Sep 8, 2022

⚠️📢👂 ~ ('9/11: Would be good to poke the DS with a stick.') 8TH SEPTEMBER 2022 UPDATE CURRENT NEWS (Simon Parkes) 💕 ~ | Blogger: Simons quick update of good intel touching base. Simon talks about; Friday is 666 - "London bridge is Down". The Queen, Trumps arrest & comeback, SCOTUS, Antifa rioting, EBS, Midterm, Vindication, Fiat money, Blackouts and prepping. Last 10 minutes is about CC & snippet on med-bed and humanitarian projects... Btw, I have been inside CC since 2015/16 or so, and since 2020 worldwide coordinators has been told to hush about their weekly/monthly briefings. So, we, as CC-members can't provide you with anything else, than, Simon sent out. Some of us do not understand that process-of-sharing has been closed down and why the NDA and Mighty Network ruleset etc. - buuutt - that's the way the cookie crumbles🙃... |


🙏 ~ 💝 ('Next 14 dys of Pantomime + total Cabal-Collapse') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [👉"Charlie Ward insiders club wed, 7th September 2022 with David Mahoney"👈] ... Sorry can't find this on Charlies site or anywhere else... Do you feel the "Cold Winter 2022 Great Depression"?.. If you're having a bad day, this particular video will cheer you up!... As always, people do not have the time or patience to watch-and-learn. You can find a recap or summery at the 50 minute marker. But it's highly recommended to watch the entire 1 hour show, because it got me in a super good mood while doing my MTB-run... And yes, they both talked about Denmark and the Danish debt... Highlights: 👉Swift operation next 14 days for Taiwan (DUMBs, Child Sex Trafficking, Biolabs)... 👉 The 'Special Operations' is over in Ukraine. Russia is rebuilding houses for the Ukrainians. Russia did not take Kyiv or any governmental body 👉China’s economy headed for largest meltdowns ever bigger than 2008 and will take the whole world with them, says Charlie... 👉September 11 attacks was suppose to start G/NESARA but stole the Gold. (Mahoney says watch the movie: "Die Hard with a Vengeance" and Simon tells McClane that there are $13,000,000,000 of gold in the dump truck)... 👉Suddenly, Diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline.... 👉John Podesta has been arrested and working for the WH - singing like a canary - one of the big, big, players within Cabal... 👉Trump do not misspell, make errors - listen to every single word and move he makes... 👉Mainstream media (MSM) is being cleansed as we speak. Big changes for CEO facing death penalty... 🤒Charlie ended by saying he's going to bed now, sick like a dog. Thanks to Charlie and David. Get well Charlie... |

What happens now the Queen has died? Operation Unicorn is triggered after Her Majesty died at Balmoral not London: Royal Train is sent to convey her coffin back to London, Scottish Parliament is suspended and Britain enters 10 days of official mourning

'God Save the Queen 

God Save the King

God Save The Fall of the House of Cabal.

EVERYTHING will change now. 

No more evil reptilian energy

Liberation of Zion. Collapsing the Fourth Reich Europe.' ~ SoTW

As Charlie said: "The Queen died in 2018 - Biden in 2019." 

Schumann Resonance Today ⚡️ 61 Hrs Blackout - Disclosure News

👁️⃤ 🐐💦 ~ (Frimurer-KlimaDan-Delight 19. grader) Mogens "fipskæg" fløj en ged til New York. FNs 17 verdensmål. 17 års træning og ud af maven kom Mørke-Mette (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉På Lykketofts 70-års fød's'dag kaldte LilleLars fra Græsted for "en lille svindler". Guzzi-Helle for "talent- og profilløs" men det var med et glimt i 'øjet' - fik du den?👈] ...Verdens ulighed er mere synlig end nogensinde før... Sensationalisme tjener på krig, død, frygt og ødelæggelse - hver evig eneste dag... Sensationsmedierne og clickbait monsteret har fået nye kronede dage mht. 'Kold Vinter' og 'Energi-og fødevarekrisen'... 2020-2021 var det Big Pharma Medico, sundhedssektoren, den farmaceutiske og bioteknologiske industri samt forskningssektoren, som havde sig en 'Cash-Cow' oplevelse... 2022 - fødevare- og landmandsindustriens pengetank, der bugner. Sammen med energi-giganterne som tyvsjæler familien Dannevangs surt tjente penge, samt krigsmaskineriet og danske og Internationale hjælpeorganisationer, som føder på Ukrainekrigen... Statens pengetank og Guld1000 VL-grupperne, med frimurernes hjælp, har aldrig nogensinde set og skrappet så meget rig-penge-kat, bling-bling sammen, at de skriger at grin, hele vejen ned til banken og Barons de Rothschilds... |

