May 23, 2015

Bombshell: Head of Russian Military Intelligence Accuses West of Creating Islamist Terror Network - May 23, 2015

Colonel-General Igor Sergun, Head of Russia’s ultra-secretive GRU, breaks his silence and delivers a devastating indictment of Western support of international terrorism

This article originally appeared at The Saker

Dear friends,

I am posting today the speech of Colonel-General Igor Sergun, Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia. To say that this man, or the GRU in general, is secretive, would be an understatement. Almost all the information publicly available about Sergun is in the short biography (researched by Scott) which I have placed at the end of this post. As a general rule, the GRU never makes a public statement, nor does the person heading it. It is thus interesting that on one of the very few occasions where General Sergun agreed to speak in public, he chose to focus on the risks of the so-called ‘Islamic’ extremism and that in a relatively short presentation, he made four references to the fact that these ‘Islamic’ terrorists are basically creatures of the West. One might be tempted to say ‘nothing new here; we all know that’ – but that would be missing the point. The point is that the head of Russian military intelligence is openly declaring that the so-called ‘Islamic terrorism’ is not an original or indigenous phenomenon, but an instrument in the toolset of western imperialism which is used to subvert countries that dare oppose the worldwide hegemony of the Trans-Atlantic Empire.

The Saker


Translated by Shed

of the Head of the Main Directorate of the General Staff
at the IV Moscow Conference
on International Security
devoted to: “Global Security: Radical Transformation
or Creation of New Rules for the Game?”
(April 16, 2015 г.)
The subject:
“Hot Points” of the Global Fight with Terrorism “

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Acc. to BBC - Finland instructs nearly a million military reservists - May 23, 2015 CET

...What's Going Wrong With Finland? To much finnish vodka or US/NATO Fear Warmongering Games? Could it be not-forgotten Cold War Revival - Winter War when USSR invaded Finland back in 1939? Scared By Russia, Sweden And Finland Make War Pact

Finland has sent letters to nearly a million reservists to collect their contact details and remind them of their duties in case of combat, a defence ministry spokesman said.

The letter tells reservists which regiment or unit to join in the event of war, he told the BBC.

He insisted that the correspondence was not related to Russia's annexation of Crimea or recent fighting in Ukraine.

However, neutral Finland has increased co-operation with Nato this year.

In April the Finnish navy dropped depth charges in waters near Helsinki as a warning to a suspected submarine, which some media reports said was Russian.

Finland Instructs Nearly a Million Military Reservists

Interesting news - it may well be nothing but it does seem to be an unusual move by Finland who, as the article states, have increased co-operation with NATO recently and have had some issues with Russian submarines..


Morning Message from the Arcturians – Excerpts from Thirty Veils of Illusion - May 23, 2015

Arcturians er en race, der kommer fra den blå planet, der kredser den røde kæmpestjerne Arcturus i Bootes konstellation. Arcturus kredser cirka 36 lysår fra vores solsystem. Arcturians er den mest avancerede civilisation i galaksen, transcendere ind i 4. og 5. dimension. Mange kender Arcturians, som velvillige væsener. Men hvad kun nogle ved, er læren som Arcturians følger. Indhyllet i mystik, og tabt i de åndelige oversættelser gennem kommunikation og kanaliseringer af Arcturians til mennesker, en race af væsener synes at eksistere og kommunikere fundamentale love, der styrer eksistensen af ​​fred, kærlighed og glæde. Denne grundlæggende lovgivning tillader Arcturians at skubbe i retning af højere planer af eksistens og give mulighed for fortsat vækst i et begrænset fysiske univers. Arcturians menes at komme fra en kredsende himmellegeme, der ikke har været opdaget af jordiske astronomer. 

Kanaliseret aSuzanne Lie
©2015 suzanneliephd


The Forest
The forest is green and splendid with many unusual flowers and trees. The weather is weather-less in that it is perfect. I can feel no external temperature. The breeze is gentle and caressing like soft feathers being waved in my midst, yet none of the shrubbery or flowers is moved by it.
The moisture seems to come up from the Earth. There are no streams or rivers that I can find and there has definitely not been any rain since I have arrived; yet everything has light dew upon it, even when the suns are high overhead.

There is never a total darkness as the three moons are very effective illumination. One of the most unusual things is that I have never seen a shadow. Even when the suns are low on the horizon there are no shadows. Also, the Beings of this place do not move. They are at one place and then, suddenly, they are at another place. I wish desperately to have someone to share this with, but then perhaps I would not keep this journal.

