May 27, 2015

(Jason A Video) The world is on the edge of something big – Shocking compilation of images and reports leading many to believe judgement is near - May 27, 2015

The world is on the edge of something big – Shocking compilation of images and reports leading many to believe judgement is near

By Susan Duclos | All News Pipeline


In one of the most disturbing Jason A video compilations to date, we see signs around the world which lead our videographer to state the “world is on the edge of something big.”

Starting with news clips and reports of massive bird die-offs, turtles, fish and more, Jason quotes Hosea 4:3 which states:

“Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.”

The video specifically noted the increase in these mass death events since 2011, which was when the great earthquake and subsequent tsnami hit Japan causing multiple meltdowns in their Fukushima nuclear plant, with the biggest release of contaminated radioactive water dumped into the ocean that continues until this day.

We look to End-Times Prophecy Org who have been documenting die-offs happening across the globe since 2011 and find that in 2015 alone there have been 363 mass death events spread out over 63 different countries, with links to each of the reports. In 2014 there were 651, in 2013 there were 798, and in 2012 there were 465 mass death events.

Turning to weather events the world prophetic signs Jason speaks of become even more concerning with an increased level of activity from worldwide volcanoes and earthquakes and severe weather events, a small sample of screenshots shown below as to how he captures the feel of what is being seen, giving cause to why many of faith believe judgement is near and we are watching prophecy play out before our very eyes.

“There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” - Luke 21:25-26

At around the 10 minute mark of the video shown below the article, we get to the headlined image, some might think the most shocking of all, which comes directly from the U.S. National Weather Service of Paducah, Kentucky, on May 21, 2015, via their Twitter account, with the message asking “see anything strange in this satellite image from this morning?”

Tweet shown below:

This is definitely a must-see video compilation and in my opinion, one of the best Jason A has ever published.

Will The British Royals And The Queen Be Defrocked? - May 27, 2015

They want to control and rule all the earth

Who are these people?
I have often pondered that question, as well as when will government criminals be arrested and held for public trial.
Today I read the post below (via and would like to discuss it and related institutional events.
The discussion is about the international institutional system of fraud and governance. ~Ron


by Tom Steele · 5th March 2015

Gordon Bowden is an ex RAF officer who has spent the last 13 years uncovering detailed and forensic evidence of massive corruption within the British establishment that involves Lords, Politicians and the Monarchy.

The evidence that he is witnessed and recorded handing into the BBC to do their own full investigation, is set to reveal the biggest political corruption scandal in British history, that included the setup of a colossal 250,000 “shell virtual oil and gas companies” registered from a few house addresses in Finchley Rd London, and linked to the most prominent people at the core of the British establishment. These companies were deliberately set up to steal and rob BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of pounds from the public and asset strip the whole country!

The BBC must investigate this as they cannot have plausible deniability now they have clearly been shown the factual and forensic evidence that backs up Gordon Bowdens claims. We recently highlighted a story about David Cameron. Tony Blair and the Stolen Nuclear Bombs…

Gordon Bowden confirms by his own investigations that this was also part of the massive corruption, money laundering and even murder committed by the organised criminal syndicate that has taken control of the levers of power in Britain. The police must now recognise that they are protecting a criminal cabal and start making arrests with the help of the British military if necessary.

I questioned recently why Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind jump ship so quickly and without the usual outraged denial we expect from politicians caught lining their own pockets, I think the reasons have now become obvious, in my opinion they are taking a “hit for the team” because they are afraid they may share the same fate as others and get all “suicidal” because they know too much.

Cosmic Vision News May 27, 2015 CET (late, but not too late)

Cosmic Vision News: CVN vært, Geoffrey West tilbyder nyheder, kommentarer og lejlighedsvis diskussion om de senestebegivenheder, der udspiller med hensyn til, hvad der formodentligt er den vigtigste begivenhed for at forbedre den menneskelige og planetariske tilstand: AFSLØRING. CVN fremmer og tilskynder til modig dialog på verdensplan, mens de forbereder alle til re-introduktion af vores galaktiske familier. CVN omhandler også aktuelle begivenheder, der understøtter et skift til en fredelig planet. Geoffrey West er en del af det team som står bag:, kan lyttes til direkte/downloades/MP3, smides på en USB nøgle/iPhone og lyttes til på din vej. Husk tidsforskellen på udgivelsen. Direkte Link her (blogtalkradio

