October 03, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 ('Messiah deception is being prepared by the dark forces but you will be able to distinguish truth from false.') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟EL Morya - Unimaginable Things Are About To Happen🌟] ... |

👼 ~ 💓 ('The remaining Illuminati will not go gently into the demise of their control and until their last gasp, it’s likely they will cause as much commotion as they can.' ) Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, Oct 1, 2021 (EraOfLight) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Old systems crumbling; ending covid; happenings behind the scenes; potential stormy period; US government, complexities; “souls at this station”; Nirvana👈] ... Matthew detailing Nirvana tearful beauty is a must read. Will Earth be like that one day?. I wish.. |


“Now authoritarian oppression includes booster shots and vaccinating little children. Why aren’t benevolent ETs stopping this insanity!” The past many months have indeed been challenging to the stoutest of hearts and minds even with the invaluable assistance of extraterrestrials.

By God’s authorization, powerful civilizations are infusing Earth with light and scientists in ET special forces saved billions of lives by greatly reducing the potency of coronavirus 19 and the ingredients in solutions falsely represented as vaccines. But it is not other civilizations’ prerogative or even within their capability to stop the current situation.

It’s Earth’s peoples who must stop it, and they are! While national leaders who are Illuminati puppets are mandating proof of vaccination for employment, travel and other standard conveniences, leaders in other countries are acceding to public demands and are abolishing all covid measures.

Thousands of medical specialists, hospital personnel and scientists are speaking out about harmful restrictions and vaccines, growing numbers of the populace are throwing away masks and many are standing firm in their refusal to be vaccinated.


Channeled by Suzy Ward
© 2021 matthewbooks

Blogger's note: This is about channeled information on reincarnation, karma, extraterrestrials, spirituality & metaphysics from Matthew Ward through his mother Suzanne. It's so exciting how Matthew's messages resonates with me and many others. Catch the moment of truth and level of explanation easing to expand our understanding in our low density or world of 3D matrix of illusion. Similar to our Galactic channeled Sheldan Nidle messages and deceased Montague Keen (both Sheldan and Montague has stopped given us updates).

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The most succinct answer to “What’s causing these wild energies?” is, along with the light forces uprooting the darkness is the crumbling of systems, policies, procedures and ideologies that no longer serve the civilization. The third density lessons those provide are nearing the end of their purposeful course of offering opportunities to Earth humankind to complete chosen karma and evolve into higher densities, where marvels await.

This is known at soul level, but that knowledge isn’t reaching the consciousness of individuals who are choosing to stick with what is familiar instead of embracing change. If persons dear to you are among them, please honor their slower advancement pace and continue moving steadily forward on your lighted pathway.

“Now authoritarian oppression includes booster shots and vaccinating little children. Why aren’t benevolent ETs stopping this insanity!” The past many months have indeed been challenging to the stoutest of hearts and minds even with the invaluable assistance of extraterrestrials. By God’s authorization, powerful civilizations are infusing Earth with light and scientists in ET special forces saved billions of lives by greatly reducing the potency of coronavirus 19 and the ingredients in solutions falsely represented as vaccines. But it is not other civilizations’ prerogative or even within their capability to stop the current situation.

🌋😵‍💫 ~ (Vauw and not in a good way or wave) AMERICA, WE HAVE A SITUATION. LA PALMA IS SHAKING SO BADLY, IT IS EMANATING "GRAVITY WAVES" (Hal Turner) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Erupting Spanish volcano turns ‘more aggressive’: officials🤛] .. What the heck - that's a first. The day before yesterday, October 1, the entire island began shaking so severely, it generated visible "gravity waves."... To me at SoTW it sounds more and more like (someone) is Playing God using HAARP Weather Control... In other world news, Simon Parkes are warning of a military build up is on going now at the borders of Israel, Iran, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine... Four days ago TheDrive.com twarned us about massive flock of KC-135 tankers left Fairchild AFB in quick succession flying across the country and nobody knows why.. Denmark and EU with The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) is supporting Exercise NightHawk 2021, a joint exercise bringing together Special Forces from several NATO Allies and Partner nations to train in full spectrum special operations in a realistic tactical scenario... In England, Channel 4 and independent TV stations in the U.K. was impacted over the weekend as part test and mobile phones went offline... 245 days and counting: Melbourne surpasses Buenos Aires and sets world record for most time spent in lockdown... As I always say, don't get into fear mode, but expect the unexpected.. We have mocked preppers and survivalists - until the pandemic hit or next, food- supply- gasoline- war or financial crisis... Hold strong Folks! the light will eventually win nomatter how much darkness and the ones in hidden, the evil, tries to install fear - we will prevail... |

"HT Remark: In my 59 years on this planet, I have never before been told that "gravity waves' could be seen."



