Jul 14, 2017

Humans Are Free | July 4, 2017 | The Polio Conspiracy: Doctor Praised for Curing Polio, Actually Created New Strains & Helped Spread the Disease |

Between World War II and the Vietnam War, doctors in the United States believed it was a good thing to medically experiment on disabled people, people in mental hospitals and prisoners of the State.

They would often say it was being done for the “greater good.” Plus, these people had no recourse and couldn’t defend themselves legally nor sign consent.

These experiments included spraying pandemic flu virus up the noses of Maryland state prisoners. These experiments also included purposely giving mental patients in Connecticut hepatitis.

If that’s not enough, in a New York hospital, doctors intentionally injected cancer cells into chronically ill people. (1)

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New Scientist | July 14, 2017 | Artificial Intelligence ushers in the era of superhuman doctors | .. Non-human intelligence will soon be a standard part of your medical care – if it isn’t already. Can you trust it? .. | Blogger: Hjææææælp Robotterne kommer. Men vent, de er her allerede.. Er ikke selv i tvivl! HPV-vaccinen er den mest modbydelige og teknologiske mest advanceret, jeg nogensinde har studeret og det er IKKE noget jeg finder på! Både Gardasil® og Cervarix® fremstilles ved hjælp af rekombinant DNA-teknologi og Nanoteknologisk overlegenhed. Robotterne er ikke længere kun del af en science fiction-film. I Aarhus kommune kan du nu både blive modtaget, klædt på og undersøgt af dem. Mød Norma Pepper.. Gibosort-robotten fra Gibotech skal håndtere blodprøver på Nordsjællands Hospital.. Stor efterspørgsel i kommunerne - Universal Robotrainer i genoptræningen kan lette livet for kommunerne.. Numserobot skal hjælpe med at diagnosticere kræft.. Robotter kan bruges i medicinske faciliteter til at udføre verdslige opgaver som leverer patientprøver og registreringer til forskellige områder af hospitalet. De kan også være yderst specialiserede og hjælpe med at diagnosticere og behandle patienter.. Kunstig intelligens, som er bedre end læger til at diagnosticere øjensygdomme og kræft. Smådroner, der leverer burritos på universitetscampus. Selvkørende lastbiltog. 3D-printere, der erstatter sko-syersker. Selvstyrende produktionsapparat hos industrigiganterne. Pizza- og burgerproducerende robotter. Sushirestauranter uden tjenere. Blitzhurtige handelsbotter på Wall Street. Kunstig intelligens på advokatkontoret til præcedens-tjek og så videre og så videre.. Tænker tit på, at Sundhedsstyrelsen og lægerne skriger og råber om der mangler læger, især i yderkommunerne. Rigtige læger undersøger tingene, stiller en diagnose og kommer med forslag til hvordan man kan løse problemerne baseret på facts, ikke på spind. Kan en robot ikke gøre det samme? Hvad er så problemet... |

By Kayt Sukel

THE doctor’s eyes flit from your face to her notes. “How long would you say that’s been going on?” You think back: a few weeks, maybe longer? She marks it down. “Is it worse at certain times of day?” Tough to say – it comes and goes. She asks more questions before prodding you, listening to your heart, shining a light in your eyes. Minutes later, you have a diagnosis and a prescription. Only later do you remember that fall you had last month – should you have mentioned it? Oops.

One in 10 medical diagnoses is wrong, according to the US Institute of Medicine. In primary care, one in 20 patients will get a wrong diagnosis. Such errors contribute to as many as 80,000 unnecessary deaths each year in the US alone.

These are worrying figures, driven by the complex nature of diagnosis, which can encompass incomplete information from patients, missed hand-offs between care providers, biases that cloud doctors’ judgement, overworked staff, overbooked systems, and more. The process is riddled with opportunities for human error. This is why many want to use the constant and unflappable power of artificial intelligence to achieve more accurate diagnosis, prompt care and greater efficiency.

Learn more at New Scientist Live in London: Come see DeepMind’s Demis Hassabis speak on the future of AI

AI-driven diagnostic apps are already available. And it’s not just Silicon Valley types swapping clinic visits for diagnosis via smartphone. The UK National Health Service (NHS) is trialling an AI-assisted app to see if it performs better than the existing telephone triage line. In the US and.....[READ MORE]

Lee Harris | July Energy Update | ~ The Arrival of Higher Frequencies and Light-speed Density Detoxes ~ |

Lee Harris har månedlige prognoser via 15 minutters intensive videoer og han arbejder med energier som er rigtigt givende og meget reelle bud på hvordan vi bliver påvirket af de energifelter og energistrømme som eksistere overalt i naturen og omkring os. Lee Harris beskriver de nærværende situationer som alle mennesker og børn skal forholde sig til og hvordan vi genopretter balancen på ny.

