December 09, 2015

Most-listened-to: James Gilliland on the As You Wish Talk Radio (3D matrix Controllers big scale mission of CERN with negative entities from 4 dimensional waves to take over humanity together with A.I.. Rumor of collapse of CERN due to parallel timeline problems, It's all connected to A.I. (artificial intelligence) transhumanist agenda.. 2016 wake up call for US and elections.. Donald Trump fits as a trained A.I. individual, Trump is run by power behind the scene...2016 - Individual choice of ' armageddon within' .. 2017 - critical mass earth organic timeline, consciousness awareness.. One family rules banks in western countries - Rothschilds - Money we know is a tool of social control that was brought to earh from Orion.. Operations Bluebeam - imagineering)

Published on Dec 6, 2015*
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San Bernardino mass shooting linked to 2013 Boston Marathon bombing via Craft mercenaries seen at both events - Dec 9, 2015

VANCOUVER, BC – Exclusive new video published to YouTube on December 8, 2015, purports to reveal how San Bernardino police officers responding to reports of a mass shooting involuntarily disclosed the role of secret government mercenaries in both the tragic events of last week and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Testimony from one of two independent witnesses who identified three white male suspects in military fatigues at the Inland Regional Center was earlier shown to have invoked the spectre of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle at the scene.
The Dallas Morning News reported in 2013 how the widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, Tanya Kyle, filed a lawsuit against private military contractor Craft International, LLC (the company founded by her deceased husband), including a statement requesting to “stop using the skull-and-crosshairs logo designed by Chris Kyle.”’s previous report identifying a sniper at the scene characterized by the presence of drugs and a skull echoed the facts of an earlier study in which it been determined that the “American Sniper” was addicted to heroin, a substance known for its use in CIA MKULTRA programs.
San Bernardino mass shooting linked to 2013 Boston Marathon bombing via Craft mercenaries seen at both events
By Jon Kelly

Cintamani Update: December 9, 2015

Hvem er Cobra: Stifter af bloggen ; Denne blog er den officielle formidler af kommunikation fra modstandsbevægelsen.

Eftersom jeg for længst har givet efter på disse højst usædvanlige fænomener og trosberetninger for vores forfædre samt galaktiske venners færden, er det en god ide som nybegynder, at læse eller slå tingene op via (google søgeord og vælge dette site) eller ( for at forstå hele sammenhængen.

Since I have released intel about the Cintamani stone, many pieces of this sacred stone have found their way into the hands of dedicated Lightworkers and Lightwarriors and will serve as transmitters of energies of compression breakthrough at the time of the Event:

Selected pieces of Cintamani stone were put into many dozens of most important key grid vortex points of the planetary energy grid to stabilize the transformation process into the Event. This Cintamani energy grid around the planet is now almost complete.

Old Tibetan prophecy says that there will come a time when the King of the World will emerge with his army from his subterranean realms to defeat the forces of darkness and usher the coming of the Golden age. This time is now. Cintamani stone will play a key role in this process:

Cintamani stone is an emanation of pure Light and is an outer manifestation of the purity of our Soul:

Very recently, a limited quantity of Cintamani stones was put on StratoProbe 4, a nearspace vehicle which I have launched together with my team. StratoProbe 4 has reached a maximum altitude of about 15 miles (24 km):

On its way to maximum altitude it took this photo of a small fleet of extraterrestrial craft that were supporting our mission:

Saturday Night Live Parody Sketch About Alien Abduction - Dec 9, 2015 (SNL cracks me up....)

Published on Dec 6, 2015

Three people (Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Ryan Gosling) share very different stories about their alien abduction.
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Sheldan Nidle opdatering for Galaktiske Føderation af lys og åndelige hierarki - 9. December 2015 CET

Hvem er Sheldan Nidle: Sheldan Nidle er grundlægger af Planetary Activation Organization, en UFO religion. Han siger at han er i stand til former for telepatiske kommunikation, samt er i kontakt med rumvæsener. Han er tit kanal for budskaber og formidler af Det Galaktiske Føderation Af Lys.

Hjælp til NESARA etc: - Finansielle akronymer

Over the past few weeks, a new realm has been constructed. This world is more than a gift for this holiday season; it is to be a realm in which you can rejoice. This new realm is there, but not yet manifested. You are presently seeing it manifested before you

Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation 
Symbol For The Sirian Star System

4 Ik, 5 Yaxk’in, 12 Manik
Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) An operation which is to give you a new world is now finishing. For millennia your surface reality has been limited in its perceptions by core lies and unbelievable deceptions. You are at last at the very edge of a different reality, in which you are surrounded by truth and new governance dedicated to your well-being. This is something that you are not used to. Rather, you expect to be lied to, cheated or just plain deceived. Over the past few weeks, a new realm has been constructed. This world is more than a gift for this holiday season; it is to be a realm in which you can rejoice. This new realm is there, but not yet manifested. You are presently seeing it manifested before you. The dark is defeated, but not yet isolated from you. A final set of events needs to occur before this most wished for event occurs. This reality is being slowly transitioned and when this is completed, some very clear signs are to appear before you. Until then, be both knowing and confident of this great change in your reality.

Why you'd have to be a complete idiot to take a flu shot - Dec 9, 2015

The Health Ranger
Flu shots only "work" on the same people who have strong enough immune systems to build their own antibodies.
At the same time, the very people who have weak immune systems and could use some extra protection don't have strong enough immune responses to make vaccines work.
In other words, vaccines only work on people who don't need them.
That's why you'd have to be a complete idiot to take a flu shot:

The Hidden Hand Puppet Master at The US Oval Office has sent IS letters to all Scandinavian countries asking for more political and military support. We reply: Yes my Master, Your Wishes Is My Command.. Dec 9, 2015

So... we are actually in war with USA.... If, we assume ISIS is part of U.S./MI6/CIA/RKM proxyarmy 

RKM(is an abbreviation to represent the 'Rothschild Khazarian Mafia')

According to ritzau, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, has not only sent a letter to Denmark, requesting more support in the fight against Islamic State (IS). Similar letters has been sent to Sweden, Norway and Finland, writes the Nordic news agency TT in Sweden, NTB in Norway and FNB in Finland. Read the article in danish news media

Now we just heard, that U.S. attacks Syrian Miliary Compound few days ago.. and now..

... ESCALATION and DECEPTION: Saudi and German Troops Move into Mosul area

BREAKING: Tyrkiet invaderer Irak - Media er tavse

Exposed, the American ISIS Nexus... It's so pathetic how our political leaders in one string, must comply since Denmark (size of a walnut) are part of the NATO and us led- coalition. In the other string, we have absolutly no clue who is in charge as the hidden hand in the geopolitical and warmongering fear agenda play their game.....

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions......