Sep 3, 2020

🙏 ~ 💝 Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟A MUST HEAR Speech by David Icke, London Unite For Freedom Rally, Aug 29, 20 ~ Humans Are Free🌟] ... |

🥳🤣🤪 ~ Tæt på sandheden med Jonatan Spang: Politistationen ~ | Blogger: [👉ALLE DANMARKS ØJNE hviler på os MÆND, som er nogle svin, mens kvinderne rider på #MeToo-bølgen?👈] ... Vi er sgu nødt til at grine af det hele i denne sindsyge Coronatid, selvom vi åbenbart ikke må, grundet vi går med MUNDBIND og ikke kan KOMMUNIKERE og Berøring, Kram, Kys og Håndtryk, er blevet kriminelt, ligesom SEX... Nu hvor "The Establishment" har dræbt Radio24syv, Kirsten Birgit og Tæt På Sandheden, med Jonatan Spang, Youtube Google Gestapo fjerner dansk musik og GHOST-SANDHEDEN... De eneste som er tilbage er den "politisk korrekte" DR-overbetalte Huxi Bach, som aldrig, kommer i nærheden af sandheden, Radio LOUD's satireredaktør, der deler nøgenbilleder af navngivne danske kvinder og Ørkenens Sønner's latterkrampe, der først må optræde i næste århundrede... Selv, Sofie Linde, der påstår at være lavtlønnet, med 10.000 kr. i startløn på DR, og påstanden om kønsmæssig skævvridning og blowjobs indenfor mediebranchen, tjener nu tre gange så meget som sin mand, på X-factor og scorede 31.250 kroner for 2 timers optræden på ungdomsskole – som blev sendt videre til manden ( + ... Og, inde på Borgen, er de nemlig MEGET seriøse og ALVIDENDE KLOGE, mens Gentoftes populære forlystelse-Bakken, opsætter 5G, 4G++ sendere, som gør folk, syge, snotnæser hos (ufarlige) børn, hjemsendes og Corona-bombe fra Mølbak, hvor han har destrueret Marie-Louises første coronatest. Marie-Louise Kleszewski kan være den første dansker, der er smittet to gange med coronavirus.... MEN VENT!... Vi er alle reddet: Dansk og internationalt studie fastslår, at binyrebarkhormon kan redde alvorligt syge covid-19-patienter (vidundermiddel med giftige bivirkninger)... VELKOMMEN til Dannevang - en verden af MYSTIK, SORT MAGI & FRIMURERI... |

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Jessica Turner

🦹‍♂️🔀🦸~ (Evil vs Good) Dr. Anthony Fauci Predicts ‘Safe And Effective Vaccine’ By End Of 2020 (TODAY) ~ | Blogger: At the same time, Robert F. Kennedy, jr. wants an investigation on potential life-threatening anaphylaxis if injected with moderna’s covid vaccine... |

🤘😈👁️ ~ The 2020 VMAs: A Dystopian Abomination (vigilantcitizen) ~ | Blogger: The American "actor", Ron Jeremy, is accused of a further 13 sexual assaults on women aged 15 to 54 years and facing 250 years in prison... Ghislaine Maxwell’s bid to keep testimony from Epstein accuser’s suit secret suffers setback... Latest Harvey Weinstein proposed settlement slammed as “sellout” by victims’ lawyers; jailed producer lacks “financial liberty,” attorney says... Former top danish politician's son convicted of pedophilia... |

A look at the many ways the 2020 VMAs was a sad and cringe-inducing ordeal that seems to have come straight out of a dystopian movie

Source (vigilantcitizen)

Nearly every year, I publish an article about the VMAs because they always perfectly sum up the various toxic agendas that are being pushed by the occult elite. However, this year, I completely forgot about the VMAs. And, apparently, a lot of people did too because this year’s ratings hit an all-time low. Indeed, ratings dropped 5% compared to 2019, which was also an all-time low. In fact, the VMAs have been hitting all-time lows every year for the past three years.

The 2020 VMAs only reached 6.4 million viewers (compared to 11.4 million ten years ago) despite the fact that, for the first time ever, it was simulcasted on MTV, VH1, BET, BET Her, CMT, Comedy Central, Nick At Night, TV Land, MTV2, Logo, Pop, and Paramount Network. They really wanted people to watch this show. On the other hand, MTV has been doing everything in its power to make the VMAs as abrasive and annoying as possible in the past years. They stripped everything that was somewhat fun, cool, and interesting from the show to gradually introduce heavy-handed and thoroughly divisive propaganda that comes directly from the occult elite.

This year, COVID hysteria added yet another layer of oppressive madness to the mix. The result: The 2020 VMAs appear to come straight out of a dystopian movie. Imagine a scene where brainwashed masses watch state-sponsored propaganda disguised as “entertainment”. That’s what happened with the VMAs.

