Jan 3, 2019

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voyagesoflight | ~ Message from Mother God, Father God: remember all is divinely timed ~ | by Galaxygirl |

Darling, it is your Mother God speaking. I see you and I surround you with light. I extend this to all of you beautiful light workers who are so tirelessly pressing on, full steam ahead, creating as you go. The stakes are high and we have the best crew the universe has ever seen. And such a coming together of love and light, of space forces! You will be astonished to witness the vast love for you as evidenced by just the sheer numbers of ships, here to show you their love and support. It is coming. Many of you are sick of hearing “it is coming” or “soon” or “here” or “now” but truly friends and beloved ones it is true. You are currently tearing out of the vortex of time as it goes from a linear trajectory to that of a spiral. On spirals one can hop, skip and jump their way to where and when they want to be, to experience. Linear is extremely limiting. This you know and you will be delighted when truly the Now is your now. And it is, should you accept it this little glimmering pearl of truth.

The yesteryears of pain are coming to a close. Allow me to apply honey and light to your woundings, to your wounded places and let’s pour in the light, shall we? Will you let me? Good. A mother loves to help her children, it is true. You know this. Many of you are mothers or fathers. You know the depth of the family bond. You are my children. You are expressions of the All-That-Is. This cosmic love burst is for you! These energies are for you! So let them in. Sit by the window and allow the beams of light to caress your skin. See them glittering off of the snowy landscape, as this one is doing. Or better yet, get outside and feel it yourself! Feel my love and light for you. Feel my arms wrapping themselves around you in a great big cosmic hug. You are weary. We see this. I know this. Just a little longer. The time for wishes and dreams are to now fully become realized as you create together. Your twins are anxious to connect. Your bodies are acclimating nicely. We are pleased with your physical and spiritual progress. Oh, how much have you integrated. And so, as you write your New Years resolutions for today, include some magic, some hope and realize that that hope and magic is you, is your unlimited, massively expansive multidimensional self and invite it into to your 2019 and co-create as one and watch the miracles begin to unfold. I am your Mother God . I wrap you in an envelope of pure light and love. Remain here as long as you like, I am always here for you. I am your Mother God.

lovehaswon | ~ What Is Love? An Answer ~ | By Sophia |

What is love?

Love is what you are. It is the foundation.
Nothing exists, if not for love.
It is the origin, the beginning, the starting point, the only point.
Love becomes all that you are once you have been everything else.
Love is the ground you walk, the air you inhale.
You cannot, will not, escape this truth.
It has no roots in fantasy.
It was hijacked by those who purport to own this planet, and fashioned into a frivolous afterthought. So that you, the beings who walk here, will run around searching, striving, reaching for it like the carrot on the stick, always out of reach.
Why do you reach for what you already are? It is due to programming.
What happens now is the programming virtually disappears or is washed away in the onslaught of faster frequencies. It is not able to sustain the frequency of advanced beings.
What you are seeing now are two things:
One is the remnants – shards of self-absorption that remain attached to what is pure love. In some, these shards will be their fatal flaw and remain. They will be all that you see, as those carrying them will stubbornly insist that they are real and true.
There will be what looks like insanity as what is real and beneath the programming seeks exposure and is asked to emerge.
This decision is an individual one. Each of you are choosing and will choose what to expose, what to risk, who to trust.
In some there lies the necessity of chemical alteration.
In others, what is necessary is a flat-out rip-off the band aid approach. The strength and fortitude of each being will decide.
Some will withdraw, but remain to watch. Others will depart.
Which of these descriptions tells me what love is?

AncientAliens | ~ Could a crop circle found in Winchester, England be a warning for mankind from UFOs? Explore this mind blowing mystery now ~ |

Anonymous Official | ~ Something Is Happening On Antarctica.. Are THEY Hiding It? (2019-2020) ~ |

Strangesounds | ~ It’s a widespread phenomenon: In parallel to Queens, more mysterious electrical sky events over Dublin, Ireland and amazing explosions in Kenner, Louisiana and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico ~ |

On the same day as the sky lit up with mysterious blue light over Queens, NYC, powerful electrical explosions also occurred in Kenner, Louisiana and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Two days after, something really weird occurred over Dublin, Ireland. It seems to be a widespread electrical phenomenon. Are they all linked? Like to a geomagnetic storm or something similar going on in space? Or are these phenomena all more grounded like the mystery behind “Project Blue Beam.”

