April 05, 2019

The Tree Of The Golden Light | Message from St. Germain | Channeling through Nancy Tate ~ Wake up Call: Love, Peace and Joy ~ |

Kanaliseret af Nancy Tate
© 2019 treeofthegoldenlight

I am here this day to share with you what is coming for all of the planet. It is a matter of being able to go on with your lives and to see what is coming in the shadows out in the open that will help all of life on this planet to gain power and strength to carry on in the ways that are seen to be almost impossible today for some.

As this comes into the open it will change many people's lives and will help the planet to regain the strength and wonderful beauty that it is within the inner beingness of it. That is how it is for all of life on earth, and as you see this come into being you will know that you too can have a strong part in the movements that will abound around the world and within every part of life on and within this planet and all of you. Keep the knowing that you are the power of the changes coming, and in the Love that you transmit you will see the power that you and all of earth have in the coming times.

Love, Peace and Joy in life is the answer to all of the questions and situations that you have. I am St. Germain and I am here today to awaken those who have fallen asleep because of the ways that life has been incorporated into the smaller energies that are being enlarged into the beauty and strength that are coming back into the energies of all there is here and everywhere.

I am with you all one hundred percent and all you need do is to know that, and to see that your energy matches mine and you too can be the strength of all of life that is for the harmonious return for all life on and within this planet in the times to come. This moment is all that is in store for all of us, because this moment containes all that is in creation and will be in expression throughout eternity.

Go now into the days that are living your entrance and you will see how powerful the Love that you live can be. Love is all there is, and it is in the fullness of anyone who lives it.

Thank you dear St. Germain,

Much Love to you and all of life,

Nancy Tate

The Sun | ~ CITY ALERT: Bank of England cordoned off as police investigate two suspicious packages sent to UK’s central bank in central London ~ | Blogger: I love one of the commentaries, Wendy, who said and i quote: "Maybe someone is returning a load of bank debts in bundles they can no longer handle"... Just think how many millions of funny money they use on spinning Hoaxes and False Flags... Incredible people are not awaken to this phenomenon... |

READ MORE: https://bit.ly/2FRQfPr

Cosmic Agency | ~ Taygetean Pleiadian Civilization (Part 2) - Extraterrestrial Life ~ | Blogger: [🌌Erra: Object Type: Twin Earth ⟺ Parent Star: Taygeta ⟺ Discovery Status: Confirmed.. In Pleiades there is a star known as Taygeta, orbiting around Taygeta we find planet Erra home world of some Pleiadian's. Erra is one of ten planets in the Taygeta star system ~ bibliotecapleyades]... No government at Taygeta.... Wooow... I want to go and live there!...🤗💜😊 Erra and her star, Taygeta, must be THE most astonishing place in the Universe... Each citizen is brought up as leaders, no conflicts, crimes, murders, violence, raping, stealing, fighting and no judicial system... Murders not seen for thousands of years... Only males fighting over females, as usual. But it's impossible to compare to Earth problems, due to advanced thought-full telepathy and building up so much bad energy. Not even 'fake' Love is possible, only in rare occasions... No disorder or anxiety, but 'depression or mental meltdowns', but hardly every happens among the humanoids, but when it does happen, it could block vital energy or even kill them (takes me back to one of the episode of Star Trek Discovery and Spocks meltdown)... They live in small towns, mushroom-like buildings, with private ships on top... Homeschooling combining with collective schooling in a institution, but no hurry.. Each child has total recall at 13 years of age, remembering their past lives and how everything works... Ergo, the highest respecting & scared things-to-do is for children to play. Children is mostly hands-on-learning, to do whatever they feel like... Professions is like Earth, but most advanced due to Space Academy and even their spaceships, are also schools. Like everything is taught to everyone. e.g. all knowledge is available for everyone to learn, if they so chooses too... Arts is important, stellar navigations is literary, music... In the Taygeta star system, no need for re-calibration brains or usage of both left-brain and right-brain, its all blended as ONE... Native music is common on the planet or star, like techno blended with native american. Music is similar to Earth's and most appreciated on Taygeta. And it's because of the 'soul sharing seeding dynamic', that takes place. Why we on Earth have so much variety of music, is because Souls incarnate on Earth taking new ideas with them, seeding the planet...(END)... Oooh man...Swaruu, please take me there when i'm good and ready...Back to my home star system, with friends and family... so be it and so it is...🙏 |

This is chapter 17 of Chats with Swaruu, an extraterrestrial woman of Erra from Taygeta (Pleiades) (fifth density) with whom I was in contact in writing, talking about all kinds of topics that deal with our reality, spirituality, metaphysics, ancient history , extraterrestrial life, health, soul, technology, and much more.

In this series I am sharing with you what I learnt, and so, little by little, together we can get to understand more about who we are, where we come from, because we are here, and who our cosmic families are. We learn about how the reality that surrounds us works, and also, we become more familiar with the mechanics of the 3D Matrix.

