Jul 1, 2019

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💊 🔴 Kauilapele | ~ SerialBrain2, 6-25-19… “The shocking Truth about Iran and the reason Trump misspelled “locked”, “site” and “strait”” ~ |

This article is of critical importance, in my view (along with the AWK videos linked below), to begin to understand some of the complexity in the Middle East arena. And how so much of this has been “created” by the C_A and other deep state organizations to convert certain countries (Iran, Saudia Arabia, North Korea, et al.) to assets for the deep state, and in particular, the Rothschilds.
By reading these SB2 articles and viewing the AWK videos, one step at a time, I feel I am continually being “red pilled” to that actual history of these countries, and the role of the deep state (Rothshcilds, Rockefellers, et al.) in all of this. I liked this quote which was in the article:
“There are two histories: official history, lying, and then secret history, where you find the real causes of events.”
Honoré de Balzac.
Enjoy the read. Be sure to check each of the images.
Two And We Know videos highlighting this SB2 post are already out: Part 1Part 2 (AWK Bitchute channel).
“Iran, also called Persia, is a very ancient civilization that began with the formation of the Elamite kingdoms in the fourth millennium BC… Persians have contributed significantly to the advancement of human society… from refrigeration, postal service, sulfuric acid, batteries, water management, chess, algebra… the guitar.
“…the People of Iran. A Great People, with a Great History and this is what the Maestro meant when asked about his decision to suspend air strikes in retaliation to the Iranian attack against an unmanned US drone… POTUS makes the difference between the Great People of Iran and their leadership. This is key. He’s hoping that Iran’s leadership will represent their people well by being smart and by making the right choices. How? By moving away from the infiltrators who have betrayed Iranians…
“…with what they have done in Iran, the C_A and the British MI-6 have given us their understanding of democracy and how it should be exported… Why did Eisenhower put the UK’s interests above America’s interests? Why? Answer: because Eisenhower was an esquire and had to satisfy the British Crown… [regarding “esquires” (essentially “patsies for the Crown”), see this post and this one]
“Everything that happened in Iran after the return of Khomeini is nothing but the continuation of the C_A/MI-6 plot to impoverish the Iranian People, enslave them and to secure for the Cabal a rear base with nuclear weapons for leverage and protective purposes. The North Korea play… The Rothschild Cabal is the ultimate beneficiary of the NK play that has been replicated in Iran.
“All the past US and British politicians, from Eisenhower and Churchill to May, Hussein and HRC were just tools activated along with their C_A and MI-6 to progressively build and solidify their nuclearized positions of leverage.
“Iran is next because Iran has the same problem North Korea had before Trump could get Chairman Kim on board: they are infiltrated by clowns and their nuclear weapons. They need Trump’s help to cut the strings, get the clowns out, stop the clowns’ nuclear programs, regain control of the country…
“We gather from these 2 decodes that the drone incident was designed to negatively impact the stock market and was thwarted thanks to the intel gathered from a successful cooperation between the US and the UK intel communities.
“…progressively, Governments will have to fight their own Deep State franchises and cut strings from the Rothschild Cabal for their nations to survive.
Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE. Q
[Kp notes: 1) A very helpful archive of SB2 posts, with tools to interpret and follow along, is available at https://www.serial.rocks/. 2) “Maestro” refers to President Donald J. Trump.]


🍿Operationdisclosure | ~ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - "First" ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... |


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

History was made yesterday when President Trump became the first US president to step into North Korea.


Also, the Saudi King visited South Korea for the first time in 21 years.

These events are symbolic to GESARA.

Meanwhile, Trump's retaliation ruse against Iran shows how the Deep State Cabal are being outsmarted and exposed by the Earth Alliance.

Men in black have also been sighted in Germany arresting individuals.