Due to COVID restrictions, the show consisted of pre-recorded segments filmed in front of green screens, which made the entire thing look like a bad children’s TV show. To make things worse, the fake audience noises added a surreal and unsettling vibe to the show. 

🧿🔐🤥 ~ Klanmother Nurse Karen Lucyk MacDonald: The Day the Plandemic Died - CDC states: "9210 COVID-only USA deaths, are 6% of 153,504 deaths falsely attributed to COVID, and only 15% of 61,000 annual flu deaths" ( ~ | Blogger: [👉Canada's health chief: STOP kissing, wear a MASK while having SEX to prevent coronavirus, Tam says. Danish govt: plans rape law requiring sexual consent - having sex is now a CRIME👈] ... {Primum non nocere] ... To compare; ONLY SEVEN (7) people died DIRECTLY from COVID in Denmark - out of 626 DEATH and 17.195 INFECTED and 1.748.934 TESTED!.. AND many of the 626 people was between 65-90 years old, most over 80 years old and had other "autoimmune diseases"... W.H.O. estimates that every year up to 650,000 people die from respiratory diseases related to seasonal flu and 2.103 people DIED alone of the flu in Denmark in 2019... |

⚔️⚖️🛡️ ~ (Say No 2 The Mob) Here's What All Those Black Helicopters Were Doing Zipping Around Los Angeles Last Night (WarZone) ~ | Blogger: [👉Talk about Black Helios, Secret Ops, Trump, QAnon, The DNC BLM mob and arrests and more👈] ... |

⚔️🕊️🛡️ ~ Simon Parkes: An Extremely Big Thank You To Everyone... ~ | Blogger: [👉(SoTW) CC members has received a mail a few days ago, not for the public👈]... And we know for a fact, that civic freedoms are under severe attack around the world before and especially AFTER, the Planned[Demic] Designer[Virus] Corona Corporation Agenda... SP and CC has apparently unexpectedly come under attack by people, who has even been attacked themselves by BBC (anti-5G USB stick - BBC article 28. May 2020 - SoTW own research)... Strange world... As I have stated many times before on, and Simon confirms this, black helicopters patrolled the area at Awake & Aware conference/venue in London in 2018. All of us saw the helios with our own eyes circling the house all day long and Simon Parkes and Kerry Cassidy was warned beforehand on psychic attacks or EMF weapons happened. Simon lost his voice and were literally running home to momma, understandable, after sessions ends... Btw, SP has firmly repeated in video podcasts and mails, that CC is a spiritual organisation and all its members know what it is about. And we should not allow these trolls and shills to interfere with our spiritual journey... You can support Connecting Consciousness with Simon and Becky Parkes, Coordinators and the Spiritual Organisation by donating a few bucks through their official channels... Since SoTW (has) been a very active Cobra supporter, we know for a fact, that Cobra, from the Resistance Movement (RM), has been attacked all the time and claims that Isis Astara (cobra's spouse) died after been attacked with Directed Energy Weapons... Same goes for Ole Dammegard, David Wilcock, Corey and the UFO communities, Dr. Kathryn E. May and her team (Who Needs Light?), Stew Webb hit by DEW, Tom Heneghan Poisoned. Alex Collier, Veronica Keen (Montague’s Messages)... And the list just goes on and (on)... 🕯️😥💔PS: IT'S A FACT, that and fiancée has said, that Exopolitics / UFO investigator Craig R. Lang, Minnesota MUFON director, was targeted & murdered at the February 2018 International UFO Congress using exotic weapons to stop his disclosure investigations and other 2 people, unexpectedly died, at the same UFO congress, SoTW attended... |

Simon Parkes Official 

An extremely very big thank you to everyone who is supportive during this difficult time.

Thank you for your donations for the Lawyer costs and thank you for your love and kind thoughts.

We know who is behind these nasty attacks and the connections behind black magic and the front men who are attacking CC.

You know what CC is and what it’s about so you see these black magic interruptions for what they are.

⚔️🗳️🛡️ ~ CBS affiliate reports, election day asteroid to come within “300 miles”, claims “6 miles across” (intellihub) ~ | Blogger: [👉"And another thing--it's about six miles across." ~ Shepard Ambellas, an activist, journalist, filmmaker, film producer, radio talk show host, musician and founder and editor-in-chief of intellihub👈] ... |

Source (intellihub)

Kevin Gill/Flickr

CBS Local News anchor Katie Johnston purported on a 22 July broadcast that a six-mile wide near-Earth asteroid named 2018 Vp1 may pass within 300 miles of the planet’s surface one day before the election.

Johnston said that the asteroid is rated a 7 out of 10 on a scale that determines the probability of impact.

“On a scale of zero being duck and cover to nine being incredibly uncertain they rate this asteroid a seven,” she explained. “And another thing–it’s about six miles across.”

