Apr 6, 2016

UN Seeks Unprecedented Amount Of Data To Impose Agenda 2030. No One Can Hide - April 6, 2016 CET

You think you have no privacy now, just wait for the latest UN data grab. The United Nations is seeking an unprecedented amount of data from you. Agenda 2030 has begun.

The data that must be collected includes practically everything that would be needed to help impose a totalitarian global system on humanity and monitor its effectiveness in subjugating the population. For instance, in a document released last month, the UN Statistical Commission called for governments to track the “extent to which global citizenship education and education for sustainable development, including gender equality and human rights, are mainstreamed at all levels in national education politics, curricula, teacher education and student assessment.” In other words, the UN wants to know how effectively its propaganda for global government and socialism is being disseminated in schools.

The radical UN document also demands that national governments track the “proportion of the population reporting having personally felt discriminated against or harassed within the previous 12 months on the basis of a ground of discrimination prohibited under international human rights law.” Stated another way, dictatorships will be able to make themselves out to be utopias, while freer countries that respect actual rights such as the United States will be painted as backwards and in need of UN intervention to remedy alleged violations of what the UN likes to call “international law.” And that is just the start of it.
More than 230 other “global indicators” will track everything from government spending on women’s programs and (national and international) welfare schemes, to how quickly governments are adopting the UN’s demanded policies on abortion, migration, environmentalism, state control over increasingly wide swaths of the economy, and more. That way, freer countries where government does not run individuals’ lives and treat them as cattle will rank lower on the Agenda 2030 “indicators,” facilitating intervention so that not a single person on the planet gets “left behind” by the UN’s radical agenda. The UN is also demanding biometric national identification cards for every person on the planet. 
All of that data, the UN pseudo-treaty explains, is “key to decision-making,” and there will be a lot of decision-making made for you by the UN and its member regimes under Agenda 2030. And the data must come from every country in the world. When possible, the UN and its members — primarily undemocratic governments and dictatorships — will gather data and information from existing sources and mechanisms. But for all those countries without would-be omniscient governments vacuuming up data on everyone and everything, the UN will “intensify” its efforts to build and strengthen their data-gathering operations. The data collection should also be standardized, worldwide, the UN said.

Kirsten Birgits Troldehær (Jeg kan kun anbefale dette satireprogram. Rasmus Bruun og Frederik Cilius Jørgensen er, efter min mening, ekstrem begavede og enormt talentfulde, det er fantastisk, at de kan skrue så høj satire sammen hver eneste dag.. Danmarks eneste journalist der tør sige sandheden om Cabal og deres evindelige konstruktive adfærd..) - 6. April 2016

Den Korte Radioavis
Daglig nyhedssatire

Danskerne er dødtrætte af alenlange, tilstræbt objektive nyheder – de vil have KORTE nyheder, jo kortere jo bedre, og så vil de have deres nyheder serveret i skarp sovs, på et sprog de kan forstå. Programmet beværtes af seniorkorrespondent Kirsten Birgit Schiøtz Kretz Hørsholm, og med sig i studiet har hun nyhedsredaktøren Rasmus Bruun. Med deadline hvert femtende minut vil de sammen arbejde målrettet, knaldhurtigt og kompromisløst på at gøre nyhederne kortere og kortere, og skarpere og skarpere .
(Den Korte Radioavis' MUS på Radio24syv - 120K views)

Kirsten Birgits Troldehær er samtidens mest effektive værn mod den politiske virkelighed, der hersker i landet. Hvis du sidder og nikker, når Kirsten Birgit revser samfundet og de politikere, der er sat til at varetage det for os, så meld dig under fanerne, hvor general Birgit sidder klar som Holger i kælderen til at udstikke ordrer om næste angreb.

Kirsten Birgits Troldehær var tungen på vægtskålen, der afgjorde EU-afstemningen omkring afskaffelsen af retsforbeholdet den 3. december 2015. General Birgit, oberst Viking og Troldehæren viste sig yderst effektive til at angribe politikernes unuancerede, underlødige, arrogante og helt hen i vejret formuleringer og argumenter i valgkampen. Ethvert svagt punkt hos modstanderen blev straffet ubønhørligt. General Birgit viftede taktstaven, oberst Viking formulerede angrebet og Troldene gik frådende til angreb på JA-siden… og sejrede!

JP Morgan Begin Restricting ATM Withdrawals As Cash Ban Begins - April 6, 2016

As major banks across the United States prepare to make it much more difficult for customers to gain access to their own cash, JP Morgan have begun limiting cash withdrawals at ATM machines.