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🖤 Black Pigeon Speaks | Archive | ~ ITALY: The Election That Will CRASH THE EU ~ | .. Italian minister defends methods that led to 87% drop in migrants from Libya .. Italy crisis: Call to impeach president after candidate vetoed .. | Blogger: ⚠️ ... On a side note, once again, observe how the NGO's 'seems' to run a big enterprise business of people smuggling from (some of them - extreme hostile cultures) one country to another, in this case Italy - in dire economic straits, to absorb more than 600.000 migrants in the past 4 years... 🛑 PS: We KNOW as a FACT, that Nigerian gangs (organized crime), join forces with mafia to run vice rings in Sicily and that's perhaps why Pamela Mastropietro had to die? (i don't know a lot about the case). But it seems to me, that the NGO's plays a dangerous game, if there are part of a human trafficking ring, to make a quick buck and create FEAR among italians?? ... 🤐 DID YOU KNOW, that it was EU, (Rothschilds & George Soros) who created the refugee & immigrant crisis, in the first place? ... ⏹️ DID YOU KNOW, that EU & NGO's has created a HUGE scam of illegal human trafficking system at the Libyan coastline, and other countries, with among many, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, former CEO of Save the Children International, former Prime Minister of Denmark, as contributor???.. The danish Attorney, lawyer Klaus Ewald, who has reported Helle Thorning's organization to the police, believes that the former prime minister uses collected funds for a particularly serious type of smuggling??? ... |

Newspeek.info | 12. Okt 2017 | ADVOKAT: HELLE THORNINGS ORGANI- SATION BEGÅR MENNESKESMUGLING (VIDEOS) | .. Advokat, der har anmeldt Helle Thornings organisation til politiet, mener, at den tidligere statsminister bruger indsamlede midler til særlig grov type af menneskesmugling .. |

⚈ Timcast | ~ NBC Accused Of Planting FAKE PIMPLE To Smear Tulsi Gabbard... Wat?? ~ | Blogger: ["TheGatewayPundit : MSM MEAN GIRLS: NBC Accused of Putting a Fake Pimple on Rep. Tulsi Gabbard During Dem Debate"] ... |

Tulsi Gabbard has served as the U.S. Representative for Hawaii's second congressional district since 2013. She was born in American Samoa but moved to Hawaii at age 2. At 21, Gabbard was the youngest state legislator ever elected in the history of Hawaii. Gabbard enlisted in the Hawaii Army National Guard in 2003, and in 2004 she was shipped out to Iraq with the 29th Support Battalion medical company. As a native Hawaiian and military veteran, the congresswoman’s voice holds a lot of weight in her home state.. Gabbard resigned as DNC vice-chair on February 28, 2016, in order to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination. She was the first female U.S. Representative to endorse Sanders. At the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Gabbard gave the nominating speech putting his name forward.

⚖️ DW | ~ What drives Sea-Watch captain Carola Rackete to rescue migrants? ~ | Blogger: [🚢Friend or Foe? Demigoddess or Pirate? Kaptajn Carola are facing detention on remand, and 10 years or more!. Italian authorities want her incarcerated for life (dead)🤼] ... My (verdensalt) thoughts, healing and prayers goes out to this captain for helping people in dire straits and wishfull call to all affected countries to dissolve any fear, anxiety, anger & 'Empathy Deficit Disorder', towards any foreigners (why do we accept corruption and hostility, that's still anchored around the axis of political evil?)... 🕯️😢💔... |

Carola Rackete has been lauded as a heroine and decried as a criminal for helping asylum-seekers stranded in the Mediterranean Sea. What drives the 31-year-old German captain of the Sea-Watch rescue boat?