And above all, we learn a lot about all the limiting beliefs that maintain the human population in the artificially placed Matrix, the 3D reality in which we are immersed. The key to becoming free is in you!

In this episode I talk with Swaruu about their civilization in Taygeta.

I want to give my eternal thanks to Swaruu for having patience and enthusiasm to spend time with me and explain so many topics of reality. It is the dream come true, and a great honor, to have been able to meet her. If you also want communication with star families, be patient, dreams are often fulfilled, and what we project, we attract!


Bright Insight | ~ THIS is What You Must Know about Electromagnetic Chambers Discovered INSIDE Great Pyramid of Giza ~ |

The evidence is OVERWHELMING that what we were taught in school about ancient human civilization, particularly about the Ancient Egyptians is FAR from accurate, specifically that, our true history was far older, and advanced than we ever thought possible…

And the most recent scientific evidence further demonstrates that the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt WAS NOT a tomb built for the Pharaohs, but is literally a massive technological structure that is beyond our current understanding.

You may have seen the news articles that reported on a recent study Published in the Journal of Applied Physics, which was conducted by researchers and Physicists from Germany and Russia, which provided scientific data based on calculations which showed that the Great Pyramid can concentrate electromagnetic energy inside of its internal chambers as well as under its base and inside the subterranean chamber.

The significance of this discovery cannot be overstated, because we NOW have scientific data which supports that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a technological structure of some kind.

Awarenessact | ~ Take Advantage Of The Transcendental Portal Before It’s Too Late! ~ |

If you are feeling a little lost right now, you aren’t the only one. And while you may have thought to blame it on a number of things, if you haven’t realized it yet- we are in the midst of a major transformational portal.

Just last month, we experienced a super-full moon in Libra. And on April 19, we will experience yet another full moon in Libra. However, what makes this a remarkable transformational astrological event is the Aries new moon on April 5th. With the two full moons associated with the sign of justice, judgment, and balance, the intuitive moon is forcing us to take a look at our lives to reassess the lives we are leading.

It is due time for many of us to finally take the plunge and change our lives before it is too late. Sandwiched somewhere in-between, the new moon in Aries allows us the meditative spirit to truly decide whether we are ready to take this plunge. While all of us may not be in need of a major energetic change in our lives, this energy will affect all of us in one way or another.

Sott.net | ~ New neurons for life? Old people can still make fresh brain cells, study finds ~ | .. One of the thorniest debates in neuroscience is whether people can make new neurons after their brains stop developing in adolescence - a process known as neurogenesis. Now, a new study finds that even people long past middle age can make fresh brain cells, and that past studies that failed to spot these newcomers may have used flawed methods .. |

Young neurons glow red in this brain tissue from a 68-year-old.
READ MORE: https://bit.ly/2WMJbdJ

TheMindUnleashed | ~ Thai Supermarket Replaces Plastic Packaging With Banana Leaves To Reduce Waste ~ | Blogger: Awesome great news... Since Denmark has absolute no great GMO-free supermaked (non-Dioxin and PCB etc. etc.) or organic store; It's been a while, (but not that long time ago), that i (verdensalt) was in US Inc... I do like Whole Foods Market -- until the (Amazon) company's comprehensive labeling policy was scheduled to go into effect on September 1st of 2018, quietly pauses its GMO labeling requirements... Nothing is what it seems... There's only ONE Ring to rule them all -- Who decides what comes in our food? Codex Alimentarius... AND that goes for EVERY single country in the Western world, controlled by Cabal... |

A supermarket in Chiang Mai has received positive praise from environmental activists after its unique, eco-friendly packaging was revealed to the world. Rather than pack its produce in plastic, a branch of the Rimping Supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand has started bundling all fruits and vegetables in banana leaves and flexible bamboo.

Believe it or not, the technique is common in produce vendors in tropical locations. However, it is rarely seen in commercial supermarkets. For this reason, photographs posted to social media have been shared far and wide.

As GoodNewsNetwork reports, the eco-friendly packaging is superior to plastic for many reasons. To start, the leafy greenery is biodegradable, therefore it will make nutrient-rich compost. Secondly, the leaves are readily abundant in the tropics, so there is a low carbon footprint to source them. In addition, the leaves are available for free — or, at least, for a fraction of the price as plastic.