Personligt syntes det er en opløftende oplevelse og faktisk meget rammende. Vil også sige, Lee Harris er på et bevidsthedsniveau jeg også deler, mange ting han fortæller os, er stort set mange af de emner, jeg beskriver på min blog........

Before It's News | May 2, 2015 | Chemtrails Target Rh Negative Indigos Bloodlines | Blogger: Hmm. Another way of looking at chemtrailing.. ".. The reasons for chemtrailing are many and varied. We have all heard the argument that they are to modify the weather and to adjust levels of sunlight absorption into the ground. Other people have said it is to do with protecting the upper atmosphere from UV Rays and Ozone depletion. The real reasons that NASA, the DIA, the DoD, the USAF, the NSA and the CIA won't ever, ever give you will be listed here. Within the chemtrails are known to be bioenzymal DNA Activants. These are biomolecular chemical compounds that react with specifically designated types of DNA .." |

(Before It's News)

Vatic Note: When I first ran across this, I was sceptical and had to dig some more to try and prove this was the reason, rather than just guessing. So I looked at what we DO KNOW from previous evidence and went from there. So what do we already know from previous blogs and evidence???

1. We know that the US Gov and probably all European based governments that have been infiltrated or taken over, are tracking RH negs. Some have even posted in the comments section of various blogs, that they have had visits from the FBI which you know is now under the Dept of “STORM TROOPERS” Homeland Security.

2. We also know the satanic evil ones always have to tell us what they are doing to us before they do it to exempt themselves from responsibility for their actions. Its written in the Babylonian Talmud. The gulf blowout is a prime example. It was in the movie “The Knowing” that was released 9 months before the blow out ever occurred.

That movie also shows they intend to nuke us into oblivion with false flags pretending we have enemies that are traditional, when it fact the only enemy attacking us are the khazar Zionists under cover in various western governments. They have also flooded the movie industry with Zombie movies, giving us an indication of something else they have planned.

3. #2 above reminds us of this fact. We also know, since they told us, that they plan on depopulating us, using the Georgia Guidestones to embed their compliance with the notification laws in stone.

4. We also know that RH neg is found no where in nature, and that there is a difference between the Satanic copper based hybrids and the Christian pure RH negs which are iron based, and their view of their world, which is diamentrically opposed. The copper based have proven to have NO MORAL BASE/CORE whatsoever as royalty of Europe and leaders of Israel have proven. The pure RH negs are blonde haired and blue eyed. The hybrid copper based are red or dark hair and blue/green eyed.

The independent | July 13, 2017 | Mafia 'attaching flaming rags to cats' to start Sicily forest fires | .. 'Not possible for the whole of Sicily to go up in flames at the same time by chance', authorities say .. | Blogger: Why is this important? Going north from LA towards Mt Shasta in 2015, back in my mind got some newsflashes that wildfire jumps highway in California and vehicles catch fire. Remember that? My companion and I went by fields (interstate highways) that still smelled burned, watching black clouds and white clouds of smok.. I don't believe in coincidences.. Droughts in California = HAARP?. California wildfires were a series of wildfires that burned across the state of California during 2015, in which 8,745 fires burned a total area of 893,362 acres = TheDeepState agenda?.. I don't know, but my nose tells me it stink to high heaven... |

Wildfires burn in Sicily NAS Sigonella
Cats in Sicily could have had petrol-soaked rags attached to them by people linked to the Mafia before being set alight and released into forests to start huge fires, according to the island’s national park officials.

Dozens of forest fires which broke out within hours of each other in Sicily on Thursday are believed to have been begun by mobsters or their collaborators.

Firefighters had to tackle at least 30 blazes in national parks and woodland. Schools and homes have been evacuated and water and power supplies cut. Several children have been treated for smoke inhalation.

The fires all broke out at around the same time on Thursday, which has led the island's national park officials to suggest a co-ordinated plan was behind the blazes.

The effects have been exacerbated by temperatures of up to 40C while the ‘sirocco’, a strong wind which comes from Africa and affects parts of Europe in the summer, has fanned the flames..... [READ MORE]

RT - Russia Today | July 13, 2017 | 5 ‘aliens’ discovered near Nazca lines in Peru - Ufologist (VIDEO, POLL) | Blogger: Wow! When alien discovery finally hits the mainstream media (MSM). Well, at least RT, the Russian international television network funded by the Russian government, seem to be much more open minded and provide us with more truthfull news, rather than the biggest peddler of Fake News outlets like CNN with their strings to CIA, Operation Mockingbird programming. The hole western MSM media is infiltrated and yes, Denmark's newspapers & news media as well. Honestly, i'm not sure if Steven M. Greer could be trusted, not a deep state informer, he did however revealed the findings of little alien baby in 2013... |

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During a press conference entitled "The mummies of Nazca" in Lima, Peru, UFO enthusiasts and journalists discussed the alleged discovery of alien remains near the Nazca lines of Peru.