⛱️ Verdensalt | ~ (Sommerferie og Agurktid) - Endnu en dag med Flid, Fedt & Snyd i Centraladministrationen ~ | Blogger: [🥳"Kommunaldirektørernes formand slog sig løs til julefrokost : To medarbejdere langtidssygemeldt efter sammenstød – Nyhedsbrev fra Journalista.dk"🎉] ... ANDRE SKANDALESAGER LIGE NU : " Skandaleramt tidligere direktør Michael Valentin - A-kasse vil have penge tilbage fra fyret direktør" .. | .. »Jeg er ramt meget hårdt«: Lars Werge går som formand for Dansk Journalistforbund .. | .. Formand går af efter kritik af privat taxakørsel for medlemskroner .. | .. Skandaleramt leder af kommunalt kultur- og erhvervshus brugte 73.000 kroner på kuglepenne og notesblokke : Scorede alligevel kæmpe lønforhøjelse – og tjener nu langt over 800.000 kroner om året .. | .. Berlingske mener : Børnenes statsminister vælger de lette løsninger – til skade for børnene .. | .. Vi ses ikke hos Clement: DR lægger programmer en masse i graven .. | .. Flere ansatte i Københavns Kommunes kriminalpræventive ungdomsklubber har selv kriminel baggrund .. |

Journalista.dk går vi på sommerferie med historien om en julefrokost i Vejle, som udviklede sig markant. For et sammenstød med kommunaldirektøren, der samtidig er formand for kommunaldirektørernes forening, gjorde nemlig, at to medarbejdere i kommunen blev langtidssygemeldte. 

Ligesom østjydernes kommunaldirektør også på anden måde påkaldte sig opmærksomhed ved årets julefrokost, hvilket du kan læse mere om her

Vi er dog ikke gået mere på sommerferie, end at vi også hen over sommeren som altid holder øje med de offentlige myndigheder - og gerne afbryder ferien, hvis der viser sig en aktuel historie eller to.

🔭 ZeroHedge | ~ US Military Races To Develop And Deploy Laser Guns Before Next Conflict ~ | Blogger: [🔎5G - A IoT Control Weapon - Active Denial Directed Energy Microwave Crowd Control🔍] ... DEW's (Direct Energy Weapon) is REAL FOLKS!!!... As an example: 😣☹️😢🕯️ ... THIS REALLY BROKE MY HEART ... {Verdensalt.dk was there!} .. One of my friends, Patrice deep concern about her long-time friend, Craig Lang's suddenly death at The International UFO Congress 2018, is still a mystery, but he was NOT alone.. 3 people died that attended same conference verdensalt.dk attended. O-M-G!!!... I did notice a guy sitting in the back of the room of the conference with a 'deadly cough' and tried several times to approach him and offering him my 'colloidal silver'. And as i mentioned before, the energy was veeeeery strange in comparison to The Conscious Life Expo 2018 .. My friend Patrice (was) very concerned about verdensalt.dk - she says, that It sounds like almost everyone there was targeted 🤢 ... Craig Lang was a hypnotherapist and Minnesota State MUFON Director who died in Arizona while attending the UFO Congress conference. He felt ill and went to the hospital in Phoenix and died unexpectedly (have no more info at this time other than i saw two police cars from mcdowell sheriff's office going in the conference and hanging around the parking lot). My deepest condolences to CL's friends and family and all who has been targeted 🙏 PS: (verdensalt attended)... If you recall, William Tompkins passed away August 21, 2017, at the age of 94 - some say he was ""terminated"". Just 1 month after MUFON Symposium 2017 in Vegas, ended (William Mills Tompkins is one of the most incredible whistleblowers to step forward from the SSP community)... 🚩Can also mention the Brit UFO expert found dead in Poland after ‘vomiting black liquid’ days after texting his mum asking her to investigate if anything ‘happened to him’...🚩 On a side note, as i have stated before, and Simon confirms this, black helicopters patrolled the area at Awake & Aware conference / venue in London in 2018 (verdensalt attended).🚩 Simon and Kerry was warned beforehand on psychic attacks or EMF weapons happened. Simon lost his voice... 🚩 In start of 2019, verdensalt and another person from the Cobra group, was heavily attacked, but we are fine now (EMF attacked or just simple, receiving Galactic Superwave energy, i don't know. I'm not that clever, but it felt wrong) ... |


Listen to TrueTube-NewsInsideOut Interview: https://vimeo.com/279368703

Check it out: 

