March 12, 2019

RT | ~ ‘Not prepared enough’: WHO issues dire warning about ‘inevitable’ global flu pandemic ~ | ~ Kissinger and Rockefeller: Connections to the CIA and the Origins of AIDS and Ebola ~ |


Henry Kissinger and Nelson Rockefeller, January 1975

Lisa Transcendence Brown | ~ March's Quantum Energy Report/Update/Overview + Increasing Acceleration + Powerful Equinox Passageway ~ | .. It's beyond important to respect each's "different journeys", because it means that all is not currently and fully vibrationally aligned for the current "same" vibrational reality, which takes us all a bit of "time" to learn... By honoring our own current reality and others' too, this frees all up to experience what's currently highest aligned for each .. |

Aloha Love Family,

There are sooooooooooooooooo many ways to come into awaken out of the old illusions in order to come into consciousness and more consciousness and more consciousness..... and EVERY WAY is occurring, with infinite collectives and on a mass scale. How you "view" reality (one dimension or multi-dimensional EXPERIENCES) will determine how you act/re-act/respond/show up and the roles that you will fulfill/play out too.

To the "human eye", understandings are "different", because of where each functions from.... deep within. All of our Awakenings are important and SERVE A MULTITUDE OF PURPOSES with each's Ascension (Returning/Remembering) processes.... which are visible as we all expand and shift/change our "views"/perceptions/mentalities and clear the old energy/programs that lent to certain mentalities/realities that became each's own personal experience here.....

It's important not to JUDGE all of this in any way, yet to utilize all to "see", to consciously open our own hearts more and rise above the old, instead of playing in it (ego) still..... Pay attention to your own heightened emotions, distortions, energy and the programs you might still have running, as well as "repeated stories"... as we are in an acceleration of "breaking out of/down/through the old" at a more intensified rate than ever before....

What's available for you /each will be determined by your own connected state and readiness to embrace the "new" from within fully too. As more are stepping into higher purpose roles from excitement, it's become quite beautiful to observe, and be a part of all creating, inspiring, uplifting, holding, building, uniting and anchoring NEW EARTH REALITIES through our own Cosmic-Heart-Soul expressions and dedicated service roles/lives too. Return all to love, dissolve all through love and surrender your ego in every way. Relax your body and notice any resistance. This is beyond important all along the way. This takes your whole presence, your whole body, every aspect of you to be fully aligned/on-board/as ONE.

Yes, we see, yet we also understand, from a much higher place (level of consciousness) within ourselves... We understand our ROLES, while we also honor and respect each's current place/space/experience and the necessity of CHOOSING a higher consciousness reality OVER THE OLD ONE .... which is an immense part of the process for us all. (This is what the human aspect calls "free-will).

verdensalt | ~ ☝️ The 5G Tower of Babel: Bestseller has been given permission to build Denmark's & Northern Europe's tallest sky-scraping tower project. The Eiffel Tower is 1,063 feet (324 meters), 4 meter taller 🤘 ~ | .. “The plan is born out of the passion and interest for architecture and a vision of creating a unique building that matches the unique setup of a rethought headquarter” - Anders Krogh Vogdrups, project manager of BESTSELLER .. | Blogger: [🤑Weirdest Story About The Power Greedy Extravagant Eccentric Billionaire Rich💰] ... Like China's futuristic ghost cities, a Bestseller Tower & Village, in No Man's Land, where no man has ever walked before ... 'Bestseller to construct Northern Europe's tallest tower with a height of up to 320 meters and a brand new district with shops, apartments, office and conference facilities, etc. in the context of Bestseller's current headquarters, just on the opposite side of the motorway. A new residential area with room for 7000 people. A total of 645,000 square meters, equivalent to 88 football pitches with a skyscraper of 320 meters', according to the danish newspapers... |

Official picture of 'The Turning Torso' in Skåne, Sweden with all chemtrails you can 


Meg Benedicte | ~ Equinox Ascension Portal ~ | .. The galactic plasma waves of intense Light transmissions continue to bombard Gaia and your human energy field. The solar flashes are systematically activating more advanced crystalline gridwork to sustain an ascension portal stargate to the galactic center .. |

2019 is proving to be a powerful 3 (Trinity) Year of ascension upgrades, as we prepare for the breakthrough ‘22’ energy of 2020. 2 is the number of ‘caring’. During the 2000’s we are learning how to care for ourselves and others, as well as for our beloved Gaia and nature kingdom. The ascension code of 11:11 is also embedded in the Master number 22. The world is on course to experience a grand dimensional shift into a higher consciousness system.