Daniel Scranton | ~ The Earth’s Energetic Shift is a Reflection ∞The 9D Arcturian Council ~ |

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very pleased to announce that there has been a shift in your Earth’s energy field and that you are tapping in to higher frequencies because of it. The Earth is of course shifting with you. She is leading the shift, in fact, and you are all riding on her back as she does. You need to think of your Earth as a collective being, rather than as a planet, and you need to see her as representing the collective consciousness of humanity and the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

So when she experiences a shift in her electromagnetic field, it is because she is reflecting back to you the progress that you’ve been making. When you all reach out and up to higher dimensions and other star systems, and you bring that energy in and ground it into yourselves, you shift your collective consciousness. And of course, you make that energy available to planet Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Therefore, it is because you have awakened your interest in other beings that this shift in the Earth’s electromagnetic field has occurred. All of these events were planned, to a certain extent, before you incarnated in this lifetime. However, there was always the choice in front of you of fear. You could have feared progress. You could have feared reaching out and up to beings and collectives like ourselves. You could have played it safe and just adopted your parents’ and grandparents’ beliefs. You could have stayed with the old religions that seemed time-tested.

Daily Mail Online | ~ Amazon wants to launch THOUSANDS of satellites into space in a race to provide internet access ~ | Blogger: Don't kid yourself... 5G, surveil- lance, monitoring and much, much worse... EU nanny state: Speed limiter tech for your car has black box recording your EVERY move (express.co.uk) ... China: The country where the state can see everything. It is estimated that in two years there will be 300 million surveillance cameras in China (DR Nyheder)... Check out (sightcorp) - Crowdsight Software Development Kit (SDK) - And you will under- stand what i'm talking about (worse)... |

New filings from e-commerce giant Amazon show that the company's next frontier is the final frontier, as it gears up to launch thousands of Internet-providing satellites into space

  • Amazon's Project Kuiper plans to launch more than 3,000 satellites into space
  • The goal will be two provide high-speed internet to millions of people globally
  • Amazon will have to face competition from Elon Musk's SpaceX and others
  • The firm's plan is still subject to regulatory approval in the U.S. and abroad
READ MORE: https://dailym.ai/2CZmFH8

GAOG | ~ Angelina Jolie Says Gender Equality Is the Secret to World Peace ~ | Blogger: [📺A stunning video has surfaced in which a 23-year-old Angelina Jolie reveals the true inner workings of Hollywood as she describes her experiences participating in “secret illuminati rituals” to close friends🙅‍♀️] ... Blogger: Som også en af mine venner siger: MSM-medierne burde omtale pædofil sager som denne, i stedet for at blot omtale mænd der lægger hånd på et dameknæ (Grotesk verden).. Jeg er udemærket godt klar over, mange er trætte at høre om de negative elem- enter som gemmer sig bag ved korporative »statsadel« og den ”politisk-økonom- iske magtelite” som udnytter andre, grundlaget for slavers, kvinders og vantros underdanige status (Subservient = Underdanig). Men hvis ikke verdensalt eller andre bloggere forsøger, at komme det til livs, føler jeg vi blot bliver forbigået til stadighed, dermed fortsætter vi at knække under magtelitens 3D Matrix af illusionen, ubemærket til evigt tid. Du kan ikke imødekomme psykopater, narcis- sister samt machiavellisme (Dyssocial personlighedsstruktur (DP) og tro på, du kan demontere deres egne præmisser, hvor non-empati, modvilje til forståelse og manipulation, er hverdagskost. Jo højere man bevæger sig op i magtpyramiden, des større er chancen for boblen af lukkethed, afstumphed og hemmelighedskræm- meri, hvis nogle snakker over sig, bliver de skudt, ved daggry. At sætte tæring efter næring, er et grundlæggende princip som SKAL gælde hele samfundet og MÅ ikke forplumres af sentimentale, forældede dannelsesidealer som kun har ført til samfundsundergravende tænkning og utidig kritik. Uigennemskuelighed i magtelitens top. Når magt bliver til arrogance, grådighed og et ta-selv-bord, MÅ og SKAL stoppes (Al magt korrumperer - og total magt korrumperer totalt!). Uanset om vi snakker om pengebegæret, og udnyttelse af andre menneskeskæbner, seksuelt eller på anden måde. Enten er vi frihedskæmpere eller også opildner vi disse energi-terrorister, med vores ladhed, tavshed og frygt, til at De fortsætter, mønsteret med ”fordærvede stil”. Jeg kunne snildt kapitulere på bloggen og rette henvendelsen til de spirtuelle minoriteter, med positivitetshatten jonglerende via religiøse budskaber, kærlighed og kildevand. Men jeg er mand, anser mig selv for frygtløs, og har troen på, jeg ikke er alene om at syntes, den største skyggeside er magtesløsheden, hvori vi stillesiddende acceptere, rigets tilstand, men ønsker inderst inde, at gøre oprør. Paradigmeskiftet er over os, vi er ikke alene om at besidde det indre kompas, der brændende, ønsker "ændringer". NOK er NOK.. Hvis Du blot negligere og fordrer til at stoppe selve diskussionen med latterliggørelse og i overfusningens tegn, så kan det være, Du selv rummer elementer af traumatis- erede forhold, chok, fobier og uafklarede følelsesmæssige oplevelser. Denne “Skyggeverden” har kun èt formål, et satanisk bærende eksistensgrundlag, med at lave endnu flere, julelege (Fuckr med dn hjrne). Lyset vil vinde over de mørke, kræfter, bare vi ikke giver op, på halvvejen - Never give up, Never surrender!... |

