May 25, 2018 | 25. Maj 2018 | ~ Alle snakker om vejret, men ingen gør noget ved det, sagde Storm P engang ~ | Blogger: [🐦Mågerne - Kaj og Bøje - jeg er godt gal i skralden og nok øm i mågestellet, efter de har tændt for de satans chemtrails, er min fjerdragt ætset væk!🐧] ... Pragtfulde forårs-uger ende i et chemtrail-rabalder. Mon landmændene, har betalt chemtrail-folket tilbage i Dannevang, for at give os nedbør? ALT kan jo købes for penge💲 ... Dagens Nyheder: Ny persondataforordning d. 25. maj 2018 og vi bliver chemtrailet (igen) ... I 26 graders varme og med solen bankende ned fra en skyfri himmel, kom så fredagen, den dag, jorden stod stille ... Det er ikke blot det Nordsjællandske, at Sundhedsstyrelsen (DMI samt Miljøstyrelsen), der sørger for vi indånder toksiske tungmetaller og vira (med vaccinejuice som dessert), landbrugsorganisationerne med deres lajmaj, ska' ha' regn og det skal være NU! (”Ka’ du vær en kårl om æ nat, ka du ow vær en kårl om æ daw.” ) ... PS: Billede med sendemasten, er til skræk og advarsel, når det uhyggelige farlige 5G (bliver indført overalt) elektromagnetiske felter fra mobiltelefoner og sendere, kaster dødsstråler tilbage i hoved på mennesker, samtidigt med, at vi bliver forgiftet med Chemtrails... |


Efter mange uger uden Chemtrails, som normalt kaldes 'Contrails' blandt almindelige borgere, er tilbage igen, ihvertfald her i Nordsjælland (også i Århus)...

VT Today | May 25, 2018 | ~ Blockbuster: Bin Laden and the Deep State, Published in Russia ~ | .. Bin Laden was kept alive as a “deception and cover” operation by the intelligence agencies of the US, Britain and Israel in order to justify a broad war intended to reshape the world map. The real architects of 911 saw how events, Sarajevo and Pearl Harbor could be used to create a world, not safe for democracy, but safe for banking, arms sales, and big oil .. Of note, all alleged bin Laden videos and audio recordings received after September 24, 2001 came from one source, an Israeli intelligence officer born in Iraq named Rita Katz. Her “organization” was called SITE Intelligence and it had only one purpose at that time, to deceive the world about bin Laden and lead investigators away from one obvious suspect, Israel. The CIA memo, received by Veterans Today in 2010 through the Freedom of Information Act: ... |

…by Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow 

On September 24, 2001, a dying Osama bin Laden released his last statement to the world. It is published below, the full CIA transcript with no redactions or editing. In this now declassified but heavily suppressed document, bin Laden describes the role of the Deep State in 9/11:
“President Bush or any other US President, they cannot bring Israel to justice for its human rights abuses or to hold it accountable for such crimes. What is this? Is it not that there exists a government within the government in the United Sates? That secret government must be asked as to who made the attacks.”
Bin Laden’s words, and we assert these are his last words, mean much more today than they did even while the ruins in New York and Washington were still smoldering. One might note that the “jet fuel” fires in New York burned for months, billions of BTU’s melting boots well into 2002.

Bin Laden will explain the world today and tell the truths that warned the world of what was to come. His words are riveting.

In March 2007, during an interview with Amy Goodman, former NATO commander, General Wesley Clark told of plans drafted by White House advisor and admitted architect of the Iraq War, Paul Wolfowitz, to invade 7 Middle Eastern nations including, not just Iraq, but Syria and Iran.

The election of Barak Obama may have offset their timetable, but in light of Clark’s revelation made 11 years ago and “buried” and bin Laden’s transcript, published below, events today are able to be seen in a different and perhaps “Hitleresque” light. From Salon, October 12, 2007:

“In “A Time to Lead: For Duty, Honor and Country,” published by Palgrave Macmillan last month, the former four-star general recalls two visits to the Pentagon following the terrorist attacks of September 2001. On the first visit, less than two weeks after Sept. 11, he writes, a “senior general” told him, “We’re going to attack Iraq. The decision has basically been made.”