Jesus: There Is No Alternative to the Divine Will Because There Is No Other Will - May 23, 2015 CET

Sananda udsender ugentlige budskaber for tiden, for os som har fulgt Jesus Sananda i længere tid, har det altid været en fryd og opløftende oplevelse for vores forståelse, hvad der sker omkring os. Den Opstegne Mester Sananda / Jesus / Kristus / Jeshua tjener som en lærer af hele verden, og var en af ​​de største Spirituelle healere, der gik på vores elskede planet Jorden/Nova/Gaia. Det er vigtigt at forstå, alle vores opstegne mestre og de galaktiske venner, så at sige, ikke har tilladelse til at bruge Deres beføjelser for at ændre forløbet af civilisationer, kun i yderst sjældne tilfælde. Universets lov. 

Kanaliseret af John Smallman 21.5.2015
© 2015

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday May 21st
As the Divine Plan for humanity’s awakening moves steadily forwards, those so successfully holding the Light on Earth to assist in this great venture are highly honored by all in the spiritual realms. Without you the Plan would come to nothing!

However, it is God’s Plan, and so perfect success is, of course, absolutely guaranteed. Nevertheless, your willing and enthusiastic involvement is an essential aspect of His plan.

At times most of you experience doubt, lack of motivation, even a sense that you are doing nothing of value as you carry on with “normal” life in the illusion. Those feelings and sensations are just another aspect of your illusory environment whose only purpose is to confuse you, and undermine your confidence that you have a divine purpose on Earth at this time.

Do not be misled by those depressing moods and doubts; when they arise just let them pass, as they most surely will, and turn to us and ask for a comforting and loving hug. We are permanently on call to answer your requests for assistance because that is our purpose and our joy.

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: May 23, 2015 CET

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2015 TreeOfTheGoldenLight
Time continues to pass very rapidly and will continue to do so, which for many of you is a relief as you are experiencing many challenges. This is to be expected as you face clearing the residue of karma accumulated over a long period of time.

There will come a point when you will have virtually completed it, and it will be considered as having been cleared and the slate will be clean. Your focus on all that is positive will ensure that you stay on the path of Light, and the End Times should be an occasion when you become aware of completion within yourself. It will come with a feeling of peace and a knowing that all is well.

You will find it easier to live in the “Now” and life will be more enjoyable as you focus on the Light. The old vibrations will hold little or no attraction any longer, and you will know beyond doubt that you are ascending.

It is as though two worlds are intertwining, but they are in reality becoming separated as the higher vibrations lift you up. You are by your own choice leaving the old vibrations behind, as you have learnt the lessons they had to give you.

Secret Bank of England taskforce investigates financial fallout of Brexit - May 23, 2015

News of undercover project emerges after Bank staff accidentally email details to the Guardian including PR notes on how to deny its existence

A Bank of England taskforce is researching¨
 the possible financial shocks of an EU exit
- Read also: Labour urges Osborne to reveal what he knew about Bank's 'Brexit' taskforce

Bank of England officials are secretly researching the financial shocks that could hit Britain if there is a vote to leave the European Union in the forthcoming referendum.

The Bank blew its cover on Friday when it accidentally emailed details of the project – including how the bank intended to fend off any inquiries about its work – direct to the Guardian.

According to the confidential email, the press and most staff in Threadneedle Street must be kept in the dark about the work underway, which has been dubbed Project Bookend.

It spells out that if anyone asks about the project, the taskforce must say the investigation has nothing to do with the referendum, saying only that staff are involved in examining “a broad range of European economic issues” that concern the Bank.

The revelation is likely to embarrass the bank governor, Mark Carney, who has overhauled the central bank’s operations and promised greater transparency over its decision-making.

‘March Against Monsanto’: Protest against GMO giant to roll in 38 countries this weekend - Copenhagen May 23, 2015

Media alert: The 2015 March Against Monsanto is set to launch worldwide on May 23. For immediate release: WORLDWIDE – On May 23, 2015, hundreds of thousands of concerned individuals will gather across 38 countries and 428 cities to join in peaceful protest against the Monsanto Company as a part of the March Against Monsanto [...]
Read Full Article → kl 13-16 Nytorv i København i dag.
Hvem er denne mastodont af en multinational corporation - Monsanto? 
Monsanto er et multinationalt selskab, der tjener styrtende på GMO-afgrøder og sprøjtegifte. RoundUp og GMO-produktion ødelægger vores klode, grundvand og er skyld i de døende bier.

GMO er organismer, som har fået tilført gener fra andre organismer. TTIP er Det transatlantiske handels- og investeringspartnerskab.
Læs denne artikel og se de mange semi-farlige og meget farlige produkter de har fremstillet gennem årene - 'Natural' Food Labels Decieving US Public - GMO Hides Under This False Food Label

Læs også: The Netherlands Ban Monsanto's RoundUp! Uprising Against Monsanto Planet Wide!

Tidligere store verdensomspændende protest-aktioner i 2015:

China’s SWIFT Alternative and the (Engineered) Death of the Dollar - May 23, 2015

The official story in the news media, The China International Payments System (CIPS) is a planned alternative payments system to SWIFT...but in real life, it's going to be game-changer to US controlled Petro Dollar SWIFT system...

by James Corbett
March 11, 2015

Forget all the nonsense and hoopla about the Apple Watch or the GM stock buy-back. Far and away the most important economic story of the week is one you won’t find on the front page of Bloomberg or MarketWatch. New reports indicate that China is ready to launch its SWIFT alternative, and for those who have their ear to the ground this is the most significant move yet in the unfolding process of de-dollarization that is seeing the BRICS-led “resistance bloc” breaking away from the financial stranglehold of the US-led “Washington Consensus.”

For those who don’t know, SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and is shorthand for the SWIFTNet Network that is used by over 10,500 financial institutions in 215 countries and territories to transmit financial transaction data around the world. SWIFT does not do any of the clearing or processing for these transactions itself, but instead sends the payment orders that are then settled by correspondent banks of the member institutions. Still, given the system’s near universality in the financial system, it means that virtually every international transaction between banking institutions goes through the SWIFT network.

This is why de-listing from the SWIFT network remains one of the primary financial weapons wielded by the US and its allies in their increasingly important financial warfare campaigns. In 2012, SWIFT agreed to de-list 30 Iranian financial institutions (including the central bank) from their network as part of the US/EU-led sanctions on Tehran, a move that was meant to stop billions of dollars’ worth of oil and export sales from being repatriated into the country and bring Iranian business to a standstill. Throughout the recent tensions between the US bloc and Russia over the civil war in Ukraine, the idea that SWIFT could similarly de-list Russian banks has been repeatedly floated as a potential next step for the US and its allies.

Of course, SWIFT is nominally “independent” from any government entity and thus does not have to follow the dictates of Washington or anyone else pursuing their own personal vendettas in the financial arena. In practice, however, SWIFT put up no resistance whatsoever and obligingly complied with the Iranian sanctions request despite the fact that the blockade was repeatedly ruled illegal by the EU’s own courts. Does anyone doubt that, despite their protestations to the contrary, they would do any different if push came to shove with Russia? This is precisely why Moscow, Beijing and other countries in the cross hairs have been floating ideas of their own, namely the creation of an alternative payment network that bypasses SWIFT.

RANI's INTEL REPORT and Landa Global Update - GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET - May 23, 2015 CET

Finansielle Akronymer - NEW- SWIFT and CIPS

Hi Everyone, here is some information I received via email from a dear friend of mine that has invested in foreign currencies.

I’ll give it to you exactly the way that I received it. I wasn’t able to cut-and-paste so I had to type it in. If something doesn’t make sense please ask me about it and I’ll try to clarify it as best I can:

So what is the whole world waiting on?

Well, I’ve decided to offer one final update before falling completely off the grid…

All initial global settlement monies have been transferred and settled upon each continent – so that the global GCR/RV can occur with ease…

All banks globally are now on board after some brutal negotiations, even those here in the USA…

The problem has been that as live rates were introduced, key bankers were discovered to still be playing for the bad guys, and ultimately re-routed SWIFT transfers to improper accounts offshore…

Said bad guys were arrested, and will continue to be as future fraud occurs, which is anticipated… However, with that said, a duplicate wire transfer system has long been implemented and is in it’s final beta testing…

It’s called CIPS, and the RV is scheduled to roll out globally, including here in the USA, once it’s comfortably operational… because what’s the good of exchanging currency if someone can steal your money after-the-fact…

The full throttle global roll out could be any time, any hour, any day, any week… Literally and without warning… It will just happen…