September 26, 2021

🌎🕊️💞 ~ (C'mon Man - Get Crackin) MAYAN Calendar -7th Day- Tomorrow (The Walls of Jericho will FALL) (The Rumor Mill) ~ | Blogger: PS: (SOTW) -- yes, yes, yes, there were no EBS, no false flag event, no global announcement in MSM news worldwide😥... We cannot wait on Trump and the 2024 election is still 1155 days away and he is not part of bad-clown rising. He is the wild card nobody saw coming in and ‘grappling with swamp creatures’ in his bid to drain it👨‍💼... With 2,7 million arrests already worldwide when will it all blow up in Black Hats CGI / DeepFake faces❓. How much more can We, The People, take❓ Why is the Divine Plan been delayed over and over and over❓ We all know, the Earth Alliance and Earth Liberation is DONE on a fifth dimensional level, so why the heck are the World not seeing anything to support that fact❓ We have been sooooo patience and we know the White Hats and Light Forces are operating behind the scene and maaaany major celestial alignments has begone many times over that signaled the long awaited time of the complete liberation of Planet GAIA and the Grand Evolutionary Ascension of Humanity. Who or what are we waiting for⁉️. You and me out there❓.. |

"Just got this from the Proph. I must say it is right on the mark and perfectly fitting the coming events of biblical proportion.  Enough is enough!!!!!, Critical mass is here. World is ready for Disclosure (EBS) with arrows pointing to TOMORROW, Fasten your seat belts as we make our final approach."  ~  (in_PHI_nitti)...


👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra: always above) THE NEW JERUSALEM by Aura Blue (AURABLUE44) ~ | Blogger: (SoTW) -- The 3,000-kilometre giant disk was captured in an image posted by NASA and ISS (so they claim) and was first presented at the Brasilia Planetarium Presentation in 2013... Could it be the the Galactic Federation of Light's MOTHERSHIP called "the New Jerusalem"?. My own intuition says no, I feel it's something else. However, the MOTHERSHIP skycity of them all, and the Galactic Federation of "Worlds" as relayed by Thor Han/Elena Danaan and Val Nek/Megan Rose and Dr. Michael Salla, says it's stationed near Jupiter and Elon Musk, Branson and Bezos with 2 dozen of CEO from Earth has been visiting that particular city in negotiation and expedite the process of free energy devices and expand the already running massproduction of MedBeds, lack of a better word... The New Jerusalem is the largest of the “Inns of Heaven;” a floating Etheric world, housing the headquarters… the Quarters of Lord Sananda, Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command. The New Jerusalem is a Pearly White Space City. It is 2,000 miles in length and 2,000 miles in width. It is one of ten MotherShips. It will be seen from coast to coast. It has twelve levels... All eyes throughout the galaxy are on planet Earth for this miraculous shift in consciousness and we are all watching you with love, honor and admiration. This mass incarnation of high-level initiates, star seeds, ascended masters and Angelic realm all at once on this planet is something that has not happened ever before, until NOW... |

👼 ~ 💕 ('The Creator of universes loves me! My angels love me. I am cherished! Revered! Adored!') Do you Love your Sweet Self? (Messages from Ann & the Angels) 💕 ~ | Blogger: Hi Dear Friends, Today the angels talk about the true nature of self-love and I'll share some thoughts and tips after years of working with them to truly comprehend it & put it to practice in my own life :) Have a beautiful week! ♥ Ann.. |

Love Your Sweet Self!

(Ann Albers:) I started channeling weekly messages from the angels after 9/11/2001, in an attempt to reach as many people as possible with the angels' words of hope and inspiration. I didn't realize at the time that we would become an international community of lightworkers dedicated to expanding our capacity to receive and share God's love in the world.

Each week's newsletter contains an angel message, a message from me explaining how I put the angels' teachings to work in my life, and various other announcements about classes, events, and new products. I would love to help you experience the love, wisdom, and guidance that are available to us all.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We would wish for each of you to love yourself without condition. We would love for you to look in the mirror each morning and see the Presence of the loving Divine. We would sing for joy if you could build yourselves up when talking to self or others, rather than casually putting yourselves down.

We know you feel good about yourselves at times. We also see how easily so many you find fault with yourselves.

In the heavens, we see only your perfection. We see only your light. We beat witness to all you do that is kind and loving, and when you are having a less-than-loving moment, we see only the love beneath that is trying to emerge. We see you in your pure potential – a soul enlivened, healthy, happy, expressed, and in awe of oneself. We know you have many challenges. We know you don't always feel good about yourselves. We choose to feel good about you anyway. We choose to love what you love and support what you dream. We choose, dear ones, always to acknowledge and love the light within ourselves and within you. Before you focused your consciousness into your earthly reality, you did the same.

