Feb 11, 2016

Who killed Kennedy?

Erwin Neutzsky-Wulff  8. februar 2016

”Os! Du og jeg og McNamara. Vi ville forandre verden, ikke ødelægge den!

Vi ville vinde modstanderens respekt, bringe ham til at forstå, at vi ønskede fred, men ikke tolererede aggression. Overalt på Jorden, hvor han installerede sine marionetregeringer, ville vi være der og garantere folkenes frihed.”

”Som i Vietnam.”

”Ja. Som i Vietnam.

Men ved vi overhovedet, hvordan de folk tænker? East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, remember? Ser de os ikke i virkeligheden snarere som kolonifyrsternes arvtagere end som befriere?”

”Sikkert nok.”

Så vi befrier folk, der ikke vil befries? Og til hvilken nytte?

Vi sårer tigeren, men vi dræber den ikke.  Jeg har stået ansigt til ansigt med denne Khrushchev.

’Mr. Chairman,’ sagde jeg til ham. ’Jeg ser ingen historisk grund til, at Deres og mit land skulle gå i krig med hinanden!’

Ved du, hvad han svarede? ’I så fald, mr. President, ved De ikke meget om historie!’

Og der stod jeg så, som en skoleelev, der er dumpet til eksamen! Han gjorde det ganske klart.

Vi sidder i et aflåst værelse, han og jeg, USA og Sovjet, med et bord eller et ocean imellem os.  På bordet ligger en skarpladt pistol.

Khrushchev bøjer sig ind over bordet og hvisker fortroligt til mig: ’Mr. President, jeg ved, De er både hurtigere og stærkere end jeg. Hvis jeg rækker ud efter pistolen, vil De komme først.

Men jeg ved også, at De ikke selv vil række ud efter pistolen, så længe jeg ikke gør det. Her sidder vi så, ganske fredeligt!

Men det er ikke nogen rigtig fred, vel, selv om jeg ved, at det er, hvad De gerne vil tro? Før eller siden bliver De uopmærksom, og så!

Det er kun et spørgsmål om tid. Og der er kun ét muligt udfald.’WHO KILLED KENNEDY?YOU’LL NEVER GUESSUNTIL YOU READ


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Erwin Neutzsky-Wulff
Erwin Neutzsky-Wulff karakteriseres oftest som Danmarks eneste eller bedste bud på en kultforfatter. Det forlyder dog, at der også er andre danske forfattere, der bliver taget alvorligt.



Zecharia Sitchin is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in disseminating the idea that one or more extraterrestrial races have visited Earth in antiquity and assisted the development of human civilizations. His translation of Sumerian cuneiform texts suggesting that an alien race called the “Anunnaki” created humanity has been translated into over 25 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide. The problem, according to the latest revelation by Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, is that Sitchin’s translations contain contrived information!

Goode made his startling claim about Sitchin’s translation in the February 9 episode of hisCosmic Disclosure series of interviews by David Wilcock aired on Gaia TV. It arose out of an account Goode was giving of his meeting with representatives of seven Inner Earth Civilizations back in September 2015. He described being taken to a library created by the oldest of the civilizations, dating as far back as 18 million years in age.

The High Priestess, “Kaaree” (Car-ee), who led Goode on this library tour, showed him different levels of an ancient library hosting a variety of manuscripts, scrolls, tablets and books of various ages. In a section of books, Goode recognized titles authored by Zecharia Sitchin which collectively are known as the Earth Chronicles.

In an earlier episode of Cosmic Disclosure released on February 2, Goode reported being told that the Ancient Sumerians had been helped by the Inner Earth beings who had decided to teach them agriculture and language. This was necessary due to a minor cataclysm that had wiped out surface civilizations. Goode asked how this information meshed with those who believed the Sumerians had been helped by alien visitors, and was told by Kaaree that he would find his answer in the library.

