Jan 22, 2016

The Truth About Cancer and Essential Oils: What NO Oncologist Will Tell You - Jan 22, 2016 CET

Posted: 21 Jan 2016 07:00 PM PST
by Dawn Hall

Even scientists now recognize the power agents that exist within some essential oils which stops cancer spreading, and which induces cancerous cells to close themselves down. Their disease-preventing ability is no longer doubted, especially for cancer.

A healthy body, from head to foot, typically has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz, while disease begins at 58Hz.

During some testing with frequency and the frequency of essential oils it was measured that: Holding a cup of coffee dropped one man’s frequency from 66 Hz to 58 MHz in just 3 seconds. It took three days for his frequency to return to normal.

Other studies show that: Negative thoughts lower our frequency on average 12 MHz. Positive thoughts raises our frequency on average 10 MHz.

Studying some of the most popular essential oils in current use, such as mint, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, chamomile, thyme, rose, and cinnamon, researchers sought out to discover how these oils may combat cancer.

They did so by testing antibacterial potency as well as in vitro toxicology against human cancer cell lines.

Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology and head of the Department of Agriculture at Eastern Washington University has developed a Calibrated Frequency Monitor (CFM) that has been used to measure the frequencies of essential oils and their effect on human frequencies when applied to the body.

Essential Oils laboratory uses a CFM, and another is located at Johns Hopkins University where it is used to study frequency in relationship to disease.

“Cancer starts when the DNA code within the cell’s nucleus becomes corrupted,” says Immunologist Mahmoud Suhail.  
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Whistleblower - Investment banker taler ud om pengesystemet... (Mads Palsvig har handlet med Valuta, Global Macro Trading (Statsobligationer),Optioner, Derivater, Futures globalt i verden over..Top Banker i USA, Kapitalist, Zionist i 49 år, Pro tilhænger af USA og Israel, arbejdet for banker i USA, London og Hong Kong, mødte Ben Bernanke(Chairman FED 2006-2014) indtil han blev blacklistet, da han begyndte at stille spørgsmål til 'systemet'..."Det er stort, virkelig stort.. Det SKAL ud det her, siger Mads")

Samarbejdet mellem Mads Palsvig, Open Mind Conference og Gaia TV
Vi sender LIVE  tirsdag d. 26. januar ca. kl 18.45 - 21.15
Blogger: Finansielle Akronymer


Forelæsning - En investment banker taler ud.mads palsvig
Det er med stor fornøjelse, at Open Mind Conference i samarbejde med GAIA TV inviterer til foredrag med den internationale bankmand Mads Palsvig. Mads Palsvig har næsten 30 års erfaring fra ansættelser i nogle af verdens største finansielle virksomheder i bl.a. London og Hong Kong – fx Credit Suisse First Boston og Morgan Stanley.
Gennem sit job som Investment Banker har han fået indsigt i, hvordan pengesystemet fungerer i praksis, og hvilke overvejelser der ligger til grund for nogle af de helt store beslutninger i den finansielle sektor.
En indsigt, der bekymrer Mads Palsvig, men som også inspirerer ham til at se mulige forbedringer.
Kom og hør en spændende fortælling om mærkværdige finansielle og globale beslutninger, myten "Booms og Busts" og en analyse af, hvorfor der mere end nogensinde før er brug for fundamentale reformer af pengesystemet for at sikre et transparent demokrati og en stabil økonomi i fremtiden.
Foredraget afholdes to gange samme dag:

Første gang: Kl. 16-18
Anden gang: Kl. 19-21 sendes også Live på GaiaTV http://www.gaiatv.dk/event

Læs mere her: https://www.facebook.com/events/191199781232623/


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The Arcturian Group: Make Ascension Normal Now – the Arcturians - Jan 22, 2016