🪓🗿📜 ~ (The Russian Hyperboreans giants dates before the pyramids and Egyptian civilization) We Found The Location...It's In A Place You Would Never Expect To Look ( Matrix Wisdom) ~| Blogger: "Evidence of an ancient civilization, including pyramids, underground passages, various megalithic artifacts, have been discovered in Russia. The area, known as the Kola Peninsula, has also been known for very unusual phenomena."... |

🏆💱🌟 ~ ('We want to empower people') Gesara Nesara Gold Explained (SimonParkes) ~ | Blogger: [🤜No Poverty, No Hunger, No Debt, Only Global Prosperity, and Peace for ALL! ~ SoTW🤛] ... (outside the video) -- What are my (SoTW) thoughts about NESARA. Is it a hoax or a scam? I have investigated this fairly carefully and in the past, had my 'serious doubts' about the (U.S.) NESARA (World) GESARA claims.. Buuuttt, I only have to look and research on the 9/11 attacks and the missing gold bullion stolen from the basements of the WTC on 9/11. Actually, on September 10, 2001 George Bush Sr. moved into the White house to steer his son on how to block the NESARA announcement. The next day NESARA was set to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on September 11, 2001. 9/11 Attacks happened. Groups opposing NESARA arranged for the attacks to occur on 9/11 to keep NESARA from being announced. Just before the announcement, Bush Snr. ordered the demolition of World Trade Center to stop the international banking computers on floors one and two, in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury Bank system. (there's more to this story)... Many times SoTW have been auguring or (touched) the subject with former Danish Rothschild banking colleagues and they can't seem to crasp the idea, that a 'DEBT JUBILEE' is human possible, without, 'somebody - the banking cartel of usual suspects' to finance the whole thing with FIAT money of useless toiletpaper. Has everyone forgot about that AFTER 1970 'everything changed'? (the Gold Standard Act of 1900, Bretton Woods, the IMF, and the American Gold Standard that established gold as the only metal for redeeming paper currency)... ☝️PS: Not to confuse you guys, but you might wanna look into St.Germain's story, the World Trust has one quintuordecillion dollars or the implementation of a new [quantum] financial system (QFS)... The main concept at play here (is) the liberation of Humanity/Earth from forces of evil and limitation... So be it, and so it is!...🙏 |

September 23, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 (New USSF prototype dress uniform as seen in Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek and other sci-fi classics) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: Thanks to my friends Alessandra in Romania and Jet (with wings) in China and of course to all Switzerland people protesting at Rothschild’s castle... |


(☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝ ~ (“God’s Light” Shining Down on Trump) 'THAT IS A GOOD NEWS' | MICHAEL JACO EXCLUSIVE UPDATE TODAY NEWS BREAKING ~ | Blogger: (´_⊃`)Is it true that President Donald J. Trump is the direct descendant of Hakon V King of Norway according to Icelandic genealogist Oddur F. Helgason. Mr. Trump is also related to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Icelandic President Guðni Th. Johannesson of Iceland, and in fact almost all Icelanders.?... It's a fact, that ex-daughter-in-law of Donald Trump and Ivana Trump, Vanessa (Trump), and the family relationship between Denmark and the US President is closer than previously assumed. Vanessa's mother is Bonnie Kay (Bonnie Ewans), who ran the Kay Models agency. Her mother is of Danish origin. Her biological father has Italian heritage. Her maternal grandfather was Danish jazz reedist Kai Ewans. On a small danish island called Orø, near Holbæk, lives John Ewans Porting, son of jazz composer Kai Ewans, who emigrated to the United States in the 1950s. In 2019 and before, Vanessa had a secret visit to Orø's family visit... |


👼 ~ 💗 ('No one knows what is Truth and what is not anymore. We are being set upon everywhere we turn. This is precisely why we ask you to remain in your KNOWING. To say the Mantra over and over') The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, Sept. 22, 2021 (Video + transcript) ~ | Blogger: Will it be this weekend? Anywho, I have more information about a possible Black Swan event, but not allowed to share on SoTW... Remain Vigilant... Be Prepared... Stay Protected... Expect the Unexpected... |

Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS LIGHT.

Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS LOVE.
Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS TRUTH

Hello, oh bringers of Light and Hope. Let’s hope you are to do just that today, for it seems the people of our Planet are very much in need. The plot has clearly been lost and is nowhere to be found.

Dearest Blossom, dearest bringers of Light and Hope. For all that you imagine ‘us’ to Be is exactly what we KNOW yourselves to Be.

YOU are the bringers of Light and Hope to a world that seems to be sinking into the mire. Yet …


I am sure most of us are trying our best to keep the ‘home fires burning’ as the saying goes. Yet, the madness of the powers that ‘appear’ to be, continues to grow.

And with that comes the strength from within to KNOW that ALL THE KNOWING that assists you to march onwards in your Truth continues to grow, also.

I guess the question on everyone’s tongue is ‘When is it all going to stop?’

👊❌😮 ~ ('F**K Joe Biden' chants': 'Things are changing for the better and only getting more exploitational') THE TIDE IS TURNING - AIN'T NO TIME FOR DOOM & GLOOM (Jordan Sather) ~ | Blogger: MSM media calls Jordan Sather; a UFO and QAnon conspiracy theorist... I don't know JS per se, I did see him at David Wilcock's Conscious Life Expo in 2018 at LAX Hilton, with Teresa Yanaros, a degreed journalist and published author, advocates human rights etc. Amazing conference, listen to some of the the many hundreds of sessions and lectures from most important spiritual American teachers. I do know the radiohost of Out of This World, Ted Mahr, meet him a few times during conferences and talked to FADE TO BLACK, Jimmy Church and got a signed t-shirt... Live with David Adair was amazing for a UFO & SSP-freak like me at SoTW... EU citizens not allowed to enter fake China Joe country anymore and I personally, can't afford or wish to, pay the high-priced Wilcock's conferences or webinars... |


Jordan Sather (born 1990) in Bremerton, WA, is committed to empowering individuals through sharing knowledge of self and the cosmos. He is passionate about health, and coaches clients who want to become stronger individuals. He also writes for alternative blogs and news sites about new discoveries in regards to science, history, and geopolitics.