Six weeks later, Clark returned to Washington to see the same general and inquired whether the plan to strike Iraq was still under consideration. The general’s response was stunning:
“‘Oh, it’s worse than that,’ he said, holding up a memo on his desk. ‘Here’s the paper from the Office of the Secretary of Defense [then Donald Rumsfeld] outlining the strategy. We’re going to take out seven countries in five years.’ And he named them, starting with Iraq and Syria and ending with Iran.”
While Clark doesn’t name the other four countries, he has mentioned in televised interviews that the hit list included Lebanon, Libya, Somalia and Sudan. Indeed, he has described this same conversation on a few occasions over the past year, including in a speech at the University of Alabama in October 2006, in an appearance on Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” broadcast last March, and most recently in an interview with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.”

On “Democracy Now” he spoke about the meetings and the memo in slightly greater detail, saying that he had made the first Pentagon visit ‘on or about Sept. 20.’”

The Death that was not a Death

The world has never been told the truth about Osama bin Laden and 9/11. On December 11, 2001, the Pakistan Observer published an article announcing bin Laden’s death. They are generally a respected news source and news agencies around the world, including Fox News and others in the US, reported the same.

Moreover, in 2009 I was given direct access to documents at the headquarters of Pakistan’s intelligence and information agencies, the ISPR and ISI, where I met with directors of both agencies.

We reviewed their files, along with other intelligence, and then had a roundtable discussion with their top analysts in a secure location in Rawalpindi.

They said bin Laden was dead, that they had captured and interrogated witnesses, as grim pictures raced through my mind, but they were clear.

Thus, when bin Laden showed up years later only to be “buried at sea” and his killers, a Navy SEAL team to suffer a catastrophic helicopter crash only days later, it became clear that the entire bin Laden story is a hoax.

Bin Laden was kept alive as a “deception and cover” operation by the intelligence agencies of the US, Britain and Israel in order to justify a broad war intended to reshape the world map.

The real architects of 911 saw how events, Sarajevo and Pearl Harbor could be used to create a world, not safe for democracy, but safe for banking, arms sales, and big oil.


On May 1, 2014, a Federal Judge in New York ordered the Islamic State of Iran to pay $6bn in damages to the victims of 9/11. The case against Iran is unclear and the process for suing Iran is equally obscure. In doing so, however, a door has been opened.

Iran has decided to fight back, much as Russia has when accused of complicity in the use of deadly poison gas in both Britain and Syria.

In both cases, Iran and Russia’s, nations believe their sacred honor has been violated by charges so heinous, perhaps even ridiculous, that reality itself is strained.

In Russia’s case, they openly told the US that pushing such bizarre and unfounded accusations, much less using retaliatory force in response to “utter fiction,” violated all “unspoken rules of statecraft,” to paraphrase Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

What neither Russia, nor Syria and Iran know, is that the Federal gag orders imposed by a secret grand jury in Houston, Texas, a grand jury impaneled not to investigate 9/11 but to administer the coverup, are to expire this year.

Why This is Vital

RT - Russia Today | 25. May 2018 | ~ Russia ‘responsible’ for deployment of missile system that downed MH17 – Dutch & Aussie statement ~ | .. The Netherlands and Australia declared Russia “responsible” for deployment of a missile system that downed flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014. Earlier, the Dutch-led probe said the system belonged to a unit in W. Russia .. | Blogger: [☠️Inside The Deep-State Conspiracy That Made Its Way To EU/NATO - And All The Rothschild Controlled Khazarian Mafia Institutions Around the World⚠️] ... (Narrative is the dirt path that leads us through the impenetrable forest, so we move forward and don't feel lost) -- Benjamin Fulford: ".. The White Dragon Society may provide Obama with protection if he agrees to appear at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan and tell the world the truth about things like Malaysian Air Flight 370/17, who his real father was, who put him in power, etc .." |



BUMI YANG TERCINTA (2) | May 14, 2018 | ~ EXCELLENT MESSAGE OF AIRCRAFT MH370 AND MH17 (translated) ~ | Blogger: According to BF, this Malaysian-language website shows they know exactly what happened to Malaysian Air Flight 370 (In other words, we are going to have a world leader publicly state that the plane was taken to the U.S. military base on Diego Garcia, flown to Tel Aviv, then flown to Florida and repainted as Malaysian Air Flight 17, then flown to threaten world leaders in Holland before being blown up in the Ukraine in an attempt to smear Russia) ... |

8 March 2014

00.35am: Flight Malaysia Airlines (MAS) MH370 carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members has departed from KLIA Airport and is due to arrive to Beijing at 6.30am.