As the world evolves beyond ‘service to self’ mentality, more community focus and cooperation is gaining momentum. Amid all the chaos and distraction, people are actively seeking more balance and connection in their lives. As we move more and more into unity consciousness, the old control system is collapsing. It is no longer sustainable.

Those in power of the old system are fighting to hold on to control, as the ground is shifting under their feet. On some level they recognize they are losing the battle, the people are waking up and asserting their Free Will. Earth’s quarantine and holographic incarnational trap is breaking apart. We are actively opening a direct pathway portal back to Source. As we ascend through the ascension portal, we will illuminate humanity’s path to grand portal of freedom.

You may be feeling the new energies on a visceral level. Uranus just moved into the first degree of Taurus this week. Uranus is the Great Awakener! Wherever Uranus traverses, there will be change. Uranus is the planet of freedom, enlightenment and liberation. Set yourself free from the shackles of the past.

🔴 NN | ~ Facebook announces medical FASCISM rule: All content that contradicts the corrupt vaccine industry will be BANNED ~ | ~ Breaking News!! Class Action Lawsuit v Facebook Just Launched ~ |

Mike Adams
Facebook has just announced it will turn over policing of all vaccine-related speech to the vaccine industry itself, ensuring that no one is allowed to talk about vaccine ingredients, injuries or deaths.

This is the latest move by the evil tech giants to silence all intelligent people and turn over its platforms to the corporate monstrosities that push poison pesticides, dangerous medicine and GMOs.

This is why reading Natural News is now more critical than ever.



Breaking News!! Class Action Lawsuit v Facebook Just Launched

Obama's Birth Certificate | ~ Barack Obama, was probably the most dishonest president in US history ~ | Blogger: [🤫Simply, what's a fact and what's a truth? 'Truth isn't truth': so, is that true?🎱] ... {Obama was a smiling murderer, says Ilhan Omar… then tries to backtrack. ‘I’m an Obama fan!’ Ilhan Omar tries to walk back on ‘murderers with pretty faces & smiles’ comment -} ... As always, use your own spiritual discernment, reading on my blog (⚔️verdensalt)... I'm not in doubt, but i'm 'only' presenting a-truth - not the-truth... 🍿Obi-Wan: You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!... 🦸 Ashtar: Obama Is Not Done, And Is Just Getting Started, He Is A Galactic Personality ... (⚔️verdensalt) As we all know, the 'cabal' (“Privileged Ruling Elite - NWO”) are masters at deception and creating division and separation amongst us. Partly due to censorship and controls of the press (Mainstream media (MSM). Perhaps we have misjudged Obama? There is nothing wrong with wishing for abundance of Love, Peace and Prosperity for all mankind... 💜 "A seventh grader from Salinas who claims to have made a major discovery about President obama. She and her grandfather say that President Obama is related to all but one US president. And she found that 42 out of 43 US presidents all had a common ancestor in King John I from England. And this is not just any old king, this is the guy who actually chartered the Magna Carta which became the defining element that turned into the British Constitution.." ~ from Above Majestic - David Wilcock speech... (⚔️verdensalt) - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both protect Wall Street. But Trump is a businessman, an extravagant millionaire and can't be bought for candy, like other politicians. Therefore, he is a huge burden to TheDeepState. Barack Obama calls Trump the 'Self-Declared Savior,' while all presidents (perhaps except JFK and Abraham Lincoln) have been forced to follow TheDeepState's pipe, then President Trump kicks off the revolution and surely, 'the controllers' will try to enforce a new president, but EVERYTHING will change, when NESARA and GESARA appears, on the screen... |


CENSORED BY GOOGLENEWS: Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia: Is Zionism in the USA Over? One Former Spy & Counterintelligence Officer Says Yes.