Citing “criminal activity” as their excuse, the bank say that the withdrawing limits will affect all of their ATMs across the country:
The bank said there doesn’t appear to be fraud involved. But partly due to heightened regulatory scrutiny, banks are paying more attention to large cash transfers that could be a sign of money laundering or other types of shady activity. Typically, the card-issuing bank sets withdrawal limits, not the bank owning the ATM. 
The move by the largest bank in the U.S. doesn’t affect J.P. Morgan Chase’s own customers, whose maximum daily withdrawals are set depending on the client’s account type. The bank has seen high-dollar withdrawals at both new and old ATMs, said bank spokeswoman Patricia Wexler. 
J.P. Morgan Chase’s change last month affects roughly 18,000 automated teller machines nationwide and followed an interim step earlier this year limiting noncustomer cash removals at $1,000 per transaction. The earlier move was made as a temporary fix while the bank could make software changes to roll out the more stringent daily limit, Ms. Wexler said.

Must-read: David Wilcock Update - The Panama Toilet Papers and the Ascension Mysteries #1! (PANAMA PAPERS FUNDED BY GOLDMAN SACHS AND THE USUAL SUSPECTS. Cabal/NWO - #1 most profitable industry on earth is pharmaceuticals, with at least 11 main categories... Second to that is oil. Third is telecommunications. Gunnlaugsson was the most effective enemy of the Cabal in the visible media world -- and he just went down in flames. One day. Boom. Gone. The problem is that the world of finance and politics is so dirty that no one gets out clean. Everyone is compromised, no matter how heroic they may be...The data dumps are extremely extensive. They go far beyond the "non-terrestrial officers," "fleet-to-fleet transfers" and edited UFO images discovered by Gary McKinnon.) - April 6, 2016

Hvem er David Wilcock: David Wilcock er en professionel foredragsholder, filminstruktør og forsker af gamle civilisationer, bevidsthed videnskab, og nye paradigmer af stof og energi. Hans kommende Hollywood-film CONVERGENCE afslører bevis for, at alt liv på Jorden er forenet i et felt af bevidsthed, som påvirker vores sind på fascinerende måder. Divine Cosmos er den officielle Internet side, hvor derfindes tusindvis af gratis sider af videnskabelig og spirituel information om åndelig vækst, Ascension og udviklingen af bevidsthed. David kommentere altid på hvad Benjamin Fulford udgiver, fordi meget giver mening.

The Panama Papers are not what they appear to be.

Meanwhile, the Ascension Mysteries has rocketed to #1 in all three of its Amazon categories, and is currently at #464 out of all books!

If you were still "on the fence" about whether this Cabal vs. Alliance war was even real, the Panama Papers should help change your mind.

UPDATED TWICE Same Night! Why? Because everybody cool is doing it!


As we will discuss in a minute, the unexpected success of The Ascension Mysteries is an excellent move towards Full Disclosure.

The Cabal, New World Order, or whatever you want to call it, is freaking out about full disclosure -- because it will mean a complete loss of control for them.

The number one most profitable industry on earth is pharmaceuticals, with at least 11 main categories.

Second to that is oil. Third is telecommunications.

The Cabal has thoroughly locked up the pharmaceuticals and energy industries. Full disclosure will quickly remove the profitability of both.

Technology will be released that eliminates the need for "fossil fuels" and almost all forms of traditional medicine.

There will still be plenty of thriving industries, but there will also be an opportunity for many newcomers to get involved and have a fair shake.

Ultimately, full disclosure also means the lack of need for a money supply altogether -- since we can "print" anything we desire with materializers.


Immediately after I finished the book and made the announcement here, the world was gripped by the biggest scandal since Snowden's NSA disclosures.

Here is this morning's headline from The Huffington Post:


Sheldan Nidle opdatering for Galaktiske Føderation af lys og åndelige hierarki - 6. April 2016 CET

Hvem er Sheldan Nidle: Sheldan Nidle er grundlægger af Planetary Activation Organization, en UFO religion. Han siger at han er i stand til former for telepatiske kommunikation, samt er i kontakt med rumvæsener. Han er tit kanal for budskaber og formidler af Det Galaktiske Føderation Af Lys.

Hjælp til NESARA etc: - Finansielle akronymer

It is vital that you see yourself as a vision and energy center. Know deep in your Heart that your plan is to succeed and that once the funding begins, you are to find those who are to aid you in this grand effort. Do not hesitate once all this detailed planning is in place. You are to show everyone the efficacy and the purpose for what you are to do.

Ummac Dan ~ Galactic Federation 
Symbol For The Sirian Star System

6 Imix, 14 Mac, 12 Manik

Dratzo! In our last report, we briefly mentioned one of the eight sideshows being used by the dark cabal to maintain a degree of chaos in your realm. These dire sets of circumstances all have solutions, which many on your world are busily pursuing. The dark is watching as those who intend to move this globe into a much safer and sane reality work their magic on each of Gaia’s six major continents. These numerous “heroes” are paving the way for a whole series of policies, which are eventually to bring together your surface world’s people. Adding to this set of emerging programs is the rise of a new banking and financial system. When the new prosperity is added to this, a bright future begins to emerge. The dark cabal is in virtual panic about its fizzling well-laid plans. The dark had wished to spring a series of small violent incidents that were to be expanded into a number of growing wars. This as you know has not happened. Instead, the dark sees that their delays were only a small hindrance to what is currently happening. In a short time, a new reality is poised to manifest, which is the transition to your move to full consciousness.