Well-known Mexican Ufologist and journalist Jaime Maussan claimed on Tuesday that a total of five bodies have been discovered in the past two months, asserting that the remains possess qualities "closer to reptiles than humans."

He explained that the bodies are over 1,700 years old, which happens to coincide with the timeframe in which the Nazca lines (geoglyphs or artworks formed by lines drawn in the earth) are believed to have been created.....[READ MORE]


LUFOS - Latest UFO Sightings | July 13, 2017 | AMAZING! Military jet chasing a UFO over California!... |

This is a UFO footage from 21st May 2017 and it was filmed over Landers in California.
Witness report: Incredible video footage of a military jet chasing a UFO (yeah, that’s right, chasing one) right over our heads while out at the infamous Giant Rock in Landers while at this year’s Contact in the Desert (CITD) conference in Joshua Tree Calif. I, Melinda Leslie, was leading my Sunday night, May 21st, Sky Watch with Night Vision Goggle Intensive out at Giant Rock on the 3rd night of viewing events for CITD. Luckily one of my participants, Graham Slater, caught this and many of our other sightings (from all 3 nights no less), with his black and white night vision video camera. His additional footage of some of the other incrdible sightings will be posted at a future date once they are compiled. Here’s a description of the jet chase sighting: At just before 10:00 p.m. (did not note exact time) some of my participants and I saw a large amber colored light low to the horizon just behind Giant Rock from where my whole group of about 50 plus people were gathered and using 15 pair of night vision goggles. A contigenecy of about 20 of us ran to get a better view of it. To the naked eye it appeared to be a large orangish (amber) light, that quoting some of the 20 people; “flew like a bumble bee”. One guest, [name removed/CMS/jpg], came running with a pair of the goggles in hand and got a good look at it. She said that through the goggles it looked like “a large diamond shaped UFO.” She drew a picture of it attached here. This object then flew behind a small hill right behind the entire Sky Watch larger group. As those of us who ran off walked back to join the others, 3 military jets flew over in the direction of the object now gone from sight behind the hill. Some of us commented that “if” “they” were following it, meaning the jets, they were a few minutes too late. Just then we heard the sound of a low flying jet from behind the hill, and suddenly clearing the top of the hill and right over our heads, came a very fast military jet chasing a faster large red glowing light. The military jet had both red and white blinking strobe lights and glowing afterburners and was VERY loud as it flew directly above our heads. The large red light had NO blinking lights and NO sound at all! It became clear to all 50 plus witnesses, this was NO jet!!! Those folks present who looked with the aid of the goggles said they were seeing either 2 lights, or one object with 2 light sources on it. After extensive review of the footage, I am nearly certain it shows 2 UFOs (fast moving lights), flying in perfect locked tandem with one another. It appears you can see stars between them in the background suggesting that these are 2 seperate objects. As is usually the case, this footage while incredible, does not do the sighting justice. The video is in black and white night vision, not full-color naked-eye vision, and does not have any sound, so you are unable to hear the palatable excitement of 50 plus witnesses screaming and cheering.
Author (source: MUFON)

Message from Jesus | July 13, 2017 | Channeling through John Smallman | ~ What you see and identify as “yourself” is but a tiny fragment of the vastness that you truly are ~ |

Sananda udsender ugentlige budskaber for tiden, for os som har fulgt Jesus Sananda i længere tid, har det altid været en fryd og opløftende oplevelse for vores forståelse, hvad der sker omkring os. Den Opstegne Mester Sananda / Jesus / Kristus / Jeshua tjener som en lærer af hele verden, og var en af de største Spirituelle healere, der gik på vores elskede planet Jorden/Nova/Gaia. Det er vigtigt at forstå, alle vores opstegne mestre og de galaktiske venner, så at sige, ikke har tilladelse til at bruge Deres beføjelser for at ændre forløbet af civilisationer, kun i yderst sjældne tilfælde. Universets lov. 

Kanaliseret af John Smallman
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Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday July 13th.

Life is for living, and to do that you need to use your human competences and abilities, which are different for each of you, and that is part of your human life and learning experience. With some people you feel very much in harmony – "on the same page” – while with others there often appears to be no point where you can meet and exchange meaningful ideas. And even with those with whom you feel most in harmony there will be disagreements and confusions. However, these are not conflict situations unless you choose to make conflicts out of them.

You tend to do that when you are in fear, fear about shortcomings or inadequacies you perceive in yourself and for which you judge yourself negatively, sometimes quite harshly. As I have often told you, being human can be very unsettling and disturbing. You chose to experience separation from Source, and by doing so you imposed severe limitations on yourself which can be extremely frustrating as communicative interactions between you and others break down due to misunderstanding or misinterpretation. Deep within yourself you know that this is not how things should be, you have an inner but hidden memory of knowing everything you ever wish to know, and being without it or separated from it is intensely irritating and frightening because consequently you often see yourself as incompetent and fear others will also see this, and judge and reject you because of it.

