Oct 8, 2016

Mike Quinsey: A Message from my Higher Self - Oct 8, 2016 CET ("..In view of present world conditions some see major changes as impossible, but it should be stressed that those of the Light that guide Humanity are very powerful Beings. They can change the vibrations of Earth so that all weapons of war cannot operate. So peace can be enforced and from a karmic point of view will be seen as justice to reward those who have kept their Light shining forth regardless of the difficulties encountered.....One of the greatest lessons you can learn on Earth is “ forgiveness” which can be extremely hard when you may have been physically harmed. Retaliation is a natural response but if you are to avoid more karma it is best to walk away from such temptations...You will notice that Governments and their politics are under pressure to change, and the general movements are to move away from those who are warmongers. The people have had enough experience of all things associated with wars, and a strong desire for world peace is taking root...Knowing that major changes are around the corner seems to hold people back, but the advice is to carry on as before and respond to the changes when they place. There is not any real gain by first waiting to see what happens, as in the long run all will benefit from them according to their needs. It may take a little time to get round to everyone but have no fear as no one will be missed out...”)

Kanaliseret af Mike Quinsey
© 2016 treeofthegoldenlight

The time is rapidly approaching when events will move forward as expected. All the necessary arrangements seem to be in place, and await the final checks before the order is given to go ahead with Revaluation of the currencies. It has taken a lot of planning to reach this point plus the co-operation of the many, many people involved. Clearly the wait will have been well worthwhile and will be seen as the turning point when events have turned the way for those working for the Light. There is still confusion as to what is taking place and in part caused by those who are against the changes being introduced. In any event there will be winners and losers but the changes will fully benefit the whole population of Earth. All are to be given the opportunity to reach an acceptable standard of living, and eliminate the unfairness in the distribution of wealth.

Where the Will of God is concerned nothing can change the outcome regardless of any actions taken by the Illuminati. Their role in opposition to those of the Light has caused them to rise up and evolve much quicker than it would otherwise have occurred. It means that many more souls will have reached levels that entitle them to ascend. There is no choosing of such souls, and their success is entirely due to their own efforts to evolve out of the lower vibrations and into the Light. It is not a matter of becoming a total Light Being, but becoming of service to others for the greater part of your life. You can achieve it in so many ways and it is not necessarily confined to those who have a religious background. Equally you can serve others in many ways all according to their needs and it is not necessarily about money, but those who are very wealthy can do great things because of it.

In view of present world conditions some see major changes as impossible, but it should be stressed that those of the Light that guide Humanity are very powerful Beings. They can change the vibrations of Earth so that all weapons of war cannot operate. So peace can be enforced and from a karmic point of view will be seen as justice to reward those who have kept their Light shining forth regardless of the difficulties encountered. When war and the equipment for war become obsolescent , peace and happiness can soon return to Earth. So much more good work can be done when people feel safe and out of harms way.

One of the greatest lessons you can learn on Earth is “ forgiveness” which can be extremely hard when you may have been physically harmed. Retaliation is a natural response but if you are to avoid more karma it is best to walk away from such temptations. Bear in mind that if you do not immediately pay for sins committed whilst on Earth, you still have to face the consequences. It takes a strong willpower to keep calm in such circumstances but simply tell yourself that every negative action has to be made good at some time. The Biblical story of Jesus told of “turning the other cheek” and that is symbolic of how you should aim to be. Keep calm and walk away from the temptation to seek revenge.

Watch: UFO Dissolves Chemtrail over Paris? (Blogger: Woooooooow. Take a look at that...Here's Proof...Next would be to take out the chemtrail planes, then pilots, officers right up the line to those financing them...Ofc, the skeptics, on the other hand, argue that the footage is hoax using simple CGI techniques.....All this, and a truck load more, and people still deny ufo existence...Well, this time, use your spiritual discernment..)

A remarkable video shot last week in Paris appears to capture an epic showdown between two titans of the paranormal: a UFO and a chemtrail.

According to the witness who filmed the unique interaction, he first spotted a glowing orb flying in the sky and grew suspicious of its nature due to the object's amazing maneuverability.

However, the scene grew stranger when the object suddenly began flying towards a chemtrail that was lingering in the sky and planted itself inside the mysterious vapor.