🐑🎂🤷 ~ (Tillykke Hr. Lochmanns fød's'dag! Også til de 25.000 danskere som tror på ham!) Tro kan flytte bjerge og kan afgøre om du er en konspirationstosse eller blindt får (SoTW Akiv 2021 Arkiv) ~ | Blogger: [🤪Lyttede du også med på 'Søeforklaringer' med Jeppe Søe på 24syv, da Casper og Claus ringede ind, om Jorden er flad som en pandekage❓] ... Verdensalt er ikke sat på moder jord, for at overbevise nogen eller noget som helst... Meget kort og firkantet sagt, besidder jeg dog en tro på, at vort lands 'autoriteter' er tvunget til at følge et årtusind (millennium) 'udenlandsk' sindrigt religiøs doktrin, siden Annunakierne ledte efter Guld og skabte et såkaldt 'højestepræsteherredømme' på vort Jordklode. De falske faldne engle, Annunakierne, (Fallen Angels, Anunnaki, Nephelim, Watchers) sørgede også for at forvirre de isolerede menneskesamfund og give dem hver sit sprog. Ligeledes fløj de rundt, optrådte stadig som ”guder” og grundlagde et hav af religioner efter devisen ”Del og hersk!”. Derved skabtes en elite, en underafdeling af præsteskabet. Og denne elite styrer verden den dag i dag gennem hemmelige broderskaber med op til 33 grader. Men Broderskabet eksisterer stadig og styrer eliten og Kongehuset, styrer Folketinget! (og blah, blah, blah) Historien er jo ikke så simpel, som jeg gør den til, men en lille forsmag... 🌎🥥😜NOK om det, at jorden er flad, er nok den meste omdiskuterede teori, i den moderne tid, også i Dannevang og den er faktisk ikke så nem, at slå ihjel... Fra 'flad jord teorien' til Flat Earth-konferencer, en tese som er eksploderet, i popularitet... Ifølge Google Trends, søgte flest mennesker efter konspirationen, muligvis på grund af en noget populær rapper ved navn B.O.B. (aka Bobby Ray Simmons Jr.), som tweeted om spørgsmålet i 2016 (danske Ole Lochmann, Psykoterapeut, NBA-stjernen, Shaquille O'Neal, Mark Sargent, Sidney Lee, Facebook hangouts o.s.v., o.s.v. ) -- av min arm og niv mig, for at vågne fra drømmen af falske spejle!🤳... Ole Lochmann skrev selv til danske komiker og entertainer, Anders Matthesen (Fjæsen har censureret linket), for at sikre hans støtte og været i mange danske Fake Lame Stream Media, ligesom BT, Zetland, 24syv, DR, denoffentlige, K-Dagblad... 🤔DET GØR ikke verdensalt mere overbevist, af den årsag... Jooooo, måske har du ret Ole, hælder dog mere til en anden teori end der findes isvægge ved kanten af yderområderne, inden man falder ned i helvede eller springer ud i universet. Måske har du set for meget Game of Thrones (The Wall)?.. [LÆS VIDERE] ... |



...   ✅Ja, alle supermagter som har adgang til universet, benytter sig flittigt af computer-generated imagery (CGI) og andre simulatorer. ✅..

 - Det bruges dog til at 'sløre' MIC-SSP Solar Warden Armada, deres 2 massive rumstationer i (LEO), indgangen til The Hollow Earth, The Black Knight satelliter, rumstationer samt bagsiden af titanium-Månen samt Saturns ringe, der styrer en supercomputer Matrix-gitter, Solens virkelige udseende (Portal) og naturligvis de udenjordiske væseners rumskibe, i omkring jordens atmosfære o.s.v. o.s.v. Da jeg har sat mig ind i de hemmelige rumprogrammer (SSP) som er meget, meget mere interessant, end om jorden er flad. HVAD skal vi bruge det til? BETYDER det noget, for vores hverdag? NEJ!... 

🤪Min teori er lige så vanvittig som Ole's, men jeg har stået ved Area 51, snakket med mange amerikanere indenfor det militær-industrielle kompleks, deltaget i konferencer og set UFO'er med egne øjne, men det gør ikke mig, til en HELT!..

Jeg tror, du ærlig talt bliver taget ved næsten, Ole! Hos CIA hedder det, 'divide and conquer algorithm'. Flere og flere trossystemer dukker op, så CIA (løgnefabrikken) skaber en masser historier, én af dem er, at jorden er flad, så fokus flytter sig væk fra det der er vigtigt (distraktion)... 

Hvis du stadig er i tvivl, check den 'ægte videnskab', ikke som er købt og betalt af industrien: 

🌱--1. Elektrisk dipolmoment (electric dipole field). Det kræver en rund sfære...

🌱--2. En torus som er en rumgeometrisk form, der ligner et bildæk eller en donut. Der skaber votex og energier i vores univers (Toroid Energy Flow - The Torus - Dynamic Flow Process)...