It’s unknown why the local anchor reported the object as being six miles across when NASA has it listed as being approximately 6.5 feet in diameter.
Asteroid 2018VP1 is very small, approx. 6.5 feet, and poses no threat to Earth! It currently has a 0.41% chance of entering our planet’s atmosphere, but if it did, it would disintegrate due to its extremely small size.— NASA Asteroid Watch (@AsteroidWatch) August 23, 2020

⏱️🚦🍿 ~ 💗 (Countdown) Thrive II "This Is What It Takes" Documentary Coming in September 2020 💕 ~ |

📉💥💣 ~ INFLATION – DOW 50,000 – GOLD $50,000 (Goldswitzerland by Egon von Greyerz) ~ | Blogger: [👉Buying A House With 500 Silver Coins? $50 Silver This Year? Could Gold Hit $3,000?👈] ... Silver is now trading like a currency; look for higher prices (Kootenay Silver CEO) ... It’s been a volatile 2 days in the silver market this week. Where the price spiked up to over $29, before getting clobbered back lower (Arcadia Economics) ... Paul Craig Roberts - Fed Will Have Problem When Gold Hit’s $3,000 (Greg Hunter) ... |

The buzz word of Central Bank Chiefs at Jackson Hole was INFLATION: “The Fed to tolerate higher inflation” says Powell, “ECB to inject more monetary stimulus to ensure inflation” says ECB Chief Economist, “Bank of England has ample fire power to support UK economy…… and not tighten monetary policy until inflation returns“ says Governor of BoE.

❌💱♾️ ~ 💗 (Charles Ward) The Quantum Financial System (QFS) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉TRUST THE QFS PLAN👈] ... Sure, suuuure... Trust the Qplan and thanks to Mr. Ward... RV / GCR / NESARA / GESARA all sounds good yeah?... HOWEVER - I just wonder.... Does SoTW trust this?... The New Quantum Financial System with CIPS, which by the way is backed by the People's Bank of China (PBOC), runned with Blockchain tech and A.I. VPN, QCloud, QPhone etc. From a FIAT crypto currency into a Gold Backed Basel II, IV, V compliant "coin" - it sounds so CENTRAL BANKING LANGUAGE to me... Hmm... What's the difference between the Trump administrable QFS and The New Hack-Proof, Super-Conscious, Quantum Financial System?... Is Trump and Q implementing a QFS system that equal "The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness"?... Or is there 2 Global Quantum Financial Systems (QFS)... One made by the Goldman Sachs Banksters, like Trump is introducing and the one QFS system, that is created by our Galactic friends in the sky?.. Or is it the very same thing?... Check out to understand what i'm talking about... |


The New Hack-Proof, Super-Conscious, Quantum Computer Global Financial System

The New Quantum Financial System (QFS) is a super-advanced “out-of-this-world” technology that the Dark Cabal does not have. It has the capacity to map information sources throughout the multi-universe (time/space continuum and no time/space), and holds massive amounts of data in a compilation of materials the size of a grain of sand. Gone are the days of data server centers the size of football fields.

It’s power source is not electricity. It is not dependent on any electrical grid, and not even crystals. It is powered by the limitless energy source of life itself (consciousness). The very source of limitless energy that powers the human individual also powers the Quantum Financial System.

It can only operate in the light, and rejects darkness and evil intent. It reads into all organic lifeforms, and understands growth patterns. The way it’s programmed, it is not possible for the Dark Cabal to steal money or wealth from another person or another nation any longer. The system does not recognize any royal line, only the line of “Source of Consciousness” which is present in all of us.

It knows intention by reading human brainwaves. It knows a person’s intention because intention is locked in the DNA (living DNA) sequencing of the individual. Not one individual, but all. In the case of nations, it is RNA of the original source of the asset. It calculates true trade values based on REAL production, not what the Dark Cabal wants the world to see. True production of commodities and their respective values will begin to unfold. Money is just a bunch of numbers in a consistently running algorithm tied to the RNA or origin of its asset base placing all proceeds into that bucket tied to its origin (RNA) and its people (living DNA) of that original location.

This is what the Quantum Financial System is programmed to do, and cannot be stopped or changed until the task is complete. This is why the Dark Cabal’s Central Banks cannot register any assets of the USA/Russia/Africa to a server in, for example, Shanghai. RNA is not a match. The Quantum Financial System was launched on Friday, June 22, 2018, after business hours, according to Kim Possible - who claims to have programmed the Quantum Financial Computer System. Source: Kim Possible Update June 24, 2018.

...(..).. ~ read more on blissfulvisions ...