Puha! Jeg er helt svedt! Kan næsten ikke trække vejret! Har du hørt det?? HAR DU HØRT DET?

Folketinget sænker elafgift med 4 øre.... hele 4 øre... hoooooold da kæft manner! Elafgiften sænkes 4 øre pr. kilowatttime, så den resten af året vil være på 68,8 øre og beskæftigelsesfradraget øges. Det svarer til 50 konge-kroners besparelse om året eller 'bevarelse' af banditternes magt. Ekspert om ny rabat: - Det er jo næsten at gøre grin med folk. Dvs. I lighed med Konservative vil Venstre sænke elafgiften til 0,8 øre per kWh. Til gavn for danskerne, mener V. Det svarer til EU’s minimumssats...

I Danmark betales de højeste elafgifter i verden

I Danmark har vi nogle af de højeste afgifter på el i verden. Det betyder at danskere er dem, der får mindst strøm for pengene i hele EU. Sammenligner man med vores naboland Norge, får man der ca. 77 kWh for 100 kr, mens man i Danmark får 46 kWh for 100 kr.

Nykredit-økonom: Gasrationering kan komme i spil til vinter (

Lykketoft har brugt 17 år på at føre Mette Frederiksen til regeringsmagten - nu er det ved at falde på gulvet -
Lykketoft i ny video: Det var med et glimt i øjet | Politik | DR
Frederiksen om Lykketoft: En mentor og en god ven | Politik | DR
Ny skandale: Mogens Lykketoft fløj ged til New York | RokokoPosten

❌👑😵 ~ (THIS IS IT?? GREEN LIGHT?) BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth's doctors 'concerned for Her Majesty's health,' recommend medical supervision (Fox Live 7.45 CT - 14.45 DK - 13:45 Scotland) ~ | Blogger: Oh Wauv!... I'm watching Fox News LIVE after Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall has travelled there and the Duke of Cambridge is on his way to Balmoral... 😲LET'S TALK ABOUT THE OBVIOUS: [READ MORE]... |

It gets says IMMEDIATELY. As soon as the Monarch is pronounced dead Someone will say (in HM The Queen’s case) “The Queen is dead. Long live the King!” Meaning the old Queen is deceased and long live her heir HRH Prince Charles, The Prince Of Wales... The death of Queen Elizabeth will be one of the most disruptive events in Britain in the past 70 years..

🤜 Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is declared official dead, age 99 (666) on April 9, 2021 (99). Queen Elizabeth, like Prince Phillip, was, royal reptilian lizard bloodline, and Queen, the head of the committee of 300 (often called the secret government of the West), is also DEAD (unofficially). It happens years ago...

🙈Next problem, the succession of the English throne is gonna be a HUGE deal, especially after the chaos caused by firstborn Charles, the Prince of Wales, would become King Charles. The prince's infamous betrayal of the beloved Princess Diana still doesn't sit well with the public. Buuutt, Is Prince Charles really Prince Harry’s father? One tabloid claims that new DNA evidence proves that Prince Harry is not a real royal... 

😶‍🌫️ Second problem, Prince Andrew aKa "Randy Andy" or "Air Miles Andy" & the Epstein Scandal, no way back to royal life after all the scandals... 

😧Third problem, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were on the brink of exposing the royal is all a lie; The wedding and their child, is fakery. Freemasonic Oprah Winfrey interview about a black child, Archie's skin color; all a lie to divide and separate and anger the public... 

