Nov 7, 2014

Meddelelser fra Lysarbejdere, Galatiske venner og Opstegne Mestre - 07. November 2014 CET

For at forstå sammenhængen, og føler du dig inspireret, læs alle artiklerne igennem, for min lemfældige opsummering og uddrag. Der er simpelthen ikke tid til, at oversætte til Dansk i det enorme tempo som vi får meddelelser fra alle vores Opstegne mestre, vores skaber og den galaktiske familie inden den store begivenhed finder sted. Alle budskaber er kanaliseret via spirituelle mennesker, som er i stand til at hæve sin frekvens,  energi, vibrationer til at modtage.Update: Vedlægger videoer, hvis de eksistere på nettet. Det er nogen gange nemmere at modtage via lyd, frem for tekst. 

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How the Mother/Aum Works

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In the video you see particles taking definite geometric shapes in the presence of varying frequencies of sound. Now I know nothing about frequencies of sound or anything else scientific.

But I do know that this entire world is held together by a universal sound vibration which we call “Aum.”  I know this vibration to be the creative, preservative, and transformational force behind the universe.

That Being who creates, preserves and transforms we know as the Mother. So, whether I’m correct or not scientifically, I still say that the formation of these geometrical shapes in the presence of sound  suggests to us how this world, with all its minute geometrical forms like atoms and molecules, was created.

Perhaps I can cite three sources among many who attest to the relationships that arise from what I’m suggesting:

Sri Yukteswar: “The Word, Amen, (Aum), is the beginning of creation. The manifestation of Omnipotent Force … is vibration, which appears as a peculiar sound: Amen, Aum.”  (1

Annie Besant: “The syllable OM, which is the imperishable Brahman, is the universe. Whatsoever has existed, whatsoever exists, whatsoever shall exist hereafter, is OM. And whatsoever transcends past, present, and future, that is also OM.” (2)

The Upanishads: “The source from which a universe proceeds is a manifested Divine Being, to whom in the modern form of the Ancient Wisdom the name of Logos, or Word, has been given. The name is drawn from Greek philosophy, but perfectly expresses the ancient ideas, the Word which emerges from the Silence, the Voice, the Sound, by which the worlds come into being.” (3)

The Divine Being is the Mother. The Word is Aum. It is Aum, the universal creative vibration that obeys the behest of the Mother, that has created everything.

How does sound create? How does sound hold “matter” (material, mater, Mother) together?  If what I’ve said is accurate, then we’re watching in this video a demonstration at a very simple, microcosmic level of how sound creates and holds matter together.


(1) Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, The Holy Science. Los Angeles: Self-Realization Fellowship, 1984, 23.

(2) Swami Prabhavananda and Frederick Manchester, trans., The Upanishads. Breath of the Eternal. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1957; c1948, 50.

(3) Annie Besant, The Ancient Wisdom. Adyar: Theosophical Publishing House, 1972; c1897, 44.

Top 8 Supplements to Boost Your Pineal Gland Function - November 7, 2014

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Anna Hunt, Staff Writer for Waking Times


The pineal gland, an endocrine gland located in the brain, is said to be the seat of the soul. Also referred to as the Third Eye, this small gland is believed to be involved in reaching higher levels of consciousness, acting as a gateway to dimensions beyond our brain-created reality. To learn more about the pineal gland, see: What is the Pineal Gland?
Læs også: Tør Du leve sundt?
For the people that seek to fully activate their spiritual potential and tap into the power of the pineal gland, one must begin by strengthening its function though detoxification and proper nutrition. Researchers are finding that in many people, due to our poor diet with pesticide and chemical-laden foods and environmental toxins such as fluoride in our water, the pineal gland and our entire bodies are becoming exposed to many more toxins and nano-organisms than ever before. These form calcium shells around themselves for protection from our immune systems which has resulted in calcification of the pineal gland, a build-up of calcium phosphate crystals in various parts of the human body. Many of us have a pineal gland that is already completely calcified. This does not fare well when we try to tap into the esoteric capabilities of this gland through yoga practice, meditation, using plant medicines such as ayahuasca, and so forth. The process of detoxification is an essential place to start if we want to exploit our full spiritual capabilities.
Below is a list, in no particular order, of 8 supplements that will boost your pineal gland function, help in its decalcification, and support you on your journey of personal and spiritual cultivation. Some of the supplements offer similar results, so it is up to you to decide which combination of supplements will work best for you.
  • Melatonin
  • Oregano Oil and Neem Extract
  • Raw Cacao
  • Chlorophyll-rich Superfoods
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Iodine
  • Organic Blue Ice Skate Fish Oil and Activator X (Vitamin K1/K2)
  • Boron/Borax
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Obama Caught Ordering Press to Cover Up Ebola

Paul Joseph Watson | November 6, 2014

An eyebrow-raising admission at the end of a Forbes article written by pharmacologist David Kroll reveals that the media has agreed not to report on suspected Ebola cases in the United States.

In a piece entitled Liberian Traveler At Duke Hospital Shows Preliminary Negative Result For Ebola, Kroll describes attending a press conference involving Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos.

