Nov 19, 2020

🙏 ~ 💝 (Mass Meditation) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟CALL FOR ACTION (PEACEFUL GODDESS / WARRIOR OF LIGHT) ~ FM144🌟] ... Teilen is the name: A Starseed Support Channel for Terra Groundcrew... And, I would add, a Cobra-friendly site, like so may others, "respawning" or "recalibrating" some of the intel or esoteric spiritual informations given by Cobra, the only spokesperson for The Resistance Movement, in a more "lighter" way to swallow the red pill. That is how SoTW interpret this stuff, but I could be very wrong... This time, Teilen talks about one meditation, that has already taking place for Germany, to prevent the biggest government intervention in the basic rights of the population since 1933. And Teilen goes on, also, one shouldn't get too involved in this Pro Trump / Anti Trump debate, it only dissipates the energies that would be more important for other things, for example for mass meditations... PS: To the readers on (SoTW), please (always) use your own spiritual discernment... |


​🍒​➡️️​😋​ ~ (SHARE EVERYWHERE!!!!) Are We Being Told the Truth About COVID-19? (Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi) 💕 ~ | Blogger: Thanks to Helene C, my UK FB friend... Veeeeery important videocast from UK Stand-up comedians Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster... Premiered on 11 Nov 2020 Professor Bhakdi is a Thai-German specialist in microbiology and co-author of Corona, False Alarm?: Facts and Figures... |

😠👅😜 ~ (#SureMette, #KnavpotteSøren og #Jakob-ælle-bælle-showmand) LIVE: Minister-rokade efter mink-skandale (BT) ~ | Blogger: Hvad fanden er det for en Bananrepublik, vi bor i??? Undskyld mit franske, men (FU) Mette Satsoverhoved - nu bliver jeg sgu selv sur på, selvom det ikke nytter noget, fordi, Mette har underskrevet en Frimurer - og WHO-kontrakt med Corona Corporation og er sikret langt ind i næste århundrede... Det hele er en Agenda, spin og showdrama, et spil for galleriet... De få minutter LIVE jeg så, hævede Mette-mus stemmen, skar tingene ud i pap, og ligesom Søren Understrøm, var tydeligvis MEGA-MEGET irriteret over journalister, for første gang i Danmarkshistorien er vedvarende kritiske overfor hvad der er sket mht. #Minkgaten og #CV-1984... Og vores Kinaformand, Kim Jong-Mette, kan ikke tåle kritik, og må HADE, Henrik Qvortrup og Brian Weichardt, som PESTEN!... Så står de her embedsmændsagtige ministre nikkedukker og hilser ja-ja til alt hvad Mette-mus udsender af L****lyde, når vores statsminister er ved at ødelægge vores land, bygget på en LØGN... Og til sidst, overhørte jeg de "Indsattes" klapsalve og høje juhu-råb og tillykke Mette - hvem er de mennesker? De selv samme, som står der, når den "rigtige" Dronning, der NÆGTER at gå af, som verdens længst siddende monark, står og vinker til? Eller indsatte partisoldater?... og her, lidt om Personlighedsforstyrrelser... 📑'"Narcissister kan ikke tåle negativ omtale eller kritik og vil gøre alt for ikke at blive fremstillet negativt. Offentlig kritik eller udstilling kan få en narcissist til at blive meget aggressiv og decideret ond. Narcissister har dog, lige som psykopater, en tendens til at skyde al kritik over på andre. Men i modsætning til psykopaterne, så rammer kritikken hårdere og kan godt føre til skam hos narcissisten, fordi der går skår i storhedsfølelsen. Ofte glemmes det dog hurtigt igen og narcissisten er tilbage i den sygelige storhedsfølelse. Nogle narcissister udvikler dog næsten paranoiditet ift. kritik og afvisning og det kan give en meget belastende humørsvingning, hvor de kan svinge mellem sygelig storhedsfølelse og en næsten depressiv tilstand (hvis de ikke bliver beundrede og forgudede)."📑 ~ uddrag fra METTE STORM (cand. pæd.psyk, healer, coach og rådgiver).... |

👼 ~ 💗 (Nothing happens by chance) God is pure creative THOUGHT constantly increasing Itself for the utter joy of all that She has created (Jesus through John ) 💕~ |


The Ascended Master Sananda / Jesus / Christ / Yeshua serves as a teacher of the whole world, and was one of the greatest spiritual healers who walked on our beloved planet Earth / Nova / Gaia. It is important to understand that all our ascended masters and galactic friends, so to speak, are not allowed to use their powers to change the course of civilizations, only in very rare cases. Law of the Universe. The Law of Divine Oneness.

channeled by John Smallman
© 2020 johnsmallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday November 18th

Your collective awakening is progressing most beautifully. Relax, release your doubts and worries, and watch with joy as it all unfolds! You can all feel the momentum increasing, and you can all, if you will allow yourselves to do so, feel the Peace of Oneness within yourselves as you continue to develop your trust in the One, Source, Love, Who is You/you, always and eternally.

Nothing happens by chance, without design, because God is pure creative THOUGHT constantly increasing Itself for the utter joy of all that She has created. Therefore, your awakening is inevitable and unavoidable, and that knowledge – constantly being transmitted and reaffirmed through so many spiritual channels – is intended to confirm it for you so that you learn to trust your deep inner knowing of which, as humans, you often tend to be very skeptical. This is understandable because, as humans in form, you have very frequently experienced disappointment, and the pain and suffering that it causes.

🙏 ~ ✨(Avicii, the King of Oontz Oontz Oontz) Avicii Museum to open in Stockholm in 2021, same goes for the Official Avicii biography and Tim Berglings "fragile soul" still walks among the living (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🕯️😔💞🕺🏽💌💃In memorial of Avicii 🕺💕💃🏽🎹🎵🎵🎶🎶] ... {Swedish House Mafia vs. Avicii - Don't You Worry Child vs. Wake Me up (Axwell /\ Ingrosso Mashup -- gave me goosebumps!} ... "King Corona Corporation" has closed down Pubs, Bars, Disco, Restaurants and Social Clubs... but we can still danse in our homes... 💡PS: On a more darker note (sorry): Anyone who’s invested time into what happened to DJ Tim Bergling a.k.a. Avicii dead, knows, there was evidence of foul play, like all the recent celebs who died from ‘hanging from door- knobs”.. Was Avicii silenced for his views? As a successful and popular young artist with a following of tens of millions of young people around the world, he was in a position to redpill the masses. As the untimely deaths of a growing number of anti-pedophile activists proves, this type of work is incredibly dangerous in today’s world... |



👀 ~ 💗 (Now is a focal point for dramatic changes on this Planet - into a new dimension) Your Must-Listen Alternative News Broadcast: 18th November Election Update 2020 💕 ~ | Blogger: To summarize some of SP talking points; 📑Facebook has removed the 'label' The president-elect of the United States... BBC One apologises when major technical fail knocks channel off air The One Show on Monday (November 16) for a special edition of Panorama exploring Joe Biden's election as president... In regards to Dominion Voter Systems - supercomputer Hammer & Scorecard: SEAL TEAM 6 was used to breach and secure CIA's secret safehouse in Germany and in Spain (maybe Chile). A standoff between military and a CIA agent (local director) who was shoot in Germany... Simon says voter fraud exceeds more than 1.8 million electronically or physically ('ghost voters' in 29 states)... Simon has seen six different options / road or warmaps, how Trump stays in WH... Trump has declared national (state) emergency and therefore was able to send in military to CIA houses and MSM media could be held responsible to 'treasonous actions' and perhaps that's why BBC lost 15 minutes on the Joe Biden show... Simon is 100% convinced there's been a MASSIVE fraud, 100% convinced that it's deliberate attempt to interfere in the domestic election of the United States, by software, that was designed to affect everyone else's elections... The (TRUTH) from simon's american sources is total variance, total odds, with the absolutely garbage or trash lies that he is reading in the mainstream media news in UK... Boris Johnson is a good guy, an allied to Trump and has been asked to stay below the radar... What would a new four-year timeline of Trump look like? Cleanout of the Hoover building, CIA and NSA and Trump will setup a new Social Media Company... Simon agrees with Robert David Steele, former Marine, CIA case officer, and US co-founder of the US Marine Corps intelligence activity, that 90% of the intelligence are from good man and woman... The U.S. military will not have Biden as, commander-in-chief... 📑 ~ Words from Simon, more or less... |


Simon Parkes is a life long experiencer of aliens, shadow people, elementals and ufo's, these include Mantid (Mantis) beings, Draconis Reptilian, Feline, small and tall Grey creatures, Crystalline beings and other creatures that can't be identified. Simon is an elected local politician in Britain and was elected to office AFTER he went public. Simon's biological mother worked for the British Security Service, often called MI5 between 1965 -1979. However while she was managed by British Intelligence she was in fact working "jointly" for the National Security Agency (NSA) of America. Her job was to type out documents that related to crashed ufo craft that had come down all over the Earth's surface and had then been retrieved by American special forces/recovery teams... 

💣💥😨 ~ (Bombshell Revelations) The shocking reason why Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine requires storage at -70C … because it contains experimental nanotech components that have NEVER been used in vaccines before (NN) ~ | Blogger: PS: Pfizer now says its coronavirus vaccine is safe and 95% EFFECTIVE and that it will seek regulatory review within days and Denmark, has bought 2 million doses. The Kingdom of Denmark has also it's own 2 unique, revolutionary and totally safe corona-vaccines, one of them is CoVAXIX - that could affect the effectiveness of future vaccines against COVID-19 - and Mass vaccination planned in England... Will you take ANY vaccines?... |


Shocking reason why coronavirus vaccines have to be frozen at -70C
Mike Adams

Why do the new mRNA vaccines require extremely cold storage temperatures like -70 C? The answer may shock you:

They are being engineered with experimental nanotechnology components, laced with toxic chemicals that all get unleashed in your body, hijacking your body's cells to churn out non-human protein particles.

As I explain in today's super important feature story, this is global genocide via mass vaccination. And when people start dropping dead from these vaccines, the media will blame covid and say MORE people need vaccines.

See the full story here.

✡️🔣🔱 ~ (Agenda 21, 201, 2030 - NWO - Jesuit Order) Fortæl mig ... jeg glemmer. Vis mig ... jeg husker. Inddrag mig ... jeg forstår(Kinesisk ordsprog) ~ | Blogger: [👉Skind-manøvre: »Et meget beklageligt forløb« Mette Frederiksen går til dronningen, hvor begge "dronninger" har Parlamentarisk Immunitet, begge over grundloven og aldrig kommer for en Rigsretssag👈] ... Nu hvor den danske befolkning E-N-D-E-L-I-G er vågnet op og fået morgenkrydderen galt i halsen, efter den danske clickbait djævelske sensationspresse har FORTALT og FORTALT og FORTALT i månedsvis, men... folk glemmer... og folk elskede bare, Gay-Obama-Messiah feminismens svar på en AllesLandsmoder, Mette og Demokraterne... PLUDSELIGT stod det klart, at en 8 milliarder kroners minkbranche var pinagtigt ulovligt og planlagt, at skulle slukke og lukke sammen med de 6.000 medarbejdere samt 280.000 nordjyder, der også var ramt af restriktioner, og at der faktisk ikke var nogen signifikant beskyttelse mod smitte ved brug af mundbind, efter Rigshospitalets publikation... så huskede man.... At, 7 ministre vidste klart besked, allerede 1. Oktober mødet (eller før i September) om #Minkgaten, dette var planlagt til mindste detalje, og nu i dag, smutter Magnus LØGNICKE, ud af bagdøren, mens Gay-Mink-Mogens, omsider er væk, Rigspolitiet (‘actioncard’) og militæret undskylder (ikke) for at tvinge mennesker uden lovhjemmel til at dræbe mink, Justitsministeriet undlod i dagevis at alarmere regeringen om ulovlig ordre og embedsmænd, kendte til selv samme, ulovlighed, i måneder... Kinaformaden Mette gentager sig selv, med magttrick efter magttrick, der farver Danmark blodrødt og går til Dronningens 1000 år gamle Kongeriget for hjælp til ny ministerrokade og DDFO og Frimureriet, ryster ikke på hånden... så forstår man... |

🦁👨‍💼🤐 ~ (Kennedy vs MJ-12 and the CIA Epic Battle) Video – American Lions – JFK & Trump’s War with the Deep State over UFO Secrecy (Dr Salla ~ | Blogger: 🙏With all due respect, SoTW have personally meet Dr. Michael E. Salla, twice, goofy guy, really, tried to talk to him, but not a friendly character. Buuutt, I have NO bad things to say about Dr. Salla' discoveries, given to him by whistleblowers, UFO conspiracy theories and alike, just that if you're not a "somebody" with leading or interesting storytelling in the UFO community, your a 'nobody'. And I don't care, i'm totally content to belong in the category, below-the-radar danish hillbilly... Most unaware people, have no idea what Dr. Salla is talking about, but I do find it interesting, what he has discovered about the mysterious group behind the Kennedy Assassination, The Top Secret Operation Majestic-12, that was established by order of President Harry S. Truman in 1947. That, Chinaman spied on (once Nazi SSP) America's Secret Space Programs for 70 years ago and has rising as a VERY powerful SPACE nation in the Secret and limited LEO and beyond etc. etc... ☝️PS:According to, Operation Majestic-12, was created to take charge of the technical, sociological and other aspects of the crashed UFOs and the small alien occupants, dead or alive, that were recovered. In later years this operation evolved into and became known as MAJI (the Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence). MAJI is the most secret of all intelligence groups and out-ranks all other intelligence agencies including the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). MAJI is responsible directly and "only" to the President of the United States. The TOP SECRET / MAJI project control group is responsible for every aspect of interface with the alien life forms including security and intelligence, and disinformation to prevent public or foreign disclosure of the alien presence. (This is why all documents referring to "MJ-12" or any other form of that name are wrong).... |



The key to understanding what is happening today in America is to identify the mysterious group behind the Kennedy Assassination, and how its modern-day manifestation is covertly attempting to remove Donald Trump from the presidency for his efforts to similarly build international cooperation around a number of space-related initiatives. If successfully implemented, these Presidential initiatives will lead to the disclosure of incredibly advanced life changing technologies. November 22 will mark the 57th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination where he similarly tried and failed to disclose the existence of such technologies. The real perpetrators skillfully remained in the shadows and were never prosecuted for their heinous crime.