 Cosmic Vision News - Show Summary: May 22, 2015

1. ( 01:04 ) Has Greece Become a Power-Player?
2. ( 16:56 ) Indigenous Tribe in Canada Refuses Corporate Buyout to Protect the Environment.
3. ( 30:30 ) Wave of Indignation: Removing a Corrupt Leader from a Corrupt Government within a Corrupt System in Canada.
4. ( 32:43 ) On Golden Pond: Finding Some Economic Security in the Precious Metal.
5. ( 42:39 ) Why (and How) Money Isn’t Everything.
6. ( 18:14 ) G1 France Forces Supermarkets to Donate Unsold Food.
7. ( 51:36 ) Eurovision 2015: Hungary Draws Israeli Protest.
8. ( 53:44 ) Self-Sustaining Floating Farms and Innovative Wind Turbines.
9. ( 60:34 ) Target Supermarket Chain Announces Plan to Go Healthy.
10. ( 63:45 ) Ayahuasca: Adapting to an Expanding World Consciousness.
11. ( 69:11 ) FYI: pH, Alkalinity, and Disease.
12. ( 78:32 ) Final Words: Time to Face Fears and ‘Go Within’.

1994 Illegal Smuggled Tape - US Military UFO Tracking & Radar Footage Taken By Controllers Not Classified To See Black Budget Crafts On S-13 Site Nellis Air Force Base...

Zero Point The Fluxliner story panel & Military radar UFO footage, Secret Space Program 2014

Offentliggjort den 9. mar. 2015 (UFO at marker 12.00 - 18.00 & 26:45 - end in the presenation)

Zero Point The Fluxliner story commentary & Military radar UFO footage at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo


Run time : 33.30
Speakers : Henrik Palmgren, Mark McCandlish, Linda Brown, James Gladman, Jesse Fritch

Sit back and enjoy a lively discussion between Henrik Palmgren Mark McCandlish and James Gladman about the documentary film created by James Allan Higgins (1964-2013) The Fluxliner story. Linda Brown the daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown will share some stories about her father. Jesse Fritch will give some commentary on a Military radar UFO footage taken on S13 site in Nevada.

Top Bush Era CIA Official Just Confirmed the Iraq War Was Based On Lies - May 27, 2015 CET

By Claire Bernish (Activistpost)

"Det er en rådden regering, der lyver for sit folk" - POUL BRINKS 20 år gamle afdækning af løgne. Kender vi sandheden om Danmarks krigsengagement i Irak og Afghanistan? Bush løj, da han satte Irak-krigen i gang og da han sagde, den var slut. Hvad med Fogh og Co.? -

Twelve years after George W Bush initiated the illegal invasion of Iraq, ostensibly under the premise of preemptive self-defense, a stark majority — as many as 75% in 2014 — feel the so-called war was a mistake. As evidence rapidly accumulates that Bush’s yearning to launch an aggressive attack was likelier due to a personal grudge than anything else, that number will surely swell.

This past Tuesday, the former president’s intelligence briefer lent yet more plausibility to that theory in an interview on MSNBC’s Hardball, making an admission that the Bush White House misrepresented intelligence reports to the public on key issues.

Michael Morell’s stint with the CIA included deputy and acting director, but during the time preceding the US invasion of Iraq, he helped prepare daily intelligence briefings for Bush. One of those briefings, from October 2002, is an infamous example in intelligence history as how not to compile a report. This National Intelligence Estimate, titled “Iraq’s Continuing Programs for Weapons of Mass Destruction”, was the ostensibly flawed intelligence cited continuously by Bush supporters as justification to pursue a war of aggression against Iraq. However, this claim is dubious at best, and serves more as a smokescreen to lend credence to a president who was otherwise hellbent on revenge against Saddam Hussein, as evidenced in his statement a month before the report, “After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad.”

In the Hardball interview, host Chris Matthews asked Morell about Cheney’s notorious statement in 2003: “We know he [Saddam Hussein] has been absolutely devoted to trying to acquire nuclear weapons. And we believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons.” The following is the conversation that ensued:

MATTHEWS: Was that true?
MORELL: We were saying—
MATTHEWS: Can you answer that question? Was that true?
MORELL: That’s not true.
MATTHEWS: Well, why’d you let them get away with it?
MORELL: Look, my job Chris—

MATTHEWS: You’re the briefer for the president on intelligence, you’re the top person to go in and tell him what’s going on. You see Cheney make this charge he’s got a nuclear bomb and then they make subsequent charges he knew how to deliver it…and nobody raised their hand and said, “No that’s not what we told him.”

MORELL: Chris, Chris Chris, what’s my job, right? My job—

MATTHEWS: To tell the truth.

MORELL: My job—no, as the briefer? As the briefer?
MATTHEWS: Okay, go ahead.
MORELL: As the briefer, my job is to carry CIA’s best information and best analysis to the president of the United States and make sure he understands it. My job is to not watch what they’re saying on TV.

Sheldan Nidle opdatering for Galaktiske Føderation af lys og åndelige hierarki - 27. Maj 2015 CET

Hvem er Sheldan Nidle: Sheldan Nidle er grundlægger af Planetary Activation Organization, en UFO religion. Han siger at han er i stand til former for telepatiske kommunikation, samt er i kontakt med rumvæsener. Han er tit kanal for budskaber og formidler af Det Galaktiske Føderation Af Lys.