OCTOBER 3, 2021

NOW HEAR THIS. from an email from Peter Paget (see my interviews with him search first or last name)….

3rd October 2021. Latest confirmed in field data as referred to below in video establishes that my predictions in the recent VT article were exactly accurate. Rather than the hollow accusation that this article was quote, “Fear Porn”, the date I am distributing is solely scientifically sourced from authentic local sources in the La Palma area and any attempt to ‘debunk it’ is merely a sign of dogmatic ignorance and denial. The Worldwide uptick in volcanic activity presents a REAL AND PRESENT DANGER.
Ignore these warnings on your own behalf but do not try to disparage the dedicated work of geologists and crisis management professional who only have the public well being at heart. These dangers at La Palma have been commented on since the 1940s and the last major eruption in 1949 caused the potential landslide fissure failure to move up to 14ft downhill. The long periods between such geologically established catastrophic collapses of volcano cones and ridges of calderas should not indicate that they cannot occur in contemporary times. The longer the dormant period, the greater the risk. Why do you think NASA advised staff to move away from shore lines some time ago and various USA sensitive establishments have moved inland.
The ‘Inner Keep’ knows what is going on and only dedicated ‘sceptics’ or those seeking to maintain the current economic, but failing, economies persist in their futile attempts to blindside the general population like sheep to the slaughter.
I know this data is inconvenient and not well received by those trying to maintain the ‘status quo’, but we live in ‘interesting times’ and burying ones head in the sand does not change the reality of current events. This will not be solved by PR information management, or ‘official statements’. This is current reality as reported in the field, not from politicians.
Remember, ‘Never believe a story until it is officially denied’.

Dr. Peter Paget.
Author, Independent Researcher and not dependant on any University or Government supporting grant or related income as ‘Retired’.
Terrible La Palma New Eruption (Oct 03) New Cracks Generate New Lava Streams and Flow into the Sea

😱🔛✊ ~ (Ååååh nej! Hvad gør vi? Hvad gør vi? Ring til Camilla! Normalerweize - Bagerjomfruerne) Dobbeltboble og Jes­per Rang­vid slår alarm for før­ste gang si­den fi­nanskri­sen: Bob­le i ak­tier og bo­li­ger tru­er med at ska­be ny kri­se (Børsen) ~ | Blogger: [🤜QFS - De nye Hvide Hatte' galaktiske hackproof, selvbevidste, kvantecomputer globale finansielle system! Har intet med de Mørke Hattes version af en kvantecomputer af kunstig IQ der finder selv spillereglerne i kvanteverden og evne til aktieoptimering🤛] ... Uanset om det er et valid scenario og prognose, så brænder denne mandsperson sit lys i begge ender - IKKE et eneste ord omkring den reelle grund til, vi nu ser den næste 2008-krise, der sikker og vist bliver større end Wall Street-krakket 1929. Måske ved han det ikke? Det har jeg sagt mange gange på denne kanal. Selvfølgelig ikke, ellers kan folk som denne CBS-professor, ikke tjene penge på at "dumbing down" danskere med flere konstante frygtbaseret tabloide sensationshistorier, der serverer saftigt sladder og rygter, uden at give konkrete indikationer på, at denne næste "krise", faktisk, er superopsving, mod historiske dimensioner, aldrig set før.. Vi stod pludseligt med lort til halsen i 2020, midt i en opvågningstiden, der kickstartede ét af de største paradigmeskifte i verdenshistorien. En global verdenskrise med ekstreme handlinger og en økonomisk krise, som stammer fra forældede metoder, som er styret af frygt og ikke er til gavn for menneskeheden. Det var også en kemisk industriel krise fordi mennesker, dyr og mad blev og har altid blevet pumpet med kemi, så vi bliver syge og forbliver i sundhedssystemet i al evig tid. Krisen er overstået, vi slikker nu vores sår, 1.000 milliarder skal stadigvæk betales tilbage efter Magnus LØGNICKE trak os ned sammen med Mæætte-Medico-Mink, og nu, kommer endnu en krise, som slår selv 2020 scenariet.. Et endnu største paradigmeskifte i verdenshistorien, fordi, alting kommer til at forandre sig, for altid, men nu, kommer det RIGTIGE chok.. Vi skal ikke længere lege Wall Street Redningsplan, sidde tilbage under et århundrede globaliserede kapitalismes vold, det er slut. Bank imperialisternes dage er ovre og et nyt spirituelt og galaktisk inspiceret finansielt system kan starte som bliver så vildt, at det overgår vores vildeste fanatsi. NESARA/GESARA-den hemmelige GESARA-traktat (forklædt som Paris-aftalen om klimaændringer fra 2015 og skulle indføres i 2001 men istedet 9/11). G/NESARA er en lille del af QFS... PS: Mange af mine gamle chefer fra storbanken i Danmark, kommer til at æde deres ord igen, ikke hvis, når, dette sker... |