1.19am : MH370 was able to communicate with the control tower at KLIA for the last time.

1.35am : One hour after departure, Flight MH370 was hijacked by Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Agent) using a remote control from a military aircraft called AWACS.

All Boeing aircraft have been installed with a chip called "QRS-11 gyro chip". this facilitates the aircraft to be controlled via the remote control.

AWACS military aircraft

The AWACS military aircraft managed to control the entire MH370 aircraft by using the remote control and then starting to turn MH370 towards the sea.

2.00am : Fariq Abdul Hamid, a flight attendant of the flight MH370, has tried to contact someone through telephone calls as it flies as low as 5000 ft in Penang's airspace on that day. It is understood that the Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft was flying at a fairly low altitude to allow mobile phone signals to be detected by a land-based telecommunication transmitter. The call was interrupted before the connection was successful.

4.00am : Residents of the Maldives islands have told reporters that they have seen an airplane flying too low and they say that the color is the same as the Malaysian Airline System. | 25. Maj 2018 | ~ Nu kan du kræve penge tilbage fra DR - staten betaler advokatregningen ~ | .. DLA Piper har fået fri proces til gruppesøgsmål mod den anske stat. Kravet kan løbe op i milliarder af kroner .. Den nye godkendelse betyder, at licensbetalere nu kan deltage i retssagen uden at skulle have en krone op af lommen og uden risiko for at ende op med en regning, fortæller advokat Peter Lunau Larsen fra DLA Piper. »Der er ingen risiko, kun muligheder,« siger Peter Lunau Larsen, der understreger, at det er vigtigt at tilmelde sig søgsmålet, hvis man ikke vil risikere helt at miste muligheden for at få moms tilbage .. | Blogger: DR og embedsværket som politisk dække, kan ikke længere bruge Kammeradvokaten, der har mistet sit monopol siden 1936 på statslige sager (så vist jeg kan forstå). Kammeradvokaten er landets tredjestørste advokatfirma. I 2015 betalte staten 385 millioner kroner til firmaet for juridiske ydelser i en "storkundeaftale".DERFOR, hvis DLA Piper vinder denne sag, vil det sætte helt ny præcedens, ALDRIG set før, mod Staten og DR, som institution ... Og hvad med alle de fake news DR, sælger til den danske befolkning? kræver OGSÅ at fake news DR og fake news TV2 ØJEBLIKKELIGT begynder at dække forbrydelser imod menneskeheden (som de er en del af). Berlingske Tidende og Politiken er privatejede virksomheder og det må være klart for enhver, at de skriver, det de får besked på af deres ejere. Jeg er ikke klar over om de er bundet af Public Service Forpligtelser ligesom fake news DR og fake news TV2. Jeg ved at CNN har vundet en retssag, hvor det blev krævet at de skulle fortælle sandheden. Dommen fastslog at CNN var et privatejet selskab og kunne fortælle, hvad de ville, sandt eller opspind. (Mest det sidste)... For et par dage siden, kunne vi konstatere, at Clinton's CNN eller CIA News Network bliver busted - CNN's hovedkontor i Atlanta i Georgien blev tirsdag ""RAIDED"" af Federal Communications Commission (FCC) -agenterne i en operation i forbindelse med "overtrædelse af pressedirektiver", herunder "udgivelse og fremme af blatant falske oplysninger, der er designet til at bedrage det amerikanske offentligheden", ifølge til rapporter.... |

Sidste år vurderede en stribe eksperter over for Finans, at DR i årevis havde opkrævet moms på licensregningen i strid med EU-retten. Nu kræver flere advokatfirmaer licensmomsen retur på vegne af danske licensbetalere. Foto: Thomas Borberg

The Gateway Pundit | May 25, 2018 | ~ Joe DiGenova: Comey, Clapper, and Brennan are Psychotics and Can't Stop Lying (VIDEO) ~ | .. Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova joined Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night to discuss the latest developments in the historic Spygate Scandal .. |

Democrats and the liberal media went from scoffing at the idea that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign to praising the spies inside the Trump Campaign in a two day period.