Another brilliant Buddha at the Gas Pump interview - April 6, 2016

341. Suzanne Giesemann

Posted on April 4, 2016 by Rick Archer

Suzanne Giesemann is the author of 11 books, an inspirational speaker, metaphysical teacher, and evidence-based medium. She is a messenger of hope who captivates audiences as she brings love, healing, and comfort through her work. Suzanne’s gift of communication with those on the other side brings stunning evidence of life after death, as well as validating her teaching about the purpose of life, the nature of reality, and attuning to higher consciousness. Her work has been recognized as highly credible by afterlife researcher Dr. Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., and best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Suzanne is a retired U.S. Navy Commander. She served as a commanding officer, as special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations, and as Aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11. In addition to earning the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, she has a Master’s Degree in National Security Affairs and taught political science at the U.S. Naval Academy. Her unexpected and fascinating career transformation to her current work is the subject of the documentary, Messages of Hope, which has been featured at several film festivals, including the Awakened World Film Festival sponsored by the Association for Global New Thought.

Some of Suzanne’s books:

Messages of Hope: The Metaphysical Memoir of a Most Unexpected Medium
Wolf’s Message
In the Silence: 365 Days of Inspiration from Spirit
“Let Your Spirit S.O.A.R. – the Four Keys to Your Personal Breakthrough” – 6 DVD set with workbook

Website: suzannegiesemann.com

Interview recorded 4/2/2016

Jubilee Strike: IMF Planned A Credit Event In Greece to Destabilize Europe - April 6, 2016

We covered the Greek crisis, last year, and for the most part we said that no matter what the Greek people "decide" via a vote, the IMF and the EU would strangle the country by any means necessary. Many people responded that we were crazy. "For what purpose would the IMF and EU want to destroy Greece?" they asked.

We responded that this was all part of a bigger, elite plan to destabilize Europe (and destroy the West, including the US) to bring in a one world government and currency. We even said that occult Shemitah Trends and the current mystic Jubilee Year predicted this.

On the very end-day of 2015 Shemitah, the EU reconstructed its borders, effectively ending the Shenghen area of easy passage for people and goods. As of today, we are told, goods trying to pass into Germany are lined up for days to pass inspection (causing prices to rise substantially as what used to take a few hours to transport now takes days).

Now, Europe has been struck again by Shemitah Trends. Wikileaks recently published the transcript of a teleconference that took place on March 19, 2016 between the top two IMF officials in charge of managing the Greek debt crisis: Poul Thomsen, the head of the IMF's European Department, and Delia Velkouleskou, the IMF Mission Chief for Greece.

In it, the IMF officials say that a threat of an imminent financial catastrophe as the Guardian puts it, is needed to force other players into accepting measures such as cutting Greek pensions and working conditions. Bloomberg describes this as, "considering a plan to cause a credit event in Greece and destabilize Europe."

Corey Lewandowski Has Nothing on Hillary Clinton - April 6, 2016

First, there was that stunning video showing Hillary losing her cool and lashing out at a Greenpeace activist.

Then, CNN broadcast an exchange between a hot-under-the-collar Hillary and a Black Lives matter protester.

And The Associated Press reported that Bernie Sanders is finally "getting under Hillary's skin."

hat's going on here? Is Hillary having a serious meltdown?

To those of us who have followed Hillary's career in the political arena, none of this is surprising.

When it comes to anger management, Donald Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who faces misdemeanor charges for grabbing a female reporter, has nothing on Hillary Clinton.

Accounts of her beating up on Bill Clinton behind closed doors — throwing lamps and books at him and scratching his face — have been well documented over the years.

Perhaps less well known is how Hillary treated the White House staff when she was first lady.

"Sometimes, [Hillary] would blow up over things," Joan Baggett, who served during the Clinton administration as director of the Office of Political Affairs, recalled for the Clinton Library's oral history program. "…I remember one time in one of these meetings where she was blowing up about [the president's] staff and how we were all incompetent and he was having to be the mechanic and drive the car and do everything, that we weren't capable of anything… Sometimes she'd be in those meetings and I'd think, Please don't let her yell at me."
Latest News Update

"Hillary's tantrums have lately become the stuff of political legend," said a staffer who works on her presidential campaign. "She has had screaming, childlike tantrums that have left staff members in tears and unable to work. At one point recently, she was berating a low-level campaign worker for making a scheduling mistake. The girl had the nerve to walk away from her, and Hillary grabbed her arm and twisted it.

"The fear of her advisers is that her anger will translate into a public blowup that will be caught on camera," he continued, "and that will make her look so out of control that people will begin to wonder if she is suited for being commander in chief."

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