His name really is Barry Soetoro - so says Barack Obama


President Obama and His Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel: Members of Same Chicago Gay Bath House


Obama aflyser besøg i Kolding, hvis kontrakten bliver kendt


Ashtar: Obama Is Not Done, And Is Just Getting Started, He Is A Galactic Personality 

Sunday, January 15, 2017 9:14

Well this is interesting (see Ashtar’s message reposted below), since people assume that Obama will go golfing or something, like the other presidents, after his service in office. Galactics have consistently said that at the soul level, Obama is highly evolved… now we are learning that he is just getting started… hmmmm… very interesting! I’m pretty sure there are many Obama-related surprises coming… we shall see… I did read his farewell speech and found some obvious lies in it, such as relating to 911, so I’m not completely convinced that his speech represents some grand truth effort… but there is more than meets the eyes going on, that’s for sure. Will Obama be instrumental in announcing NESARA and will seek amnesty because he’s not an american citizen? That’s what the galactics say… | ~ De magiske mønter og mediernes troldspejl ~ | .. KOMMEN- TAR // ØRESTAD GYMNASIUM – Politikere skal kunne færdes hvor som helst uden at føle sig truet. Den fredelige samtale er demokratiets kerne, som Hal Koch lærte os. Mediernes virkelighedsbilleder er en anden kerne i det oplyste folkestyre. Forvrænges virkeligheden i mediernes troldspejl, udfordres demokratiet. I histori- rne fra Ørestad Gymnasium har medier og politikere givet et fortegnet billede af truende og direkte voldelige gymnasieelever .. |


verdensalt | ~ While you were Sleeping: Political Pseudoinnocent Prisoner's Dile- mma - 6 Major Scandals you might have missed from Denmark. You must under- stand “too big to fail” Banking & Central Govt body, has Parliamentary Immunity ~ | Blogger: 🔺 1. The same country which is public enemy # 1, Russia, tried by it's intelligence services (FSB, GRU), to recruit Marie Krarup, Danish People's Party (DF) back in 2000s, while she was still a member of parliament (MP - Folketinget) ... {⧫ a similar case in 2010: Former Socialist People's Party group chairman, Ole Sohn, has been under increasing suspicion, as chairman of the Danish Communist Party (DKP) in 1987-1991, to have received millions of black money cash, directly from the Soviet Communist Party in Moscow ⧫} 🔻 ... 🔺 2. Potential terrorists disap- pearing from centres: According to new figures from the police seen by Radio- 24syv, 45 people suspected of being radicalised Islamists have disappeared from asylum and transit centres in Denmark and are wanted by the police. The author- ities fear that these people could constitute a terror risk 🔻... 🔺3. Danish banks in gigantic money-laundering scandal is getting BIGGER: Prisoned 150 LTFs (Loyal to Familia street gang) has received 2.3 million in one year from 20 members, who has work and bank account, in cash or through danish banks straight into the danish prison system. However, The Directorate of the Prison and Probation Service, directorate of the Ministry of Justice, will not take any responsibility, even it's proven, they know who they are (could only come from 20 LTF members outside prison) 🔻... 🔺4. Gender-neutral traffic lights: Several city council politicians are positive about the idea, but what does the expertise say on the matter in hand? Should we drop the "green man go, red man stand"? And how do you create a pictogram that doesn't offend anyone? 🔻 ... 🔺 5. CNN Sued for Whopping $250M After Spreading “Vicious” Lies About MAGA Student & Norwegian 14-year-old gives up: "I am obviously sexist" - comes after two boys was decimated as 'male chauvinists', after one of them gave a girl a compliment on the phone, saying her dress was 'nice' 🔻... 🔺 6. Denmark pursuing U.S. claims over Dividend Tax Refund scam, BUT was warned, many, many, many times over by witnesses and new evidence shows, the danish special police unit: The Public Prosecutor for Special Economic and International Crime (SØIK), also warned about suspected Britta Nielsen for six years. The Investigation Commission for the Dividend Scandal in Skat accounts for being the most expensive commission in Denmark so far. The Commission's task is to identify what went wrong when purchasing the scandalous and now scrapped, EFI tax recovery system, and who ultimately bears the responsibility for the Danish Treasury being drained for DKK 12.7 billion through the reimbursement of dividend tax 🔻... |