PS: (SoTW) Det nye Quantum Financial System (QFS) er en super-avanceret "out-of-this-world" teknologi, som Dark Cabal ikke har. Det har kapacitet til at kortlægge informationskilder i hele multiuniverset (tid/rumkontinuum og ingen tid/rum) og rummer enorme mængder data i en samling af materialer på størrelse med et sandkorn. Borte er dagene med dataservercentre på størrelse med fodboldbaner.

Dens strømkilde er ikke elektricitet. Det er ikke afhængigt af noget elektrisk net og ikke engang krystaller. Den drives af den ubegrænsede energikilde i selve livet (bevidsthed). Selve kilden til ubegrænset energi, der driver det menneskelige individ, driver også Quantum Financial System.

Det kan kun fungere i lyset og afviser mørke og onde hensigter. Den læser ind i alle organiske livsformer og forstår vækstmønstre. Som den er programmeret, er det ikke muligt for Dark Cabal at stjæle penge eller rigdom fra en anden person eller en anden nation længere. Systemet genkender ikke nogen kongelig linje, kun linjen "Kilde til bevidsthed", der er til stede i os alle.

Det kender intentionen ved at læse menneskelige hjernebølger. Den kender en persons intention, fordi hensigten er låst i individets DNA (levende DNA) sekvensering. Ikke én person, men alle. I tilfælde af nationer er det RNA for aktivets oprindelige kilde. Det beregner sande handelsværdier baseret på REAL produktion, ikke hvad Dark Cabal vil have verden til at se. Ægte produktion af varer og deres respektive værdier vil begynde at udfolde sig. Penge er bare en masse numre i en konsekvent kørende algoritme bundet til RNA eller oprindelsen af ​​dets aktivbase, der placerer alle indtægter i den spand, der er knyttet til dens oprindelse (RNA) og dens folk (levende DNA) på det oprindelige sted.

QFS funktioner og egenskaber (se video for en komplet liste)

  • Ingen fiat -valuta er lovlig i QFS. Bankerne har ikke længere kontrol. Bankerne er nu forældede!
  • QFS sætter en stopper for korruption, ågerrenter og manipulation inden for banksystemet og Central Banksystemet.
  • QFS er fuldstændig uafhængig af eksisterende centraliserede banksystemer; gør alle andre overførselssystemer forældede.
  • QFS er ikke kryptovaluta. Efter REVAL (revurdering) vil alle suveræne valutaer være aktivsikrede.
  • QFS -aktivering afslutter "Central Banking System", der foreviger det, nogle omtaler som "Gældsslaveri."
  • QFS lever med kontrollerbar kunstig intelligens, der skaber økonomisk sikkerhed og gennemsigtighed.
  • Et lands suveræne valuta vil have samme værdi som et andet lands suveræne valuta.
  • Hver QFS -konto i hele verden ejes udelukkende af kontohaveren, ikke ejet af banker eller regeringer.
  • QFS erstatter SWIFT med nye transparente CIPS (Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System). (PS: ikke så sikker på denne del - SoTW
  • QFS kører på en ny fotonisk computer - baseret på 24 GPS -kredsløbssatellitter (beskyttet af den nye amerikanske rumstyrke USSP). Alle midler er GPS -sporbare for evigt.