Blogger: You need to ask yourself this question; like Amnesty and so many other VERY well paid government funded NGO-organizations, and UN, can we trust their (TRUE) intention, stopping anything, after all???...If Angelina Jolie is DEAD-scared of naming names to bring her own life in danger, why this UN smoke-screen??...It's like allowing NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addressing Congress (first time in history a foreign member) with standing ovation, because Washington DC who loves negative energy from fear, wars and killings, pushing a false agenda on Russia and destroying Venezuela, Libya and the next FAKE illusion of a enemy...
Angelina Jolie: “We are all partners in this life.” By Leah Rodriguez,
Global Citizen, April 1, 2019


Angelina Jolie Says Gender Equality Is the Secret to World Peace

Why Global Citizens Should Care
To end extreme poverty we must promote gender equality and end violence against women. When women are protected and empowered, they uplift their families and communities. You can join us and take action on this issue here

Angelia Jolie is urging the world to support gender equality to promote world peace. 
The actress and United Nations special envoy delivered a speech at the UN’s annual meeting for foreign and defense ministers, on Friday, according to the Associated Press. She warned world leaders they must stop violence against women to end conflicts and need to involve more women in peacekeeping efforts.
READ MORE: https://bit.ly/2WNprXf


Angelina Jolie Admits Attending Illuminati Sacrifice in Leaked Video


Angelina Jolie is scared to expose pedophiles in Hollywood

Will she ever be brave enough to tell the truth? Will she remain a witting servant of the lies?


Golden Globes And "Sickening Hypocrisy" Of Celebrity A-Listers Who All Knew About The Hollywood Culture Of Sexual Abuse And Child Molesters

- They Invited Harvey Weinstein's Friends And Pals, While Shunning His True Victims


The Government is hiding a devastating report that shows rehabilitation courses taken by thousands of jailed rapists and paedophiles make them more dangerous once they are released.

Hal Turner Radio Show | ~ LIBYA EXPLODING IN MILITARY ACTION - TRIPOLI TO BE ATTACKED WITHIN 24 HOURS ~ | .. Muammar Gaddafi former leader of Lybia, was overthrown, captured and killed on October 20, 2011. The destruction of his government came after internal power struggles against his 42 year rein, through tribal warfare which began in earnest in 2009 and wrecked the country. As the tumult raged, there were accusation that Qadaffi was using his military to attack and kill civilians, which brought a military response from . . . NATO. At the time, many say Qadaffi was planning to create a GOLD-BACKED CURRENCY for all of Africa, and the Bankers of the west, fearing a gold-backed currency would wipe out their worthless "fiat" currencies, unleashed NATO attacks to topple Qadaffi. Unable to defend himself or his country from such firepower, Qadaffi fled but was ultimately found and killed in the streets by mobs .. | Blogger: [🔥LIAR,LIAR DNC HOUSE ON FIRE🚒] ... DID YOU KNOW -- it was Obama that did approved airstrikes against Libya, March 19, 2011: Former President Barack Obama said the military action sought to save the lives of peaceful, pro-democracy protesters who found themselves the target of a crackdown by Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi (politico) ... President Trump Has Ordered A Probe Into How The Russian Probe Began – James Clapper Says: Obama (investmentwatchblog) ... Obama is quiet as Biden comes under attack (TheHill)... Obama's Selfie Stick: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History (The Daily Show) ... Obama's border chief warns Congress: Immigration crisis ‘at a magnitude never seen in modern times’ (FOXNews) ... FISA-Gate: The Plot To Destroy American Republic. How does FISA-gate compare to Watergate and Iran-Contra? You figure it out (hint - SerialBrain2Reddit FISAGATE: IT WAS THE ROTHSCHILDS)... |

READ MORE: https://bit.ly/2Ig8uku

CObra | ~ Soul Families Workshop Report and Planetary Situation Update ~ | Blogger: [☷"Put it simply, our workshop has created a huge crack in the Matrix and the Archons have gone crazy in the weeks after, attacking key people mercilessly" ~CObra☰] ... Cobra is telling us that the Soul Families workshop in Budapest was extremely successful and many key instructions for cracking the Matrix on the surface of the planet were successfully transmitted to the very awake participants of the workshop, as you can see in the workshop notes which were already published in many blogs.. While clearing of the Chimera group continues, dark occult mind programming practices of the Cabal are being exposed, Battle of Syrian Goddess Vortex leyline & Daesh in Syria is over... However Black Nobility families still controls at least 80% of the top echelons of human society through so-called Greek fraternities, which are a Jesuit creation, but The light forces have recently started a campaign to expose Black Nobility families.... much more... |

Who is Cobra: Founder of the blog http://2012portal.blogspot.com; This blog is the official provider of communication from the Resistance Movement.

