liv i og omkring planetens sydligste ocean - fra de mægtige blåhvaler til pingviner og sæler.

De seneste måneder har vi arbejdet benhårdt på at få krill-industrien til at lytte. Efter banebrydende dokumentation af havbunden ved Antarktis, fredelige protester og massiv folkelig opbakning lykkedes det! 85% af krill-industrien har meldt ud, at de vil stoppe med at fiske, hvor de tidligere har trawlet havet. Det inkluderer de mest sårbare områder, bl.a. i nærheden af pingvinernes levesteder.

Pingviner og hvaler skal ikke konkurrere om føden med industrielle fiskeflåder. Det har 1,7 millioner personer indtil videre skrevet under på. Uden den folkelige opbakning kan vi ikke opnå så vigtige resultater mod en magtfuld industri.

Vil du også skrive under på, at vi skal beskytte Antarktis? Følg linket her.

Det er et vigtigt skridt til oprettelsen af verdens største beskyttede havområde at få sat en stopper for krill-fiskeriet. Nu fortsætter vi arbejdet med at nå en global aftale om at beskytte Det Antarktiske Ocean mod alle former for industrielt overfiskeri bl.a. i kraft af verdens største beskyttede område, der kan blive en realitet allerede senere i år.

De bedste hilsner

Mads Fisker,
Fungerende chef for Greenpeace i Danmark


Kauilapele's Blog \\ GAOG \ Simon Parkes | July 10, 2018 | ~ Just a brief note about David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and Gaia TV… ~ | Blogger: [📺GAIA.TV / GAIAM.TV = Satanisme!?. Ancient Civilizations (TV Series 2017– ) = Reptilian Aide, Pizzagate, Luciferian Agenda!?. We must support the effort of David Wilcock's Anti-Semitism & Anti-pedophile activism😇] ... Those were the words coming out from Simon Parkes, and then he was reading from the resignation letter at A&A conference in London, says it MIGHT be REAL! (if i got it right)... 💭 PS: GAIA Denmark - I tried to reach out and talked to a guy called 'Daniel' from GAIA.TV, at Copenhagen Health Fairs, (DanInfo - KROP-SIND-ÅND).. At that time, GAIA were interviewing LOTS of spiritual speakers/teachers/alternative holistic doctors, free of charge.... Sooo, verdensalt.dk sends Dennis Søndergaard, (channeling the Shadow Warrior - Niham) and Daniel a mail, tried to introduce my own GREAT Holistic doctor, with 50 years of experience, NO ANSWER. Phone. NO ANSWER. Tried it many times. AFTER that experience, i DON'T trust these guys, anymore... (yes, that's you, Louis)... |

Mic Drop on David Wilcock and Corey Goode - Leaving Gaia??


Just a brief note about David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and Gaia TV

There’s a lot of internet type postings (Twitter, FB, etc.) that say DW and CG will be leaving Gaia, and that David wrote a long letter to Gaia explaining why he would not be renewing his contract with them.

I have no confirmation of that from David Wilcock.

I have asked David if this were correct, and if he did indeed write the letter that’s been flying around the internet tubes, but I have not yet heard anything from him. Yes, I’ve seen FB comments from some, and Tweets from others, but I’m not going to delve into any of that.

Until the time I hear from David directly, and he gives me the okay to post what he communicates (or if he posts something on his blog), I will not be posting anything more about this.

Aloha, Kp


David Wilcock Resigns from Gaia

July 7, 2018 By Steve Beckow

David Wilcock has resigned from Gaia network and gives his reasons here.

Because the email is long, I’ll try to summarize.

He wishes it to be known that he is in no way associated with Gaia’s present agenda, which he sees as dark.

He regrets that video footage is being shown that makes it look as if he does support their agenda.

He hopes that, by separating himself from Gaia, throwing himself into significant financial difficulty thereby, he’ll have addressed any fears his readers and supporters may have about his integrity and position.

Although the email has been widely posted around the Internet, David has not yet confirmed its authenticity.

I suspect that he’ll have an article up on his site, Divine Cosmos, in the next day or two about it.