CNN | ~ Thousands of tourists flee Thai islands as Tropical Storm Pabuk approach- es ~ | Blogger: [⚠️URGENT! Please let us calm the storm in Thailand. WLMM sho- uld put out an meditation alert! We have EXTREME weather forecast ahead of us. Mother Gaia drops a hard truth⚠️] ... 770+ wounded, hundreds of houses damaged as quake hits southwest China (RT) ... Dangerous storms shut down schools amid flood warnings throughout New Mexico and Texas (abcnews) ... Not to mention the 3 devastating STORMS currently create CHAOS around the world: Eboni (USA), Usman (Philippines), Yeti (Russia)☃️ πŸ•―️πŸ˜”πŸ’ž... In Denmark the storm Alfrida, had its death toll... Let us also sent prayers out to the world's affected populace in rega- rds to water pollution, earthquakes, extreme weather, drought, and fresh water shortages, where people are suffering and worse... ❤️πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’—πŸ˜‡πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ΌπŸ»πŸ™☄️πŸ’₯πŸŒͺπŸ’¦☔️ ... |

Expert warns of 100 MASSIVE volcanoes on cusp of eruption - but no one knows which FIRST

Extreme weather linked to climate change says all worldly experts and leaders and verdensalt do not agree.. 

THIS is caused partly by the Nibiru, pole shift & earth axis, hydraulic fracturing, HAARP, EISCAT, chemtrails, coal-based power plants, nuclear radiation and contaminations, weather modification etc. etc. 

And partly because our Mother GAIA cannot and will not stay any longer in our 3D Matrix of illusionary world, anchoring more deeply into the 5D plane.

Mother Earth is shaking loose and showing us that she is transitioning through this great evolution! Schummanic resonance spikes and natural disasters are becoming increasingly commonplace.

Cosmic & Earth changes with "the earth watchman.  

Hundreds of years ago, before the birth of the science of volcanology in the 19th century, mankind looked upon volcanic eruptions as warnings or punishments from the gods.. Now, remarkably, this backward outlook, this idea that volcanoes are somehow semi-sentient forces giving fiery lectures to mankind, is making a comeback thanks to the eruption of EyjafjallajΓΆkull in Iceland in 2010 , Indonesia's Kelud volcano burst to life with the ground-rattling energy of some 250 megatons of TNT. Etna volcano, Stromboli, Fuego, Krakatau, Shiveluch, Dukono etc. etc.

The fact that ash from the many volcanoes is spreading across the world, leading to the grounding of flights and the closure of airports, is being interpreted - even celebrated - as evidence of Nature’s awesome power and “fury” in contrast to weak, pathetic mankind....

BUT THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS and we most listen to Mother GAIA's request of changing our patterns of egocentric materialism with no moral compass that justifies the lies of ordinary MAN and WOMANS, is the main cause, triggered climate change.....


Secureteam10 | ~ IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!.. Mystifying Events Return For 2019 ~

Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, info on the government coverup, and the strange activity happening on and off of our planet. Email me YOUR footage and help us continue the good fight for disclosure!

Dailymail Online | ~ Chinese spacecraft becomes first EVER to touch down on dark side of the moon as it transmits never-before-seen 'close range' images after making historic landing ~ | Blogger: [πŸŒ•Where Is The Killer Shots of Secret Moon Bases, Alien Bases and Spaceports on the Dark Side of the Moon? A Place That Uses Abducted Humans As Slave Labor🀷‍♀️] ... (Scotty: [after an awkward silence] I like this ship! You know, it's exciting!) ... Oh, i forgot to Tell You... The chinese men and government-owned communist corporations are all in on it and has ofcourse Secret Space Programs, like Russia and US Inc... We all know, that media and Internet censorship in China is among the most extensive in the world due to a wide variety of laws and administrative regulations... Sooo... While pres. Trump screams and yells about 'insane' public releases of Pentagon watchdog reports, MUST end, the Chinese government owned CNSA, will never, ever show you what's REALLY on the dark side on the moon... |

  • A Chinese spacecraft called Chang'e 4 has successfully made the first landing on the far side of the moon
  • The lunar explorer touched down at 10.26am (2.26am GMT) local time in the Aitken basin's Von Karman crater
  • The mission communicates with Earth via a relay satellite known as the Queqiao which launched in May 
  • Moon's Von Karman crater is at its south pole and is 1,600 miles across and eight miles deep


One of the first images to emerge from the Chang'e-4 lunar probe on the dark side of the moon shows a crater and a ridge in the background bathed in a reddish hue.
 The entire image is tinged in a pink glow which makes the surface resemble Mars more than it does the moon.
This, according to Christopher Conselice, a professor of astrophysics at the University of Nottingham, is merely a trick of the light.
He told MailOnline: 'The appearance of the reddish hue of the image from the lunar probe is a trick of the light.
'The surface of the far side of the moon is the same colour as on the near side, but the illumination from the lamp on Chang'e-4 created a glow which altered the way it looks.'
Professor Conselice compared the image to when a lamp is turned on in the corner of the room and changes the way the surfaces are perceived.
He also says that the light appears to span to the horizon due to the location of the probe within the Von Karman crater and its proximity to a large ridge which hides the more distant terrain.