Nov 13, 2019

🙈 ~ 💓 Spiritual Blindness (ascensionglossary) 💕~ | Blogger: Thanks to Galactic Heart for sharing and happy to Sheldan Nidle ...🙏 |

Most people on this planet are living out of alignment with their authentic and natural self, which means they are unable to express Personal Integrity and Coherence. Without personal integrity we exist in the unnatural state of internal and external disconnection, unable to actually see how the things around us are interconnected and cause things to manifest. When we are confused about who we are, the Collective Unconsciousness takes over our direction in life, and this ultimately produces poor decisions and self-destructive manifestations. In the state of being disconnected from our authentic self, we feel deep unresolved pain and the inner emptiness that causes the lack of fulfillment and contentment in our life.

Pain is created when you are inauthentic and living outside of Personal Integrity, believing in your mind you are something you’re not, expressing something to others in an identity that you really are not.

Beyond experiencing abusive physical Trauma, it is important to remember that when experiencing painful negative emotions, the pain being generated is based upon lies and deceptions. Many times painful emotions are created from a deception in your mind that you believed to be true, when it’s really not true.

🥶 ~ At least four die in crashes on icy roads and more than 1,200 flights are cancelled as winter storm causes chaos across the Midwest and Great Plains - while 70% of the COUNTRY as far south as the Mexican border braces for freezing temperatures (D.Mail) ~ | Blogger: From hot wildfires to ice age.. |

  • A 57-year-old man and two women ages 64 and 81 were killed in a head-on collision in Michigan on Monday 
  • Police said poor road conditions were likely to blame in the two-car crash; victims haven't been identified
  • In Kansas, eight-year-old Cassie Ralston was killed in a three-vehicle crash caused by icy roads on Monday     
  • Deadly crashes came as a weather system carrying freezing temperatures hit the Rockies to the East Coast
  • More than 240 million people are under winter warnings, watches and advisories, according to forecasters 
  • About 1,400 flights were canceled at Chicago's airports and officials in the area opened warming centers  
  • 'This is an air mass that's more typical for the middle of January than mid-November,' forecasters said Monday


🤪 ~ Mød Britta Nielsen - erfaren projektmager i det offentlige bureaukrati ( ~|

De offentlige systemer er perfekte for svindlere og projektmagere. Og nogle gange er det svært at se forskel.
Måske skal hun ansættes i SKAT næste gang?

De forskellige medier rapporterer lystigt fra sagen hvor Anna Britta Troelsgaard Nielsen, i folkemunde bare Britta, i dag afhøres i sagen om svindel for over 100 mio kroner.

De mange penge overførte Britta løbende fra Socialstyrelsens omfattende tilskudssystem. Til sig selv.

Mange af tilskuddene var så tåbelige at ingen havde overblik over dem. Lige såvel som vi har en jungle af love og regler, har vi en jungle at tåbelige tilskud og åndssvage afgifter her i landet.

Men det handler ikke kun om Britta.

Systemet er så komplekst at ingen længere kan overskue det. Heller ikke den hær af bureaukrater som er ansat til at administrere det.

Det, man skal forstå her, det er at svindlere og bureaukrater har en fælles interesse:

Et kompliceret system som ingen kan overskue.

🛸 ~ USB stick found with astonishing 1900s images of planets and UFOs in space (ufosightingshotspot) ~ | Blogger: Soooo, let me get this straight... there's a guy from Germany just happens to found a usb stick lying around of above top secret material... And back in 70s, there were no colour pictures? (The first color photograph made by the three-color method suggested by James Clerk Maxwell in 1855), no close-up, only crappy bunch of blurry photos, but Secret Space Programs has operated, since after WWII, with astonishing advanced out-of-this-world technology, but we still have to look at almost unidentified objects and black and white looking planets... Give me break... |


😶 ~ CROSSROADS: Paul Craig Roberts – ‘We Must Act Now to Save Julian Assange & the Rule of Law’ (rielpolitik) ~ | .. For Julian Assange’s sake, and for your sakes and mine, go sign the petition ~ Paul .. | Blogger: DID you know, there's a warning label on this article? ⚠️ E-mail to and from Sweden, or via servers in Sweden, is monitored and stored by the National Defence Radio Establishment... Whaaat? I wonder if the Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (PET) - the national security and intelligence agency of Denmark, does the same???... |

Source – – “…A United Nations expert in torture diagnosis has in the past week issued a stark warning that Australian whistleblower Julian Assange is in danger of dying from extreme prison conditions in Britain…If we cannot save Julian Assange, we cannot save ourselves” We must act now to save Julian Assange and the…

👑 ~ Trump says US economy ‘BOOMING’, predicts stock market will set another record (RT) ~ | Blogger: Yeah Right! Mr. President!... MAGA also means getting rid of America's massive $70 trillion debt pile, the notorious neocon Zionist Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters and no, just because your military loves you, doesn't mean, you can continue to invade other countries and overthrown governments and protect the elite establishment, which support you (deep state or not)... Wordly leaders (dont) take responsibility for their choices, only protect their own assets and political ambitions, in the power play... |