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming horizon.

Our Soul Families workshop in Budapest was extremely successful. Many key instructions for cracking the Matrix on the surface of the planet were successfully transmitted to the very awake participants of the workshop, as you can see in the workshop notes which were already published in many blogs:

Many new volunteers came to the stage to form new Sisterhood of the Rose groups throughout the planet.

Instructions for them: if your group has 3 or more people that meet physically regularly, you can make your group public so more people from your area can join. You can do so by sending an email to sotrplanetarynetwork@gmail.com, and request to be added to the main Sisterhood of the Rose list here: https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/groups

All instructions for you group meetings are posted here:

More than 170 Sisterhood of the Rose groups have been formed until now around the planet:

READ  MORE: https://bit.ly/2IbXiW0

E.B. | ~ Dansk Folkeparti åbner for 24syv-forhandling ~ | Blogger: [↪️»It ain't over till the fat lady sings.«🔚] ... Khader puster nyt liv i Radio24syv: »Vi skal få det her løst nu« (Berlingske)... Verdensalt: jo joooo.. Jyderne går i Tænkeboks, også kaldet Løgn, på sjælland. QUIZ: Hvem bestemmer i landet her? DAHL, svarer ekkokam- meret ... Meeeen er det nu også rigtigt???... - Folkets ikke-mediedarling, Kristian Thulesen DAHL's gode ven, Jørgen Ejbøl, var rasende på Radio24Syv, slut 2018, fordi JP/Politikens Hus blev forbigået af regeringens håndlanger og tidligere Radio24Syv & Berlingske Media medarbejder, Suzanne Moll.. Hun var leder af Moll-kommissionen og lavede rammebetingelserne for udliciteringen af FM-båndet, der senere blev til Radio24syv i 2010, med begge ben i begge lejre.. Efter reporteren, Kristoffer Eriksens dækning af sagen om Ejbøl's anklage om magtmis- brug, bliv der først krig, på tanden. Jørgen Ejbøl har en PLAN!.. Ejbøl Egon Olsens geniale plan går ud på, at digitalisere en Plug & Play flytning af Radio24Syv's nye Medievirkelighed via JP/Politikens Hus nye Domicil på Aarhus Havn, hvor der lige præcist er plads til 67 procent af resten af medarbejderne, nu hvor studehandelen er i JP/Politikens Hus og dermed, får sendetilladelsen til den jyske landsdækkende, licensfinansieret radio er et privilegium (Iflg. Ditte Okman's lyttertal, stammer hovedparten allige- vel fra Jylland) ... Nu, mener Kisser dog umiddelbart, igen, at kunne dokumentere, at Krisen skaber splid på jobbet, efter at kommunisten, Jørgen Ramskov og Kristian Thulesen DAHL, er gået i åben konflikt, om radioen skal lukkes eller flyttes via en “mailkorrespondance”. Det har Kirsten nemlig hørt via en lille fugl ved navn Torben Steno synge om, som skulle vise, hvorfor han vil lukke radioen. Kirsten kan bare ikke finde ud af, hvad, Tulle er blevet så sur over, men som det empatiske menneske hun er, kan rollespil hjælpe med forståelsen. Derfor, har Cordua & Steno overdraget fidusbamsen, samt bismarck pris med tilhørende plakat, efter et hyggebesøg hos Thule, som ikke var informeret om, at freelancemedarbejderne, simpelthen er ikke-eksisterende ovre i Radio24syvs nyhedsafdeling, så derfor flytter ingen, med over til Jyderup... Radio24syv tvinges til at flytte🙅‍♂️... Nej! - beholdes intakt👊... Nej! - Radio24syv skal lukkes ned!:😆".. »It ain't over till the fat lady sings.« -- (Hilsen fra din Værtinde, Heltinde og Veninde! og nu politianmelde Aprilsnar)... Seniorkorrespondenten der nægtede at dø - Danmark's mediedarling, seniorkorrespondent og nyhedsoplæser, Kirsten Birgit Schiøtz Kretz Hørsholm, er genopstået fra de døde og har et budskab.. Hendes Majestæt Dronningen længe leve!... Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!... og så det korte (HU)... |

Dermed er det anden gang i den uge, at Dansk Folkeparti ændrer politik. Tidligere på ugen åbnede partiet op for en ændring af den omfartsvej ved Mariager, som partiet er blevet udskældt for.

- (...) Vi er parate til at forhandle om, at Radio24syv, hvis ejerne og regeringspartierne er interesserede, kan køre videre i nuværende eller ændret form som dab-kanal, siger Kristian Thulesen Dahl, DF-leder, til Jyllands-Posten.