From: David Wilcock <*******@gmail.com>

Date: Sun, Jul 1, 2018 at 1:23 PM

Subject: Letter of Resignation

To: Kiersten Medvedich <*******@gaia.com>, Brad Warkins <*******@gaia.com>

Dear Brad and Kiersten,

This letter is to inform you that I will be resigning from Gaia as of the end of my Term, and am requesting that I be allowed to exit before then – the sooner the better – for reasons I will now explain.......

You Are Free TV \\ Destroying the Illusion \\ Laura Loomer \\ The Gateway Pundit \\ We The People | July 10, 2018 | ~ #HAITI-RISING!! HRCATTACK2.0: ZOMBIES VS. VAMPIRE SLAYERS #WALKAWAY ~ | Blogger: [🧟Keeping Up The Appearances... Is crooked-corrupt-transferring-narco-dollars-pay-for-play-sexabusing-killer Hillary Clinton, secretly planning to run in 2020? Out of hundreds of charges, The Clintons' Haiti Screw-Up, As Told By Hillary's Emails, Clinton Foundation Probed for Money Laundering, Financial Transactions with Islamic Terror Groups. I know a CEO in a Danish Bank, who got fired for a similar offence, sending hundred of millions out of the country... (rumor - Hush-Hush) 🏴‍☠️] ... CRAZY TIMES - WTH…? Bill and Hillary Spotted Flying Commercial? (VIDEO) ... NOTE! CHECK out what Bill is reading - Crimson Lake - Ted Conkaffey, accused of the abduction and rape of a young girl, but not convicted due to lack of evidence, has run away to Crimson Lake, near Cairns to lick his wounds and try to start a new life. Soooo, about a guy escaping justice, being labelled a paedophile and must pick up the pieces of his shattered life... (code to speak to others in the elite occult awareness, subliminal messages, according to Jordan Sather) ... ALSO - US Federal Witness Due To Testify Against Hillary Clinton For Drug Crimes Killed In Massive Explosion ... |

HAITI is showing us how its done! After being attacked with weather weapons, having their country decimated, their homeland pillaged and their children trafficked by the CF Cabal, the Haitians are fighting back! Meanwhile, HRC goes on the attack per her handlers orders. Can you imagine another Hillary run for Prez? It is the CW they are trying so hard to create. Be strong and stick together, FREEDOM LOVERS! And tweet POTUS to keep the Clinton attack dogs out of Haiti and let them take their country back! Prayers for the Thai kids still stuck in that cave and for all of the courageous people who are saving them. Our hearts go out to those who have lost their lives and our prayers rise up for those still waiting to be saved. PRAYER WAVE!

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Q - The Plan To Save The World - https://bit.ly/2IvWF5Y 
US Federal Witness Due To Testify Against Hillary Clinton For Drug Crimes Killed In Massive Explosion - https://bit.ly/2N2GYG9 
'Unpleasant surprises' expected in Pentagon audit - https://bit.ly/2KTkABz

Right Side Broadcasting Network | July 10, 2018 | ~ WATCH: President Trump Announces Supreme Court Pick LIVE Coverage ~ | Blogger: [🤔MANY of RSBNs videos has been censored or deleted, just after SL's LIVE coverage. Why did he leave anyway? Was he forced?🕵️] ... Thanks to RSBN, and the new female anchor, however i do miss, Steve Lookner (SL), chief on-air news anchor, who covered many of the FALSE FLAGS, like: | Active Shooter at YouTube Headquarters | Possible Van Attack in Shanghai, China | Southwest Plane Makes Emergency Landing after Window Breaks | SUV Carrying Family Accelerated off Cliff in US | An MAJOR earthquake of magnitude 8.1 (8.4) off Mexico coast sparks warning of possible tsunami | Towering Greenfell inferno: Screaming residents build ropes from sheets and lean out windows as huge fire at West London tower block engulfs the 27-storey building with 200 firefighters struggling to control the blaze etc. etc.... PS: Donald Trump names Brett Kavanaugh as supreme court nominee - The DC appeals court judge, 53, worked for Ken Starr’s Bill Clinton inquiry and George W Bush’s White House (so the OLD Guard of Khazarian Mafia, are happy now?)... What will that mean to the Sealed Indictments holding around 40.000 plus!?... |