Billede af Arcturians iflg.
Arcturians er en race, der kommer fra den blå planet, der kredser den røde kæmpestjerne Arcturus i Bootes konstellation. Arcturus kredser cirka 36 lysår fra vores solsystem. Arcturians er den mest avancerede civilisation i galaksen, transcendere ind i 4. og 5. dimension. Mange kender Arcturians, som velvillige væsener. Men hvad kun nogle ved, er læren som Arcturians følger. Indhyllet i mystik, og tabt i de åndelige oversættelser gennem kommunikation og kanaliseringer af Arcturians til mennesker, en race af væsener synes at eksistere og kommunikere fundamentale love, der styrer eksistensen af ​​fred, kærlighed og glæde. Denne grundlæggende lovgivning tillader Arcturians at skubbe i retning af højere planer af eksistens og give mulighed for fortsat vækst i et begrænset fysiske univers. Arcturians menes at komme fra en kredsende himmellegeme, der ikke har været opdaget af jordiske astronomer.

Kanaliseret aSuzanne Lie 
©2016 suzanneliephd

You ARE standing at the helm of your own mission now. At least if you feel centered and open, we are standing at the helm. However, if you are frightened or angry you are not at the helm, and are a possible victim at any moment.

Of course this fear was created not by your reality, but because of your fear. And, often the fear that comes to you is the very fear that you have put out into your reality.

Now as you are all moving into the highest frequencies of the fourth dimension, you are beginning to lose your sense of time. That is, you are letting go of your adherence and addiction to the limitations and separations that occurs in a reality that is ruled by third and fourth dimensional time.

For many people “all realities” mean only the third dimensional realities and maybe some of the fourth dimensional astral plane. There is still time in these fourth dimensional realities. Now, more and more are beginning their consciousness journey through the astral planes.

The third dimensional physical and fourth dimensional astral worlds are very different. But they both have some structure of time, except that fourth dimensional time is much faster than third dimensional time.

On the fifth dimension time becomes extinct and there is only “NOW.” You may have thought you had problems with your transmutation in the fourth dimension, which is simple in comparison with the great acceleration of energy fields as you move up into the fifth dimension.

Mike Quinsey: A Message from my Higher Self - Jan 22, 2016 CET

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2016 treeofthegoldenlight

You are learning how quickly matters can change, and in but a short time suddenly the future does not look as encouraging as it was recently. Fear has entered some people’s minds as big business falters and is losing confidence in monetary values.

Behind the scenes much is being directed by those in positions of power, with the aim of pulling away from the American Dollar. In such times there is little stability and you are at the mercy of those who control the world markets. Inevitably it will get worse before matters are sorted out and the money markets calm down.

Much can happen so quickly and there is little that can be done to change the outcome. Be assured however that greater powers than those on Earth, are playing their part to ensure that it is eventually to your liking.

Many pathways are leading to a satisfactory conclusion for many changes that are gradually taking shape. The dark Ones may still have influence but their power to dictate your future is rapidly diminishing.

Many countries are coming together to present a solid front and disclosure and the revaluation of your most important currencies is becoming more likely. All is planned far in advance and it will come to be for the betterment of the people of your world. Opposition to it is weakening and nothing will prevent the eventual desired changes from coming about.

Putin: Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines - Jan 22, 2016

A report prepared by the Security Council (SCRF) circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin has issued orders that his people must be protected from GMO “food” and Western pharmaceuticals “at all costs.”
The report says that President Putin believes the next stage of human evolution is currently in “grave risk” and that Western and global powers are “intentionally decelerating the process for their personal gain.”
“We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous, addictive drug.”

“We must fight this. A physically and intellectually disabled population is not in our interests,” the report states.

Describing the average government-controlled Westerner as an “intensively vaccinated borderline autistic fat man slumped in front of a screen battling a high-fructose corn syrup comedown,” the report states that such tactics used by governments to subjugate their citizens are not only “dark/evil” but “counter-productive in the medium to long term.”

Russia under President Putin has been giving away land for free in the past few years to people willing to farm organically and sustainably. The goal is to become the world’s “leading exporter” of non-GMO foods that are based on “ecologically clean” production.

The Security Council report comes just months after the Kremlin announced a stop to the production of all GMO-containing foods, which was seen by the international community as a major step in the fight against multinationals like Monsanto. Russia continues to lead the way in the realm of natural, organic farming.