De Konservatives medieordfører Naser Khader kalder DAB-kanalen en 'god mulighed':

- Det vil vi godt støtte, men det er vigtigt, at det anvises, hvor pengene skal komme fra. Der kan komme nogle penge fra public service-puljen, der omfatter 100 mio. kr., men den skal jo også dække tv og dokumentar, så den er begrænset. Spørgsmålet bliver, hvor pengene skal komme fra i den nævnte overgangsperiode.

Også Venstres medieordfører Marcus Knuth roser forslaget, mens Socialdemokratiet siger, at det må regeringen og DF diskutere internt.

Imens afventer ejerne bag, siger Berlingskes adm. direktør Anders Krab Johansen:

- Vi vil gøre, som vi hele tiden har gjort. Vente på et færdigt udbud og en afklaring, før vi forholder os til det, siger han.

Ekstra Bladet har lagt tråd ud til DF-lederen. Han er endnu ikke vendt tilbage.

Verdensalt | Arkivskabet | ~ Når man kan hælde spiritualitet på dåse, så vil jeg gerne ha' noget nu, tak! ~ | Blogger: [🧠Our ego echo chamber satiates our appetite for pleasant lies and reassuring falsehoods and has become the defining challenge to our inner false prophet psychological projection👤] ... HVORFOR stopper du ikke den konstante demonstrative falske evidensdebat, inde i mørke- kammeret, EGOET❓ Hvad skal der til for, at overbevise det næste menneske- skæbne, du møder på gaden, eller din partner og familie, at simpel matematisk logik model, ikke kan afprøves eller afgøre konspirationsteorier❓ Hvornår lærer du, at give slip på din indre robot-avatar, som tager beslutninger, hvor du burde stille spørgsmål❓ I hvilken tilfælde, tør du shanghaje kommunikationen mellem dit bevidste og ubevidste sind, for at tiltrække sandheden frem i lyset❓ Ville du også ønske, du bare kunne tænke mere positive tanker❓ Hvad for dig til at tro, du mister en del af din troværdighed, stilles uden for det fine selskab, hvis du over- giver dig til skæbnen, karmaloven og den universelle lov❓ Hvorfor banker vi under bordet❓ Hvorfor betyder det ulykke, hvis en sort kat krydser vejen❓ Og hvorfor krydser vi fingrene, når vi ønsker noget godt for os selv og andre❓ Nogle mener, at deja vu'er er mystiske erindringer fra et tidligere liv, andre mener, de skyldes, at vi husker profetiske drømme, vi har haft før. Tør du stille en garanti for, at der ikke findes andre udenjordiske civilisationer i vor multivers, lever omkring os på jorden og svæver rundt på himlen, uden at ty til rispapirlanterner folk og sølvpapirs- hatte❓ ... "Den fysiske sansning er ikke det primære i menneskets livsoplevelse ~ Martinus". Vores åndsguider har sagt det meget tydeligt: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”. Det betyder, at vi alle er åndelige væsener. Hvis du tror, ​​at der er mere end livet selv, så er du i min bog, blevet opmærksom på ens egen åndelige tilstand. Spiritualitet er ikke en religion. Det kommer ikke fra dine forældre eller Jehovas Vidner, der banker på dine dørtrin (bare et eksempel). Spiritualitet stammer fra et sted dybt inde i dig (højere aspekt eller en sjæl). Det er en indre tro, der danner rod i hjertet uden at have synlige beviser, lugtes til eller føles på. Vi er alle enige om at blive på jorden i denne "nutidens bevidsthed" for at opleve vores fem sanser. Det betyder også, at vi skal lytte til, hvad vores hjerte, intuition og mavefornemmelse, føler og handler efter det. Når du lærer, at rent faktisk lytte til den indre stemme, bliver resultatet uundgåeligt - ændringer. Fordi livet selv i vores 3D-matrix af illusion, begynder at falde fra hinanden. Du begynder at stille spørgsmålstegn ved alt, der omgiver dig, hvad vi har lært i skolen, nyhedsmedier, forældre, lægen, politikere og religiøse overbevisninger. Næste ting - rollercoaster emotions - vred, angst, skuffet, forvirret, udmattet. Beslut dig til, at forstå. Frygt, holder dig tilbage❓ Bryd ud af dit eget fængsel og begynde at udforske... |

Når man kan hælde spiritualitet på dåse, så vil jeg gerne ha' noget nu, tak!