🌱--3. Corioliseffekten fremkommer ved jordens rotation (The Coriolis effect)..

🌱--4. Både NASA og det russiske føderale rumbureau “Roscosmos” har sendt adskillige 360 graders videoer ud til offentligheden. At Jorden og andre planeter skulle være 'flade' - That's a no go!...

🌱--5. Se filmen: THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? Vist og set af 86 mio. mennesker og du er ikke længere i tvivl ... You be the judge ... | (SLUT)

PS: Jordan Sather har lavet en rigtigt god video - nu censuret... 

September 22, 2021

🛸🤫🖖 ~ ('In war all the corporations turn towards the winner. One CEO will produce Free Energy.') Cosmic Disclosure with Cosmic Girls Elena Danaan and Megan Rose (Megan Rose) ~ | Blogger: [👉M*E*D*B*E*D*S or 'medical pods' or a 'third name' sound-frequency devices will be mass-produced to be distributed to Earth👈] ... I trust and loooove Megan and her knowledge by primary Galactic Federation source, Val Nek.. Not sure about Elena, whos download voices comes from Commander Val "Valiant" Thor (Thorhan). I "kinda" left Dr. Salla's exopolitics updates because tarot card is telling us, he "is" or "was" (DS / Cabal). Anyways, Megan and Elena confirms that Bezos, Branson & Musk secretly travel to Jupiter for negotiations / agreement with the Galactic Federation (still hard pill for me to swallow about Bezos and Branson because they "used" to work for the Dark Alliance).. Elena Danaan has told us in the beginning of September that the Galactic Federation (of Worlds) Jupiter Cloud City (depicted below) is the most protected and important right now in our solar system to (fully) liberate Earth etc. etc.. Now, more confirmations, almost everything what The Dark Alliances, lack of a better word, (Dark Fleet, and dark SSP factions, off world groups Nazi's types called Zardanians, Reptilians, Orion's Group, Greys and Dracos) was 'built' with Earth’s major space faring nations, since 1950, has been liberated. The Moon, Mars (Sirius, Saturn) Dark Fleet is gone and has all been liberated - this is according to Elena Danaan and to some extent, Megan Rose.. The US Space Force will build a new Moon base, Space Fence around Earth & Space Stations. Loc (Lunar Operations Command) Moon healing centers, Med-Beds for Mars slaves, Super Soldiers and others to undo brain trauma and mind-control etc... There's so much more in this video... |


🙏 ~ 💝 (The STORM is upon us: EBS activation, Obama arrest and Weekend delightful treat) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟Peder B. Helland - Flying (Fuldt album)🌟] ... Blogger: I guess the decision has been made to do The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) or similar (good) technology to wake up the public now but several attempts have been blocking things with (bad) technology. The White Hats are wishful, if not last weekend target, all cards are pointing at this upcoming weekend. They were working on switching the EBS to a different system since the Deep state was blocking it, some say, they have now, surrendered. The information and spiritual synchronicities, insight and revelations, tells us, the game is up for the bad guys! According to my own knowledge, Elon Musk, was heavily involved and I said this a while back, he was controlled by a dark alien group; not totally evil but dark. But not anymore. He is now working 100% for the light and is directly part of the EBS-program STARLINK satellites train seen from Earth... In regards to Obummer, Nobama - if not him - another VIP will be arrested in public for every eye to see, but everything is pointing at (cloned) Obama... After that a unimaginable force of positive rings in water effect will spread ...(○´∀`)ノ♡💨💟... |

Sorry - omg - yes! 🤣🤣🤣 - that's funny honey! 

🤪👁️🙈 ~ (Idiocracy Danmark) FIFTY SHADES OF LØKKE-MÆÆTTE: I 2505 truer en forsmået og bitter LøkkeKlon stadig de journalister med fabrikeret pædofili-rygter, og nægter, at utroskab, druk, spillegæld og forretningsrelationer med kriminelle, var hans mantra i 36 år, siden han accepterede COVID-19 WEF/DK-aftalen, snød Hanne Boel og oprettede "Foreningen af Gamle Spejdere i Græsted", som 17 årig (SoTW 2020 Arkiv) ~ | Blogger: 😜 I 2505, har Skatteministeriet STADIGVÆK ikke et funktionel ejendomsvurderings platform på plads, Skatteskandaler rummer nu 100.000 ringbind, Danske bank svindler stadigvæk med almindelige menneskers digitale Krypto-Konto-Penge og Corona-hjælpepakker, skal STADIGVÆK, betales tilbage med ågerenter på 1 million kroner... 😜 I 2505, prøver VENSTRE og KONSERVATIVE i desperation, at genoplive en Poul SchlüterKlon, fordi "Uffe Elle-bælle-mand din blærerøv, hva' der nu gal" generationen er gået fortabt... 😜 I 2505, har vi nået til en Coronabølge nr. 1000, hvor stadigvæk ingen er døde "af" CV-19, men "med" og som i filmen '12 Monkeys', sendes udvalgte danskere, tilbage i tiden for at finde den originale virus, som ikke eksistere for, at hjælpe forskere med at udvikle en vaccinekur nr. 25.000, som ej, heller virker... 😜 I 2505, har Alleslandsmoder-Mette-MusKlonen fået en ny socialakrobat Stabschef, nu hvor Martin Justesenens Klon-generationer, stadigvæk sidder i fængsel for, at bruge tipsmidler på privat safariture og Mastercard og er en tip, tip, tip oldebarn af Jacob Haugaard, med et LIX på 55 (meget svær at forstå) som Folketingets dummeste og Kongen af Danmark, som er lige-så-svær at forstå, og stammer fra Kong Frederiks tip, tip, tip oldebarn "Thomas - et barn du ikke kan nå", bliver holdt i uvidenhed om alt (DEN DUMME KONGE af Else Cederborg)... 😜I 2505, er Klon Superhelt Harley Helle Thorning Quinn og Poison Ivy og Birds of Prey, blevet en realtid facebook algoritme, en digitaliseret Tron Legacy, som straf, for at stemme på demokraterne i USA, bruge for meget sminke og oprette hendes nr. 500 skuffeselskab i skattelylande på de tre britiske øer Jersey, Guernsey og Isle of Man... 😜 I 2505 eksistere hemmelige erhvervsklubber stadigvæk på Borgen, nu bredt sig til lokalpolitik med indskud på 20,000 kr. for såsom tidl. Inkarneret Irma-chef-kloner, VL-grupperne og Kvotekonger og små fisk... 😜 I 2505 vises filmen Druk (Another Round) efterfølgere til originalen og kæmpesuccesen nr. 250, igen forbigået af pinagtigheder på virtuelt-tv Golden Globes, med Mads Mikkelsen Hollyweird sataniske illuminati symboler 'The All Seeing Eye and 666', nu tatoveret på hans numserøv fra Bill Gates of Hell quantum dot tatovering mikro-nål vaccination og hans 'Luciferase'... |