Overwhelming pattern of deadly directed-energy weapons (DEW) attacks at “ET/UFO” events in the USA in 2016-18 now threatens Canadian Olympic city: Vancouver, BC. Event sponsor Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library of Ashland, OR, formally requested to cancel its June 30, 2018 Vancouver, BC event on grounds the event presents an international hazard to public safety & health: 


👼 David Icke | ~ 💓 What Is The Awakening? 💕 | The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast |

David Vaughan is not an English author, lecturer, and former media personality best known for his view of what he calls "who and what is really controlling the world." Describes himself as the most controversial speaker and author in the world he has written books explaining his position and renamed "New Age Conspiracism". Has attracted a significant number of followers from all over the political spectrum. His 533-page "The Biggest Secret (1999)" has been called the "Rosetta Stone" of conspiracy theorists.

Social Media https://www.facebook.com/davidicke/ https://twitter.com/davidicke https://www.minds.com/davidickeofficial https://onstellar.com/davidickeofficial

☄️ RT | ~ S-200 missile? Downed jet? Drone? UFO crashes in N. Cyprus amid ‘Israeli raid’ on Syria (PHOTOS) ~ | .. An unidentified flying object has crashed and exploded in Northern Cyprus, local authorities have confirmed, triggering a salvo of rumors ranging from an anti-aircraft missile to a jet downed during an Israeli raid on Syria. Object that fell in N. Cyprus could be Syria's Russian-made stray air defense missile - minister .. |

© YouTube / Barko Türk

☢️ Verdensalt | ~ LEGAL OPINION on whether it would be in contravention of human rights and environmental law to establish the 5G-system in Denmark ~ | by Christian F. Jensen attorney-at-law | Blogger: [🤜"Rachel Santini, head of the scientist network the Danish Institute for Public Health, together with the Council for Health-Safe Telecommunications, the EHS-association, and the Danish Health Association May Day, have asked me to prepare a legal opinion on the above mentioned issue. The legal opinion is based on the rules of law in the European Convention on Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the EU directive on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora, the EU directive on the conservation of wild birds, on the precautionary principle as well as on the Bern- and Bonn-conventions on the protection of animals and plants." ~ Christian F. Jensen🤛] ... |

5G violates human rights - but it's been hused up (5G overtræder menneskerettighederne - men det ties ihjel)

Debat fyens.dk

"Over 200 deltog 4. maj i en konference på Christiansborg, hvor udenlandske og danske forskere og eksperter berettede om forskning, som dokumenterer skader på mennesker, dyr og planter forårsaget af mobilstråling, og om hvordan nordiske og europæiske sundhedsmyndigheder løber fra deres ansvar – og endelig hvordan medier fordrejer og fortier bagsiden af 5G. Viden, som den danske befolkning ikke får fra ansvarlige myndigheder og medier" (MAY DAY) ....



LEGAL OPINION on whether it would be in contravention of human rights and environmental law to establish the 5G-system in Denmark

(Excerpts from enclosed doc) : "A reply from the Danish minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate to the parliamentary committee, dated April 1st 2019, regarding the intended system's implementation in Denmark states that": 
”The limits currently being employed in Denmark have their basis in recommendations from the EU, which are founded on limits set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The telephone companies shall ensure compliance with these limits, which are 2 W/kg wherever people are staying and move about. These limits are technology neutral which means that the limits apply irrespective of the technology employed, e.g. 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G. 
The telephone companies have informed that they expect the number of mast positions to be increased by 15-25% towards 2025 as a result of the phasing in of 5G. It is the companies' expectation that the combined electromagnetic exposure will be increased by 10-20% compared to today.
The telephone companies expect the exposure from the mobile nets to remain far below the limits, also when the 5G-nets have been fully expanded.
The 5G-net will be based on higher frequencies than the other technologies, and the mobile signals will therefore have a shorter range. This means that there will be need of a finer mesh with more base stations (small cells). These base stations will transmit using a lower effect than e.g. the antennas transmitting on 2G, 3G and 4G. The radiation will therefore be correspondingly smaller.” (..)..