Once in the library, Goode got the answer he sought. During a discussion of a very large ancient dictionary defining terms in the ancient Sumerian language, Kaaree pointed up at Zecharia Sitchin’s books, and said:

All of the information in those books is pretty much contrived… You cannot take those books, and you cannot go into an ancient Sumerian tablet, to the tablets and texts, and do translations and get what is said in those books.

She gave as an example the word ‘Anunnaki’ which Sitchin defined in his first book, The Twelfth Planet, as ‘those who from the heavens came.” According to Kaaree, the word actually means “royal seed.” Her translation of ‘Anunnaki’ is supported by more conventional Sumerian scholars, as Sitchin critics have previously pointed out.

Artist illustration of Kaaree. Source Cosmic Disclosure

Conference - "Solutions Toward a Thriving World" (Have you ever seen the movie "Thrive"? 34 million views! Available in 27 languages)

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The Architects of the New Paradigm Conference at Embassy Suites San Rafael brings together some of the most accomplished leading visionaries and thinkers to present a fresh approach to the discussion of the world’s critical challenges. The format of the event employs a blinders-off approach to the true scope and depth of the challenges, balanced with realistic and practical solutions.

Seize this rare opportunity to get the latest ideas and facts about what’s really going on behind the scenes in our rapidly changing world. Take this chance to network with others and learn about innovative solutions that you can participate in to help restore harmony to our troubled world. Interact with a distinguished group of cutting-edge visionaries and educators as they share their newest ideas and information during a jam-packed weekend that’s guaranteed to brighten your outlook on the future.

SPEAKERS: Richard Dolan, Kimberly Gamble, Joel Garbon, Foster Gamble, Daniel Sheehan, Catherine Austin Fitts. Host: Ron James of Ivolve TV, plus special guests George Noory and Tom Danheiser of Coast to Coast AM radio.

- See more at: http://www.visitmarin.org/event-calendar/2016/january-2016/architects-of-the-new-paradigm-conference/#sthash.TutoF3oD.dpuf

Published on Feb 6, 2016

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London's Dirty Secret: UK Capital 'Global Center' for Money Laundering - Feb 11, 2016 CET ("US military-sponsored think tank accuses Sputnik news of ‘discrediting’ West & NATO" - Cabal is trying to discredits Sputnik newspaper?)

London offers every possible service to individuals wanting to launder money, Peter Lilley, author of 'Dirty Dealing: The Untold Truth About Global Money Laundering,' told Sputnik.

UK Court Sentences First British Woman on Daesh Links to 6 Years in PrisonLondon and New York are both popular destinations for money laundering because they are major international financial centers that offer sophisticated financial products and well-versed legal and accountancy services, Peter Lilley, author of 'Dirty Dealing: The Untold Truth About Global Money Laundering,' told Sputnik.
"There are a couple of other things which are very relevant in London. One is the London property market, with lots of high-value properties, and the other is the antiques and art markets."
"So in London you can get highly-skilled professional advisors like lawyers and accountants, but also you can get access to offshore centers through London, such as the tax haven crown dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, and also British overseas territories like the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands."
"So I think if you want to launder money, London has virtually got everything."
In order to tackle the problem of money laundering the authorities in London and the US need to put more pressure on banks, lawyers and accountants to report suspicions of money laundering, and devote more resources to law enforcement agencies that investigate financial irregularities, Lilley said.

"Also, they need to be seen to be taking action. There are lots of banks in recent years that have been fined for money laundering offences, but it didn't stop money laundering taking place. All of this is after the event."

"As the UK authorities have already confirmed that money laundering is a serious problem is London, I think the FATF report will emphasize that, and stress that all those involved need to recognize the scale of the problem."

Lilley predicted the FATF evaluation to probably highlight the lack of communication between organizations in the UK that are attempting to "coordinate and regulate money laundering, but actually the dots aren't being joined up."

As well as the insufficient regulation of some industries and sectors, particularly with respect to high network clients, not enough people are being prosecuted for suspected money laundering, Lilley said.

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/europe/20160202/1034107498/london-money-laundering-capital.html#ixzz3zqmLLJd6