PS: Nu til noget helt andet: Ifølge "Danskerlisten" og seneste tarotkort lagt i dag fra venner, er Mink-Medico-Metto AKA Mette F. borte.. Det samme er LilleLars AKA Lars Løkke R... Ja, hun er væk nu. Der blev spurgt til, om hun var død og fik 2 x ja kort og et "endingkort". Formegentlig et kammer hvor de kan lukke gas ind eller via en maske. Så hun kunne sove ind uden at mærke noget (ved godt det lyder fuldstændigt vanvittigt - brug din egen spirituelle indsigt og intuition)... |   

👼 ~ 💗('God created You perfect, and deep within yourselves you know that this is true, so why do you continuously judge His divine creation as unlovable, unworthy, and unacceptable?') Guilt never serves you (Jesus through John) 💕~ |

The Ascended Master Sananda / Jesus / Christ / Yeshua serves as a teacher of the whole world, and was one of the greatest spiritual healers who walked on our beloved planet Earth / Nova / Gaia. It is important to understand that all our ascended masters and galactic friends, so to speak, are not allowed to use their powers to change the course of civilizations, only in very rare cases. Law of the Universe. The Law of Divine Oneness.(SoTW)

channeled by John Smallman 
© 2021 johnsmallman

Click here to listen to an audio clip.

Be at peace with yourselves, all is flowing beautifully, just as divinely intended. Trust yourselves, because you are, every one of you reading this message, precisely where you are meant to be, where you chose to be before you incarnated for this present human life experience. You all chose to be in form at this precise moment – NOW – to massively assist in humanity’s awakening process, and that is exactly what you are all doing. You are all setting and holding the intent to be only loving whatever arises daily in your lives, even if at times it does not seem like that because, unthinkingly and unmindfully, your egos react unlovingly to an unexpected event or personal interaction. Just remind yourselves, when you become aware that such an event has occurred, that your true intent is to be only loving, and forgive yourselves immediately for your error.

Let go of any sense of guilt that may arise, because guilt never serves you, it is but an egoic distraction that engrosses and unsettles you. If an apology or some form of recompense seems to you to be appropriate, then make it, but let go of any expectations as to how it will be received, or whether it will be accepted, because you have, with honest intent, attempted to correct your seeming error, so let it rest there. Attempts at further justification or apologies are unnecessary. You have acted from your hearts with Love, and that Love has been acknowledged and accepted, even though it may not be apparent in that moment.

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra: always above) Top Secret Anti-Gravity Spy Plane - TR3b Black Manta (Found And Explained) ~ | Blogger: Great educational piece - obviously computer generated images - but close to reality (some say)... If we are able to proof the existences of TR3's - what about 1,5 km long heavy lift USSS Hillenkoetter Solar Warden spaceships or warships like in Marvel Captain America the Winter Soldier or similar?. One thing is for sure who controls our visible 9 planets and SPACE, controls Earth... |


In the case of the TR-3B Black Manta, it means a craft that uses highly pressured mercury accelerated by nuclear energy, so that plasma is produced, which, in turn, creates a field of anti-gravity around the craft. It has an electromagnetic coil at the heart of it’s motive power system, the result of which is electromagnetic drive that interacts with the Higgs-Boson field at the quantum level. Heady stuff indeed!
So, an anti-gravity aircraft doesn’t use conventional turbine or rocket engine technology, but instead a propulsion system that creates thrust by generating high-energy plasma. These aircraft are also referred to as ‘flux liners’.
  As with many divergent aviation technologies, anti-gravity technology dates back to the latter part and aftermath of World War II, and specifically the covert U.S. project known as Operation Paperclip.