Sugar Identified as a Top Cause of the Surge in Cancer ( Så du også Slikmafiaen triumtog gennem Danmark via DOX programmerne på DR? Rører aldrig igen 'Bland-selv-slik' af gammel-rottebefængt-ulovligt-omsorterede-arbejdskraft-skadeligt-cancer-raffineret-sukker-svinekød-gelatine....)

Stigning i svindel med slik. Antallet af sager med slikfusk er fordoblet i forhold til 2014, viser helt nye tal fra Fødevarestyrelsens kontrolbesøg.

Den danske slik- og chokoladeindustri (madindustri) har et gigantisk omsætning og indtages af  stort set alle børn og voksne i Danmark på et eller andet tidspunkt i Deres liv. Hver dansker spiser i gennemsnit 15 kilo blandet slik om året. Hvad gemmer sig bag ingredienser og E-numre i danskernes slikfavoritter? Raffineret sukker, er lige så vanedannende som heroin. Dårlige vaner som at ryge eller drikker, har en skadelig virkning, mens for meget indtag af raffineret sukker fra slik, mad, læskedrikke er en væsentlig årsag til kræft ifølge denne artikel. Vores hæderkronede firma Novo Nordisk lever af, overvægtige mennesker samt os almindelige borgeres konsumering af raffineret sukker i for store mængder, insulin marked og type 2-diabetes er jo eksploderet de seneste mange år. Det, at få konstateret diabetes skyldes ikke alene sukker, men det har en negativ effekt på dit helbred. Vi ved det jo endelig godt, gør vi ikke?      

By Dr. Mercola
According to the Credit Suisse Research Institute's 2013 study1 "Sugar: Consumption at a Crossroads," as much as 40 percent of US healthcare expenditures are for diseases directly related to the overconsumption of sugar.
Incredibly, we spend more than $1 trillion each year fighting the damaging health effects of sugar, which runs the gamut from obesity and diabetes, to heart disease and cancer.
The fact that sugar and obesity are linked to an increased risk of cancer is now becoming well-recognized. According to a report2 on the global cancer burden, published in 2014, obesity is responsible for an estimated 500,000 cancer cases worldwide each year.
Nearly two-thirds of obesity-related cancers — which include colon, rectum, ovary, and womb cancers — occur in North America and Europe.3 A more recent British report estimates obesity may result in an additional 670,000 cancer cases in the UK alone over the next 20 years.
According to BBC News,4 the Cancer Research UK and the UK Health Forum report are calling for a ban on junk food ads aired before 9pm to address out of control rise in obesity and obesity-related diseases.
Meanwhile, a German investigation into diet-induced diseases and related treatment costs reveal that sugar-induced oral disease represents the greatest chunk of that nation's health care costs.
As noted by the Dental Tribune:5
"... [T]he substantial impact of sugar consumption found in the study was mainly due to the costs of treating caries and other diseases of the hard tissue of teeth, hypertensive and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, rectal and colon cancer, as well as chronic kidney disease."

How Excess Sugar and Obesity Promotes Cancer

One of the key mechanisms by which sugar promotes cancer and other chronic disease is through mitochondrial dysfunction.
Since sugar is not our ideal fuel, it burns dirty with far more reactive oxygen species than fat, which generates far more free radicals which in turn causes mitochondrial and nuclear DNA damage along with cell membrane and protein impairment.
Research6 has also shown that chronic overeating in general has a similar effect. Most people who overeat also tend to eat a lot of sugar-laden foods — a double-whammy in terms of cancer risk.
Chronic overeating places stress on the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), the membranous network found inside the mitochondria of your cells. When the ER receives more nutrients than it can process, it signals the cell to dampen the sensitivity of the insulin receptors on the surface of the cell.
Thus continuously eating more than your body really needs promotes insulin resistance by the mere fact that your cells are stressed by the work placed on them by the excess nutrients. Insulin resistance in turn is at the heart of most chronic disease, including cancer.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Primary Culprit in Cancer