Finansielle akronymer update! SWIFT & CIPS

We have asked you to learn focus. Use it to support the manifesting of a number of important events. At present, the old, dark cabal is fading. Use this focus to continue to imagine a new reality. Together, we can create a wondrous new reality!

Ummac Dan ~ symbol of the
Sirian Star system

3 Cimi, 4 Pax, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come now to report to you what is happening on your world. The dark cabal remains full of tricks. The dark forged a world in which dishonesty and deception were to be honored and the dishonesty and trickery is truly immense. This fact led to an outbreak of such deception that it soon became obvious that only those trusted by the Light were able to carry out their assignments swiftly and fairly. Thus, we have decided to employ only those who can complete their designated duties without incident. To accomplish this, we have created a service pool made up of a special group of Beings. Unlike most humans, these individuals are quite capable of easily carrying out their assigned duties. Over the past few months we have carefully chosen these magnificent individuals to resolve a number of current difficulties and enable us to complete the new transfer system. Therefore, we are now finishing some tests and intend to begin en masse in the coming month. Nonetheless, there is still more to tell you about what we are doing to safely send out your blessings.

Over the past few months, we have been working closely with our earthly allies and the Agarthans on how best to defeat the many restrictions put forth by the dark cabal and their banker friends. We began with a series of mass arrests of the lower echelon personnel. These people were most closely associated with the daily workings of this onerous system. The effect of this was as before: it created only a temporary slowdown in the operation of their system. It was then decided to help many other nations to invest in a more fair and free transfer system, which had the ability to bypass the current one. This system was prudent. However, this alternative was not really designed to globally begin until the end of this Gregorian Year. Hence, it was decided until then to use a system where the key personnel was to consist of individuals that were reliable and trustworthy. It is this system we have presently turned our attention to, and it seems to be a most wonderful temporary fix.

As we are busy resolving this set of problems, our liaisons are advising those who are forming the new NESARA government. This particular step is the beginning of a process, which is to eventually lead to galactic society. Your governance needs to become an open transition between what is the best for you (open governance) and your fully conscious future. Government was originally the province of the privileged. In your society, money "talks." It is how elections and legislatures are controlled and managed by the oligarchy (the few really wealthy families). This arrangement is really not something that can support public policy. Government requires that it be opened up to all. This is where NESARA came in. We support it simply because any aging non-responsive system needs a massive re-structuring. This redo needs to restore this system back to its original principles. This is where NESARA now stands: at the very edge of manifesting. As the blessings pour in, this system can finally be relevant to these times!

(Repost & Reblog) Slagplanen fra de Primære Skabere, frigivelse af St. Germains støttefonde i 2014 & 2015 - 27. Maj 2015

Udgivet den 17. Oktober 2014 af

Hvis man ønsker at fordybe sig i St.Germain's historie, omkring og hvordan pengene fra World Trust (Støttefonde) vil blive distribueret - læs her. 250 års renters rente, har fået støttefondene til at vokse eksplosivt med en nettoformue på over ét quattuordecillion dollars, eller 
$, 000.000.

2014 / 2015 forudsigelser :

  1. Frigivelse af milliarder af dollars fra St. Germain's støttefonde, som vil blive brugt til at betale alt gæld fra krige, for alle lande på planeten
  2. Betale alt nationale gæld i USA fra Reagan-Mitterrand-Wanta Fonden​​IRS vil med et blive forældet og helt unødvendigFederal Reserve er allerede afviklet og solgt til kineserne alle økonomiske og juridiske systemer vil udvikle sig naturligt at blive erstattet af NESARA.
  3. NESARA / GESARA underskrivers af 200 lande i Midt Oktober 2014. 
  4. US Corporation vender tilbage til forfatningsmæssige love. 
  5. Mange dedikerede Lysarbejdere vil blive kendt de kommende måneder.
  6. Fattigdomsrelaterede områder på kloden bliver reddetsørge for rent vand, mad og anstændige logi for dem i nød. Folk fra alle samfundslag vil deltage i denne indsats, at sætte deres energi og tid i det uselviske arbejde med at hjælpe deres medmennesker, bare fordi de kan. Den personlige formue, som vil resultere fra revalueringer (RV) vil blive anvendt med generøsitet på kreative og originale måder, hvilket resulterer i en dramatisk stigning i de følelser af tillid og kammeratskab på tværs af grænserne.
  7. Ebola pandemien vil blive stoppet i dens spor ved brug af to enkle og effektive behandlinger - nanosølv, der er udviklet af Dr. Rima Laibow og MMSen opløsning af chlordioxid er udviklet af Jim Humble.Begge er effektive antimikrobielle behandlinger, der vil eliminere USA patenterede sygdom. Cabal vil blive afsløret 
  8. ISIS vil blive stoppet i dens spor - først med afsløringen af, at det ikke er en hjemmedyrkede radikal religiøs gruppe, men en psy-ops intriger, der finansieres og forvaltes af den amerikanske CIA, Israelske Mossad og Saudiske efterretningstjenester. Efter lukningenen af ​​Federal Reserve og lignende bankroll operationer, vil "oprøret"  en hurtig død 
  9. Første 6 måneder i 2015, vil dramatiske ændringer i landbrugets metoder og fødevareproduktion, skift fra en kød-protein kost til økologisk dyrkede grøntsager og frugter. De arrogante GMO selskaber vil blive ruineret af global afvisning af at bruge deres produkter.
  10. Alle ovennævnte forbedringer vil blive fremskyndet af udviklingen af ​​fri energiteknologi. Det vil ikke være nødvendigt at opfinde eller udvikle nye teknologier. Selve teknologien blev brugt i ødelæggelse, der fandt sted på 9/11. Se Judy Woods omhyggeligt researchede bog, "Where Did The Towers Go?