Within seconds, all of the clouds around the orb quickly dissipate, leaving a giant hole in the chemtrail before the object itself seemingly fades away.

UFO enthusiasts suggest that the encounter was an attempt by the UFO to either study or thwart the chemtrail, while conspiracy theorists have proposed that perhaps the object is a terrestrial craft looking into the phenomenon.

Skeptics, on the other hand, argue that the footage is hoax using simple CGI techniques.

While that may very well be the case, we'll hold out hope that the footage is genuine, since it's kind of reassuring to think that whatever is behind the UFO phenomenon may want to protect us from nefarious chemtrails.

Check out the complete video and let us know what you think at the C2C Facebook page.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the chemtrail conspiracy can check out our Chemtrail Special from 3/30/2013 featuring filmmaker Michael Murphy talking about documentary What in the World are They Spraying?

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WikiLeaks Just Released 2,000 Emails That Threaten Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Collective Evolution October 8, 2016

Whistleblowing group Wikileaks is at it again, releasing more than 2,000 emails involving the Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, which is part of what the group claims is a total of 50,000 emails that it intends to share with the public. This initial exposure comes the very day the State Department published 350 emails that were previously deleted from Clinton’s private server.

The group, headed by hacker Julian Assange, notes that the emails contain 2,060 emails regarding Podesta’s communications relating to “nuclear energy, and media handling over donations to the Clinton Foundation from mining and nuclear interests.”

An initial review of the emails reveals they begin as far back as 2008 to 2016, and cover such material as Hillary Clinton’s Chipotle order to her position on the Iran deal sent from Nancy Rotering to John Podesta. Wikileaks calls Podesta a long-term associate of the Clintons, who served as Bill Clinton’s chief of staff from 1998 to 2001.

Assange had noted “significant” disclosures on the U.S. election Tuesday, and that the group would commence publishing new material this week. WikiLeaks wants to “to be publishing every week for the next 10 weeks,” according to Assange.

Back in August, the AP noted that during the time Donald Trump’s campaign chair Paul Manafort worked for Ukraine’s former government, he collected about $2.2 million in cash for two Washington lobbying firms, one of which was including the Clinton-connected Podesta Group. Ukraine’s current government says Manafort pocketed over $12 million as a lobbyist and consultant for the “pro-Russian regime.”

Furthermore, between 2012 and 2014, Manafort and his business associate Rick Gates funneled at least $1.13 million in lobbying fees to the Podesta Group Inc., while an additional $1.07 million went to Mercury LLC. The money was funded by the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, which is a nonprofit “governed by a board that initially included parliament members” from the ruling Party of Regions.

INCREDIBLE UFO ORBS PHOTO FROM FINLAND (Blogger: Very hard to confirm this.. I'll personally seen my part of UFO's and Orbs...specifically in Mount Shasta, California, but also in Denmark with my Celestron Skymaster Prism Binoculars..)


I was about to go to sleep in home when I saw a flickering light which was flickering red, blue and white from my window. This light can be seen in IMG_3065. At first I thought it was a helicopter as it was just hovering in the air for about 10 seconds until it started moving left and crossing the chimney. I can’t remember whether it was after it had crossed the chimney or after it reversed course to the way it had came that it switched to a more brighter, rounder and stable looking blueish color like can be seen in IMG_3068 which did not seem to flicker noticeably, at least not to the human eye. The course change happened quite quickly, maybe after 5 seconds or less after it had crossed the chimney. I couldn’t hear any noise coming from this object but it could be due to it being far away. You can see a gray colored object inside a white/yellow colored aura which itself is inside a neon blue colored outline .

It continued it’s journey all the way to the trees that are on the right side of my window (can’t be seen from pictures) after which I couldn’t see it anymore due to the trees blocking my view. I did catch a brief glimpse of it through the trees continuing at the same path with the same exact height. After I had seen this I didn’t have that much time to react to it as I pretty much immediately after this saw another similar looking orb coming from the left side of my window. This one seemed to be just as bright or maybe even a little bit brighter than the last orb. This one also acted much more like an airplane than what the first one had as it came further from the left than the first one had in the same manner that I can occasionally see airplanes flying. This one was also less blueish than the first one had been and in fact I don’t remember seeing any blue colors in it at all. I remember it looking just like a light-yellow looking ball of light going across the sky but in the pictures. After seeing these objects I felt pretty amazed at what I had seen.

Hæderkronet politichef afsløret: Forgyldte venner med 20 millioner kroner. 5 millioner kroner i konsulentydelse pr år. (Blogger: Har den enøjede justitshævner og overvågningsminister Lord Sauron Pind haft en finger med i spillet i denne sag også? Han blander sig i alle andre anliggender, især de retslige instanser. Lige nu støtter han op om fogedforbud mod PET-bog. Han fik næsten også omstødt en total frikendelse af terrormistænkte i retten. Han vil også tage omstridt overvågning af internettet op igen. Koster kun 1 milliard kroner. Hvad bliver det næste?)

Afdelingschef i Rigspolitiet Bettina Jensen hyrede en tidligere kollega og samarbejdspartner til opgaver i Rigspolitiet for mere end 20 mio. kroner på tre år

Rigspolitiet rammes nu af en sag, som får en ekspert til at bruge ord som ‘vennetjenester’ og ‘korruption’.

BT kan nemlig i dag afsløre, at afdelingschef i Rigspolitiet Bettina Jensen sikrede to venner - en tidligere samarbejdspartner og kollega - konsulenthonorarer i Rigspolitiet for 20 millioner kroner på bare tre år.

Og det er ikke bare i Rigspolitiet, at hun har sikret de to konsulenter gyldne konsulentaftaler. Det samme er sket i en årrække i DR.

Læs mere: http://www.bt.dk/danmark/haederkronet-politichef-afsloeret-forgyldte-venner-med-20-millioner-kroner

Det, vi taler om uge 40, 2016 (2)

'Det, vi taler om' er Danmarks bedste sladdermagasin der graver i ugens store skandaler, overraskelser, forargelser og ikke mindst det kulørte stof grundigt igennem. Hvad sladrer de om på Christiansborg? I tv- og filmbranchen? Hvad taler man om blandt topchefer? I kulturlivet? Vi tager sladder alvorligt. Lyt med, når vi graver lidt dybere - og få de rigtige historier bag kulisserne.

00:46 - Rigspolitiet og veninderne

Kan du se forskel på en tun og en skildpadde?

Holder du af fisk? Jeg holder så meget af fisk, at det er blevet mit livsprojekt at arbejde for at stoppe fiskeri, der ødelægger havmiljøet og driver fiskebestande mod udryddelse.

Lige nu arbejder jeg med at lægge pres på Danmarks fødevarevare- og miljøminister, Esben Lunde Larsen (V), for ikke at blokere for beskyttelsen af et biologisk vigtigt område i Kattegat, og for at han skal lytte til biologernes anbefalinger for torsken i Østersøen, så der også vil være fisk at fange i fremtiden.

Samtidig arbejder jeg sammen med mine internationale kollegaer for at afsløre sandheden om et af verdens mest destruktive fiskerier: tunindustrien.

Der er hårdt brug for ændringer, og jeg håber derfor, at du har mulighed for at give et bidrag til vores arbejde.

Tun er så populær en spisefisk, at næsten alle tunbestande i dag er tæt på kollaps.

Moderne fiskeri truer med decideret at udrydde en række dyrearter. Du – og langt de fleste andre mennesker - kan selvfølgelig sagtens se forskel på en tun og en skildpadde, men det kan de redskaber, der i dag bruges i tunfiskeriet, ikke. Hundredtusinder af skildpadder, hajer, rokker og delfiner dræbes hvert år.

Slavelignende arbejdsforhold er et andet udbredt problem i tunfiskeriet. Tvangsarbejde, vold, manglende løn og 24 timers skift er hverdag på mange tunfiskefartøjer.

Med din hjælp kan vi afsløre fiskeindustriens metoder over for forbrugerne, og vi kan lægge pres på industrien for forandring. Vores skibe gør os i stand til at være til stede dér, hvor miljøforbrydelserne foregår – langt ude på havet – og dokumentere dem. Jeg håber, du har mulighed for at give et bidrag allerede i dag.

Tusind tak for din opbakning!

De bedste hilsner

Magnus Eckeskog
Havansvarlig for Greenpeace

Monsatan on Trial

Almost there!

Very soon Monsanto will be on trial! 30 witnesses and legal experts from five continents will testify in The Hague before five international judges. These witnesses will tell the judges, and the world, how Monsanto has ruined their health, their communities, their livelihoods. We will make the theme of this year's World Food Day (October 16th) the damage to health and nature caused by chemical industrial agriculture. Citizens’ tribunals have a long history of drawing widespread attention to corporate corruption, and of ultimately leading to criminal trials. Like you, we want the Monsanto Tribunal to push courts in countries all over the world to hold Monsanto accountable for its crimes.

Thanks to you!

This unique event is only possible thanks to the support of people like you. Thank you! Please continue to help us to spread the word, especially just before, during and the days after the event. Forward this newsletter to friends, ask them to sign support, write to journalists you know, share our posts on Facebook on your page and in groups, retweet our messages if you use twitter, compose your own messages on other social media. You can follow the hearings on live stream, the links will be on our website a few days before the Tribunal starts. We will upload videos on our website and our Facebook page during the event. Please share!

The Bayer Monsanto merger

Many of you have asked about the pending buyout of Monsanto by Bayer, and how this will affect the Monsanto Tribunal.

Here’s the good news. Bayer’s proposed buyout of Monsanto will have no negative impact on the Monsanto Tribunal. First of all, the buyout will be challenged. And even if it’s approved, it won’t be final until well into 2017. More important, when the tribunal judges issue their final advisory opinions (scheduled for December 10th), those legal opinions will apply to all agribusiness corporations (including Bayer)—not just Monsanto. Besides, the merger of giants is not a sign of strength, analysts have pointed at the signs of an industry in trouble. The possible consequences of such a merger on people and the environment make the Monsanto Tribunal even more important to send a strong signal to the world.

International Criminal Court widens scope – steps towards prosecution of ecocide

In the near future environmental destruction could lead to governments and individuals being prosecuted for crimes against humanity by the international criminal court. The UN-backed court in The Hague has mostly ruled on cases of genocide and war crimes since it was set up in 2002. It did not investigate major environmental crimes so far. In a change of focus, the ICC said recently it would also look into crimes that result in the “destruction of the environment”, “exploitation of natural resources” and the “illegal dispossession” of land. This is an interesting development. The Monsanto Tribunal might be a very good preparation for a major case at the ICC.

Growing support

These 6 Toxic Artificial Sweeteners Are Still Approved by the FDA

Posted: 06 Oct 2016 08:00 PM PDT

Artificial sweeteners prime the human body to selectively choose high-calorie foods.

By disrupting the fine balance of appetite and metabolic hormones, they distort the body's ability to monitor how many calories we consume.

These are six unparalleled poisons still approved by governments despite considerable evidence of their harm.

1. Aspartame


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Coincidence or conspiracy? US govt officially accuses Russia of hacks during Clinton email dump (Blogger: World War III is coming or already here! That's what they want you to think, since Cabal are backed in a corner.... "..US intelligence officials claimed Moscow is behind the hacks and leaks related to the 2016 elections as the State Department accused Russia of “war crimes” and released the latest Hillary Clinton emails. Social media users wondered if this was a coincidence. .."."..US Army Chief Thunders at Russia: ‘We Will Beat You, Stop You – We Will Destroy Any Enemy’ – The US Government Is Working on an “End Game” Plan Behind Closed Doors..")

Published time: 7 Oct, 2016 22:13

US intelligence officials claimed Moscow is behind the hacks and leaks related to the 2016 elections as the State Department accused Russia of “war crimes” and released the latest Hillary Clinton emails. Social media users wondered if this was a coincidence.

The Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a statement on Friday afternoon, saying that US intelligence was “confident that the Russian government directed” the hacks of emails and documents and their posting on WikiLeaks, DCLeaks, and the blog of the hacker calling himself “Guccifer 2.0.”

Curiously, the announcement came at 3:30 p.m. ET, just as the State Department was releasing more emails pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. The 350 pages of emails were recovered by the FBI as part of their investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server, and a federal judge ordered them released after Freedom of Information Act lawsuits filed by Judicial Watch and VICE News journalist Jason Leopold. The releases were scheduled for October 7, October 21 and November 4.


Friday, October 7, 2016 5:37

Obama paid billions on PR firms to convince the American public that the economy has recovered. UN rejects the Houthis request in creating their own government. Turkish PM says to Iraq we are not leaving. The situation in Syria is escalating and the US is now in a position where they do not have leverage anymore, they are backed in a corner, next phase, a major event. US talking about going to war with Russia. Assad is granting the terrorists amnesty if they all leave Aleppo. UN warns that by Christmas the US will lose Aleppo, time is running out for the US.
“I want to be clear to those who wish to do us harm….the United States military – despite all of our challenges, despite our [operational] tempo, despite everything we have been doing – we will stop you and we will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before. Make no mistake about that,”

“Other countries – Russia, Iran, China, North Korea – went to school on us,” he said, adding, “They studied our doctrine, our tactics, our equipment, our organization, our training, our leadership. And, in turn, they revised their own doctrines, and they are rapidly modernizing their military today to avoid our strengths in hopes of defeating us at some point in the future.”

Milley went on to bluster this oncoming brawl would “be highly lethal, unlike anything our Army has experienced at least since World War II,” involving fighting in “highly populated urban areas.”

“Make no mistake about it, we can now and we will … retain the capability to rapidly deploy,” he said, “and we will destroy any enemy anywhere, any time,” he added.

Calls from RI to General Milley’s office asking him whether he didn’t think that perhaps he and other undoubtedly patriotic American soldiers and officers were being manipulated by neocon political leadership to stumble into a completely unnecessary and manufactured global military confrontation went unanswered.

We would also like to ask the General whom he favors in the upcoming elections.

AINA: Dutch Parliament Holds Hearing on Assyrians in Iraq

Assyrian International News Agency
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Dutch Parliament Holds Hearing on Assyrians in Iraq

2016-10-08 00:00 GMT

The Hague (AINA) -- A hearing on the situation of Assyrians in Iraq was held at the Dutch Parliament on Thursday. Participants included representatives from seven Dutch political parties and three Assyrian representatives from Iraq, Ashur Sargon Eskrya, Yacoub Gewargis and Dr. Srood Maqdasi. The Assyrian representatives called attention to the continuing expropriation of Assyrian lands by Kurds, the internally displaced Assyrians still living in refugee camps, the need for Assyrian security forces to protect Assyrian lands, a safe haven for Assyrians, Yazidis and Shabaks, the return of Assyrians to their homes and villages in the Nineveh Plains and financial aid for internally displaced Assyrians. The hearing was organized by the Assyrian Federation Netherlands.

Dr. Maqdasi said the Kurds and Arabs should stop interfering with Assyrians, Yazidis and Shabaks and leave them to organize themselves and protect their own communities.
Dani Dabbous, member of the Assyrian Federation Netherlands, said one of the goals of the conferences was to raise awareness about Assyrians in Iraq and to fight discrimination, harassment and encroachment on Assyrian lands by Kurds and Arabs.
A demonstration was held simultaneously outside The Hague.
ISIS captured the city of Mosul, Iraq on June 10. On August 7th it drove into the Nineveh Plains, the last stronghold of Assyrians in Iraq, forcing 200,000 Assyrians to flee their homes and villages. Most have not returned.

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Cosmic Vision News (※Weekly geo-political news, analysis "With news around, upon, within and beyond our planet, it is the first newscast making disclosure") - Oct 8, 2016

Cosmic Vision News: CVN vært, Geoffrey West tilbyder nyheder, kommentarer og lejlighedsvis diskussion om de seneste begivenheder, der udspiller med hensyn til, hvad der formodentligt er den vigtigste begivenhed for at forbedre den menneskelige og planetariske tilstand: AFSLØRING. CVN fremmer og tilskynder til modig dialog på verdensplan, mens de forbereder alle til re-introduktion af vores galaktiske familier. CVN behandler også aktuelle begivenheder, der understøtter et skift til en fredelig planet. Geoffrey West er en del af det team som står bag: GoldenAgeOfGaia.com, kan lyttes til direkte/downloades eller via MP3, smides på en USB nøgle/iPhone og lyttes til på din vej. Husk tidsforskellen på udgivelsen. Direkte Link her (blogtalkradio)

About Geoffrey

A global citizen, born into Canadian and Irish heritage. Geoffrey has lived in Canada, Sweden and Costa Rica. He has a Bachelors degree in Radio and Television, and a Masters in Peace Education, from the UN-mandated University for Peace. His work experiences include the broadcasting, airline, and computer reservation systems industries. His travels include N. America, Europe, Scandinavia, as well as Russia, Egypt, Thailand and Australia. His passion has come from the challenges he has observed throughout the world, and also from his own personal experiences. He aspires to assist individuals in awakening to their connection to, and deeper energetic relationship with LIFE, and empower new choices of living based in honouring Self, others, our planet, and LIFE beyond Earth also.

His mission statement for this LIFE-path is as follows:

"To be, to the best of my ability in each moment, an example for all that will inspire them to remember their connection to, and energetic relation to the ONENESS of LIFE. To assist lovingly in empowering them to honour their own LIFE-path and serve LIFE with choices that honour Self, while also honouring others, our planet and also our galactic families in each moment of 'now', creating experiences of health, love, harmony and peace".

Cosmic Vision News - Show Summary:




MSM - en fantastisk opdagelse (Blogger: Som jeg altid plejer at sige; Detox, Detox Detox...Detox er ikke kun til udrensning - det er meget vigtigt her. Det kan betragtes som en spirituel terapi-form. Nikola Tesla — 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' Disse produkter holder dig ikke kun i live, men stabilisere / regenerere dine indre organer, opretholder strukturen i kroppens proteiner og dræber uønskede vira og bakterier. Der er KUN en ting som kan holde dig tilbage, din FRYGT! Øverste myndighed indenfor Fødevareindustrien, Sundhedsstyrelsen og det medicinsk-industrielle kompleks deler naturligvis ikke disse informationer (accepteres ikke indenfor lægevidenskabens klare lys). Vil du ikke hellere indtage et naturligt supplement, tilintetgøre de skadelige kemikalier i maden og hverdagsprodukter? Hvad med dine cancerceller? Det gælder også dine hudprodukter (køber selv mine hudprodukter direkte fra online-apotekerne i Grækenland). Tænk på hvad f.eks. parabener, mikroplast, mineralolie, paraffin, propylen-glycerol, ftalater, kunstige enzymer osv. gør ved din krop og indre? Der findes et hav af produkter derude, nogen skal man virkelig have viden om før man køber dem i Netto, Matas og Helsekostforretninger (kun 'rene' uraffinerede økologiske, er ønsket). Et lille udvalg som jeg nævner, er produkter, som allerede anerkendes som helbredende olier indenfor ayurvediske medicin eller blot har en høj frekvens eller er et naturligt næringsstof. Disse produkter er ud af mange, har langt flere helbredende egenskaber end jeg nævner her så som: Lindre led- og muskelsmerter, allergi, angst, stress og korttidshukommelse, sårheling, genopbygning af ph værdien, hud-og hårplejende, antibakterielle, antimikrobielle, antifungale, antiviralle, parasit- og kræftdræbende egenskaber. Inden man går i gang, skal der læse på lektien. MSM 'kan' påvirke ens krop forskelligt, i starten. Ligesom natron, har MSM en lille bismag. I pulverform (bedst), skal det opløses i vand eller kan tilsættes i ens kaffe, som min forældre gør. (Forskning og kliniske erfaringer tyder på, at MSM kan være et godt kosttilskud for et hav af ting - læs artikel). Ifølge min holistiske/naturlæge med 45 års erfaring, bruges det både til elitesportsudøvere og dyr som heste, hvis de ikke kan løbe mere. Det er blot et fragment af hvad MSM kan afhælpe, fordi det er et naturligt næringsstof, et organisk svovlstof, der findes i den almindelige kost til mennesker og stort set alle andre pattedyr og er taget 'ud' af vores fødevarer. Derimod uraffineret økologisk jomfru kokosolie, kolloid sølv (Ionosil) , den 'korrekte' Vitaminpille med bl.a. antioxidanter (Omnimiin Pure), Tvekulsurt Natron(Matas-Natriumbicarbonat) og hvad man ellers benytter, kan tages 1-2 gange dagligt eller mere, i teske- eller pilleform uden at tænke sig om. Husk ALLE disse produkter har INGEN bivirkninger, andet end du renser ud og helbreder..)