This also helps explain why intermittent fasting (as well as other forms of calorie restriction) is so effective for reversing insulin resistance, reducing your risk of cancer, and increasing longevity.
Obesity, caused by a combination of eating too much refined fructose/sugar and rarely if ever fasting, may also promote cancer via other mechanisms, including chronic inflammation and elevated production of certain hormones, such as estrogen, which is associated with an increased risk for breast cancer.
According to recent research,7,8 from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, refined sugar not only significantly increases your risk of breast cancer, it also raises your risk of tumors spreading to other organs.
Moreover, this study found that it was primarily the refined fructose in high-fructose corn syrup, found in most processed foods and beverages that was responsible for the breast tumors and the metastasis.

Without Sugar, Cancer Cannot Thrive

One of the most powerful strategies I know of to avoid and/or treat cancer is to starve the cancer cells by depriving them of their food source, which is primarily sugar and excessive protein.
Unlike all the other cells in your body, which can burn carbs or fat for fuel, cancer cells have lost that metabolic flexibility and can only thrive if there enough sugar present.
German cancer researcher Dr. Otto Warburg was actually given a Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering this. Sadly very few experts have embraced his metabolic theory of cancer, but have embraced the nuclear genetic theory that is a downstream side effect of mitochondrial dysfunction.
Make no mistake about it, the FIRST thing you want to do if you want to avoid or treat cancer if you have insulin or leptin resistance (which 85 percent of people do) is to cut out all forms of sugar/fructose and grain carbs from your diet, in order to optimize the signaling pathways that contribute to malignant transformation.

Reduce Your Fructose and Non-Fiber Carb Intake

I recommend reducing your total fructose intake to a maximum of 25 grams/day, from all sources, including fruit. If you are insulin resistant, you'd do well to make your upper limit 15 grams/day.
Cancer patients would likely be best served by even stricter limits. For a more detailed discussion please review my interview with Professor Thomas Seyfried, who is one of the leading cancer pioneer researchers in promoting how to treat cancer nutritionally. I personally believe that most would benefit from reducing all non-fiber carbs (total carbs minus fiber), not just fructose, to less than 100 grams per day.
I typically keep mine around 50 to 60 grams every day.
The easiest way to dramatically cut down on your sugar and fructose consumption is to switch to REAL foods, as most of the added sugar you end up with comes from processed fare, not from adding a teaspoon of sugar to your tea or coffee. But there are other ways to cut down well. This includes:
  • Cutting back on the amount of sugar you personally add to your food and drink
  • Using stevia or luo han instead of sugar and/or artificial sweeteners. You can learn more about the best and worst of sugar substitutes in my previous article, "Sugar Substitutes — What's Safe and What's Not"
  • Using fresh fruit in lieu of canned fruit or sugar for meals or recipes calling for a bit of sweetness
  • Using spices instead of sugar to add flavor to your meal

Signs of Progress, But Dietary Guidelines Are Still Flawed

Read more: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2016/01/20/sugar-top-cause-cancer-surge.aspx

Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - Episode 3: Ubuntu and the Blue Avians’ Message Part 1 - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock (Tellingers model for society called Ubuntu or Contributionism...After the data dumps, society will be slowly transitioned into a contributionist model, wherein each individual's passions come to the fore as the primary mechanism for producing abundance or items for society)

The concept of a moneyless society has reemerged in the age of awakening we find ourselves in. It is often belittled as a 'utopian ideal,' a completely unrealistic vision for a better world, or is it?

This week, accomplished researcher and activist Michael Tellinger comes on the show with David
Wilcock and Corey Goode in a special discussion about Ubuntu and Contributionism.

Unlike what is widely accepted on Earth, the need for monetary systems to facilitate society is unfounded. Like all 'black magic' or mind control devices, money is founded on a falsehood, a misconception that without it, no one would be motivated to participate in co-creative undertakings. But in reality, there are countless ways individuals work together to create abundance in their lives. And in almost all cases, money serves as a tool to limit this organic process of generating goods and services.