Legal Opinion on 5G by Anonymous stVFyvazls on Scribd

🌞 Opdatering fra oplysningsforbundet MAY DAY DANMARK | ~ Nyhedsbrev: Vi spiser masser af plastik, planter snakker sammen, få juridisk hjælp med smart meter, engelsk juridisk responsum udkommet ~ | Blogger: [📶"5G overtræder menneskerettighederne - men det ties ihjel"."Tager du til Østrig eller Sydtyskland, så vær opmærksom på, at de har tændt for 5G apparaterne dernede." ~ MAY DAY☢️] ... |

Kære læser

Sidste nyhedsbrev fra os før sommerferien. Nu står den på høj sol, badeliv, storbyferie, dase, jazzfestival, en god bog, Tour de France, Wimbledon, total afkobling, en oprydning på loftet, eller hvad du nu er til - der er nok at vælge mellem. Tager du til Østrig eller Sydtyskland, så vær opmærksom på, at de har tændt for 5G apparaterne dernede. Og apropos 5G, så er det juridiske responsum nu tilgængeligt på engelsk og kan frit downloades, sendes og deles med alle, du kan komme i tanker om. 

May Day var med på Folkemødet på Bornholm, hvor vi underholdt 1 time i et af teltene og fik nogle gode kontakter. Læs mere her 

Vi ønsker alle en dejlig sommer og vender friske tilbage i august.
Sundhedsplatformen kan ikke oversættes til dansk
Artikel Version2
Regionerne Hovedstaden og Sjælland har undervurderet, hvor svært det er at oversætte et amerikansk EPJ-system til danske forhold, og det er en væsentlig årsag til mange af problemerne med Sundhedsplatformen
Hjernen – ikke tandsættet – får dig til at skære tænder
Artikel Ing.dk 
Et nyt studie bekræfter, at tænderskæren ikke skyldes et skævt bid, som man hidtil har troet. Det er nemlig hjernen, der får kæbemusklerne til at arbejde, og derfor kan stræk- og afslapningsøvelser være bedre end bidskinner og tandslibning, siger professor bag studiet.
Hvad er forskellen?
Artikel Videnskab.dk
Hvad mener videnskabsfolk, når de siger "korrelation" og "kausalitet". Hvorfor smelter isen på Arktis? Hvorfor får folk kræft? Hvorfor stiger kriminaliteten? Videnskab handler blandt andet om at finde svar på den slags spørgsmål. Og det tager mega lang tid.
Får unge horn af at bruge mobilen?
Artikel BT
Mange har efterhånden stiftet bekendtskab med den såkaldte 'smartphone-nakke', der hentyder til de nakkesmerter, som følger af at kigge ned på sin telefon. Nakkeproblemer er dog ikke det eneste, vi udvikler fra vores massive mobilbrug.
Nyt studie: Vi spiser masser af plastik
Artikel Videnskab.dk
Den gennemsnitlige person spiser i hvert fald 50.000 partikler af mikroplastik om året og indånder omkring samme mængde. 
De ældre bliver ikke sundere
Folkeundersøgelse Sundhedsstyrelsen
En ny undersøgelse viser, at vi bliver ældre og ældre, men tilsyneladende bliver vi ikke sundere eller får et bedre helbred, og det kan betyde noget for vores livskvalitet på vores gamle dage. Hvem gider blive rigtig gammel, men samtidig lide af en masse skavanker? Eller skulle senere på pension uden at arbejdsevnen og et godt helbred følger med? Det er tid for vores sundhedssystem at tænke nyt, især i retning af forebyggelse.