The Crossfire Hurricane has switched directions and the deep states hacks are spinning like crazy.

Joe DiGenova went off on the crooks on Wednesday: If they were not spying on the Trump campaign why not just tell the Trump people the Russians are coming after you, be careful. Because that’s not what they’re doing. They were spying on the Trump Campaign… Comey and Clapper and Brennan are a group of psychotics who now can’t stop lying.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

Opdatering fra oplysningsforbundet MAY DAY DANMARK | 24. Maj 2018 | ~ Ny serie om cancerbehandling, svaret på herpes, opråb fra patientforeninger: opret etisk nævn!... ~ | .. Velkommen til May Day-nyheder. Vi har samlet en spændende buket til dig, og kan du lide den, så send gerne videre til nogen, der kan få glæde af den. Har du husket at melde dig til foredrag med Christina Santini om tungmetaller og detox? Du er også velkommen til bare at komme og betale ved indgangen. Se under Arrangementer. Vi glæder os til at se dig .. |

Videoserie med opdateret viden inden for cancerbehandling
Et nyt stort videoprojekt er blevet offentliggjort i USA, hvor top læger, naturlæger og behandlere fortæller om deres succes med forskellige former for cancerbehandling. Det er delt op i 6 episoder, der hver indeholder 4-5 indlæg af ca. ½ times varighed med forskellige behandlere. May Day har lyttet med og gør dem tilgængelige i resuméform på vores hjemmeside – dele af den dog kun for medlemmer. Få en smagsprøve her 
Der findes en behandling for herpes
Men det er ikke en, du hører om hos lægen. På trods af den høje forekomst af herpes ignorerer sundhedsmyndighederne en billig, sikker og effektiv behandling af denne udbredte infektion og satser i stedet på dyre lægemidler, der ikke behandler det underliggende problem. Læs mere her
Flere børn end antaget får bivirkninger af ADHD-medicin
Tidligere antog forskere eksempelvis, at mellem 1 og 10 procent af alle børn på ADHD-medicin oplever nedsat appetit, men det nye studie viser, at tallet rent faktisk er over 30 procent, svarende til omkring 5.000 danske børn. Læs mere her
Vi må styrke sundheden ved at mindske forureningen
Vi gør for lidt for at bekæmpe farlig forurening, der skader sundheden. To læger har netop sendt en opfordring til Lægeforeningen om at styrke indsatsen mod giftstoffer, så læger ikke bare skal diagnosticere og behandle, når det er for sent. Læs mere her

Ny type kræftbehandling i Danmark – ja, du læste rigtigt!
Danske læger har succes med revolutionerende ny teknik: Fryser kræften væk - men ikke alle får tilbuddet. Læs mere her

Svært ved at få børn?
Bred vifte af kemikalier kan være årsagen. Hverdagsprodukter med bestemte kemikalier er måske skyld i, at sædceller ryger på afveje i livmoderen. Det viser dansk forskning fra én af fem finalister ved Ph.d. Cup 2018. Læs mere her 

Patienter på medicinsk cannabis får skarpere hjerner 
Efter tre måneder på medicinsk cannabis fungerer patienters hjerner bedre. Det beretter amerikanske forskere på baggrund af et lille, men interessant studie, der har sine fordele og ulemper. Læs mere her
Hvad ved din læge egentlig om ernæring?
"Spis mere frisk frugt og grøntsager. Skær ned på slik og forarbejdede fødevarer. Spis flere fisk, nødder og bælgfrugter." Den slags elementære råd har folk hørt i årtier, men alligevel stiger statistikken drastisk for tilfælde med diabetes, fedme, højt blodtryk og andre kroniske sygdomme forbundet med dårlig kost. En del af problemet stammer fra det faktum, at lægerne ikke har viden ud over det allermest basale. Læs mere her