📡🛩️👨‍💻 ~ (Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. War profiteering is even better than sex) Vi har en borgeret til at standse de krigsliderlige politikere ( ~ | Blogger: [👉"En grund til de ringe fremskridt i kampen mod kræft er, at kræftbehandlingen er big business med stærke alliancer mellem kræftinstitutionerne og medicinal- og kemisk industri" ~ ukendt forfatter til bog fra 1998👈] ... Det samme kan vel sige omkring "Det sikkerhedsindustrielle kompleks", (DSK) da præsident Eisenhower i sin afskedstale 17.1.1961 advarede mod konsekvenserne af det militær-industrielle kompleks' voksende magt og den dermed forbundne trussel mod USA's traditionelle demokrati... Jeg var kortvarigt soldat og det jeg lærte var, at Forsvaret, i Dannevang, er syltet ind i alt og hemmeligholdt og fjenden er stadigvæk den samme som da Putin kom til magten i efteråret 1999. Danmark er blevet en krigsnation, fordi vi er med USA hele vejen og Danmarks militære engagement er drevet af danske politiske beslutningstageres vilje til at imødekomme amerikanske ønsker om militære bidrag... PUNKTUM... Alt andet er historie, som man siger... Men det kan ikke blive ved... I den nye, "Hvide Hattes" version og verdensorden, kommer der andre boller på suppen... Her, bliver militæret, og især DSK, fuldstændigt endevendt og skrinlagt i sin nuværende form... Trump, har som den eneste amerikanske præsident, været i stand til at omlægge CIA og FBI's hemmelige black ops og har desuden, fyret samtlige Generaler fra Pentagon som var medspillere i de "Sorte Hatte." (tro det eller lad vær).. Danmark og andre NATO-lande tror de kan leve videre på bedste beskub med hemmelige operationer og falske flag special ops. Den tid er forbi. Mulighederne vi alle troede var soleklare at få indsigt i det "hemmelige forsvar" var kulegravning, forligsforberedelse, syltekrukke og endelig kodificering, men ingen, blev klogere (PET, FE, DDIS, m.fl af lukkede inderkredse under ledelse af DDFO-frimureriet).. Det nye DSK vil består af professionelle soldater og politienheder m.v. som udgør en støtte og fredsbevarende formål, at sikre borgernes frihed og sikkerhed gennem transparente processer uden politiske og militære midler betalt af Den Mørke Stat, Kabbala, Rothchild-imperalisterne og dens europæiske allierede.. Men først, skal de 10.000 store danske frimurerkorps i Dannevang, blotlægges, stækkes og afskaffes (kan være DDFO's øverste ledere allerede er arresteret inkl. vores Statsminister og Kongehuset - check "Danskerlisten")... |

Nyrup tilbageholdt og strammede oplysninger om Kosovo-krig... Hemmeligt notat og Fogh varslede støtte til USA et år før Irakkrigen... Kronprinsen har holdt hemmelige møder med forsvarschefer... IT-firmaet Systematic leverer militært software til Emiraterne i al hemmelighed... Den danske stat og EU har givet millioner i støtte til et firma i Aalborg, der laver software til overvågning af sociale medier i Dubai... Terma A/S involveret i krænkelser af menneskeret i Yemen og F-35 kampflyet i DK & NO og andre lande, var baseret på hemmelig amerikansk indflydelse for at bidrage til det militær-industrielle kompleks og overordnet påstand, SoTW tese...Andreas Mogensen har aldrig været i rummet. Hans tur er optaget i et studie. Sådan har beskyldninger fra læsere lydt mod den danske astronaut....

Hvem eller hvad er: "Statskapitalismens fem industrielle komplekser". 

1. Farmaceutiske industri (medico-industrielle kompleks/mafia). 

2. Det øko-industrielle kompleks (Karrierepolitikere, der profilerer sig på den form for godhed, Monopol på opfattelsen af det bæredygtige samfund, Agenda 21/2030). 

3. Det spin- og mediepolitiske kompleks (Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program). 

4. Det sikkerhedsindustrielle kompleks (Militær, politi, anti-terror, efterretningstjenester, udenrigs- og sikkerhedseksperter betalt af borgerne selv, med pseudoholdninger til fordel for oligarkerne, frygtdiskurs, syndebukke og fjendebilleder, forskellige former for lobbyisme) 

5. Det hemmeligholdte rummilitær-industrielle kompleks, herunder geoengineering (indigo Skyfall) samt NASA / ESA / DTU Space m.fl. og de hemmelig rumprogrammer AKA MIC-SSP og linket mellem konsulenthuse og deres enorme indflydende lobbyisme via Det Danske Forsvar og politiske system (eks.vis. Lead Agency - Lockheed Martin - Terma A/S plus de 5 danske virksomheder - Gomspace, Space Inventor, Gatehouse, Quadsat og Force Technology )  ~ SoTW... |