🦸 Fox News | ~ Hero 9/11 first responder with cancer dies at 53; testified to Congress with Jon Stewart ~ | Blogger: [🕯️The Heroes of September 11, dies one by one. Experts predict that the number of deaths from 9/11 diseases will outnumber the 3000 innocents who died during the 9/11 attack😔] ... {"Tens of thousands of first responders worked at ground zero, and more than 70,000 have enrolled in the program. More than 32,000 of them have developed diseases of the respiratory or digestive tracts, and 705 have died of those diseases. Cancer has also affected almost 9,000 first responders, and 600 have died" ~ Vox} ... |


👤 Verdensalt | Arkivskabet | ~ Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Manden med den 'smooking gun' og hemmelige 'Bush' bekendtskaber (Charmør, Tyran og Verdensmand?) ~ | Blogger: [🙈TV2 NEWS: (20-4-2019:) 'Fogh løber fra kritiske spørgsmål: Først havde han ikke tid - nu afviser han at svare overhovedet'🙊] ... {BT & Avisen.dk: Fogh sablet ned efter tv-medvirken - medvært undrer sig. Fogh i krig for sit eftermæle: Løkke og Thorning blegner ved siden af mig. Mantra: "Der er intet at komme efter"💪} ... (verdensalt) HVIS vi smed danske banks scapegoat, Thomas F. Borgen, i brummen, så ville det skabe precedence for andre bank- direktører og ledende medarbejdere i Bankerne.. Det samme gælder venstre-politikere, der stort set har ødelagt den danske velfærdsmodel via hemmelige EU og militære doktriner (NATO), i 50 år... Anders "Fog of War" Rasmussen = COME CLEAN!! - Hvis vi skal kunne tilgive dig Fogh, så fremlæg alt bevismateriale omkring Irak og hele dit synderegister gennem din politiske karriere. Du må gerne inddrage dine Venstre kollegere, så vi får alt skidtet frem i lyset, en gang for alle... Nicki Sørensen, Jesper Skibby, Bjarne Riis, gjorde det, indrømmede de løj sig gennem en cykelkarriere, så kan du også, Anders. HVOR meget ved din (amerikanske) søn om dine løgne, Anders Fogh!? Lars Løkke, må se hans amerikanske svigerdatter, forlade Danmark, sjovt nok, grundet såkaldte 24-års regel, som han selv har indført, måske skulle du selv overveje, at rejse ud af Danmark, inden 'lynchstemningen' og Trump indløser (sealed Indictments)?... |

🎶Niels Hausgaard : "Nogen må have sat deres kryds helt ude i hampen/ Hvordan er Bush ellers kommet ind i Blair/ Hvordan er Blair kommet ind i Fogh/ og hvordan er Fogh kommet ind i os", er hans bidske omkvæd i sangen til Jansen... Efter et meget hidsigt læserbrev fra den nu tidl. venstremand og Pandrups borgmester, Flemming Jansen, som mente man IKKE må genere genvalget af det amerikanske præsidentvalg i 2004 med George W. Bush og Dick Cheney i spidsen og Anders Fogh/Blair💩

Anders Fogh Rasmussen er en farlig mand (Mogens Lykketofts egne ord). Hemmeligt notat: Fogh varslede støtte til USA et år før Irakkrigen, statsminister Lars Løkke, besluttede at lukke Irakkommissionen, "notatet", som lå i Statsministeriets hemmelige arkivskab - ER FORSVUNDET...  

(Stik piben ind, Lykketoft, du er arrogant - Rina Ronja Kari, Folkebevægelsen mod EU) , (Du er et totalitært fjols med storhedsvanvid, Mogens Lykketoft, Folkets Avis) ...

👨‍🌾 For mig som almindelig borger, (og folk som har arbejdet tæt på ham) 'virker' Fogh's agerende som en magtliderlig hustyran, lystløgner, en knækket mand med en emotionelt ustabil personlighedsforstyrrelse. Lider han af PTSD? Har du set hans 'personlige' on-camera closeup videoer, på nettet?? 

Foghs parlamentariske grundlag blev lagt i ruiner, da han overfor Weekendavisen i et interview forklarede, at den vigtigste kamp om danskernes holdning skal udkæmpes på ord, ikke love (smedet fra brændeovne og George Orwells fremtidsroman '1984'). 

