Sep 25, 2020

🙏 ~ 💝 Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟COVID19 infections rech record highs across Europe - What went wrong? ~ DW News✨] .. To put it plain and simple, the much-feared second wave is here to stay... France, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, UK and Denmark (Israel & Mexico)... Rio de Janeiro has delayed its annual Carnival parade, feb of 2021 - actually, has been indefinitely postponed due to the COVID-19, according to this report... |

🗳️💊⛓️ ~ ('Hunt' Creepy Clinton Biden$) The sky-high cost of tour that tore Royal Family apart: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's African trip cost £250,000 making it the most expensive jaunt by The Firm last year, as total travel bill hits £5.3m (D.Mail) ~ | Blogger: From dirty tactics by Crooked Hillary and demented illed, Creepy Joe Biden, to #Gingergate - illegal UK Royal political intervention, promoting support of the US Democrats and African trip and misuse of taxpayers money to billionaires and elites, buying votes for DNC, to? - what is next?... The neverending story... |

👁️🙆🔞 ~ (#DKPedoGate + #énafos) Vi kan og må simpelthen ikke blive ved med at ignorere faresignaler i vores samfund fra vor elskede/hadede autoriteter, største danske kendisser eller verdensberømte danskere! Hvem bestemmer over dem? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Over 300 female danish politicians sign MeToo statement called #ÓneOfUs and 1600 female celebs and media people, because of the newly inflamed sexism debate, that is now taking its toll on the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg, the country's town halls and the youth parties... The PM, Mette Frederiksen, has on 3 separate (sex) cases, tried to kill the stories, to go out in public domain... |


🚨⚠️🎭 ~ (ENOUGH) BREAKING: UK Institutes NEW SECOND LOCK-DOWN but Is It Based on FAULTY DATA? (Ben Swann) ~| Blogger: [👉A new round of lockdowns has been announced by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after a warning by two scientists that the UK could see 50,000 new cases of coronavirus by mid-October. But are those numbers and predictions accurate? We take a look at why other scientists are pushing back, calling those claims "Implausible"👈] ... WHEN is enough enough?... WHEN do we see MILLIONS in the streets?... To stand like sheep in a pasture with others surrounding us is easy. To be the few voices to wander outside with no fear, only courage, is what makes us HU-mans. We have the power to say enough is enough, and SoTW intend to fight and scream every step of the way to preserve what little of the (real) 3-D Matrix of illusion, I have been able to witness... |


🤗😮🤫 ~(Dybt Godnat) Professor i bio-medicin: Medier overdriver og skaber corona-frygt ( + KD) ~ | Blogger: [👉”Det er dybt godnat at sammenligne forårets smittetal med de tal, vi måler nu”: Nyhedernes fokus på sensationer, problemer, konflikt og fare skaber bekymring og frygt som i vekselvirkning bliver basis for at myndigheder kan iværksætte flere restriktioner af frihedsrettigheder for borgerne i Danmark ~ lyder det fra eksperter👈] ... ENDNU en del af staben fra 'statsansatte', som har fået nok af den politiske og medicinske 'Agenda'... ALT IMENS, politet ikke går med MUNDBIND og Forsvaret gennemfører 2.500 personer stor øvelse trods covid-19: »Det er en kæmpe, kæmpe risiko« -- ved de noget, som vi ikke må få at vide?... |


Det er fejlagtigt, når medierne sammenligner antal af smittede i foråret med antal af smittede nu. Man burde ikke sammenholde tallene, lyder det fra eksperter. Det fortegner og overdriver problemet.

Det er fejlagtigt, når medierne sammenligner antal af smittede i foråret med antal af smittede nu. Man burde ikke sammenholde tallene, lyder det fra eksperter. Det fortegner og overdriver problemet.

Smittetal vokser når man tester mere. Naturligt nok, og ikke raketvidenskab. Men alligevel strammes corona-restriktionerne - forbud og påbud - på den baggrund.