September 21, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 ('Big Pharma: If you guys understand ENERGY we DON'T have a job') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟[QI] Can this Strange Practice Help Build an Ironclad Immune System from Home?🌟] ... PS: M*E*D*B*E*D*S and Healing-centers together will Angelics and Beings of the Light Realms has come in now to assist the Collective Consciousness Fields and raise HU-manity to a new level of accelerating Planetary Liberation never seen on Mother GAIA before. SoTW was told by friends, that Mother GAIA is 48% Anchored. Which means, we only need 2% before GAIA has balanced the Divine Feminine and Masculine aspect... We are going through a very very turbulent period in terms of Planetary Vibration. Since 21st of December 2012, it has been Accentuating our Dimension more and more intensely. There are people who feel the Energy both Positively and Negatively. The sensations that these people can feel, for example, can be Nausea, Physical Discomfort, and that all the Food feels bad, Feel Heavy and with a Bad Body in general. In fact, we are preparing for an IMMINENT change of Energy on a Planetary Level, which is coming little by little, but unfortunately, not all people feel it. The Earth of the New Era, in it we will live a period of a Great Amount of Light, for the Vibration is Changing, and this for those who are up to date is Nothing New, it is said that in the New Earth Life in this Planet will no longer be a world full of Trials and Atonement like the one we are in now, and it will become a world of Regeneration.(5th Dimension). In other words, The EVENT is here an now and Nobody can Escape the Effect and You and Me, have to make a Choice - are You in or out?. I'm all in... |

💨🦆👙🤣 ~ (Reblog: Tropikfugle‎ og Total-Teater-Tavshed over episoden på Sønderborg Slot?) Palle fangede overraskende motiv med sit kamera: Hvad er det? (BT Videnskab Juli 2021Arkiv) ~ | Blogger: Pas påååå - Ufoerne fra det ydre rum kommer eller er det støv på linsen? Er det en papirlaterne? En Gummiand? Randrups badebold? Henrik Voldborg's gakket julesweater? En vejballon med vinger? Maria Brus med tamponer? Lars Aslans hat? Thyra Franks BH? Nej, nej, nej... siger en vred, Toke Haunstrup, det er en klassik fejl og simpelthen en filmatisering af Mågerne Kaj og Bøje fra Scandlines på togt ved Sønderborg Slot - i slow mo... Endnu mere latterlig er det, at en dansk sladderblad tabolidavis, har en Videnskabsafdeling... SoTW har fulgt SUFOI i mange år og HVER eneste gang, kan de forklare ALT, med simpel 'UFO'-logik (gudfaderbevares - med al respekt)... Vi må sgu heller ikke noget mere... Sandheden er ... inde i Toke, cand.polyt., ph.d., ekspert i fotoanalyse, Ole og Lars, cand.scient. i zoologi... Vi skulle klage til Poul Thomsen, skulle vi... Det er utroligt, hvad vi skal høre fra såkaldte "eksperter" med fine titler, i disse dage.. Kommerciel censur, der har til formål at beskytte kommercielle interesser... Hvem synes du trænger til en liiille flad bajer eller et vink med en vognstang?... Det pusse-løjerlige er, at forsvarets afvisningsberedskabet sendte to 16-jagerfly op torsdag, hvilket forårsagede høje brag over dele af Sønderjylland, Øerne og Sjælland, skriver Forsvaret. Vaaar det 1: for at skræmme Russerne væk igen (igen) eller 2: vores lille søde UFO-birdy-nam-nam som overraskede Forsvaret? eller 3: en superhelt dansk pilot som lavede en 'Birdie'-Tom Cruise, en af de mest berømte luftmanøvrer i filmhistorien fra 'Top Gun'?... "Forsvaret vil ikke oplyse, hvorfor de to fly var på vingerne" og "Toke og Co. tror det er fugle fanget i flugten" - I don't freaking believe it!!!... "These questions — and many others — will be answered in the next episode of Soap."🧼👅🤦‍♂️... |

💫🚪🚶 ~ (‘We welcome with open arms the soothing balm of the Libra Equinox!') Equinox 22 Gateway Activations (Meg Benedicte) 💕 ~ |

"This is a rare zero point gateway of ONEness, an infusion of the totality of universal creational force. In this rare moment of perfect stillness, we inspire a new paradigm, we spread Love, we create harmony, we birth the New Earth!" ~  Meg


It only happens twice a year, when the solar system reaches the point of perfect balance, the biannual Equinox Gateway. At 0°Aries and Libra, the first day of Spring and Autumn, the world experiences a profound moment of stillness. It is the pause between inhale/exhale, the zero point power of the Now moment. It touches all of us in mystical ways!

I think we all are ready for some calm, balanced stillness. The field has been intensely volatile since Lionsgate. The two world timelines are pulling apart, severing ties, disconnecting from each other. The sense of dissolution has everyone on edge. The uncertainty of the future sends ripples of anxiety through the field. Birthing a new world can get messy.

🎁 ~ 💗 (Gave) Fuldmånemagi (Sofie Rose) 💕 ~ | Blogger: Puhaaaa!... Men al verdens 'drama' har vi brug for englemagi samt healende fuldmånemeditation med SR... "Det er ikke fordi jeg har lyst, men jeg trænger" - som fru murermester jessen, ville ha' sagt det...Verdensalt eeelsker gratis ting og taknemmelighed for, at gøre noget for andre, som netop, Sofie Rose, har gjort med denne Fuldmånemedi og åbning af den nye September energi... |


Fuldmånen topper i nat og jeg har endnu engang indspillet en healende fuldmånemeditation til dig.
En gave fra mig og englene til dig