According to Goode, the Secret Space Program Alliance Council has been following the work of Tellinger, primarily because of this seemingly new model for society called Ubuntu or Contributionism. The SSP Council says that after the data dumps, society will be slowly transitioned into a contributionist model, wherein each individual's passions come to the fore as the primary mechanism for producing abundance or items for society.

Elite Spill BIG Intel In Davos: America's Obsolete! It’s Time For Global Governance & NWO Rule [VIDEO]

Blogger: Berlingskes politiske kommentator Thomas Larsen er i Davos i Schweiz side om side med magteliten fra det meste af verden - deriblandt flere af landets topchefer. Men hvad laver de danske bosser egentlig i Davos?

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Friday, 22-Jan-2016 01:45:50

Elite Spill BIG Intel In Davos: America's Obsolete! It’s Time For Global Governance & NWO Rule
Lisa Haven
Jan 21, 2016

Breaking: Huge Astronomy News - Scientists Find Hints Of A Giant, Hidden Planet In Our Solar System - Jan 22, 2016 CET

This may be part of the small disclosure for planet Niburu, Planet X, Sphere Being Entity of Corey Goode Fame, maybe an Andromeda Biosphere as described by Tolec? Not sure, but main stream media and main stream scientists are now reporting that they may have found another planet in our solar system and it is cloaked! Really exciting in my opinion.



Blogger: Endelig er nyheden dukket op i vores nyhedsmedier : Mystiske planeter gemmer sig i solsystemet. Ude i den mørkeste afkrog af vores solsystem, gemmer der sig mindst to planeter. Planeter der er større end Jorden... .dr.dk

The imagined view from "planet nine" back toward the sun. Astronomers think the huge, distant planet is likely gaseous, similar to Uranus and Neptune.
Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC) 
The astronomer whose work helped kick Pluto out of the pantheon of planets says he has good reason to believe there's an undiscovered planet bigger than Earth lurking in the distant reaches of our solar system.

That's quite a claim, because Mike Brown of Caltech is no stranger to this part of our cosmic neighborhood. After all, he discovered Eris, an icy world more massive than Pluto that proved our old friend wasn't special enough to be considered a full-fledged planet. He also introduced the world to Sedna, a first-of-its-kind dwarf planet that's so far out there, its region of space was long thought to be an empty no man's land.

Now Brown has teamed up with Caltech colleague Konstantin Batygin to do a new analysis of oddities in the orbits of small, icy bodies out beyond Neptune. In their report published Wednesday in The Astronomical Journal, the researchers say it looks like the orbits are all being affected by the presence of an unseen planet that's about 10 times more massive than Earth — the size astronomers refer to as a super-Earth.

"I'm willing to take bets on anyone who's not a believer," says Brown. He thinks existing telescopes have a shot at spotting this mystery planet in just a few years, since this new study points to a band of sky where astronomers should look.

Planet Nine Wields Huge Influence

Tom Heneghan Update - January 17, 2016 - Heneghan Emergency Update: Iranian Ponzi Scheme Unravels (Soros is also receiving millions of dollars in bribes that supplements his own illegal trading and swindling for importing millions of North African and Middle East so-called "refugees", a quantity have been linked to rapes and sexual assaults of citizens in the nations of Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, France and Great Britain)

Læs også: Nationalbanken har ansat Lars Rohdes nabo som konsulent til 173.913 kr. om måneden
Stillingen blev ikke slået op, da Henriette Divert-Hendricks blev ansat som konsulent.
Uklogt og ikke kønt fastslår eksperter.
Det vækker kritik, at Nationalbanken har ansat nationalbankdirektør Lars Rohdes nabo som konsulent til en månedsløn på 173.913 kr., uden at stillingen blev slået op. For det kan give mistanker om nepotisme og vennetjenester i en af landets vigtigste institutioner, uanset om det er berettiget eller ej.......