😬Fourth problem, Prince William, received the Order of the Thistle service in Scotland at St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh after a Thistle Ceremony: Which means, he's invested in the Order of the Garter at Windsor Castle aKa committee of 300. The highest of the highest over all Masonic Grand Lodge and Master Masons. Head is Queen-Lizzie, after Lizzie and William, DDFO-Daisy, Queen of Denmark, is third in command (rumor has it)... 

♛The Queen reaffirms over and over again, like Danish Queen Margrethe II, that she has no intention of stepping down (EVER)... 

💩Noooo shit, Sherlock, there's no last surviving pureblooded, all locked up, dead or actors, heir to the throne on behalf of the third "overturn."... 

🤫All this of course, rumors and gossip, and Earthlings, will perhaps, NEVER EVER know the real truth, because it would be devastating for many royalists, for many generations to come... |

Queen Elizabeth's doctors 'concerned for Her Majesty's health,' recommend medical supervision | Fox News

😥🔫🔺 ~ (Elvis Movie + Eliza heiress + BLM Memphis + Pyramid) 2022 Memphis shooting spree leaves 4 dead 3 wounded (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: A live-streaming gunman (Buffalo shooting + Christchurch mosque shooting etc.) who rampaged across Memphis, Ezekiel D. Kelly (Hebrew prophet)... Why do so many assassins have three names? Once again - SoTW haven't got a clue or the time to look into this case. It's seems we have a lone gunman - the liberal gun grab and Lee Harvey Oswald - I Am Only A Patsy - situation?... The 'Deep September Stage Events' has begone?.. Tomorrow is Friday Sept. 9 = 996 = 666... Expect more "events" or FF ops this 9/11 weekend... And I'm sorry if any of my readers gets offended - it's not my intention, at all. I sent prayers and light towards Memphis and the victims and families, if it's a true event.. I have looked more intensively into FF ops since 2014, when I kickstarted, |

mephis shooting - Google Search

📺👑😮 ~ (Deep Fake, Grass VFX, CGI, Green Screen, 3D Hologram. A.I. hyperreal content) No...That's not true...That's impossible! (SoTW Archive) ~ | Blogger: My Danish friend was extremely excited about "Simon Cowell" on AGT, where they used CGI or Deepfake in a LIVE-show after Janine told us, it was WH operation (video called "TRUTH BEHIND THE STAGED SCENARIOS & DS GLOBALIST RITUAL! TEXAS! QUEEN'S EVENT! TECH BTS DEPLOYED!" banned on YT). He said to me - ENOUGH! I will share this to my wife and on my "LinkedIn" for everyone to see. He told his wife after she watched the embedded video (AGT); "what if, they used this kind of technology in the danish news you watch on TV everyday". Of course, his wife got upset and they haven't spoken to each other rest of the day, but as my friend told me, I have known my wife for 40 yrs and she will be back again, but never-ever admit, he was right, to "proud and stubborn" (like 99% of danish people) but, the end of the day, see eye-to-eye... |

Can you see some different versions of Simon?? Use google search of today.. 


⚠️⚡🌀🏭 ~ ("Climate-Change" ops) MAJOR False Flag Event is Coming | Separate Theaters of War are Converging | Turbulence Ahead (QNewsPatriot) ~ | Blogger: (SoTW) - USA and 17 cities FF ops, WORSE than 9/11??... I have been inside WTC in New York a couple of time, back in the days. My exchange student and CBS college DK-friend called me before WTC 1+2 collapsed and he almost cried on the phone on the day of September 11 attacks... We're heard this maaany times over - the biggest take down in history will be first in America and after that, the rest of the world will fall... It's the end of the world. Again. And again. Over 50 years of 'doom and gloom.' - the apocalypse is always at hand. The Deepstaters or Cabal are calling it "2022 Cold Winter". Last year, it was called "Dark Winter". Well, maaany patriots and truthers out there has shared this video over and over and now including Tarot by Janine. However, I personally do not think we're gonna re-live a new 9/11. Scare-event - yes - but nobody need to evacuate. Janine calls it a continuation or wake-up "scare tactics". Btw, QNewsPatriot and all the groups Janine is posting is "good", she says or the card reads it that way... |

climate change news - Google Search
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