Samme øjeblik NESARA implementeres og stadfæstes, frigøres og nulstilles alt personlige gæld, kreditkort, realkreditlån, billån, løslade alle personer gjort til åge af gæld, der har holdt menneskeheden som slaver. Så er det bare op til vores regeringer ikke at smide krus i maskineriet. NESARA for USA, GESARA for resten af verden. Eget link lidt out-out-date

ZeroHedge: China Sets Up Gold Investment Fund For Central Banks - May 27, 2015

- China’s new gold fund – 60 countries to develop gold mining projects
- Allow member central banks to have easier access to gold
- Gold to be traded on increasingly important Shanghai Gold Exchange
- Another important step in making yuan reserve currency
- China and Russia challenging U.S. dominance in key Eurasia
- New gold fund shows monetary importance placed on gold by China
- China ensuring supply in event gold flows from West to East end
- Gold’s reemergence as important monetary asset both for individuals and powerful nations

Xi and Putin during the military parade in Moscow, May 9th, 2015

Shelly Bullard: Why Your Past Is the Key to Manifesting Money - May 27, 2015

We create our realities from the inside-out. This means your predominant thoughts, feelings and beliefs (often referred to as “vibrations”) create your experiences in the outside world.Because of this, your beliefs about money create your reality with money. And most of those beliefs were formed in your past.

It’s crucial for you to understand your past precisely so that you can move beyond the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from wealth. From there, you create the possibility to form new beliefs that will free you from these blockages, and attract abundance into your life.

To give you a full picture of what’s going on, I’ll start at the beginning. When you were born, you were basically a blank slate. Think about it: newborn babies don’t have beliefs systems — they don’t think twice about skin color, religion, politics or money.

Yet you were born into a family that did have beliefs systems. Then you probably went to school, made friends, and generally surrounded yourself with people who expressed their ideas throughout your development. During these crucial years, you formed your own belief system: anyone who’s been alive for a significant amount of time has developed their own thoughts and feelings about how the world works.

Since money is such a significant part of life, your family probably had their own ingrained beliefs about money that you were exposed to early on. And it’s likely that their beliefs didn’t make you feel particularly empowered about money.

US & NATO Discussing Troop Deployment To The Middle East - Episode 677

Offentliggjort den 26. maj 2015

Greek Deputy Finance Minister orders transfer of public accounts to the National bank of Greece. Greece might be able to skip next months IMF payment. PMI and Durable goods decline. Manufacturing implodes as the Baltic Dry Index declines. During BRICS summit Russia wants IMF reforms. IMF says yuan no longer undervalued. Bernie Sanders exposes CEO's that pay no taxes, outsource jobs and received government bailouts. US and Russia prepare for Arctic Drills. US blocks nuclear disarmament in the middle east. Turkey and US agree to air cover for the FSA. US and NATO re-positioning military assets and are preparing to bring in troops to the middle east. US getting ready to take out Assad.

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David Schmidt Update - Our Recent Trip to China - May 27, 2015

Dave Schmidt has a unique background in banking and finance, plus as a State Senator and a seminary graduate. Dave looks at politics, money and world affairs from a different paradigm, with passion for uncovering the truth about government and political issues in conjunction with how they impact our lives. In fact, Dave Schmidt has been a "whistleblower" on two different Discovery Channel TV programs as an expert on how government covers up and lies about what really goes on..........If Your a true 'beleiver' of RV/GCR - Dave SchmidtDavid IckeRon Van Dyke, (ambassador of the dragon family) is the ones you need to listen to.. not the Dinar Gurus blog writers...