Hent en ikke-samtykkeerklæring til dit elselskab
Er du imod opsætning af digital, fjernaflæst el, så kan du hente en ikke-samtykkeerklæring, som du kan udfylde med dine egne relevante data og sende til myndigheder og dit elselskab. Læs mere her 

For stor til at fejle – eller for rig?
Undersøgelser viser, at en mobiltelefon kan skade dine gener eller fremkalde forstadier til kræft, hvis du holder den tæt til kroppen. Adskillige forskere, der har oplyst dette, er mistænkeliggjort af teleindustien, og kunne ikke beholde deres arbejde, men er nu finansieret af organisationer, forsikringsselskaber m.v. Læs mere her

Kan du så få den vaccine!!
Ligegyldigt om du vil risikere dit helbred med en usikker vaccine eller ej, så bare se at komme af sted til lægen, lille pige. Myndighederne presser på for at få pigerne vaccineret – det, der burde være et tilbud, begynder at ligne tvangsmedicinering. Læs mere her
Børn klør sig til blods: Over 1.000 får erstatning for vaccineskade
De senere år er der blevet udbetalt omkring 30 mio. kr. til børn, der har haft en kraftig allergisk reaktion efter Di-Te-Ki-Pol-Hib-vaccinationen, viser en rapport. Ny injektionsteknik kan måske reducere problemet. Læs mere her


Patientforeninger foreslår etisk nævn om sundhedsdata
Lov på vej i Folketinget bryder grundlæggende med demokratiske rettigheder og tillid mellem patienter og sundhedssystem. Samtidig indfører loven indirekte tvang. Tolv patientforeninger er gået sammen om et opråb. Læs det her 

Tre regioner sylter patienternes ret til indsigt
Patienter fik ret til fuld log-adgang i deres patientjournal i 2007, men det er ikke ført ud i livet. Kun to ud af fem danske regioner giver patienterne mulighed for at se, hvem der har slået op i deres elektroniske patientjournal. Den fulde log-adgang for alle patienter er således ikke ført ud i livet, selv om det faktisk blev et krav med en folketingsændring af sundhedsloven i 2007. Læs mere her

Collective Evolution | May 23, 2018 | ~ Watch: Activists Face Up To 60 Years In Prison For Rescuing A Dying Piglet From Factory Farm ~ | Blogger: OMG! 😞They should given these activists a 'Presidential Medal of Freedom', for exposing a sinister abusive factory farm, but are now facing up to 60 years in prison for rescuing a dying piglet from Smithfield. This is all very ironic, considering that the pigs in the Smithfield farm have been and continue to be tortured over and over again. They are living in completely unsafe and unsanitary conditions. These pigs do not get the chance to roam around on grass, or be free. Their fate involves lying in a metal crate without even enough room to walk around. They are meant to give birth and get fat until they are eventually slaughtered in the name of consumption ... 💭 PS: Same issue in DENMARK - Denmark is among the world's largest pig meat exporters... Denmark is Europe's largest exporter of live pigs - and thus 'logically' the largest exporter of MRSA, since many Danish pigs are infected with the antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Most of the millions of pigs, Denmark exports each year, carries on the multi-resistant bacteria MRSA. This means that Danish agriculture have helped to spread the disease in other countries. But there is virtually no monitoring of how the pig-MRSA spreads... Nine out of ten pigs in Danish slaughterhouses are infected with bacteria that cannot be knocked down with penicillin... Pigs also suffer during long distance transport for further fattening and slaughter etc. etc. etc... |



Man uses drones to expose one of America's "biggest secrets" - Factory Farming. Denmark spreading MRSA around the world - and the world does not care (4,8M Youtube Views - Think again, before you put pig on your plate!!. Most of the millions of pigs, Denmark exports each year, carries on the multi-resistant bacteria MRSA. This means that Danish agriculture have helped to spread the disease in other countries. But there is virtually no monitoring of how the pig-MRSA spreads - Bon Appétit -)