MSM har ved forsøg vist sig at have en signifikant effekt ved behandling af ledegigt, allergi, brandsår, forstoppelse, angst, stress, hukommelsestab - og endog snorken. Og det organiske mineral har vist sig at kunne bremse væksten af visse kræftformer drastisk.

Måske lyder det som en af de magiske eliksirer, der sælges fra et bagagerum, men det er det ikke. MSM er underbygget af over 34 års klinisk forskning og universitetsforsøg med flere end 12.000 patienter. Desuden har den førende forsker på området, dr. Stanley Jacob, som har gjort forsøg med tilskuddet i over 30 år. arbejdet som praktiserende læge, kirurg og forsker i mere end 50 år. Han er uddannet læge fra Ohio State University og tilknyttet Harvard Medical School og har været kirurgisk overlæge ved Harvard Surgery Service ved Boston City Hospital. Han står i Who's Who in America og blev udnævnt til "Humanitarian of the Year" i 1983 af National Health Federation.

MSM er naturligt

MSM står for methyl-sulfonyl-metan. Det er et naturligt næringsstof, et organisk svovlstof, der findes i den almindelige kost til mennesker og stort set alle andre pattedyr. Svovl findes i alle levende organismer. Stoffet hører faktisk til samme familie som ilt. Organismer, der lever i miljøer uden ilt, f.eks. visse bakterier, erstatter ofte ilt med svovl som energikilde. Uden svovl ville livet, som vi kender det, ikke eksistere. Nogle af de essentielle svovls funktioner er:

  • Opretholdelse af strukturen i kroppens proteiner
  • Medvirken til dannelse af keratin, som er essentielt for hår og negle
  • Medvirken til produktion af immunoglobuliner til immunforsvaret
  • Udløsning af reaktioner, der ændrer fødevarer til energi
  • Neutralisering eller eliminering af giftstoffer i kroppen.
Et ofte stillet spørgsmål er: Hvor findes MSM? Vi starter i havet, i mikroskopiske planter kaldet plankton. Disse planter frigiver svovlstoffer til havvandet, som igen frigiver dem til atmosfæren. Her omdannes den atmosfæriske svovl til MSM, som derefter falder tilbage til jorden med regnen. Planterne optager MSM hurtigt gennem deres rodsystemer og koncentrerer det 100 gange. MSM optages i planternes struktur, og vi mennesker kan derefter absorbere del fra de frugter og grønsager, vi spiser. Med tiden kommer MSM tilbage til havet, og cyklus starter forfra.

Men i dag bliver en stor del af vores fødevarer forarbejdet, og det reducerer MSM-indholdet, så vi får mindre MSM, end vi har brug for. Desuden falder MSM-niveauet i kroppen med alderen, ifølge dr. Jacob mangler stort set alle stoffet, med alderen bliver denne mangel mere udtalt. 



Bill Rich, tidligere mekaniker i Portland, Oregon, fortæller en forfærdelig historie om at være fanget inde i en brændende bil. "Lægerne brugte seks måneder på at sætte mig sammen igen". Med et helt net af keloid-ar - fra brandsår og omfattende hudtransplantationer - siger Rich spøgende: "Ved siden af mig så selv Frankensteins monster godt ud". I årevis led han også af forfærdelige smerter. Når han havde gået et par gange fra værkstedet til reservedelslageret, hvor han arbejdede på det tidspunkt, kunne han næsten skrige over smerterne i ankler og knæ.

I begyndelsen af 1980'erne foreslog en dyrlæge ham at prøve et tilskud, der ofte bruges mod smerter hos heste og andre dyr. Det hed MSM. "På tre dage var stort set alle smerter i benene væk". Han lavede en MSM-creme, som han smurte på huden regelmæssigt. Og hvor utroligt det end lyder, så begyndte hans violette ar - som allerede var flere år gamle - at forsvinde og blive erstattet af lyserød og glat hud. 


Forskning i smerter og ledegigt