Hvordan viser du din lykke?
Udgivet første gang den 24. juli 2014 af Verdensalt.dk

Det er utvivlsomt den aller bedste tid, at være i live lige nu på vores planet. Vi har alle sammen valgt, at blive hængende, bedt om og spurgt til, fordi tidsperioden netop nu, oplysningens tid er på vej. De fleste mennesker er slet ikke klar over, vi bliver stopfordret med strømninger af energier hele tiden og har gjort det i lang tid nu for en accelerede version af Ascension, som ingen andre sjæle har oplevet før nogen steder i universet. I øjeblikket forestår begivenheder og klargøring for at bringe denne plantes frihed, fred og velstand. Ting sker for at befri os alle fra styreformer, der virker til at undertrykke din frihed, som har undertrykt dig med løgne om, hvad det i virkeligheden sker. Dette tyranni er nu ved at blive forvandlet. Vi fortsætter med at bevæge os hastigt fremad mod de transaktioner, som frembringelse de nye finansielle og bankmæssige instrumenter. De enorme rigdomme der længe har været skjult af de store dynastiske og spirituelle familier er næsten klar til at blive distribueret ud til alle mennesker på jorden. Vi har fået en gave ovenfra, lad udrensningsprocessen begynde!

"Jamen - jeg føler mig ikke anderledes og klar til oplysningens tid, jeg nægter at forstå, følger blot mine vante vaner, passe på mit eget ego, ingen skal røre ved mit liv og min identitet og desuden skaber jeg så lidt mulig opmærksom på mig selv!"


Hvis det var muligt for os at sidde oppe i stratosfæren og kigge ned på Jorden, ville vi måske være i stand til at se hvordan de mange forandringer, der i denne tid finder sted på vores planet og som hænger sammen i et større perspektiv.
Uanset hvilken stadie af forandringsparathed, gennemgå alle mennesker en forstærket sanseoplevelse via strømninger af energier, hvert niveau af vibrationer kræver en indsats og fysisk tilpasning, fordi den såkaldte kærligheds tusanmi penetrere os alle dybt ind i vores grundvold, så at sige. Tilretning af vores DNA struktur - Transformation fra vores fysiske kulstofbaseret livsform (carbon) hen imod vores tidligere strålende krystallinsk form og transmutation (som i filmen Noah 2014 og de lysvæsner, der var udformet som klippe-vogtere, en version af forståelse). En anden fantastisk film 'Interstellar' som skulle efter sigende var åbenbaret af vores opstegne mestre...... 
"Men, det lyder helt galimatias."

Jeg kan bedst forklare det sådanne;  De såkaldte mørke kræfter fra vores fjerne historie - en hel menneskealder tilbage i vores tid, havde tilbøjeligheder til at ændre vores menneskelige DNA for at reducere mængden af ​​lys i vores organer. Det tillod dem at installere mønster af fysisk svaghed, sygdom, alderdom, død og alvorlig nedsat evne for intelligens og åndelig klarhed. Evnen til selvudvikling og forståelse, vores egen guddommelige højere selv var gemt langt væk og dermed også næste kærligheden til vores medmennesker og os selv.
"Vil det sige, jeg skal slippe alt hvad jeg har lært et helt liv, og tro på små grønne mænd tusinder år tilbage, være forandringsparat og tro på unikheden i mig selv, måske begynde at elske mig selv ligefrem?

Den helt normale reaktion, når vi bliver konfronteret med noget, vi ikke helt forstår, en fornægtelse, misbilligelse, hånlig latter af uvidenhed, afstandstagen, især for dem som stadig er solidt forankret i de lavere dimensioner af Jordens dualitet. Forsøg dig med en guided Tour
Se dig omkring, mærk tendensen. Gør dig den tjeneste, ta' dig tid til at, kigge efter de syndelige forandringer som er lige nu. Det er som om forhængene bliver trukket til side og de skjulte dagsordener på alle niveauer i samfundslivet kommer frem i lyset. Handlingsmønstre, som ikke er helt fine i kanten, har tidligere kunnet leve bag kulisserne, men den ene skandalesag efter den anden rulles nu op i medierne og de involverede bliver stillet til regnskab. Der er bare ingen som kan gemme sig mere, heller ikke dig og mig. Som Storm P. sagde engang "Mange millioner mennesker render forvirret om på jorden for at finde den længste vej til graven"
"Fint nok, men hvordan oplever vi så denne forandring i vores fysiske legeme"?

Hvordan undgår du stress og depression?
Hvorfor tror du der i årtier har været "nyere kroniske" symptomer som træthed, svimmelhed, diffuse og fysisk ubegrundede smerter, udslæt, depressioner, migræne, susende for ørerne, problemer med halsen, rygproblemer, mave m.m. Diagnoserne er blevet til f.eks. fibromyalgi, kronisk træthedssyndrom, virus på balancenerven, forskellige gigtformer, allergiformer, mavesår, stress og depression m.m. I medierne hører vi, at antallet af mennesker med disse symptomer og diagnoser stiger med stor hast uden oplagt forklaring. En given neuropsykolog, som arbejder med at hjælpe mennesker med disse symptomer videre i livet via samtaler om deres stressede hverdag, om at lytte til kroppens advarsler og i det hele taget fokusere mere på livsstil end på sygdom. Den udvikling er uden tvivl et skridt i den rigtige retning, ikke den almene lægevidenskab, som slet ikke er forandrings-parate. Det kunne ligefrem være de strømninger af energier, ændringer af vibrationer og frekvensskift ændring af vores DNA, vi taler om her........  Når vi begynder at åbne op for vores kronechakra, sker der først ting og sager, som overgår selv Din vildeste forstand. Dit kronechakra sidder lige over dit hoved, og symboliseres med en hvid eller rødviolet farve. Kronechakraet er det syvende chakra, og udgør din erkendelse af din egen guddommelighed og din sammenhæng med universet. Kronechakraet er detALLERVIGTIGSTE lige nu at få åbnet....og dernæst det tredje øje - Pinealkirtlen

