Dec 19, 2019

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Source (Shadab Shaikh) 

πŸ“ΌπŸ—‘️~ Jail video surveillance from Jeffrey Epstein’s first suicide attempt in July is missing, lawyer says (CNBC) ~ | Blogger: [🦸‍♂️Mission Impossible : President Trump vs Deep State Hoaxes, Save All Humans From #ReptilianQueenElizabethII - PedoPrinceAndrew & The Mystery Truth of Epstein's Suicide🦹‍♂️] ... |

  • Video surveillance footage of the jailhouse area outside of accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s cell from the time of his first suicide effort in July is missing.
  • Federal prosecutors told a federal judge that no one can locate the footage from that night in a special housing section in the Manhattan Correctional Center.
  • Epstein was a former friend of Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew of Britain, and a number of other rich and powerful people.