🔓🕳️🧱 ~ Nu åbnes tophemmelig bunker for offentligheden - se billederne her (TV 2 FNYS NEWS ARKIV) ~ | Blogger: I USA, Rusland og Kina findes verdens største underjordiske bunkere, nogle rummer 12 etager, fuld funktionsdygtige, med alt hvad hjertet begærer. A la Kinas hemmelige spøgelsesbyer. Det forlyder, at de mere ekstreme militær bunkers i USA, hvor avanceret biovåben og nasty ting, er lukket og ryddet af bla. Trump/Pentagon's eliteenheder (tvivler dog på det)... Danmark, har næsten 1.500 - Whaaat!... Ja, underjordiske bunkers af enhver form og størrelse. Men da landet er pandekageflad, uden bjerge, og signifikante store naturlige grotter og drypstenshuler, har det ingen betydning... Vi har dog militære anlæg som stadig er lukket for offentligheden. Såsom, Finderup-bunkeren. Verdensalt, HAR allerede kortlagt danske bunkere og der er faktisk en del. Har været heldig at bevogte Forsvarskommandoen (FKO). Som MP'er ved Flyvestation Værløse (NATO Redeployment Base (mobiliseringsflyveplads), har jeg personligt beskyttet og besøgt NATO's forsvarskomando (underjordiske Vedbækbunkeren) som nu er flyttet til CAOC Finderup. En del VIP's lettede og landede på Flyvestationen, set en del tophemmelige ledere som susede igennem her, da det var hot (haft et par Lockdowns uden at bruge mine våben, heldigvis)... Dengang havde man NYE 9 mm Neuhausen i Flyvevåbnets militærpolitiet, vi gik også rundt med GAMLE maskingevær som det danske politi først fik MEGET senere, da de kun havde ærtepistoler (Walther 7,65)... [LÆS VIDERE]... |

Indgangen til Regan Vest. Foto: Lars Horn / REGAN Vest/Demokratiets sidste bastion/Gads forlag

Blogger fortsat...

 Lidt om finderup bunkeren: Finderup-bunkeren – Bunker 7 – er ét af Danmarks bedst sikrede anlæg. Bunkeren blev bygget i et militært øvelsesterræn vest for Viborg i perioden 1977-85 og skulle rumme NATO’s hovedkvarter i Danmark i tilfælde af krig. Bunker 7 er i tre etager med i alt 5.500 etagekvadratmeter med faciliteter til mandskabet, operationsrum, kontorer og avancerede tekniske faciliteter. Bunkeren har siden 1994 rummet kommandocentralen for NATO’s luftrums- overvågning i regionen, Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC). Forsvaret forlader bunkeren i 2013. Efter etableringen af NATO’s kommando for Østersøområdet BALTAP i 1962, var man på udkig efter et egnet krigshoved- kvarter til kommandoen, som i fredstid sad på Flyvestation Karup.

I 1969 begyndte man projekteringen af en ny superbunker med ny viden om virkningerne af atomvåben. Bunkeren er bygget med 35.000 kubikmeter jernbeton 40 meter under jorden og står på støddæmpere for at kunne modstå rystelserne og varmen fra et atomvåben. Bunkeren stod først endeligt færdig i 1985. Den 5.500 kvadratmeter store bunker kostede i 1980-priser 600 millioner kr. at bygge. Det svarer til 1,6 milliarder kroner i dag, eller en pris pr. kvadratmeter på over 300.000 kr. Dermed er bunkeren formodentlig det dyreste byggeri i Danmark nogensinde... |

🏎️💨⏩ ~ First Hypercar Entirely Made in Greece Ready and Awaiting Launch (The Greek Reporter) ~ | Blogger: [👉“At some point, cars will be hybrid with direct-injection internal combustion engines, near-zero emissions and zero carbons, matched with electromobility,” Panopoulos concludes👈] ... {That'll be the day - the RELEASE of 100% Hydrogen cars - Japan's water-powered revolution trial & failure! Toyota Motor Kyushu with Kohei Minato's all-magnet motor & water powered cars, STOPPED by "Cabal / Banksters / Oligarchs" with a 2011 nuclear bomb or missiles intentionally placed under water, or by some "energy weapon", in order to create earthquake and Tsunami} ... WHEN can we TRUST Denmark and the world?... Our governments and the greedy selfish non-green lobbying 'oligopoly' industry, to reduce its emissions by 70 percent (compared to 1990) by 2030 and be CO2-neutral by 2050 (so Denmark claims)... COULD a sitting PM or President do it?... Just saying.. Could Mr. Trump pull the strings to release the MedBeds, Free Energy, Replicators, out of 5000 US & EU patents of suppressed technologies (including Free Energy Devices, Antigravity, Sonic Healing Machines), that's another matter, entirely. Free energy suppression (or new energy suppression) is a conspiracy theory that technologically viable, pollution-free, no-cost energy sources are being suppressed by government, corporations, or advocacy groups. Devices allegedly suppressed include perpetual motion machines, cold fusion generators, torus-based generators, reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology and other generally unproven, low-cost energy sources... |