"Hvad kommer der så til at ske med mig? Jeg forstå ikke alle disse begreber omkring spiritualitet"?

RT | ~ Nordic countries have ‘disturbingly high levels of rape’ despite equality initiatives, says Amnesty ~ | .. Amnesty International has produced a damning report in which it claims that the four Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) still have “disturbingly high levels of rape” despite gender equality initiatives .. | Blogger: [😒A Disturbed Society From Public - Politics: The Red-Green Alliance. A board member of 'Enhedslisten' Copenhagen has turned himself in to CPH police in connection with a rape case🚨] ...Other (sexual) or cross-border behaviors: former incumbent chair of Social Democratic Youth, Lasse Quvang Rasmussen (five female members of party accusation) ... The former chairman of LAU, Stefan Roy Frederiksen (yes "to the question" do you favor pedophilia") ... Denmarks The Conservative Youth ( sexual offenses committed by member of management) ... Movie & Entertainment: Nickname - 'Ålen' (the eel)] -- Roses are red, violets are blue, the eel is slippery, like Hillary -- ... 🔦 PS: Over the centuries, many sex scandals have involved incumbent United States federal elected politicians, as well as persons appointed with the consent of the U.S. Senate.. Westminster sexual misconduct allegations - eight Conservative MPs and four from Labour have been named since claims of unwanted sexual behaviour emerged.. In Denmark, sexual ""predators"" that has been caught within the governmental body is low, but several high profile people from the Danish entertainment industry has been accused of horrific conducts against minors and women in particular.. "Lust for power and lechery operates the plantation - Susan Simonsen's odd situation report about The Danish Parliament (Christiansborg and political geography regions). ~ She experienced sexism and political sabotage... Verdensalt.dk 🤢 begins to get a bitter or bad taste in the mouth, that soon rings for the worldwide #PedoGate takedown of 'the establishment' obviously uses sex cases as a means of power and bribes on all tycoons, judges, directors and politicians sitting high up in the system of the power pyramid... In 1997, the left-wing politician Anders Møller got quarantine indefinitely from Køge swimming bath... In 2005, we saw yet another party-soldier, Flemming Oppfeldt, who was charged with having sex with a 13-year-old boy... 2008, Jeppe Kofod's sex case with the 15-year-old girl, still active politicians as MEPs - European Parliament... At the end of 2011, acting Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, a.k.a Frank the tank!, made himself unpopular among his female colleagues during the Christmas party at the capital's town hall. The Mayor's licking mouth was not the only problem for his own party, in the last months of 2011. At a Christmas party at the Copenhagen Jazzhouse venue, reason at Carsten Hansen, former minister from The Social Democrats, failed. Not to mention Mimi Jakobsen, who reveals his father's great secret needs back in 2016: He was obsessed with sex... The Icelandic worldly star Björk, accuses Danish instructor, Lars von Trier, and the things he did to her during some film recordings ... During 2018 there was a HUUUGE story about a running candicate (Per Zeidler) for erection - Danish local politician embroiled in 109 gangbang scandal. Events, where multiple men, had sex with foreign invited women, sharing picts of 16- year old young girls as well as for the spread of child pornography... And the 'sickening' list goes on and on... |

READ MORE: https://bit.ly/2CSMclh

Enhedslisten København ramt af voldtægtssag

Finland reports roughly 50,000 cases of sexual assault per annum but in 2017 only 209 convictions were secured.

In Denmark during 2017, of 890 rapes reported to police, just 535 led to prosecution with only 94 convictions.


, Index number: EUR 01/0089/2019
Women in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) encounter multiple barriers in accessing justice for rape and sexual violence. High levels of rape and widespread impunity stand in stark contrast to the high scores the region has achieved in gender equality in many areas of life. The situation facing survivors of rape is not uniform across the four countries but there are disturbing parallels among them. A first step towards protecting women and girls from rape is to adopt and effectively implement consent-based laws on sexual violence as required by international human rights law, including the Istanbul Convention. In addition to legislative changes, authorities Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden should improve the quality of the police investigations and take decisive steps to address widespread harmful myths and gender stereotypes across various stages of the legal process

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