Der skabes bekymring og frygt med overskrifter som “største danske stigning i tre måneder”, ”smittetal stiger overalt i landet” - og påpegning af at det er ”det højeste antal nye smitteregistreringer målt, siden pandemien kom til landet i foråret” osv.
Men den type overskrifter giver ikke et retvisende billede af situationen, mener Søren Riis Paludan, professor på Institut for Biomedicin på Aarhus Universitet.

😌~ 💗 (Stay Focused, Kind & Calm) Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are experiencing this alienating turmoil, increased levels of PSYWAR and "all scale out war" in Space, as Cobra has recently told us, is going on (SoTW) 💕 ~ | Blogger: [👉Many of this is pickups from social groups and my own thoughts on SoTW👈] ... The last update from Cobra is veeeery hard to grasp, there's a feeling of very intense energies and on personal level, in many daily lives, fast stressed about what is next in line, for HU-manity... People, are about to start to understand the scale of this... There are a lot of people who are feeling the unrest in the etheric planes and the collective field at the moment... as the division and separation between dark and light intentions are being played out big time, in sublunar space as well as in the MSM, social media and as this dynamic is being reflected in people's personal lives as well. We're all connected... I think and feel that the most important now is to hold space, being and staying calm in the eye of one's own storm, and in the storm of others taking place around us... MANY has stated about subterranean operations on freeing children from child abuse and sex trafficking, and much more, as we know from Cobra, that's going on there as to technological secret space program operations... The areas with the most severe lockdowns is where these operations seem to have been and be the strongest and heaviest (New York, Melbourne, and now Israel). It's a combination of operations, very dark energies being released and influencing people's energy fields, leading to aggression and hatred, and severe measures and abuse by the Cabal on the surface... PLEASE remember, to Stay Focused, Kind & Calm... |

👼 ~ 💗 (PSYOP) OUTSIDE THE ULTIMATE TYRANNY (The Pleiadians through the beautiful Barbara Marciniak) 💕~ | Blogger: Thanks to PAO/Sheldan Nidle, for sharing to the world... |

Source (The Pleiadians through the beautiful Barbara Marciniak)

The ultimate tyranny in a society is not control by martial law. It is control by the psychological manipulation of consciousness, through which reality is defined so that those who exist within it do not even realize that they are in prison. They do not even realize that there is something outside of where they exist. We represent what is outside of what you have been taught exists. It is where you sometimes venture and where we want you to dwell; it is outside of where society has told you you can live.

You have been controlled like sheep in a pen by those who think they own you- from the government to the World Management Team to those in space. You have been deprived of knowledge by frequency control. Think of frequency as individual broadcasting and receiving through which you dial into the station of your choice. It is the broadcasting of carrier waves of intelligence. The range of frequency is unlimited, and the range of intelligent matter transmitted is unlimited.

Frequency control limits the number of stations you can tune into. As members of the Family of Light, you must anchor new frequencies through static chaos and bring them into the physical realm. The range of accessibility on this planet to a variety of frequencies has been very minimal for a long time because of many things that you most desperately need to become aware of. As you learn about your own personal history and discover patterns of ineffectual behavior that you must break and change, the planet pulses through its own patterns of behavior. You are about to repeat history as a planet in a most dramatic way.

👩‍⚖️👤⚖️ ~ (Dark Judge) TWEET: RBG was executed in late January 2019, after having attempted to evade her sentence by a stint in a private nursing home (TheRumorMill) ~ | Blogger: Yes, a full-blown conspiracy theory, but I don't think it was a mistake by Fox News that posted a tweet about Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in 2019... |

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Wednesday, 23-Sep-2020 23:42:01

Do you remember last year's release and sudden removal of the Fox News graphic showing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933-2019?

\William E Geary Jr Retweeted
Sep 20, 2020

“She had conspired with the Hillary crowd to protect Hillary from indictment by promising to free her seat on the Court for Loretta Lynch.”

“Ginsburg was executed in late January 2019, after having attempted to evade her sentence by a stint in a private nursing home.”