Update: BREAKING NEWS - Sept 22, 2016 - Denmark spreading MRSA around the world - and the world does not care -Denmark is Europe's largest exporter of live pigs - and thus 'logically' the largest exporter of MRSA, since many Danish pigs are infected with the antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Most of the millions of pigs, Denmark exports each year, carries on the multi-resistant bacteria MRSA. This means that Danish agriculture have helped to spread the disease in other countries. But there is virtually no monitoring of how the pig-MRSA spreads

Update: May 4, 2014 - Danish pigs spread hospital bacteria... Nine out of ten pigs in Danish slaughterhouses are infected with bacteria that cannot be knocked down with penicillin. Erik Larsen fights the bacteria by changing boots, washing his hands and using high-pressure flushing 

UPDATE! -Apr 26, 2016 - 70 farmers will breed pig without antibiotics to the US market....

Blogger: WHEN it comes to pigs, Denmark reigns supreme. This little country of just 5.4m humans raises 39m of them a year, when you count the stillborn piglets, making it the world's biggest exporter of pork. But many pigs die in the Danish stables - actually die more than every fifth piglet and every fourth sow (25,000 destroyed pigs per day). This means that annually raised about 29 million pigs/out of a total of 140 million farm animals in Denmark. About 10 million of these pigs are sent live abroad, mainly to Germany and Poland.  While pigs mean profits for some, they cause headaches for others. For many, many years, the danish powerful farm lobby is under siege from an unusual coalition of environmentalists, animal-welfare people and the tourism industry....We also know that each Danish cow gets more inagricultural support perday than many poor people have to live for. And now, we know also that Danish pig breedersobviously take pride in being animal abusers....

Did you know that:
  • Smell/fumes/toxic waste from pork slurry tanks, makes thesurrounding neighbour houses unsellable, asthmatic symptoms among children, upper respiratory sumptions, affecting peoples blood pressure etc. 
  • HUGE amount genetically modified (GM) crops, including crops treated with glyphosate are served to cows and pigs in Denmark (above picture)
  • Farmers routine tail docking MUST be discontinued 
  • Baby pigs are taken from their mother into barren metal cells/pens and metal floor...
  • Most pigs have no permanent access to large amounts of rooting or access to nature throughout their cycle
  • Ear Infections, stress, puncture wounds, muscle degeneration, bids, ulcerbroken legs etc. are very common problems
  • HUGE consumption of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical products / growth promoters are used
  • Most of the pigs that die after birth, are probably exposed to significant suffering in the form of either pain,hunger, fear or stress lasting from a few minutes up to half a day..  
  • From January 1, 2012 EU-legislation outlaws fixation on gestating sows. This has raised the question whether or not a further Danish legislation should ban fixation of lactating sows. “Disastrous for Danish pig farmers” says Danish Agriculture and Food.
  • A ban on AGPs in Denmark has not had the intended benefit of reducing antibiotic resistance patterns in humans; it has had the unintended consequence of increasing animal suffering, pain and death.....
    Each year, the Danish government publishes a report on antibiotic use and resistance patterns, as illustrated in the chart above. Ultimately, comparison of resistance patterns from the Danish data in humans and animals provide no clear correlations. (Antibiotic Use in Denmark, 1990-2009)

    The Drudge Report | May 25, 2018 | ~ SO SORRY . . . ~ | Blogger: [🕺Do People in Sweden Have to Sign a ‘Consent Form’ Before Having Sex? SEX CONSENT CARD PLEASE💃] ... (satire:) The undersigned, representative of (insert your name) hereby agrees to have sex with (insert name of sex partner) ... PS: Sorry, but perhaps Me Too campaign & the Revolutionary Feminist Groups, has taken it a bit to far in Sweden ... PS: The Voice Of L3 In 'Solo' Is A Feminist Comedy Force Who's A Perfect Fit For The Droid Activist (from Sweden?) |

    A right-wing Facebook page used a prank photograph to misrepresent a Swedish government proposal to change the country's consent laws.