After revealing that “an unnamed official abruptly called the press conference to a close” when Wos was asked a difficult question about the suspected Ebola victim, Kroll then drops a bombshell.

“The Associated Press and other press outlets have agreed not to report on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States until a positive viral RNA test is completed,” he writes.

Kroll then felt the need to justify why he was talking about the suspected Ebola case at Duke Hospital, which subsequently turned out to be negative, explaining that he was, “covering tonight’s announcement of a potential Ebola case because it has been reported in my area, and at Duke University Medical Center, an institution where I hold an unpaid adjunct associate professor appointment in their Department of Medicine.”

The agreement between major media outlets and health authorities – presumably the CDC – not to report on potential Ebola cases in the United States was apparently made behind the scenes with no public discussion whatsoever. This is sure to heighten criticism of the CDC’s handling of the Ebola outbreak in the U.S., which is already under close scrutiny.

While the CDC will almost certainly claim that such an arrangement is necessary to prevent hysteria, many will see this as another example of how the mainstream press is more interested in acquiescing to government demands than keeping the American people informed.

In an interview on the Alex Jones Show last month, Doctor James Lawrenzi revealed that health authorities are covering up potential Ebola cases in the United States and disappearing patients in an effort to avoid hysteria.

With flu season fast approaching, experts have warned that the reporting of Ebola-like symptoms which are in fact influenza could overwhelm health authorities. Medical professionals have predicted that the U.S. could see over one hundred Ebola cases by the end of the year.

Last week we reported on how the government had sent 250,000 Hazmat suits to Dallas, while the CDC is also set to purchase over 1.4 million surgical gowns and nearly 10,000 body bags in response to the outbreak.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

Kort situationsopdatering på kloden - Cobra - 6. November 2014

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen : ; Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevægelsen. Jeg har tilladt mig, at smide nogen hyperlinks ved nogen af Cobra's begreber. Link til de tidligere artikler:  

09 Okt 2014
 22. Sept 2014
9 Sept 2014
6. Aug 2014

Der findes en liste over de 10 bedste bevarede hemmelige grupper, der arbejder under kontrol af Chimera-gruppen.
1. Frimurerne
2. Illuminati
3. Skull and Bones
4. Sons of Liberty
5. Thule Society
6. Ridderne af den gyldne cirkel
7. The Black Hand
8. Hashshashin- Ordenen Assassins
9. Bilderberg-gruppen
10. Ordo Templi Orientis

 IS:IS Portal Aktivering Part 1: (Feb 2014)
Et nyt vindue med mulighed for stor betydning, er ved at åbne sig på overfladen af ​​denne planet snart. Galaktiske kræfter af Lyskræfter søger mod denne mulighedsvindue med stor spænding. Skibe i den Det Galaktiske Føderation er allerede begyndt at positionere sig tættere på overfladen af planeten Jorden for at være i stand til at sende og tilpasse intense energier, som vil blive frigivet inden for denne mulighedsvindue mod den planetariske overflade. Som en konsekvens af min rum flyvning ud over sløret et par uger siden og af andre operationer fra de lette styrker, har store dele af det æteriske Archon nettet allerede fjernet til det punkt, at nogle mennesker er begyndt at genindføre ægte telepatisk kontakt med føderationen og mange er begyndt at få dybtgående positive åndelige oplevelser med dem.(derfor har 2014 været præget af intensive kanaliseringer)

MAKE THIS VIRAL! Window Of Opportunity 2014-2015

 2012 Portal, Nov 5, 2014
A new Window of Opportunity is about to open on the surface of this planet soon.

This Window of Opportunity is our greatest chance until now to make the final breakthrough into liberation. Although the battle is still far from over, the Chimera group is losing its power with the fastest rate in recorded history and the Light at the end of the tunnel can clearly be seen.

This Window of Opportunity will open on December 15th, 2014, will have its turning point on January 21st, 2015 and will close on March 17th, 2015:

The opening and closing points of this Window of Opportunity are moments of exact Uranus-Pluto square, the sixth and the seventh (which is also the last) exact Uranus-Pluto square positions within the Uranus-Pluto square planetary configuration that is occurring within 2012-2015 time frame. Uranus-Pluto square signifies the revolution of consciousness which will dissolve the controlling structures of the Cabal:

The Window of Opportunity will open with the IS:IS Portal activation part II, which will occur on December 15th this year. On that day, we will continue the work that was started with the first part of the IS:IS Portal activation about 6 months ago. We will be anchoring Goddess energies (energies of pure feminine principle) into the planetary energy grid with the purpose of balancing and harmonizing the planetary situation and easing our transition into the Event. We will be having our main activation on the Giza plateau in Egypt. You are more than welcome to join us:

The turning point of this Window of opportunity will be on January 21st next year with a special activation codenamed RR6, which is important for the Resistance Movement and not so much for the surface population.

The closing point of the Window of Opportunity will be with the last exact Uranus-Pluto square on March 17th. After this completion of the Uranus-Pluto square configuration, which was ongoing for almost 3 years, things on this planet are expected to be much less volatile.
More intel about each of the points within the Window of Opportunity will be released when the time is right.