🕴️🔥🍢~ (#DRHeunickeRoast) HOV! Den ellers så flinke og joviale Kim Bildsøe Lassen, siger her indirekte, at regeringens Corona-håndtering er både UKLAR, MENINGSLØS OG ØDELÆGGENDE???? Er DR (ENDELIG) begyndt at bedrive kritisk journalistik igen?🙏😮 (Zune Fabricius Holm) ~ | Blogger: Tak til min ven, Anne for, at dele med Godt så. Nu hvor vi har fået slået det fast med syvtommersøm og konstateret det åbenlyse, at Magnus LEUNICKE, Mette-mus og hele følget af politiske eksperter, lægestanden og sundhedsmyndighederne agere efter en POLITISK AGENDA, udenlandsk bestillingsarbejde, så er sagen vel lige til, at forstå?... NEJ!... Tager jeg (SoTW) de mørkeste 5D briller på og deler ud af egne tanker med indblik i 20 års intensiv borgerjournalistisk, tabuiseret spiritualitet, esoterisk filosofisk skole, samt ren 4. industrielle revolution, så er sagen BØF!... Husk nu, undersøg det konkrete stof selv, der er ingen som kender HELE sandheden... ALTSÅ, har dette jeg siger nu, stået på i mange, mange år... (mørket vs. lyset)... George Orwells klassiker '1984' gør for tiden comeback.... Cabal eller Kabbalah eller Den Mørke Stat, kald dem hvad du vil, misbruger ideen om LOCKDOWNS til deres egen overvågningstrategi... Der er en grund til, at Virologer slår fast, at vi alle, kan vinke farvel til festivaler i 2021, indførelse af forsamlingsforbud, aktuelle hotspots og opholdsforbud, og at skoler og fester, bliver lukket og flytrafik indstilles m.m. Hvorfor, fordi jo flere der samles, jo mere uddeling af viden, jo flere der vågner op, jo flere demonstrationer og oprør. MEGET firkantet og præcist sagt... "Kunstig intelligens", er allerede en stor del af vores liv, gang det med x, når udrulningen af realtids 5GEE (4G++) og SMART City-systemer er 100% oppe og kører.. Indførelse af et Digital ID2020 trace og tracking system, eller ID2020-certificeringsmærket. Der bl.a. består af tidsløst og sotifikeret Quantum Tatovering, (der indeholder en vaccine og fluorescerende kobber-baserede 'kvante prikker', der er indlejret i biokompatible, mikron-skala kapsler), hvor et menneske bliver tilført et Star Trek lignende Cy-borg-system, der opkobler enhver person via den Digitale Globale Cloud, 24/7, men også ligesom Borgs, de cybernetiske organismer, der er forbundet i et bikubesind kaldet "det kollektive" (den kinesiske model - socialt kreditsystem og 'Big Brother'-overvågning)... Det er ikke nok, jeg ved, at det finansielt system, har gået i årevis og glædet sig til, at 'mennesker' med indbygget nanotech RFID / Chips / Blockchain-implantat, kan agere, som en 'ATM'-maskine. Du kan simpelthen snart betale og hæve, fra dit Digitale Kontokort i Banken, via din indbygget chip, i din krop... Det stopper ikke her. Det nye, usynligt "quantum dot tattoo"-implantat, COVID-19 passport m.fl. (de kaldes forskelligt), der vil spore, hvem der er testet for COVID-19, og hvem der har blevet vaccineret mod det, 'immunisering' dvs. en platform for digital identiteter, er også en realitet... Og vi kunne blive ved (og ved)... Hvem vinder? Mørket eller Lyset? Tja, det kommer an på, hvor mange som vågner op til dåd, og hvor meget man SELV er villig til, at KÆMPE IMOD! Der er jo en grund til at Israel og Australien er lukket helt ned og hvorfor, Vi, nogle af os, forsøger, at neutralisere via masse meditationer og eks.vis. bloggen,, findes... |