Du finder den lige her: klik her

🤗🥳💖 ~ ('Six miles out fear of Tsunami stops it's track towards East Coast & Canada. The very beginning of the end. EBS or not, the Dark Hats has surrendered') INSIDE LOOK INTO THE DEEP STATE CONFLICT! CLIMATE & LOCKDOWNS! ARE THE BLACK HATS MAKING DEALS? (Tarot by Janine) ~ | Blogger: [🤜PS: According to my Danish friend and his tarot cards, this upcoming Friday 24th 2021, will be the turnaround. With no fear, be a good person and prepper for some times ahead for others and your family if that resonate with you! There's much more to be said about my new soul-family in Jutland! It's unbelievable!🤛] ... OKAY! A-m-a-z-i-n-g news and thanks to Jannie... This is it!... There will be NO “mushroom cloud” event or other major Dark False Flag event predicted by 4 top remote viewers in September!... Will John Durham presents evidence to grand jury, arrests coming soon? Like "clone" Obama?... EVERYTHING is ABOUT to go down, this weekend, says Janine after listen in and understanding what "Phil" says... Remember the online Patriot broadcaster “Phil” (Janine mentions) who was invited to a phone call with Trump and 4 people (who appeared to be military possibly Generals) in which he (Phil and others) could listen but not participate on the DARK WEB. Phil, the guy who did the BRILLIANT unraveling of the PCAP story after the Mike Lindell symposium, and revealed the logical way for POTUS to return to his position, just got a phone call, and Donald Trump was on it is out. Well, "Phil" drops another huge piece of intel, reviews some solid DJT Gematria, and gives a clear "warning" to fellow Patriots... 📍NOTE: Nomatter what you believe in, we have to look at things in a positive LIGHT and not be in FEAR!...As SoTW has predicted, and I could be dead wrong, we've gonna see ATM is out, internet outages, technology interferences, food will run out fast in the stores, have some cash in stock (only in some of the western countries where Cabal / DS / Freemasonry is strongest?) ... |

September 20, 2021

🛐😵‍💫 ~ (Black Swan Events and who to trust these days!) Food Shortages.. Shares in China’s Evergrande plunge.. Dow futures tumble more than 500 points.. China HARP volcano on LaPalma Island off the East Coast.. Tsunami would strike the US East Coast and China the Three Gorges and Danjiangkou Dams were rising while there were earthquakes in Gifu, Japan and India, causing significant destruction... Trump connected to the Rothschilds says Fulford... Let's go back to these leaders right Gandhi, Mother Teresa, uh Martin Luther King - the list goes on and on, says Lorie Ladd (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: WHAAAT!?😱🙍... Yes, If you listen to the latest videocast or reports from "Restored Republic via a GCR by Judy Byington etc." or Benjamin Fulford or Lorie Ladd... Well, excuse me, princess Ladd, don't tell me you are not aware of that Gandhi, Mother Teresa was (controlled opposition) by the Dark cult (Dr. Anthony Fauci son of the late Mother Teresa?, who was a child trafficker for Jeffrey Epstein? At least Mother Teresa's charity has been investigated for child trafficking & dirty secrets of the Catholic Church)... Benjamin Fulford you can put a label on Trump's forehead all you want, but he is the (wild card) that will lead us straight... To all the Operation Disclosure (Dinar guru's) i’m sensing a VERY POSITIVE quickening of “developments” as a result. In other words, I do NOT see Doom and Gloom scenario with LaPalma Island that will start a entire chunk of land the size of Manhattan, NYC tears away from the island and slides into the Atlantic Ocean, a Tsunami would be generated. I see a QFS system to take it's form and Banksters default system gone and temporary down several days or so and some "internet outage". Pleease trust that everything will be okay... When Lorie Ladd says trust our beloved leaders, or the Corona (restrictions - whatever) will be extended for ever - noooo... Put your future and trust in the hands of God's / Source Creator / Divine Light with your own intuition and beautiful thoughts of a better world... OMG! Can't believe that Dr. Michael Salla and now, Lorie Ladd, is one of THEM!? (or head buried in the sand) Think, before you speak, is always my advice and SoTW is no better than anybody else🙏... |

🙉💥🤯~ ('Point of no Return: MASSIVE spiritual download or rise of consciousness this weekend whether you like it or not') TRUTHS COMING OUT WORLDWIDE OF THE TRUE NATURE OF THE GLOBAL SITUATION! USA! UK! AUSTRALIA! (Tarot by Janine) ~ | Blogger: Janine will look at card readings on Funeral director John O'looney blows the whistle on vakkZine death leaving the Earth plane in all ages all over the board.. Janine will also look at the "esotericatlanta (Brice Elizabeth Watson)", who have put up an special voice pod on YT from "Teymara" very spiritual intuitive channelinger and from multiple sources last Friday, literally telling us all that THE UPCOMING WEEKEND and forward, EVERYBODY, who needs to know what's going on, or rise up to - THIS IS IT. This is the LAST kinda weekend (you can't go back after that)... Then we have Nancy Pelosi at G7 and truthtellers yelling she's NOT welcome in England... After that Janine talk about Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One, gives a warning to Australians (and has lot more information - perhaps even being guided to give this announcement by white Hats or off-worlders)... 🧻PS: I have been advised to buy extra long lasting food and toiletpaper for others and myself before this upcoming weekend... |

I AM the Way, the Truth and the Light 

(Repeat 16 days) ~ "Teymara" - Mantra to all the lightwarriors