Iranian Ponzi Scheme Unravels

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

Hillary and Bill Clinton, Jeb Bush, George H W Bush and George W BushFRAUD

Sunday   January 17, 2016​

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland recently visited the Russian Federation presenting evidence fingering current U.S. Secretary of State NAZI ‘Skull and Bonesman' John Kerry Cohen, former U.S. Secretary of State NAZI Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, Kerry's 3rd cousin former year 2000 illegal White House occupant NAZI George W. BushFRAUD, financial terrorist NAZI George Soros, current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and alleged U.S. FBI agent aka Israeli Mossad asset Robert Levinson, still living in Iran, with operating an international drug trafficking cartel utilizing the Bank of Iran, the Central Bank of Iraq, the Bank of Israel, the Central Bank of Ukraine as well as Saudi-owned U.S. Citibank with the drug trafficking being funded by the Saudi funded Clinton-Bush Foundation, the alleged terrorist group known as ISIS, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, utilizing ISIS black market sales of crude oil at $20 per barrel.

The proceeds from this Ponzi Scheme are then laundered utilizing crooked Luxembourg banks and the Iraqi dinar currency (some counterfeit) through the aforementioned Saudi-owned U.S. Citibank, the Central Bank of Japan and none other than an outlaw foreign currency trading exchange in NORTH KOREA! (laugh out loud).  
Note: It is important to remember that financial terrorist NAZI Jew George Soros helped enable North Korea along with the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate to get nuclear weapons. This evidence, which was supplied to the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Inspector General by Ambassador Leo Wanta, is still being illegally classified as 'national security' by the illegal Obama Administration.
Soros is also receiving millions of dollars in bribes that supplements his own illegal trading and swindling for importing millions of North African and Middle East so-called "refugees", a quantity have been linked to rapes and sexual assaults of citizens in the nations of Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, France and Great Britain.

P.S. At this hour, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde has ordered an emergency meeting of all IMF members concerning this latest Iranian-Israeli George Soros instigated foreign currency Ponzi Scheme involving the $159 BILLION of STOLEN U.S. TREASURY FUNDS that are about to be turned into Iraqi dinar-Citibank derivatives.

Jesus through John Smallman:You have no need of fear, or of defenses - Jan 22, 2016

Sananda udsender ugentlige budskaber for tiden, for os som har fulgt Jesus Sananda i længere tid, har det altid været en fryd og opløftende oplevelse for vores forståelse, hvad der sker omkring os. Den Opstegne Mester Sananda / Jesus / Kristus / Jeshua tjener som en lærer af hele verden, og var en af ​​de største Spirituelle healere, der gik på vores elskede planet Jorden/Nova/Gaia. Det er vigtigt at forstå, alle vores opstegne mestre og de galaktiske venner, så at sige, ikke har tilladelse til at bruge Deres beføjelser for at ændre forløbet af civilisationer, kun i yderst sjældne tilfælde. Universets lov. 

Kanaliseret af John Smallman
© 2015 johnsmallman.wordpress.com

Jesus Audio Blog for Friday January 22nd

Here in the spiritual realms, where all of you truly reside in every moment of your eternal existence, we watch with joy as you resolve and intend to move ever more fully into your natural state as beings of Love.

It is a state you have never left, and never could leave, but you have – through your choice to experience as real as possible a state of separation from God, and therefore from each other – hidden from yourselves your divine and eternal connection to Source. Consequently you feel alone, small, and insignificant in the vast universe in which it seems humanity's planet, Earth, although large in relation to each of you, is itself utterly insignificant. A planet that could itself be instantly destroyed by collision with some rogue and wandering celestial body. Your security as humans on the planet truly appears unsustainable due to many factors that are beyond your control and beyond your knowledge.

Often it seems that those who are searching for God, a Prime Source, a Supreme Intelligence, or who believe in one are merely hiding from the truth of your inevitable and eventual death in whatever form it strikes you. It is an issue far too fearful to address consciously – unconsciously it creates great emotional stress and pressure that needs to be relieved – and so you hide from reality by imagining and hoping for a divine deliverance from your eventual and inescapable extinction. Others strive for material wealth and military security for the very same reason – an intense fear of death. That is the game of separation that you chose to build and engage with. And it always ends in death!