You do need to remind yourself that you are, and always have been and will be, an infinitely beloved child of God, perfect in every way because what God creates can only be perfect. What you see and identify as “yourself” is but a tiny fragment of the vastness that you truly are. Your human body is but a tiny receptacle into which you have poured a very small part or aspect of yourself to enable you to experience separation, aloneness, abandonment. In doing so you chose to severely limit your knowledge of who you are in Reality. But you were created perfect, in joy, and although that knowing is hidden from you in human form, you all do have a very deep longing to return to Oneness with Source, your eternal and natural state.

That split off part of yourself developed your ego to help you survive in the physical realms, and you gave it free reign to use your body and all its competences and abilities – physical, mental, and emotional – which it has done. It seems that you have given your power away to it, especially when your emotions run wild in fear, panic, or anger. However, this definitely is not the case. You can override it any time you choose to do so by standing back from the situation, pausing, and observing it. The emotion will not dissipate immediately, but you will realize that you do not have to act on it, that you have a choice. Frequently you choose to act on it – often irrationally – in the moment because it appears to satisfy an intense need. That need is the need to be seen, recognized, honored, accepted, and LOVED!

Message from Company of Heaven | July 13, 2017 | Channeling through Patricia Cota-Robles | ~ A Call To Action ~ | Blogger: Patricia is an internationally known teacher and has taught workshops a lot of places around the world. She participated in the Soviet-American Citizens’ Summit in Moscow and represented the United States in the category of Holistic Models in Health, Psychology and Healing etc. Patricia is cofounder and president of the nonprofit, educational organization New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, which sponsors the Annual World Congress On Illumination. She frequently submits videos and channeling spiritual messages... |

Your I AM Presence has magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness because of who you are and why you are on Earth during this auspicious time. The information that is being shared with you today from the Company of Heaven is something you are very aware of on a higher level of consciousness, but that you may not have been able to remember in this dense physical plane. The Divine Intent of this sharing is to remind you that the time for you to fulfill your purpose and reason for being on Earth is NOW.

What is occurring in the Government of the United States of America and the Governments throughout the World during this Cosmic Moment is a greatly intensified purging that is pushing Humanity’s miscreations to the surface in a way that cannot be ignored. This is occurring in this uncomfortable way in order to motivate you and me and the rest of Awakening Humanity into action. This is a critical step in clearing the way for the global events that will take place during the August Eclipse series. The Beings of Light want all of us to know this Truth, because they are very aware of how difficult the challenges are that Humanity is facing on a daily basis.

We all knew it was going to be like this when we volunteered to embody on Earth during this unparalleled time. We agreed to come in spite of how daunting it might be because we knew we had all of the skill, knowledge, strength, courage and willingness necessary to succeed in this monumental mission. As a word of encouragement, we are being reminded that for every person who was granted permission to embody on Earth at this time there were thousands more who were turned away. That is not because we are better or more Enlightened than anyone else. It is because our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven felt that because of our past life experiences we had a better chance of Awakening and staying focused on the Light in face of the adversity we were destined to encounter.

Wisdom From North | July 11, 2013 | Rahelio about Sedona's Energy Vortexes, Soul Mates and UFOs | Blogger: Jannecke Øinæs from Norway (on the Scandinavian Peninsula where i also live) is a very popular spiritual teacher. Studied theatre, former singer, has a Bachelor Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences (UMS) and many, many other things... As recommended by my friend and REIKI master Monica from US, Rahelio Roderiguez is also a great spiritual guide, astrologer and healer. Wisdom teachings from both eastern Yogic traditions, Taoist wisdom, the Medicine Wheel, practice of western astrology, Christian mysticism and Native American shamanism and many other things.. Been lucky to visit both Sedona, Arizona and Sacred Mount Shasta and its spiritual mysteries. Many different types of vortexes are claimed to exist. From paranormal portals that act as doorways to the afterlife (or other dimensions), to spiritual spots near the convergence of ley lines. Besides US, England has many know energy vortexes, but rest of Europe, very few and Scandinavia, none. But ley lines, yes... |

In this interview I met Rahelio Roderiguez in Sedona, Arizona. Rahelio is a great mystic, and astrologer and a spiritual guide residing in Sedona. I felt like I could ask him almost anything and he would have a wise answer to give. I really enjoyed hearing about soul mates and kindred souls as well as his encounter with the highly evolved star beings.

WFN international on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WisdomFromNo...
You can connect with Rahelio here: www.rahelio.homestead.com