Hvis vi åbnede Pandoras æske (Statsministeriets særlige sikkerhedsarkiv) så vil vi blive chokerede over at finde Fogh's hemmelige notat, der varslede støtte til USA et år før Irakkrigen. Desværre har Løkke og statsministeriet, konstateret, at notatet er væk!!!!!... 

Nogle proklamere ligefrem, at Anders Fogh Rasmussen er homoseksuel og medlem af den sataniske kult, "Skull & Bones" (gren af Illuminati-organisationen), men verdensmand og magtmenneske, det er han sgu. 

Er helt sikker på Fogh var en del af TheDeepStates' agenda, et redskab, talerør og håndlanger. Sikkert 'tvunget' ind i en kompleks ritualiseret offerkultur. Vi ved, at Politiets muligheder for at få anerkendt PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) som en erhvervssygdom, er lig NULL. 

Vi kan heller ikke tilkende Fogh med PTSD som 'hardcore' krigsveteran, dog har han udført forfærdeligheder mod menneskehedenDanskerens forsoningen skal nu rettes op på, den tidligere Venstre-statsminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen erkender, at han som globalist har fejlet og svigtet. verdensalt.dk føler desværre, at det er endnu en manipulation for, danskeren skal tilgive manden, og købe hans bogudgivelse, nu hvor vi ikke har taget ham alvorligt, første gang, som han selv siger det. 

Og når han siger yderligere: ".. - Vi må som liberale erkende, at vi har et særligt ansvar for at imødekomme de menneskers bekymring. Det kan du gøre ved at lægge mere vægt på identitetspolitikken..". 

Så er det vel hans egen personlighedsforstyrret identitetskrise, han snakker om??. Hvis vi skal kunne tilgive dig Fogh, så fremlæg alt bevismateriale omkring Irak og hele dit synderegister gennem din politiske karriere. Du må gerne inddrage dine Venstre kollegere, så vi får alt skidtet frem i lyset, en gang for alle... |

Medvært undrer sig over hård kritik af Fogh: 'I min verden udviser han et kæmpe mod'

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - Manden med den 'smooking gun' og hemmelige bekendtskaber (Charmør, Tyran og Verdensmand?)

Udgivet den 25. April 2016 af Verdensalt

"...oplyste og frie samfund kommer længere end uoplyste og ufrie samfund, netop fordi nogle tør provokere og kritisere autoriteter, hvad enten det er politiske eller religiøse autoriteter"

                             Anders Fogh Rasmussen, JP den 30. Okt 2005

Som altid smider jeg nogen boldte op i luften. Giver bud på min og andres alternative forestillinger hvordan verden ville fremstå i lyset af konspirationsteorier eller sandheder, fremhæver egen opfattelse af det parallelle univers som vi lever i –eller rettere hvad jeg kalder vildledelse og manipulation. Tekst og sprog er i store træk mine egen, referencer til artikler afspejler ikke nødvendigvis min egen holdning, men er vinkler som kan nuancere emnet fra eksperter, andre links er fra oplyste individer eller organisationer fra nettets mangfoldige univers.  

Teorierne syder, buldrer og brager fra Ildstedets flammende Hul. Nogle proklamere ligefrem, at Anders Fogh Rasmussen er homoseksuel og medlem af den sataniske kult, "Skull & Bones" (gren af Illuminati-organisationen), men verdensmand og magtmenneske, det er han sgu. Der skal ikke meget research til for at finde teorier, der indikere, at noget er alvorligt galt med Anders Fogh's image, især den 'rolle' han spillede, da han officielt forsvarede Danmarks deltagelse i Irak-krigen, 2003. Lyt og se videoen "Foghs glemte krigstale". Hemmeligt notatFogh varslede støtte til USA et år før IrakkrigenKære statsminister! – løgnen om krigen i IrakBo Elkjær, , Ekstra Bladets Forlag, Ministerium har mørklagt info om kritisk Irak-interview